CV Aside: The “Good Witching” Day

This morning began with an unusual task:  Looking for a copy of  Javelin analytics software on 1.4 MB floppy disks.

“WTF?  Tell us about the damn virus and Depression, Ure!”

Sometimes, life is not so simple…let me get you up to speed.

A report out this morning notes that California health officials are now predicting that 56% of the state will eventually be infected.  This, as California entered a “stay at home” period as of last night which officials hope will slow the rate of propagation.

It may be too early to see much impact in daily change rates – we expect the rate of change to pop back up in the afternoon (PM) report.  But, as of this morning:

As you can see, until the afternoon data is out, we can’t really do much in the way of apples-to-apples.  What we can do – and it should be close – is project out the next several weeks:

This implies that the Global Peak will come after mid June.  However, when we start looking at the USA (population 330-million, or so) we can begin to think that IF California is typical of the whole country (it’s  not) THEN we could think about 184.5 million cases, or so.  And FURTHER with a 4% mortality rate (high, especially if chloroquine and other anti-malaria drugs prove efficacious)  THEN we could start to ball park a finish line for this terrible adventure.

“What does this have to do with old  Javelin software?”

Javelin had one feature that I’ve never found in a modern analog that made it ideal for this sort of problem:  In making a forecast, you could  draw an estimated curve and it would automatically back-fill data to the curve.  Thus, in very short order, without having to go through the tedium of miles-deep math, you could sketch in a number of possible propagation end scenarios, and Javelin would spit out numbers.  Then by simply comparing actuals vs. estimates, the “best fit” would quickly become apparent.

If you happen to know of a modern product with this kind of capability, and not on a phone, (please God, not  that!) let me know what it is, where to find it, and so forth.

I decided not to buy the $300 copy on eBay because I don’t have a 5.25″ floppy drive (don’t know if anyone ever made a 5.25″ to USB external drive, either) but 1.4 MB 3.5″ we have always at the ready for old (wonderful) D-Base relatives like  Jim Button’s  (his real name was Jim Knopf)  PC-File DB and the like.  Truly a “father of shareware” as Peter Norton dubbed him.

All of which harks back to my  Halt and Catch Fire days in the days back when… around the time my buddy Gaye Levy (  was writing the back-end accounting code for telcoms like pagers…oh say, there’s another lost tech…(Flash-back Friday, is it?)

Don’t mean to get off on such reminiscing, but it’s more fun than looking at the body count projections.

One further statistical caveat (while I mourn the passing of real coding and not pretending “drag and drop” is high art) has to do with the mortality rate.  My method of calculation is to look at the known cases divided into the CV cemetery and presto – a number.

The more “statistically defensible” version is to add the total recovered today (86,035) and the dead (10,038) which gives a total of 96,073.  This – divided into the dead count – gives a 10.44% death rate.

Not to worry, though…the death rate is nowhere near  that high for a number of factors:  The main one is that the “recovered” number only involves people who have “gotten in the system.”  And we understand – from anecdotal reports – that half (or more) of people exposed will NOT have sufficiently bad symptoms to require getting involved with the medical community.  In statistical terms,  “n” (cases) is artificially low lacking the subclinical cases.

One thing that is new (and useful) to know is that almost half of all CV cases are exhibiting some kind of “digestive track disorder” (e.g.  the runs).

Also useful to know is that men seem to die at a higher rate than women struck with the virus.

How Big a Rally?

Well, now, that IS the question, isn’t it?  Here’s how our line-up looked this morning, comparing the 1929 collapse with what’s been going on in present-day since our Aggregate Index peaked on February 19:

What’s more, since there has been a short-term “double-bottom” there’s an admittedly weak technical case for a short-term rally lasting perhaps a week, or so.

Thing is, though, that the market will probably NOT be happy when new employment data comes out on early April.  In fact, the administration is so worried about the bleak numbers ahead, according to reports like this one, they’re already leaning on state officials to slow the release of data.

Despite the technical rally – even if it lasts into next week – we still lean toward the view of former Reagan era federal budget director David Stockman who’s looking for an S&P down to 1,600.

At least quadruple witching is likely to pop higher at the open…

Crooks in the Capitol

Story to pay attention to – because it is traitorous behavior in our view – involves four U.S. Senators who sold off millions in stock holdings before the coronavirus impacts became publicly appreciated.

I have said this before – and it bears repeating:  Before this is over ther world will need a virus-analog to the Nuremberg War Crimes Trials – and we will need a wall.

