Coping: Lucid Dreaming–For Money?

I have had my nose in a book every moment I get this week which hasn’t been enough.

The book is about lucid dreaming, how to get there, and what to do with it.

The short course on topic would go something like this:

There are five levels of lucid dreaming. These range from just barely being aware of yourself in the dream state to full on Master of the Universe status.

Lucid dreaming essentially means “waking up while still asleep.” There is good science behind it based on MRI research, or so the author of the book I’m reading points out.

The easiest way to “get there” seems to be to “look for your hands” in your sleep. When you see them, you tell yourself “OK, this is a dream and I can control things here…” Apparently, in some Buddhist traditions, dream work (lucidly) is one of the six paths to enlightenment. And it is considerably easier to work into the schedule considering the complexity of other disciplines to “get there.”

Even lucid dreamers only have them one out of eight or one out of 10 dreams. Some many more, some once or twice a month.

Been working on dream recall…trying to hold the dream as you come into the (nominally real, but by watching television, THAT is arguable) world on the return to Here from There.

One of these mornings (probably Sunday) I will try relaxing more and seeing if I can get deeper into the lucid work. I’m stuck at the recall, semi-aware it’s a lucid dream, but not yet able to see my hands in the dream-state. Once there, it’s only a lot more sleep until you get to the place where you can meditate inside a dream and apparently lots of personal spiritual progress to be made there.

So, the name of the book is Lucid Dreaming, Plain and Simple: Tips and Techniques for Insight, Creativity, and Personal Growth.

If you would like to try some vitamins, I’ve been using * Lucid Dreams * Lucid Dreaming Supplement which comes with a FREE Lucid Dream E-Handbook Guide. 60 Capsules. 

And they work very nicely toward the intended purpose of enhancing dream work. YMMV.

A caution about waking hours self-medication: Not good for this kind of work. Alcohol reduced the amount of REM (rapid eye movement sleep) and other forms of self-medication (vape and beyond) inhibit certain aspects of personality so the trips are not as productive and it’s reportedly easy to go off the path/rails.

If you get to the upper bounds of lucidity, please let us know.

Dreams and Making Money

I’ve been remiss in getting on Chris McCleary who took over the work about setting up a purely financial dream site.

He’s been busy with whatever he’s up to now…something life four BA’s and 3 Master’s degrees now. Working on his state clinical psychology license and working on his PhD seems to keep him from being too loose with his time. Plus, he does well enough in counseling that he’s developing something of a cool reputation..but again, that eats into spare time.

The idea is that a website could be set up where people would work almost purely on market directional calls. If you have read his Project August work, you may see how this could work out.

It would be like applying remote viewing in a rigorous way to financial markets.

I don’t want to be a turd, what bringing economic measurements to every part of life. BUT doing so allows us to come up with a very useful metric about how real/ or specious some of the claims about remote viewing and/or future forecasting really are.

I’ll show you what I mean.

Let’s say we had a group of 25 people who were active dreamers. Early lucidity and familiar with the territory. One way to tell is to read my novel DreamOver. Some people think it’s “weird” according to one reviewer, but once you get into even the semi-lucid territory in dreams, then it becomes incredibly interesting.

So back to the group:

You’d run a Project August type analysis. Ask people to post their dream content. And then, at the end of the recording window the outlooks would be aggregated and a general forecast made.

Then comes the fun part. An investor could make two trades. One in the direction of the general market – such as up for the S&P 500 for a certain period of time when the market is trending upward.

The second investment would be in whatever dream content was suggesting.

If the dream investment did better than general market trend over a long enough time with enough reversals to build confidence, then seems to me that dreaming about the market and money and future asnd all that would be a worthwhile deal.

Unlike most investment groups, no waking time required, except to send in dream reports!

Well, enough of this week… off toi polish up Peoplenomics and our Light Crown piece which gets into the borderland between science and fiction, but again…with an economic measurement plan.

Cash talks and what is it that walks, again? Remind me…

Write when you get rich,

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  1. you win;steak dinner @Delmonico’s. I can not believe I was WRONG, leta -lone not even in the ball park…seems a new time line/space-warp has taken place…CRACK THE SKY,,, or best facelift ever..or clone..umm cyborg..??? Cliff too…WTF…WTF… I am 90% spot on… Oh-Well steaks R on ME…lol LOVE TO ALL…

  2. Several years ago I began lucid dreaming. I developed total control within the dreams which was happening nightly. But I found that I was waking up increasingly tired and irritated. It got so bad that I had to stop and go back to let my dreams naturally run their course. I concluded that dreams serve a function that my interfering negated. I haven’t tried lucid dreaming since.

  3. I’ve been worrying about this long before this… but is there something wrong with me? (Besides obvious) I don’t seem to dream anymore. Stopped a long ways back. I’ve read that everyone dreams but doesn’t remember sometimes… but I don’t remember them at all anymore. What does this mean? When I was younger I’d have dreams that were so real that I couldn’t figure out if they were a memory or just a dream… especially dreams about work. Well no more. Is this a bad sign… do I need a doctor (mind or body)?

    • Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) aids dream recall as well as carpel tunnel. (research it- I’ve aided my dream recall since I too don’t remember them unless I supplement) People are often nutritionally deficient in the various vital minerals (aka vitamins) and thus, varied symptoms show up as what most title as dis eases…

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