Hurricane Matthew: The Business Model

Fresh cup for this one.  Longish discussion but we want to weave whole cloth.

Before we get to the jobs report, a word about the current climate change mania is in order.

Where “Climate” Fits Economic Manipulation

As all long-time readers know, one of the major premises of our views is that Everything is a Business Model. Further, the USA Business Model is in a heap of trouble for a number of reasons, including but not limited to:

1. Systematic debasing of the US Dollar which presently holds less that 4.3% of the purchasing power it had when the Federal Reserve took over money control when Congress abdicated in 1913.

2. Massive government spending in efforts to “make up” prosperity through government spending in excess of national income (via income tax, etc.).

3. Consumer super-saturation. This is the problem of too much crap. More than one car per household, the birth and growth of the excess capacity “storage unit” business, etc.

4. Hyper mass marketing of excessive electronic consumption focused on “features” like whether a new phone has an ear bud jack, or not.  Really stupid stuff.

As evidenced by the further difficulties of Deutsche Bank, the global financial system has painted itself into a corner.

Limited Solutions via “Soft Consumption”

In response to these problems, the USA has pursued “soft consumption” of the non-apparent sort in order to preserve the illusion of satisfactory growth. Some examples:

1 .Excessive school loan debt. Now at more than a trillion dollars, the supposed money-saving of computerized education has failed to materialize as cost-per-credit continues to move higher saddling young people with obligations that assures a lifetime of debt servitude.

2. Monetization of gender and racial happenstance. The world has always been a multi-gender, multi-racial place. Now, however on a multiplicity of fronts we see how genderism and race are being monetized and politicized. Multiple bathrooms and so forth are all part of a larger, though unwritten, monetization schema. It will include education, monitoring, treatment of “trauma” and so forth and may eventually add 10% more to the government’s “take.”

3.Involvement in Useless Wars. Syria is a fine example. The US has only two strategic interests in this region: Pipeline routing and eventual access to the northern extensions of the Leviathan Oil and Gas strikes off Syria and Lebanon. Other than that, a core of crazy people promoting failed regime change ideology at the State Department are working regime change to attempt resource procurement in places like eastern Ukraine’s Dnieper Reserve.

Where Climate Fits

As was explained clearly enough in the (satire?) “Report from Iron Mountain (on the Accessibility and Desirability of Peace), the Western Economic Model REQUIRES and enemy in order to grow.

Since Capitalism is so efficient, we need to be continuously making up pits into which excess production can be shoveled. If we don’t find them, then the only other way to destroy excess capacity is this thing called Global War.

As noted in Iron Mountain, there are only so many ways to ‘get there’ – avoiding War.

One option was the invention of National Healthcare. However, as Obamacare will prove in 2017, the individual cost of Obamacare is prohibitively high.

We note that both of the crooked political parties pushed 2016 Obamacare cost increases into 2017 in order to keep national healthcare expense increases from being the focus of this election.

You’ll be screw after you pull the levers, not before.

Yes, BOTH political parties are crooked in the sense that they obfuscate, manipulate, and ensure members personally profit from conformance to the Ruling Paradigm which is an uneasy alliance/integration of corporation and government objectives.

This is where climate fits.  subset Matthew goes here.

Climate Change as a cause is easily managed for a number of reasons.

1.It is scaleable. Witness Hurricane Matthew. Have there been similar events in the past? Sure. Take this Wikipedia discussion:

You will find more than 4,000 people died in a hurricane that hit Newfoundland in 1775. Wasn’t a whole lot of Global Warming going on then.

Modern Hurricanes can be scaled (as media intensity) by manipulation of hysteria. The easy access to social media adds additional amplification.

2. It is easily politicized. Presidential wannabe Hillary Clinton now has Climate Exchange founder Al Gore on her campaign.

3.Climate Provides “Cover:” Already it’s clear that coverage of Hurricane Matthew will be designed to keep the presidential debate from being the biggest news item Sunday.

Globalism’s Big Climate Push

Does this mean Climate is rotating front and center? Yes, but only to the degree Matthew makes landfall and can spin national attention.

But no worries: Other items are in play and ready to roll out. Russia is warning the US on air strike inside Syria (remember who broke the truce first? Us.). Russia is also looking to expand its military presence in other areas including Vietnam and reopening in Cuba.

Toss in the increasing militarization and expansionism of China and now activity at the North Korea nuclear facility, and we can see numerous distraction potentials to be played to ensure continuation from Obamanation to Hill in a handbasket.

The Government Media Battle for Your Mind

Continues in full swing and on the increase as “EPA issues 50-state climate warning, flood, drought, ‘insect outbreaks’.”

The plan, however, is working. Climate Denial will soon be made a criminal offense. Government, you see, share a tradition of “punishable taboos” with Religions as a business model. Where a religion would demand a tithe in order to attain Heaven, government’s more direct with a Tax. And where religions had only the fear of eternal damnation to sell, government can come and get you right now!.

None of this is to say Matthew won’t hurt. But on balance, not only will it be “good for the economy” by wringing some excesses out of the economy, but it will also ensure that the marketing plan for the “Global Climate Tax” will remain intact.

There is no sheet of ice over Chicago these days. That left with the meltdown of the Laurentide ice sheet. That was going on 20,000 years ago when man-made warming wasn’t even whispered. Today, mankind’s effects still haven’t melted all the ice: “Canada’s oldest ice is a 20,000-year-old remnant of the Laurentide Ice Sheet called the Barnes Ice Cap, located on central Baffin Island.”


You’d think we could have done better. But we haven’t.

In 2014 the Antarctic Ice Cap grew the most ever leading to embarrassing questions. However, as we pointed out Thursday, Sun output is in collapse…and that’s generally associated with cooling.