Points for the Paranoid:

Article in the Asia Times that reckons the U.S. and China are engaged (via the virus) in a hybrid war.  We don’t like to think too much along these lines, but we have long-held that there will be a path to global nuclear conflict out of this when blame is being placed.

And Fed Repo Depot operations this morning were $53-1/4 Billion.  We look for lots more in the afternoon to drive up prices into the weekend and feed some optimism to the public.

Write when you get rich,

78 thoughts on “CV Aside: The “Good Witching” Day”

  1. The Governor of New Jersey has his own version of Murphy’s Law:You can buy a truckload of Old Grand Dad but you’re out of luck if you want to go to gym to keep being a Young Grand Dad.He added to that yesterday with a hair raising experience by closing all barber shops.

  2. George,

    After the 2008-09 event almost every Monday for five – six years were ‘up’ days with infrequent follow thru on Tuesdays, the rest of the week was neutral to slightly down.
    I could have, but didn’t, trade this pattern because I don’t trust those bastards as they would probably have pulled the plug the first time I traded!
    With all of the new debt floating around, I wonder if this situation will repeat?
    Any thoughts George?

  3. Bbbbbbbuy Baby ! Buy!

    Bitcoin is breaking out of an Ascending Triangle – bbbullish! Why the hell does it matter?

    1) Financial System is Being Taken Apart – planned. The “families” in control be hiding like rats now.. “Spring is here and the time is right for Lynching in the Street’

    2) Globalization is DEAD! part of same plan.

    3) FED/CB’s slowly being forced into self immolation – Commodity back currency? Nope

    TBN Prediction : Bitcoin will supplant the USD – soonly

    My tribute – to Ure rolling on floor and crying tears of laughter, from “Bad, tainted, greedy soul that is just that – an expression of darkness” – sounds more like a description of an ANTI-Bitcoiner:

    U know saddam, khomeini, mao and the pope
    U know soros, rockafeller, mbs and rothchild
    But do U recall the bluest nosed dick tater of all?
    Dzhordzh the bluenosed dick tater.

    Dont forget Dzhordzh – NO Bitcoin 4 U!

    • Ohhhhhh maybe I’m not seeing Sodom. Maybe I’m seeing Sadam. Whooooaaa thanks man! I’m still piecing sh!t together. I feel like an Idiot when it comes to stuff like this.

      I had a long talk with 2 really really gifted empaths last night and another who is more mechanistic and data driven like me. The Cosmic waves are hitting the earth pretty hard. I’m not the only one experiencing then massive moments of Dejavu where I damn near fall down because it throws my equilibrium off, ear ringing in my left or right, sinus headaches when I dnt have any sinus issues (the third eye rests in the sinus cavity), intense visions where I jump into another reality. Some of the stuff I see is past fence and some future and it’s hard as hell to sort it out. Suddenly my skin gets super super itchy or tingly all over for no reason. HUGE moments of Anxiety for no reason. Seeing shiy in the peripheral vision that’s not there, like “light being” or “shadow beings” and also just seeing flashes of light.

      I know 5 others this is happening.

      Did you know shadows can reflect in glass???? I didn’t know that until yesterday. a shadow is the absence of light. How can that reflect off glass???!!!

      I seen shadows that arent mine move and my buddy and I were the only ones there. Freaked him out too and then he went straight into denial. Hahahha

      Anyway, thanks for mentioning “Sadam” . You helped me figure something out.

      I appologise for being a weirdo. Atleast I’m not the only one. I was talking to my friend who was in Arkansas who said she would be right back she had to go yell at a Tornado because it was headed straight for her house. She said she told it to go bother someone else and it did. It changed directions. Hahahahhahahahaha.

      She is going through the same stuff as me. Hahahahahahha

      • ‘Taint funny Magee…Light is needed to drive out the darkness.

        If we seek light (Pray for God’s Holy Light to fill us spiritually,

        physically and mentally, we can accomplish great things.

      • “Ohhhhhh maybe I’m not seeing Sodom. Maybe I’m seeing Sadam. ”

        Dam Andy.. I would rather see…

        MADAME… it would be a whole lot more fun then getting the ling distance socialization screw that Congress is talking about lol.

    • Ref your # 1 and # 2 Comments: The Globalization Plan is being shoved down your throat. Violently! All the chaos is to destroy the current paradigm, and bring on a one-world government and global banking system. “Order Out of Chaos.”

    • Yes, it is all in the book. I’m reading it for the second time. I really enjoy the chapter “The Worst Parts of The Bible.”

