Crash Time Reset, Notes, and Woo-Woo

This is really one for our subscribers, as we have something of a “chart problem” to sift through going into the week’s end.

Big Picture First:

At the Macro Level, the old all-time high in our Aggregate Index (of multiple stock indices) hit a new all-time high at the Tuesday close: 41,995.20.

The previous all-time high was set on November 8, basically two months ago, at 41,953.86.

As you can see, we are higher than November by a whopping 41.34 points.  Which expresses as a gain of about one-hundredth of one percent.  Or, if you understand engineering notation, try on 9.853682116496551e-4.

Next Come Problems and Questions

  1. Do I trust the Aggregate Index?  Answer here is simple:  Yes!  Our Aggregate Index nailed the Bitcoin high of November 8, too.  BUT problematically, BTC this morning was around $46,684.
  2. So, the first problem is:  BTC is at $46,684 while at the stock market high in November it notched $67,562.    Restates as: “Why are Stocks up when BTC is still off 30% from highs?”
    1. One resolution is BTC might rally like hell.
    2. Another resolution is the technical formation in options trading warning of a very risky period in the coming 24-hours could arrive.  As Rob(in) Handler over at the Options Signal Service ( publicly warned this week: “Something is up around Jan 5th. I posted this earlier today. Just found out most movie theaters are not showing movies after the 5th. Check it out in your area.”  Could we be seeing a “buy the rumor, sell the news” kind of thing here? Something pending?
    3. Or, alternatively, is the Buy’ed Em Fed so desperate to derail the collapse count signaled from Nov.8 that they went all-in hoping for some kind of la-la-land rally ahead of a coming WIE (war in Europe)?
  3. Does Fed Inflation have to be considered in Elliott Wave Work?  The last time I looked, Bob Prechter of Elliott Wave International figured no, the numbers are what they are.  I still get queasy with that assumption.  Bob’s smarter than me (but so is 75% or America, ahem...) but I still wonder with the Fed making up a “fifth of a trillion” since November 1, or whatever, how can that NOT impact markets?

On the little blip up Monday, I look the small loss on my short position.  But I’m not opposed to re-entering it.  Why?  Ah…therein lies an interesting notion.

Two Disturbing Nits

The first is the “weekly closing” Aggregate.  Sure, the daily close was a nominal new high.  It might reset the Crash Close a further 55-56 days out.  Which would argue no Crash until Friday Feb. 25th or Monday Feb. 28th.  The actual happens to fall on the weekend.

This scenario would provide for pseudo-progress before war in eastern Europe in those Jan 10-talks coming up.  We’re thinking those will fail (the West will overplay the Bully role).  This would give Putin a few weeks to attempt last-minute global PR.

More important, though, while the West has been bracing for a “sudden onslaught attack, he might run what in chess would be a very “soft opening.”  Soldiers in small squads just walking west without heroic sounding mechanized units at the fore.

Or he could just move irresistible military might to the border and dare Ukraine to fire first.  Which, of course, testosterone would demand.

The Weekly Close high in November was 41,897.07 – the Friday before a Monday high.  So, a drop of just a little more than 98 points between now and Friday to less than the weekly high previous, would negate Monday as a one-day peekaboo new ATH.

We’ll see whether the “mood change” that Rob the Options guru senses comes to pass, or not.

A Gambling Note

Gambling in stocks (and it IS gambling anymore) can (and likely will) result in periodic losses.  But in craps (at the Casino) we can find examples where betting with the House can pay off.

If you have a strategy that can (in stocks, not craps, lol) pay off 10:1, you can easily afford to get that bet wrong 4-times out of 5.  Because even though it implies losing 80% of the time, a 10-times return still makes you whole and ahead.

Thing is, though, NOT ALWAYS.  That’s because the 4 losses out of 5 may involve thousands of bets to stabilize.  Whereas unless you can suffer long streaks of losses (dozens, minimally) the distribution of losses can kill you.

Remember the example of coin tosses. Clusters.

Before you take leveraged positions (or visit a casino) do refresh on Binomial Distributions at the Online Stat Book.  Won’t guarantee your success at casinos or markets, but it can help along the way.

Then stare at the preopen Wave Count evolving in the pre-open:

While the previous wave count is fading (to gray) we still need a weekly close higher in order to have confidence betting “with the Fed/house” that higher is ahead.  Thing is, though, that’s also betting against two other compulsive gamblers:  Putin and Xi.

