Debt Sex & Screwed Kids

Screw the Kids, load ‘em with debt.  Fun future, huh?

This is a topic we have been getting into on our subscriber side lately. We’ve explored how the endless mountain of debt foisted on our children has basically doomed America to the scrap head of history.

The main idea is simple enough: You can’t rip up the dreams and aspirations of young people – loading them down with unpayable college debt and supporting predatory lending to young people – and expect it won’t fundamentally change how the world operates.

This morning we would point to proof of concept in the US News (Best Countries) article that reveals 66.6% of young in America are living at home with their families.

There is good news and bad mixed in this: On the plus side, there is not as much demand for new infrastructure from government. Fewer freeways, power lines, and schools will be needed, at least for a while. And there may be more intergenerational communication – always a good thing.

But on the negative side, the right to generational self-determination is toast, housing lags, and the normal job-creation processes are thwarted.

And tearing of page from the idiotic policies of Germany and France, the Obama administration has taken to importing as many illegal and unvetted aliens as they can get away with, dut to desperation to keep up the illusion of economic growth.

Not playing among the more steely-eyed, but young people today are too immature to see through political jingoism and as a result, we will get what we will come November.

Challenger Job Cuts Jump

After an OK ADP report on employment yesterday, the other side is the job cuts report from Challenger, Gray, and Christmas just released:

“Monthly job cuts increased to close out the third quarter, as employers announced plans to shed 44,324 workers from the payrolls in September, according to the report released Thursday by global outplacement consultancy Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc.

Last month’s total was 38 percent higher than August, when announcements fell to 32,188, the second lowest total of the year behind May’s 30,157.

While September job cuts were up from the previous month, they were 25 percent lower than the 58,877 planned layoffs announced in September 2015.

Despite the September increase, the third quarter saw an overall decline in the third quarter. Employers announced 121,858 job cuts during the three-month period ending September 30. That was down 8 percent from the second quarter (132,834) and 41 percent lower than the 205,759 job cuts announced in the third quarter of 2015.”

Tomorrow we will highlight the U-6 unemployment data when it’s released.

The market is a tad skeptical with futures down a few points.

Looking for a Big Excuse

That jobs data tomorrow, or the outcome of the presidential debate this weekend could give the market the excuse it is looking for to get a new move going.

If Donald Trump scores big in the Sunday debate, we would look for a sharp move lower. That would be due to Trump’s understanding of the offshore money-hiding or multinational corporations, which is why the full court press to slam Trump in all corporate media. He will be bad for corporate chieftains.

A big win by Hillary Sunday, assuming no coughing or shaking, would set off a further rally in the markets next week and we would break out of an ascending triangle trading zone and be ready for another 10% move up from here to an eventual possible (wave 5) high in the S&P 500 2,200 to 2,300 area.

Rest assured the Fed will keep month loose for a few more weeks. Although bond rates are firming which means a Fed rate hike in December becomes more likely.

But nothing (short of a global financial crisis) before the election.

Futures down only 40, or so, so we wait for a better candidate for panic to show up.

Everyone Run From Florida

2 million people urged to flee Hurricane Matthew.

So will L. Rushbo be in WPB or a stand-in today?

Ahead of the Curve, As Usual

A Peoplenomics report from a couple of months ago (Bezos and Bentonville: Barbarians at the Mall, issue 786B, June 11, 2016)

The headline from this morning prompting the self-congratulations? Wal-Mart reiterates guidance, plans to slow store openings to invest in digital.

Commies on the Campus Dept.

You have to read this story about how the radicals are trying to put warnings on college syllabi.

And you wonder why corporations are moving money to other countries?

Would YOU invest in a country of crazy people with leadership like ours that is in the middle of a slow-motion socialist coup? No? Me either.

The New Game in town seems to be the “I’m the Bigger Victim Game.”

Still, we called it right long ago: Having run out of real product, real technology change, and real innovation, we have nothing left to monetize except gender, race, and oh yeah, meeting time with the former Sec. State… FMTT.

Hey! Gun Grabbers

CNN reports “Two Brussels police officers stabbed in terror attack, prosecutor says.”

We must register knives!

Need more reason?

Man wielding machete shot, killed at Colorado football facility.”

Why with ISIS calling for random knife attacks, seems to me the gun-grabbers have been anticipated, flanked, and outted for fools.

We return to the point that objects don’t kill people. People kill people.

Yeah, too damn obvious.

Knife Depot’s Bad-Ass Knife of the Week is worth a read.

Stay sharp and see you tomorrow.

10 thoughts on “Debt Sex & Screwed Kids”

      • The Clintons and the propaganda press must be popping champagne bottles as we speak thanks to Matthew. Finally a distraction big enough to deflect attention away from Hill & Bill’s scandals, corruption and criminality for awhile.

        I can almost hear ‘Sweet Caroline’ playing in the background right now….

    • Hurricanes are good for the economy on the aggregate. Insurance companies can handle $10s of billions of claims without sweat.

  1. We live in San Diego and to the east of us is the Salton Sea which has been experiencing many small quakes lately. The small jolts will relieve the larger build up of stress along the San Andreas fault. At least that is what I am thinking (as I cross my fingers and toes) There are of course pros and cons regarding this, but perhaps we are in a new era as the mantle or core spins faster and plays havoc with our weather and earth changes on the crust. Earth changes do happen but we humans seem to be oblivious to this as we snuggle up along the fault lines!

  2. Families living together is a strength. Hard times is a binder for that strength. Perhaps an unintended consequence of Government meddling will be the rebuilding of family values; that may, if we are lucky, rhyme with the family values of the forties in the last century.

    Values you ask? For the family unit to survive, everyone works and everyone works for the survival of each other. Because in such a scenario, without each other, one has nothing.

  3. Debt sex? If only!

    At least money can be earned, but sex must be begged for – without the benefit of words. Yet title 9 now requires explicit “consent”…. Go figure.

    Regarding “generational self-determination”: Why are we presumed to be constrained to a 25 year cohort of peers? I’ve always related well to those well outside my own(boomer) cohort, both up and down. I both learn from and share to the best of my ability. I do believe media and institutions are largely responsible for pushing the sharp divisions seen between the named generations, and I despise this ageism. To start with, we can stop printing one’s age next to each name in media, and remove age striping in activities, such as singles connections and even church activities.

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