    • I know Stew. I think its all Scary .
      The next couple of weeks will tell the tale..
      The dollar crashing the markets in shambles.. or… will they pull the rabbit out of the hat.and pull it all together..

  4. I dunno about the congress folks. I also sold many of my holdings once I saw China moving to isolation and building new hospitals. It didn’t take inside information to see that coming to impact the global economy. Even our idiot politicians can use common sense sometimes. I am normally not one to back these creatures, but what were people thinking that were not reducing or even increasing their holdings when this was breaking? Peakprosperity was doing videos and discussions of this coming catastrophe back in at least early January.

  5. The best information I’ve found on the Corona Virus. 12 minutes, and well worth viewing. Note the CURE protocol does not require drugs. Or a vaccine!

    – Basic characteristics of COV 19
    – Contagion patterns
    – Progression of symptoms throughout the disease
    – Recipes according to symptoms – How you know the cures are effective
    – Chemicals likely to worsen the disease – Sequence of helping

  6. “A report out this morning notes that California health officials are now predicting that 56% of the state will eventually be infected.”

    GEORGE…. I know This will sound as if I am not empathetic to the whole dire situation in cali and the world . but I do have to know when it comes to Cali……..


    • Bwhahhahahhaahhahahha!

      Gee thanks LOB! Mark and I are in Cali!

      I’m heading out to the grape field with a flame thrower!


        I was just kidding Andy being my normal smart azz… LOL LOL LOL…. you have to make lite of a serious situation.. When I had trouble walking..I thought what the heck if the doc just lops it off.. so the doctor had a puzzled look I said doc .. I can live on plastic.. just that if you decide that is what has to be done I want two legs.. one a peg.. the other with toes on both sides.. he got this odd look and asked why would I want toes on both sides.. I said there are days when I can’t decide if I am coming or going.. and the peg is so I can dress up like a pirate on Halloween..
        then when I started going blind.. I told the doctor I want one with a bigger pupil that shines if a light is on it.. that way is someone is staring at me.. I can open that eye real big.. so they can say hey hes giving me the eye LOL LOL…
        found out it was just that I abused my body so much working long hours that it decided to attack itself.. oh well to late now its my own damned fault.. LOL LOL..
        tonight my son in law was visiting with me and he said dam it sounds like no one is going to get any help except the big bankers again.. .. and I said dam I just figured out about this releif money.. he said whats that.. I said.. social distancing.. he got this puzzled look on his face.. and I said.. Congress realizes that the vast majority of the older generation and the hard working middle class don’t have regular sex.. so they decided to show everyone how to screw everyone from a distance LOL LOL LOL LOL..

        the wife was asking if I could make some hand sanitizer.. dam right I can if you want it.. just do I want to use drinkable stuff or the other LOL LOL since aloe and glycerine are all hard to come by that means I will have to make my own gel.. LOL LOL when I was working long hours on april fools day I took astro glide and made up some and put it on the nurses station LOL LOL I would get the biggest thrill out of watching everyone rub for such a long time LOL LOL well I won’t do that.. that is a pain in the buttocks LOL

  7. “This implies that the Global Peak will come after mid June.”

    Phew.. and if it isn’t stopped..??? what by christmas..

  8. Javelin Analityics on 1.4m floppies? Can’t help you. Now if you wanted a copy of ProComm Communications on 1.4m floppies (still in its shrink wrap), I can help you. or about 4 different versions of Office, even dBase 3+ on 5.25″ floppies.

    I got too much crap around here.

    • George,

      ALL pharmaceuticals are potentially toxic.
      I had a copy of a PDR and would have friends randomly open it to any drug trying to find one that did not list death as a possible side effect. Good luck with that!
      I shock one friend speechless ( not easy to do in her case!) when I had her read the warning label on her toothpaste tube.

      It read, “Harmful or fatal if swallowed “

      That clear warning has since been replaced with weasel words that can have you scratching your head trying to make since of it.

  9. What’s wrong with Polititions selling stock pre Coronavirus decline in the US stock market. As far as I can see, nothing. Their goal, like yours, is to make money in the market. Everyone knew it was coming like previous viruses. As long as they filed their required disclosure forms, it was just them making a good business decision. But, I would suggest they look at why Diane Feinstein had such a large holding in Allogene Therapeutics; that is suspicious.

    • Common sense, sure. But these guys have to comply with Federal ethics laws and there is a clause in there along the lines of “or perception of”. They are in position of trust and it appears they violated that trust.

      Personally, the bigger story is their failure to speak out and tell the truth about the pandemic… Is it unerring, unwavering commitment to towing the line (the spell over Congress), or were they truly acting in their place to prevent panic? We may never know.