Maybe not a good time to visit the casino!!!  We have, however, flagged today as a possible turn-down Tuesday ahead of what promises to be revealing employment numbers starting tomorrow with the ADP report.  ‘Nother Truth Leak, anyone?

Short Snorts

New York Dems vs. Rule of Law:  Don’t know if you saw the story “Trump, Ivanka, Don Jr. subpoenaed in New York AG’s probe | AP News” but there’s something terribly wrong with the rule of law in NY.  Or maybe I’m an idiot.  Thing is, in covering federal grand juries for more than a decade of “street reporting” it was a given that the Federal prosecutors would NEVER confirm or deny a witness name.  If a sharp-eyed reporter saw a witness going into a courthouse, that was one thing.  But to “confirm” a witness identity?  Maybe this isn’t a grand jury…or, like I said, maybe I’m an idiot.  Or – what I really think?  Lefties in the rotten apple don’t give a damn about the Rule of Law.

Saved By SEALS!  Another “abuse of law” going on was held in check.  The Team’s hoo-rah came when the judge put Biden’s DoD in line saying the ‘ron a “...provides the government with no license to abrogate” the freedoms that any American has…”  More in Judge grants relief to Navy SEALs who refused coronavirus vaccine, sued Biden administration, but the Overreacher in Chief will not give up abuse of power without a further scrap, we’re sure.

Vaccine Protests:  Picking up steam in Europe.  After the ‘Mercian choke collar media underplayed the Dutch protests recently, we’re now seeing AP coverage of Violence flares at pandemic protests in Germany.

Did ‘Rona get Betty White? Depends on who you believe:  Betty White’s cause of death revealed.  White’s agent says “natural causes” but since CV attacks organs all over the body, who knows?

Good read for deeper thinking in what was once called the British Medical Journal, now simply the BMJ:  The end of the pandemic will not be televised | The BMJ.  Thing is, government can’t dial much of anything back because to do so would collapse employment in the highly paid CV healthcare segment…which would ripple into the larger economic fairytale.

Liberal Hysteria Hyping spotted:  CBS News poll: A year after Jan. 6, violence still seen threatening U.S. democracy, and some say force can be justified – CBS News.  Yep, we need a police state, right?  Didn’t mention BLM or Antifa, notice?

$400-billion Off?  I told you a few months back that my expectation was that by the end of 2021 Official US Public Debt would hit $30-trillion.  I was wrong.  We only go to $29,617,214,856,051.75 as of 12/31.  I was off, but it’s like betting on $30 and having the actual come in at $29.62.  So much for being an optimist.

It’s not “climate” – it’s Winter, you idiots:  School, work, travel can wait as snow blankets U.S. capital.  Which people in Colorado understand in spades as Colorado weather: High winds and snow incoming for Front Range and northern mountains.  And our family and friends in the Pacific Northwest are “off spring” with snow last week in Seattle and rain with snow and 34 tomorrow night…

Climate Hypers:  After the media frenzy about warm temps over Christmas up in Alaska, seems no one will mention this (so we will):  It’s -7 in Anchorage at click-time this morning.  We’ll say it for the umpteenth time:  “That ain’t climate – that’s winter weather.”  But hey!  Let’s block pipelines for our railroad owner buddies and blow-up energy independence anyway, right?  “Ure entirely too cynical!”  Bullshit.  High today of -1.  Warming up to a high of 0F tomorrow…AYFKM?

ATR: Accident Cloud Woo?

Subtropical East Texas was 30F officially this morning, but in the shop here it was 28F as we ponder our latest crackpot theory.

Let me lay out the story piece-wise so this will all make sense.

I was using the Kubota last Saturday, having cut down some brush around the storage shed.  In the process of pushing up the brush, I noticed the power steering began to feel wonky.

From experience, the only time that happens is when the rig is low on hydraulic fluid, which sure enough it was.  Put in a gallon, but it leaked right out.  Seems Mr. Zealous had punctured the under tractor hydraulic filter with a sharp stick and too much horsepower applied.

(Pause:  No big deal, order another 06 filter, three gallons of hydrostatic tranny juice and it will be back to work in a day – just waiting on the filter.)