Still, while Matthew destroys not only homes and lives, it’s important to note the real damage it to news minutes, US political focus, and the damage to column inches.

We note the Anasazi of the American Southwest were driven off by climate change (now carefully edited from short-form history snips but do read Joseph Tainter on Collapse of Complex Societies and follow-on work by Jared Diamond) in the 1400’s ahead of manmade change.

To be sure, there’s one thing present humans will be able to do with climate change like no other culture before us has done:


My, don’t it make you proud to be such an elevated high technology wonk?

Hurricane Matthew, no matter how you slice it, will be well monetized for purposes of people who are other than its victims.

Really comes down to the question:  How gullible are you?  We already know the average answer is Very.

The Jobs Data

Hot off the press release:

Total nonfarm payroll employment increased by 156,000 in September, and the unemployment rate was little changed at 5.0 percent, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Employment gains occurred in professional and business services and in health care.

Household Survey Data

The unemployment rate, at 5.0 percent, and the number of unemployed persons, at 7.9 million, changed little in September. Both measures have shown little movement, on net, since August of last year.

Among the major worker groups, the unemployment rate for Hispanics increased to 6.4 percent in September, while the rates for adult men (4.7 percent), adult women (4.4 percent), teenagers

(15.8 percent), Whites (4.4 percent), Blacks (8.3 percent), and Asians (3.9 percent) showed little

or no change.

The number of persons unemployed less than 5 weeks increased by 284,000 to 2.6 million in September.

The number of long-term unemployed (those jobless for 27 weeks or more) was essentially unchanged at 2.0 million and accounted for 24.9 percent of the unemployed.”

So what doesn’t make sense in this report? Glad you asked.

The population base was up 237,000 and yet the labor force went up 444,000. This means the labor participation rate went up 0.1 to 62.9%.

On the other hand 90,000 more were unemployed. While employment was up 354,000. Yes, the unemployment rate itself was up a 10th – not “unchanged.”

More important: The CES Birth/Death Model simply estimated 527,000 jobs into existence. That compares with 233,000 estimated jobs last month.

Most important, the real unemployment rate, Table U-6 here, remained unchanged at 9.7%.

So yes, with the election at hand, this does look like a “well-managed” report, does it not?

Drinking the Kool-Aid Dow futures are about flat.

Gee, and I figured down 149.01 for the end of the week. Fools and their calculators, huh?

Parting Note:

If Matthew fizzles too much, look for Syria to lead to near-war Saturday to downplay the debate.  US or NATO plane shot down over Syria ought to do it.

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    • Simply click ‘Details’ below the warning and on the last line click the link that says you want to visit the site…despite all their dire warnings! ;)

    • Although personally I think that ‘infowars is bunk’ – it’s your anti virus program that is the problem. I believe that you can ‘whitelist’ sites . . . and take care of it!

      • wow.. this is what I get on a couple of different search engines..”Deceptive site ahead” and it won’t let you log on.. I have to find how to do the white list.. what was funny is the same thing happened on the phone.. fifty miles away from my internet or my virus program it also happened on my daughters phone who has a completely different carrier..
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        which makes me wonder.. I haven’t had this problem before this morning.. did something happen or was urban survival considered a deceptive news site overnight..

  2. Yes, no doubt 7,000,000,000 people burning crap has no effect on the climate. It’s magic what we burn just disappears. We don’t have to worry about what we can’t see. If you believe that you are a person of the corporatist oligarch faith.

    re: monetization of climate. I’d venture a guess that the extractors have a lot more on the table than the government funded scientists and academics. Why no talk about the extractors, and the politicians they are patrons of, monetization? We’ve seen it with cigarettes and sugar to name two.

    Five big oil companies spent $114m obstructing climate news, report claims

    Big Oil braced for global warming while it fought regulations

  3. I have been in over 15 hurricanes, living along the Gulf Coast most of my life. This includes Ike and Rita most recently. Having just watched most of the available still shots and videos of the Matthew storm, I think this is, at best, a Cat1 regardless of what the weather idiots are being told to say. We get flooding worse than this without hurricanes here in the Gulf Coast, and the wind looks and sounds like a simple tropical storm or at most a CAT1.

    I mean, there is no storm surge to speak of, the palm trees are not toppling over, street signs are not flailing about, traffic lights barely swinging in the wind.

    I hate the government and weather idiots doing this, because when a big storm actually does come, then nobody will believe the government agencies that cried ‘wolf’. Every time they do this, more people disbelieve them the next time because of their incessant lies.

  4. ‘October Surprise’ indeed! Donald Trump who loves media attention . . . gets more than he bargained for!

    The Titanic Ego is taking on water . . .

  5. Hurricanes take the yankee’s (insurance companies) money and put it back into the economy.

    • Kicking and screaming all the way. Many residents of Florida, Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisiana have had to bring lawsuits to get insurance companies to pay. Business should be good for lawyers in the southeast.

  6. I thought I should give an update on my interesting web experience from yesterday morning.Now by evening I was able to visit all the sites like I normally do… this morning I thought I would check….. and everything is back to normal.. Just like it never happened..Absolutely no changes on the internet.. I didn’t change a thing either.. I didn’t go to white pages on the virus program.. my phone its the same thing..there isn’t anything blocked that I can see there aren’t any warnings of any kind.. no big red flags saying deceptive or subversive news site..
    It is just like normal.. I didn’t even do a virus or malware scan like I normally do last night….

  7. Re Mathew as a business model, nothing short of a war destroys stuff like a good natural disaster. Lots of stuff is going to have to. Be replaced or rebuilt. Also, its a good time to be in the “waste management” business.

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