    • Lol son you have a disease much worse than the virus its called the grifter disease,screw your friends screw your family as long as you make money.Now these people are elected they take a large sum of money for their paychecks, with out a doubt with all their perks and benefits totaling $2 million a year (I read a long time ago that at that time it cost the taxpayer a million a year for each and every congress critter in office) .Now they are elected to handle the affairs of the government not to enrich themselves with privileged information and if you really really (you don’t I know) want to know why the country is in the shape its in just look in the mirror and that face looking back at you with the mentality that anything you do is alright if your making money.Ah such a sad disease I hope its not catching.!!!

    • If I remember correctly, Congress passed a law that exempted themselves from insider trading rules. They came up with some hairbrained excuse for why that’s better for the nation.

  10. Dam rabbits- dam rabbits – dam rabbits.. A charm to ward of smoke from a burning fire? – perhaps. perhaps not..

    hole #1 – rumored to be from highly classified intelligence report..

    “Sarin gas is classified as a lethal nerve gas, no matter how low its concentration, it causes death by paralyzing the muscles of the lungs (this is the reason for the concentration of deaths in the elderly who suffer from chronic diseases or pneumonia (incubation period of the gas in the air 3 months) , the last month of the epidemic. A person can walk for two weeks and then die, without knowing that he has this gas (this is a 15-day quarantine reason without using anything except artificial respiration) that has no medical treatment possible when inhaled (the reason for a British statement prepared to die)
    This gas was classified as a weapon of mass destruction by the United Nations.”
    Death rates in Italy, Iran and elsewhere seem to confirm the Russian allegations, that if CV19 is real, deaths are “salted” with Sarin to bring numbers up and create panic.

    #2 -CH2M Hill, Southern Research Center, Metabioto Inc, Battelle, Pentgon DRTA Program, Lugar Research Center/country Georgia,Dugway Proving Ground/West Desert Test Center -Utah – these guys produce and test aerosilized bio-agents at Lothar Saloman Life Science Test Facility.

    #3 CIA project Clear Vision – outside of US Weapons Convention declaration submitted to UN.

    #4 CDC shuts down BSL4 lab at Fort Detrick Aug/2019.

    “..I really wanna know, tell me who are you.. Cause I really wanna know..come on, come on Ah Who the F are you” – TheWho

    Clue – China has always been German vassal state (DVD) – Mao had no issues when told/ordered to kill millions of his own countrymen..

    Did someone (s) get double/triple crossed?

  11. Bring us your insider trading politicians and your teenagers that cough on produce

    Our pockets are full of stones

    Such a terrible way to go

  12. The government is missing an excellent opportunity to see how fast C-19 spreads through the young population. Yesterday, on NBC news video showed hundreds of people in Florida on the beach during spring break. They are not worried about C-19, and partied like there was no tomorrow! They are perfect “lab-rats” as a control group to see how fast C-19 spreads through a given population. A missed opportunity for government to correlate their C-19 stats! According to California governor, about 50+% of them should come down with C-19! Good way to confirm if this was “truth, or fiction!”

    • Young men with beer, & babes in bikinis, don’t care about Coronavirus. Their little head’s mind is elsewhere. Would have been an excellent experiment to wrap our minds about how contagious the virus is with thousands of willing participants. Just quaratine them as they get ready to leave for a 14 day study. Stupidity has its drawbacks.

  13. Why George those four congress critters were only a handful of those that were told in advance about the coming virus,I was reading where Richard Burr who is the head of the republican senate intelligence committee warned a group of wealthy constituents about what was coming, while the government was withholding it from the people and Trump was playing it down.Two things that make common sense one its not a bio-weapon for that would create mass casualties and the second they don’t have a clue as to where it originated,an American doctor said that deaths back in early November could have been from the virus but the virus haden’t struck yet.

    Now many of your posters have called it a hoax and rightly so for it is a hoax, without a doubt the second greatest hoax ever played on the American people, the first being as Nixon remarked about the public execution of JFK and its cover up as being the greatest hoax ever played on the American people.Now only time will tell what their end game really is/was is, I see in England the army will be patrolling the streets,will it come here your guess is as good as mind as people rush out and stand in line to stock up on weapons and ammunition.!!!

      • Why George I didn’t say that this was a right wing ploy,what I was commenting on was those in power and I never bought into the deep state crap for that’s only a catch all for everything that goes wrong,they can always lay it on whatever it is and call it the deep state., its all the bought and paid for elected officials of both parties or to be truthful just one ole grand party and no your not invited and neither am I its all top secret you know,for after all they know best.