Now comes the weird part:  Turns out there’s this lawyer feller who has a weekend place a ways down the county road from us. 4-miles, or so.  HE was out working (about the same time) and he managed to pull an under-tractor hydraulic return line off a 90-degree elbow.

Not the same tractor (mine’s a Kubota (orange), his is a Mahindra (red) but very close to the same time.  And trust me, likely the ONLY tractors out working in this timeframe because it’s hunting season.  Only compulsive workaholics aren’t up in a deer stand with a bottle of Jack and a 25-06; a different (flatter trajectory) round than a 30-06.

You tell me the odds for related tractor issues 4-5 miles apart.  Near enough zero, near as I could figure it.

Which has spawned an idea (based on some of the FAA’s work on “accident chains” and how to break them.

What ifwe have it all wrong?  What if instead of “accident chains” there are Accident Clouds, instead.  Picture “clouds of misfortune” that roll across areas of space-time f*cking things up in small areas, as they go!

This fits with a lot of border land science and personal observations.  Might even be an astronomically driven thing, too.  Any first responder or ER staff knows craziness clouds roll over the world around the full moon.

Looking at the calendar, it was just before “dark of the moon” so maybe a lunar ritual of some kind could have prevented it?

Seriously (or nearly so), think about it.  We know “moods” operate somewhat like “communicable mood clouds” in office settings (and in relationships) so why not “under-tractor hydraulics” a few days before new moons?

Write when you get rich or nominate me for a Nobel Prize….

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52 thoughts on “Crash Time Reset, Notes, and Woo-Woo”

    • Ever been to DC… a sprinkle shuts that place down lol…craziest drivers your going to ever meet.. it was faster to ride bicycle than to drive..

      • I was driving the Beltway around DC one day, and passed a woman driving in the middle lane doing 45 mph. She had both wrists on top of the steering wheel, and in her hands were rosary beads.

      • Here in the seattle area, tech companies imported many south asians who tend to drive very erratically all the time. In good weather, sport tires and tcs allows last second panic maneuvers. There are also alot of these people driving semi trucks, and while most are good at it, some of them cant quite grasp that an 80,000 pound semi cant be driven like a car. I90 is closed every other day thanks to these jerks. As a side note, we have street parking and I warned my neighbor that his sports car isnt going anywhere till the snow melts. So he proceeded to spin the wheels and rev for 30 minutes and with the car parked diagonally he gave up. Just left it there for a week or more being all hard to maneuver around.

  1. Maybe we are all becoming Joe.

    “Joe Btfsplk was a character in the satirical comic strip Li’l Abner (published 1934–1977) by cartoonist Al Capp. He is well-meaning, but is “the world’s worst jinx”, bringing disastrous misfortune to everyone around him. A small, dark rain cloud perpetually hovers over his head to symbolize his bad luck. The hapless Btfsplk and his ever-present cloud became one of the most iconic images in Li’l Abner.”

    • Don’t forget the Shmoos from way back in the Al Capp world. My mother used to have a couple of them as ceramic knick-knack holders on her vanity when she was in high school. Don’t remember what ever happened to them. The character lived to fulfill your every wish. Just say “I’m hungry” and one would fall over fully cooked for your eating pleasure. I think this is where the Sheeple of today have evolved from.

    • They are around 20 degrees, or better then where I am. I always picture Kiev looking like something out of Dr Zhivago.

  2. When we were kids — “twenty-somethings” — we all drove cheap, old, lotsa-miles, used-used cars. We all couldn’t afford better. Most of the boys did most of their own mechanic work — especially the routine stuff. (Women in that era still made cookies, and didn’t do “man-stuff.”

    It sometimes seemed a “generator virus,” or a “fuel pump virus,” or a “master brake cylinder virus,” or some other common breakdown — would tear through our little circle of shade-tree mechanics. Our various cars — foreign OR domestic, would all catch the current car-virus.

    I actually do think there’s something to this, as counter-intuitive and counter-Science as it seems.

    • “we all drove cheap, old, lotsa-miles, used-used cars. We all couldn’t afford better.”

      Heck I still do lol..
      I call it the classic or the buggy..

  3. The mechanical problems you’re reporting sounds like the events in Clif’s latest train-of-consciousness lecture “Lumpy Woo”. Not quite on the scale he described but going in that direction.

    Checked the local theater listings and, up until just a moment ago, one went down to just one movie showing after tomorrow and the other cut its schedule off after tomorrow but looking at it just now the schedule is re-populated for the rest of the week. Guess their web guys are just finishing up their first cup of coffee.

  4. What the heck George, you do not have an extra filter sitting on the shelf, are you prepared? heck even I have an extra filter for my log splitter(hydraulic) on my shelf and two for the car and one for the honda generator engine oil

    May I connect the ‘Q’ with seals and corona? (not Qanons) 2/10/2018

    “Seals are wonderful creatures.
    Heard they work fast at capturing their prey.
    Silence is golden.
    Games R FUN!

    I ain’t sayin it is gospel,,, just a psyop’, or just a coincidence. Patient observation reveals much, I sit and watch with a bowl,,, of popcomy
    and I thought “Ben Hur” was a long movie

    Booze and hunting are a bad combo,, I had it drilled into me as a youngun,, the guns are put away before the beer, schnapps or Jack is opened. I have been in goose pits that look like a bar, I leave and don’t go back,, idiots!
    Firewood 12 ft long up to 28 inch diameter just delivered last evening, guess what this 69yr old man will do today, manual labor, no gym fee reQuired
    Low tonight 4 and tomorrow night -10F,, it is January,, just because it will be 50 degree today, maybe Al Gore will come help me saw and split,, for a small tax/fee,,, damn climate taxers
    We will keep a light on and a log in the fire.

    • ” guess what this 69yr old man will do today, manual labor, no gym fee reQuired”
      You will find the ‘work” of splitting firewood is easier when you split from the smaller end of the wood that you are splitting. Use an old tire to hold the pieces upright and aim well…

  5. My Aggregate Chart did not hit an ATH yesterday. 67 points short. It did hit an intraday ATH at the open, but has fallen back since with the NASDAQ reversing and starting to drop.., currently down 240., and the S&P also reversing and now down 3. The DOW also seems to be losing steam.., My Aggregate is now down 91 points [ 8:00AM ] Nov 8th still holds.
    – The theater in my little town is the oldest, continuous operating theater in the state. They do a lot to try and remain open. They are closed Wens [ 5th ] and Thurs [ 6th ] .., for “Scheduled Winter Maintenance” – big storm headed our way with a foot of snow predicted tomorrow and another 6 to 8 inches on the 6th.

  6. Try to remember that the government does not control when the pandemic is over. I shouldn’t have to remind you of these things.

    The US has guns. This is why we’re not protesting, we have the power. They have only one option and that’s to gather in groups to yell about it.

    We have the power. And the government does not. But when I read comments like “government can’t dial much of anything back” I worry. They can’t hold guns to our heads like China and force anything. Just as they can’t dial up or down anything, without the consent of the people.

    Try this instead: Remind yourself and your closest circle that this emergency BS ends when we say so. Instead of worrying when the government will “dial back” (utterly powerless language) work on when your fellow citizen will “take back” what is always ours. You can influence your circles, which is better than hand wringing.

    • You WOKE ? CMAFR! what the hell Lennster?

      figgers – just when we were getting enjoy your musings – Great…

      Guess this means you got a new gender when U got WOKE. What Gender did you decide U were:?culturally Female ?culturally non-bianary? culturally non-Wombat?culturally Platypus?

      Go jokey wokey, Go BROKEY! Watch Vangaurd – the big mutual fund company – they WOKE a year and a half removing the hms Vanguard Ship from their logo – Because by removing the ship Makes them Less Racist! bwahahahah

      No Bitcoinz 4 U ! ..

  7. Nothing really just yada yada horsesheet everywhere . Smoke coffee back to bed . Insert everything in zombies goodnight

  8. a real vaccine trial,,,,
    “The experimental vaccine in this study does not contain the virus and cannot cause you to become infected with the COVID-19 disease”

    U.S. Army Medical Research and Development Command
    Walter Reed Army Institute of Research (WRAIR)
    Henry M. Jackson Foundation for the Advancement of Military Medicine

    SARS-COV-2-Spike-Ferritin-Nanoparticle (SpFN) Vaccine With ALFQ Adjuvant for Prevention of COVID-19 in Healthy Adults

    the other brother Darrell can not help but think, this is the soccerball shaped protein,, the same shape as the Carbon 60 aka C60 in olive oil
    phuck phizer, moderna and etc
    Trump never did say what was his vaccine, did he? patient observation,
    The trials started back in April 2021.