        The only thing we can do is to make the best of the information we have without letting party or political dogma cloud our thinking,I got rid of that long ago I don’t go near the polls for they are worse than this so called virus, for they effect the mind and warps the thought process and in its wake just leaves a barren land where nothing can take root and grow it.Just saying.!!!

      • Feinstein said all her assets are in a trust of which she has no control. Sounds like a bunch of bull. The Californians will most likely believe her, but not in Missouri or anywhere else.

  14. “Before this is over ther world will need a virus-analog to the Nuremberg War Crimes Trials – and we will need a wall.”

    I’d be in favor of heads-off on account they may use fake bullets @ fhe wall. There are just too many people addicted to drama ;-((.

    • Good catch, I will check that out. Qualities like this made Sherlock Holmes famous. We look but don’t see.

    • That’s because not all of Trump’s team are for Trump. They are for themselves and who ‘else’ pays them.

    • Probably not all have lapel flag pins because not all are “ranking” high enough. The secret service also has lapel pins to identify ranks. I learned this years ago when I got clearance to do TV coverage around presidential visits. Had to comply with directions from the ‘ranking pins’.

  15. Corporate buybacks are being exposed for their evil to the public at large. Corporations instead of investing in themselves or buying companies to enhance their future sales & earnings, they bought back their own stock to raise the stock price. This is a short term tactic to benefit insiders & shareholders in the quarterly income reporting race to keep those quarterly numbers up. It does nothing to enhance the future sales & earnings prospects of the company unless you consider accounting manipulation a future prospect.

    Japan looks five years ahead, not 3 months, & this is good. It didn’t help them with their stock market since 1989 ( see Andy’s post), but Toyota is the number one automobile company. They missed the Tesla opportunity because American Capitalism is the world leader in innovation, but like GM & Ford they give it away in the long run because of this 3 month outlook. When the US innovates, it looks long term since there are no earnings reporting to worry about, only future expectations.

    President Trump stated, this stimulus money is not for corporate share buybacks. Hopefully the swamp realizes his wisdom.

    I hate to say this , but $2,400 of stimulus money paid to me will just go in my pocket & not spent, like most of the old folks who really aren’t affected. Why not use it to increase unemployment benefits for those losing their job, or for those incurring medical expenses if infected by the virus. To fend off the wisecrackers, I will keep it if they send it, so please don’t comment on my personal options. It reminds me of the $ 600 check I received in 1972 with a letter from Nixon saying he was delighted to provide this extra VA Benefit for your college expenses. I voted for Nixon in the Presidential election which was held 3 days after I received the check. Everyone has a price.

    • I live in the Northeast and my wife and I will not be getting relief checks. $75K is entry level salary around here. The good news is the government is officially stating I am smarter than you MAGA’s because I must have a pile of money stashed away somewhere to get through the hard times. Never mind I also got screwed on my taxes by the new SALT laws…

      Critical thinking took a vacation with this Congress. Need is based on whether you have a job or don’t have a job. Salary has nothing to do with it. How we live within our means adjusts with the means. Oh well. Back to the plasma center…

      On a side note, the irony with this is a lot of these Congresspersons are living in their offices because the cost of living in D.C. is out of their reach. They know.

      • My wife and I certainly won’t be getting check either…what really frosts my rump is that from what I have read those already on the dole will be getting 600…

      • LOL no Joe you won’t and neither will I ore about ninety percent of the average people on the hourly wage…. I was watching how they plan on distributing it.. very few will get it at all.. and really any relief check will help but in reality it isn’t going to do much of anything if you get it at all.. if they do like they did in the early eighties then anyone filing a tax will get a check.. if they use it like unemployment no one will get it..its the shuffle. . any length to this could totally take down the entire economic system.. in the past.. back in the early eighties.. and the early nineties and 08 .. the economic bailouts were not for us the working class.. even unemployment system.. ask anyone unemployed.. you will hear the same thing.. it sounds good.. looks good in the news.. but you won’t see it.. it is that mistery easy money that no one ever knows anyone that has ever seen any of it.. they just heard about it..