    • Meaningless propaganda. You know how to recognize propaganda? When they use percentages but not totals.

      “The head of a $100 billion insurance company says all-cause deaths have spiked an astonishing 40% among people ages 18-64 compared to pre-pandemic levels.”

      What does 100 billion have to do with this?
      What does 40% mean?

      This “person” could be saying that 10 people died last year and 14 died this year. That’s a 40% increase! OMG run for the hills.

      Without real numbers, the only purpose of articles like that is propaganda.

      You’re welcome.

      • “Meaningless propaganda. You know how to recognize propaganda? When they use percentages but not totals.”

        Phil, it helps to read the entire transcript, not just the piece at WND which is a compendium of at least two other pieces.

        “The CDC weekly death counts, which reflect the information on death certificates and so have a lag of up to eight weeks or longer, show that for the week ending Nov. 6, there were far fewer deaths from COVID-19 in Indiana compared to a year ago – 195 verses 336 – but more deaths from other causes – 1,350 versus 1,319.”

        I’m not interested enough to run an historical perspective on Indiana deaths per day/week/month/year at the Insurance Institute or CDC. What I got from the transcript was that disability claims are radically-higher, and that nobody has examined whether this fact is as a result of either COVID or a persistent vaccine reaction to COVID vaxxes…

      • There was a much bigger article over on ZH that explained the whole thing or did the WND link point to it?

  9. Ahh well big nite fellas!!! What are all the gurus and snake oil salesman saying now . Ahh patriotism the last bastion of tyranny . All the sepo patriots pumpin . What’s dopey jo up 2!!!

  10. Wars – rumors of wars..who are todays WARPIGS?

    Same EXACT families of “WARPIGS” every time, like ill gotten wealth, its generational, dont cha know..
    ..obviously the “conehead” has Ordered a War
    ..Iran just recently placed order for 32 SU35 fighters, originally ordered by Egyptian Govt..contract “supposedly” cancelled… 32 SU35 fighters are being delivered..think israhell is flippin the hell out yet?
    -Feb. 2022 -“deuces wild- let the cards fall..

    Perrhaps some better informed, edumacated readers/researchers can fill in details on the superiority of the Russian SU35 fighter compared anything usa/israhell has..yep they supposedely ordered up some Checkmates as well..pilots already in training.
    ..”comrade yuri, what happens dis lil red mushroom cloud icon on my heads up display do if I “click” it?

    BoomBoom out go the lights!

  11. G, inflation scares have happened before, but just a scare.

    Ivanka and Don Jr weren’t just ‘witnesses’ they were active in the Trump Organization:

    Let us know when you ‘man up’ and stop blaming Antifa, BLS, Lefties, Democrats and Biden for the world’s problems…

  12. The intense media coverage of a life insurance company executive publicly commenting on mortality rates for the last two years in the working age group got my attention. I did some digging around looking for more reports of increases in mortality, and I found more:

    The reports of studies showing large increases in all-cause mortality tends to catch my attention more than the Covid angle. This failure in public health policy is bi-partisan and on-going. Congressional leadership is not policing itself or the bureaucracy; any congressman questioning the officious narrative gets relegated to dissident status. Winds of change are starting to blow in the direction of the beltway.

  13. “Something is up around Jan 5th”
    Word is that on the 5th (tomorrow) 5G is turned-on nationally.
    Another turn-of-the-century scare?
    Remember when this ‘virus’ was let-loose in Wuhan there was a linkage of the deaths to the newly energized (1st in the world) 5G network.
    In all of the numerous zombie TV series of the past 20+ years or so identified the cause of the Zombies. Maybe we are about to find out!

    • “5G is turned-on nationally.
      Another turn-of-the-century scare?”

      Yup 5G is a nightmare.. Just like windows upgrading their operating systems.. … seems almost all of our equipment cannot communicate with host.. like the phones.. and the television.. our security system had to be switched out.The cost almost a months wages… it wouldn’t communicate with the monitoring office.. as for the phone I am dumping the smart phone.. ( text auto correct sucks on it anyway.. I still think there is some smart azz at google that changes words just to be a smart azz) and when Microsoft does the next change up..I am going to dump the computer and the internet.. why have it if I have to change all the equipment again.. dump the internet and keep the computer i have..
      I will go the flip phone.. why spend seventy bucks a month.. the television.. well I am not going to go and buy new televisions just because of 5G.. I cannot afford it..