      • the ultra rich in all those times of bailouts got multi million dollar bonuses.. the working man.. Well none of the bailouts or the stimulous has ever been for the regular working man.. they expect the working man to pay for it.. but nothing but a joke.. LET THEM EAT CAKE.. LOL like my neice that they told don’t worry we are here for you in the end.. heres twenty dollars and good luck LOL LOL I still razz her about that every once in a while.. they sold her a bag of .. well you know..
        What hasn’t been considered.. is the vast majority of the people are not going to get a paycheck.. every business will be affected.. every employee will be affected.. through the whole country.. DJT was smart when he didn’t put a mandatory lock down for everyone.. at least part will be still out making money or spending money.. somewhat.. they have a choice in a situation like this of this magnitude..
        Go Big.. Do nothing at all.. or just let alone and let it all play out and fall where it lays..
        I think that tossing a few crumbs to just a few people.. then if they give to the big wigs that will take the huge bonuses and laugh at all the gullible people will only insight the worst situation that anyone can imagine.
        That is what happened in russia… Government corruption was rampant and the Russian economy was severely damaged by World War I. Moderates joined with radical Bolshevik revolutionaries in calling for an overthrow of the czar.
        then germany.. Hitler capitalized on the anger and resentment felt by many Germans after the war as he entered politics in 1919, joined the small German Workers’ Party, and quickly became the party’s leader. By February 1920, Hitler had given it a new name: the National Socialist German Workers’ Party..

        Its all playing out.. the same again.. the same shizt different time period.. they don’t see how it could play out any different than it has in the past and since they are blinded by the view described to them of the few..they don’t see the mass.. the crumbs.. eat cake.. At some point around 1789, when being told that her French subjects had no bread, Marie-Antoinette (bride of France’s King Louis XVI) supposedly sniffed, “Qu’ils mangent de la brioche”—“Let them eat cake.” With that callous remark, the queen became a hated symbol of the decadent monarchy and fueled the revolution that … well they lost their minds over that one.. LOL..
        so Go big and help everyone do the maximum.. or do nothing at all let everyone fend for themselves businesses included… or say there isn’t a problem at all and let them go back to work..let it all lie where it lands.. if it escalates. then say well from all indications we thought we had it wooped.. and take the death toll the way it lands.. no matter who it affects..

    • About 30 years ago the Democrat/Socialists/Communists (DSCs) were having a stroke with the salaries to some of the large corporation executives, disregarding whether their salaries were earned or not.
      Their ‘solution’ was to limit salaries to one million.
      Being much smarter than the DSC’s, the executives invented the stock option method to replace what the DSC’s “stole”. After which most admitted this was a goldmine and over time, found and increasing number of ways to increase stock price (not ‘value’) culminating in stock buybacks using debt which was advantaged by low interest rates at the end of the previous administration.
      So in using cash reserves and debt this way they are saddled with debt and no rainy-day funds, certain that they can saddle the taxpayers if need be, Boeing, GE, etc.
      We can thank the DSC’s for this monstrosity!

      • “the Democrat/Socialists/Communists (DSCs) were having a stroke with the salaries to some of the large corporation executives, disregarding whether their salaries were earned or not.”

        Al.. This is my take on the the income gradient of the different social classes.. I could care less if the top makes a million a year or a hundred million a year.. The purpose of the minimum wage was to stabilize the post-depression economy and protect the workers in the labor force. The minimum wage was designed to create a minimum standard of living to protect the health and well-being of employees. Just before the last depression the germans went through the Weimer depression.. the same thing that caused that from what I have read was the same thing that was causing the depression in the USA.. that for a period of time we got into what I would call the Greed cycle.. then to keep the wages in the gradient cycle the minimum wage was created. when I met my wife.. her position paid 4.50 an hour as a professional.. mine made 3.50 per hour.. then mine jumped to three seventy five hers went to four seventy five.. then ours went to four fifty and theirs went to 5.01… about the same time my banker is a friend and he has been my banker since he was in college.. anyway we got in a conversation about this in the late eighties.. and he started to tell me that he had interviewed a college kid and really liked the kid.. but when he asked him what the lowest he would take to work there or what he was expecting the kid gave him a number.. then he said.. you know he wanted to make five dollars an hour more than me.. ( he made ten dollars and change at that time the kid wanted fifteen)
        now look to today.. the site below gives a good visual of a regular budget and the gradient scale.. the difference I see is like mine the scale has been upended.. for us.. instead of housing being in the top notch it is at number three.. the first is insurance.. then food, housing then the auto and on down.. the same with wages.. on one of my hats I made six dollars an hour.. a line man made 13.. today the guy working in that position is making thirteen and the lineman…
        the gradient scale is upended.. to keep it all safe it all has to be at a stable level with equal levels in the pyramid any falter below the top in the base and the top falls over..
        throughout history this has happened to almost every civilization known.. its even written about by the old philosophers.. the upending of the scales and the top tips..usually it starts by figuring the lowest on the scales can hold it all up without the help of the top of the scales..