  14. To point number 3 Mr Ure, look out below. There really is no liquid in the pool. Of course it might be a good way to ensure your liquid doesn’t mix with and fill in the Evergrande vacuum currently swirling the drain. See Sun Tzu, watching whose currency races to the bottom first. Everything is asymmetric, until, it isn’t..

    • You mentioned Evergrande. It was interesting several weeks ago that Soros was in China and chided Blackrock for buying a lot of Chinese stock/bonds/etc. My first thought was he was sitting at Evergrande figuring out how to make a few billion off of their fiasco and was upset with Blackrock for getting in the way.

  15. George, riddle me this:

    Do the DJ indices reflect numbers or value?

    If they reflect numbers, they’re worthless in a fluid economy.
    If they reflect value, one has to correct for inflation or they’re also worthless in a fluid economy.

    IMO the FED is giving us no viable data…

  16. Farken yankee turds . People begging for food everywhere and you goose your markets every night . Satan’s people NY USSA . Wall
    Street . Can’t say the devil worshippers George gets upset

  17. Tell gates Fauci Biden and Soros to hit em with Ebola . Don’t know if it will hammer em but hope reigns supreme.

  18. The irony is totally lost on the livestock owner who laid out bread crumbs in the shape of a syringe for her sheep and goats to feed on then took a picture to promote the vaxxx.

    Years before this stupidity came out I had a persistent premonition that the new local cemetery would become the site of a mass grave. Given the 40% increase in all deaths over the past year it looks like this is becoming more of a possibility. Plenty of room left in it.

  19. “This explains why it was so easy for a Hitler to rise to power.”

    I think what made it easier for Hitler to get in office ..was the great separation of social classes because of the Weimar depression.. it went from a 4 class separation to the two class separation.. the haves and the have nots..when the laborers have to struggle to meet basic needs theres a mas of discontented laborers.

  20. Just for fun I’m going to take a stab at the Bitcoin reversal long area and go with 41800.

    Regarding the T kids and the NY courts, I think U’re right…it’s not a grand jury case…if it’s a civil lawsuit. And, the only reason I can think that it’s a civil lawsuit is because it’s a fishing expedition to see if they can find something criminal that they can charge for heading into either the primary or the general presidential 2024 election. Funny thing is…I think the powers that be won’t allow an election in 2024 to happen, at least not a paper ballot election anyway, so why would they even need to do this. Seems they’re showing a weak hand and their bluff needs to be called on everything if they think they need something like this in their back pocket for insurance against T.

    We have an orange thing too and, while I should have been deer hunting (200 acres that neighbors beg to hunt on), instead, I was helping the guy delivering the greenhouse get unstuck from the mud Saturday am. It involved a floor jack on plywood, a few levels of skinny firewood under both front tires after lots of shoveling, two very long 1×10’s, chain, and a 4 wheel truck that I’m pretty sure I popped a wheelie in at the beginning snap of the last and finally successful yank of the chain after 3 hours of moving a few inches at a time. The guy really shouldn’t drive a dually and a 30′ trailer off the lane. Oh, wait, I may have told him to do that. Ha, so yesterday I got a dose of my own medicine and got my truck and an 18′ trailer stuck. Thankful to have gotten it out this afternoon after allowing things to dry a little and backing it down the hill to firmer ground before revving the crap out of the low 4 wheel drive and blowing past the two wet run off spots…well, the wheels thought we were speeding anyway. Seemed like an out of body experience as I looked in slow motion at the things I didn’t want to hit during the 150′ journey back to gravel. But it worked. Not that anyone reading what may be the last post on a now 2 day old article will care. : )
    I’m wondering if sometime around Feb 14 to 22, gold will be forced to break hard up or hard down if it hasn’t already moved out of the week/month chart’s handle on the long term cup (cup started forming around October 2012) and handle pattern. The catalyst to make that happen might be a war/rumor of war. The 14th to 22nd are the last few days leading into when the upper and lower trendlines meet. At that apex (imagine a sideways V with the meeting points laying on the right side of the chart), something typically gives in a big way because price is forced out of the trendlines.

  21. Wondering if gold will turn up again at the $1,800 area. Will see if it continues in the $1,798-1,832 sideways channel until non-farm payroll Friday.

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