      • I don’t care how much the top dog makes either as long as they can’t come back on the taxpayer as they have been doing running to me (the government) and whining oh please oh please save me from my stupidity, and walking away with $60 billion like Boeing did, or like GE Capital, G.M,the insurance sector and the banker section with the trillions in bail out money in the last go round,now they are once again lining up at the free market window for yet another bail out for the to big to fail,fly in in their corporate jets or driven there in their limo’s,its time to clean the rats out of the corn crib.!!!!

  16. The country is now doing 10’s of thousands tests a day & the # is increasing daily. Expect the virus count to go up. It is only logical & not a need to panic. 90% test negative, but they are testing the worst first so these numbers are high. Thanks to Trumps calm, businesslike leadership (not swamp like panic), we are in good hands.

    • From News Reports’….A precise number of people who have been tested in the US has not been made available. Every day, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) publicly reports the number of specimens collected by CDC labs and public health labs, using numbers from state health departments – some of which only report positive cases.
      The most accurate publicly available data on testing in the US is being provided by a volunteer-run data collaboration project called the Covid Tracking Project. The project collects data directly from all US states and territories and breaks down the number of tests by positive, negative and pending cases.
      As of Wednesday morning, the project said 56,590 people had been tested, with about 2,000 cases pending.

      South Korea, a much smaller nation has tested nearly 300,000 people and has been doing about 15,000 tests a day. We have a long way to go to catch up.

      • The liberal leaning CDC sat on info since DEC 2019 about the virus…and keep ALL the people UNFRIENDLY rules in place…that is why we are behind the cure and ALL the Dem run states are low on hospital supplies….since those hospitals are run by libs…the problem has been in place since 2008…obama and his appointees ‘changed’ this country to what it IS today….this ‘virus’ will take US…A down….as most will get it….and the bigger problem will be the states with ALL small business SHUT DOWN….lib DEMS in charge of ALL of them..calf,NY,NJ WASH st….and 1 stupid rino repub….

  17. PANIC OVER – NO. There were 7 people in the seniors aerobics class this morning. Normally, between 30 & 40.

  18. Dude! You seeing all these bank closures????!!!! It’s worse than when Wamu went to sh!t!

    I wonder what the total is on bank closures. I’m surprised there hasnt been a bank run yet! Them Automated Tellar Machines ain’t gonna have any cash on them in about 3 weeks.

  19. Very good article on Strategic Culture this morning and I would urge all to take the time to read it.

    The heading is ‘Why Assume There Will Be A 2020 Election ?”
    General Butler and Wall Street Putsch.
    And yes their off-spring are still with us.!!
    It deals with the depression and those who took down the economy and then tried to get General Butler to lead an army to Washington to take over the government,they said a Fascist government was the way to go for they had backed the Fascist in Europe.

    Now Butler was a patriot and even tho I did/do dis-agree with some of Trumps policies I never doubted but like Sanders and Tulsi he too was a patriot, but with the corruption within the government it entirely possible that they will elect/install Biden, with only half a mind left to occupy the oval office and of course be the commander-in-chief .Much thought in the article for as they say history repeats itself.!!!

  20. Haven’t seen yet — will the stimulus checks be “taxable income” next year at tax time?

    • if it is like when reagan gave out his and bush gave his out.. sure will be..

  21. Quandary of the day.

    A local “Tractor Supply” has chicks and other animals on sale right now.

    I live in a community that does not allow backyard “livestock” which includes chickens.

    It would be good to have some “livestock” during the period of collapse. How do I get around current law so that I don’t starve in the future? By the time my neighbors/city figure it out I’ll be in the line with them.

    • Many HOA’s have loosened up and set the limit to like 3 chickens or rabbits as “pets”. I recommend you ask the HOA BOD for a waiver. If they say no, ignore them. Remember there are collateral costs to having these animals in the back yard — hawks, foxes, racoons, dogs, neighborhood kids, other predators will do anything to get your animals so a large pen will be needed. Then you have to find a reliable source of feed. One hen might be good for two or three years of eggs but then what? And chickens smell of ammonia after awhile if you don’t keep everything very clean. You might be better off stockpiling military meals-ready-to-eat (MRE).

      • The Lilly pads are disintegrating faster than we can leap to the next:

        Coronavirus: Families strip poultry farms of chickens as supermarkets run out of eggs

        Families who are unable to buy eggs in supermarkets have been buying livestock from UK poultry farmers during the coronavirus outbreak.

        UK poultry farms have seen an unprecedented rise in sales of their chickens, as supermarket egg supplies dwindle during a period of panic-buying.

  22. HAWAII CASE COUNT UP 11 TO 37 TOTAL NOW. Ten new cases in Honolulu, one on Maui. Still only one here on the Big Island. Thankfully we are much more rural and spread out, with few tourists. Honolulu, on the other hand, is a crowded petri dish waiting to explode.

  23. Hot off the press!!

    Mandarins of the Government of Canada are johnny-on-the-spots with the latest unemployment numbers. Last week there were 500,000 new individual enrolments for unemployment insurance compared with 27,000 for the same week last year.

    The system is working as designed.

    • In the U.S., I believe unemployment services are managed by the State governments. If the governments are now outlaying 10 times what they budgeted, will the Federal government backstop them and keep them from getting bankrupted? And if the blue state taxes are subsidizing the red state federal assistance programs, and that money, like largess, is going to dwindle, should we start a grass roots movement to keep our money at home? Seems like one of the domino effect scenarios…

  24. This is Step 1 the great psyops reversed has been used for our benefit to prevent another 9/11 where thousands of people are killed from large crowd gathering s and to keep everybody home and safe especially your children for nobody’s at school where there will not be any Mass deaths.
    Step 2 is happening now for the next 21 days as worldwide arrest
    Step 3 normalcy will be restored sooner than you think.
    The test for the virus is fake

    • Maybe Comet Atlas is not a comet at all. It’s only weeks away and not a peep about it anywhere…

  25. The numbers do not support the contention that the danger is abating. In this case, lack of fear implies panic-induced detachment, which I have witnessed a lot of in the past month. Individuals who dealt with their normalcy bias a month ago are making common-sense adjustments which will allow them to survive the initial die-off (with a little luck).
    The next phase in this will be when those who failed to get past their normalcy bias suddenly are faced with a reality that not even their grandiose self-delusions can squelch, and, with the aid of their sense of entitlement, will be motivated to try and claim those things which they should have been gathering up in the past, from those who they feel to be less entitled than themselves, meaning you and yours.
    The first half-dozen rounds decide most violent encounters.

    • “and, with the aid of their sense of entitlement, will be motivated to try and claim those things which they should have been gathering up in the past, from those who they feel to be less entitled than themselves”

      This is why I believe in Gun Control.*

      *”Gun Control” means hitting your target (AND being situationally aware of an adversary’s backstop, ‘cuz shootin’ innocents is simply not cool.)

      It also means not shooting ANYONE as long as our system of jurisprudence is in place, unless there’s no alternative, because even in a State like Texas or Idaho, the shooter of some “poor starving person” will be wrong until proven right. By the time you get your gun and freedom back, your stuff will be long gone. IOW, the “Wild West” doesn’t come again, except for the terminally stupid, until and unless we’re in a full-blown anarchy (which is possible, but not very likely…)

  26. Everyone wants in on the Bailout lottery:

    – Movie Theater Owners: We Need a Bailout, Too
    – GM solicits Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer to pen letter to president Trump asking for financial help

    “Ain’t no Fiscal Conservative in an economic crash.”

    Interestingly here in MI the Board of Education is pushing back on allowing public school credit for so-called “Online Learning” during the crisis.

    IMHO If they allow credit for online learning, the buildings are no longer needed.

    Since millions of service jobs won’t be coming back there’s definitely an advantage to online learning for new, stay at home parents. The elimination of buildings will also help to reduce tax burden on the newly impoverished.

    Low income folks are complaining they are at a disadvantage due to lacking home computers and Internet. Just like George mentioned, I’m hearing stories on the radio MI government may start picking up the tabs for home Internet. Internet will be a utility.

    Massive organizational change is upon us. We’re lucky to be alive.

    • If internet service becomes a regulated utility, that would be one of the greatest improvements in our society. The internet is ubiquitous but critical to modern life. It’s electronic fresh water.

  27. It’s over. Army being deployed into New York. Everything that is happening already happened in all dictatorships.

    George, I think you shot to low!! We may have to flee to Mexico.

    • Exactly OOWS….I said this before..when the Demoralcraps opened the borders to illegals I suggested we make an equal trade..let them in and send the same number of our working class tax payers there..


      Everyone thought i was joking lol..

      • Mexico receives hard workers willing to support their country and the demoralcraps get the people that want a free ride withought having to pay taxes.

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