The Kind of Interview that Matters

We usually keep our nose on the “economics and wise-spending” grindstone.  But, now and then, the Larger Contexts of Life deserve a glance.  Markets will break higher – or lower – but no point on worrying about that, just yet.

So today off to the Land of Woo-Woo.  An interview with Martin Keller.  Whose book – The Space Pen Club: Close Encounters of the 5th Kind — UFO Disclosure, Consciousness & Other Mind Zoomers – pokes into familiar topics in the generalist’s mind.

Our direction (and goal) is “Triangulation” to put a word to it.  Sighting into those borderland regions between waking (and the world of tech), sleep and the world of dream realms, which live next door to Shamanistic Realms, which – in turn – abut the Miracles of Prophets. These, again in turn, leads to UFOs, remote viewing, and Major Concerns related to “what comes next.”

One coping track is to consider Life as a 90-odd year adventure to be “GoPro‘ed” with your Mind’s Eye.  This, rumor has it, will be played back during your “just-after-Death” Life Review Experience; a topic gaining scientific traction.

The Truth is Out There” – and Keller describes his adventures along the edges of a Much Bigger Deal.

We launch right after a few headlines including the new ADP Employment Data and this morning’s ChartPack.

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74 thoughts on “The Kind of Interview that Matters”

  1. Went to the good doctor’s site and tried to look at the video, here was the response:
    This account has been removed due to inappropriate use of this service.

  2. Dude – too much fun this AM – Ure is starting to exercise his “HeartMind’..raise the hallelujah choir..aaaahhhhhhhahhahahahoooommmmmm.

    Ure gatekeeper is a bitch and a pussy..sorry bout my “french”, ladies.
    – Meditation however Ure prefer style..20 minutes – clear -no thought ..actively think you are taking your Mind to the great white wall”..

    “clear and settled at peace”

    At this point U can work on sensing/remote viewing, or start working on the “gatekeeper” – Consciously/Knowingly telling Ureself you will pass right fucking thru or pass around – BUT PASS U WILL! “meditate” on successfully passing around Ure gatekeeper – and “meditate” on what that feel like to you when you get around it.

    CTS method briefly described, is very similar to method I use in “working” with the Weather in local area. Realtime graphic Results on STORM radar when systems are passing thru my area..Everytime the Line of Storms splits around my house/neighbohood – only to reconnect after moving by..
    I have to Know the “sylphs”? where and what.
    – started practice on Chemie Sprayers..sometimes we have 4-5 tankers Per Minute passing overhead SE Pennsyltucky. The mantra and image I hold in minds eye is “blue skyz”..

    Bi Location is real – I know of one Human Being with that level of “Skill” and he is Chinese.
    Historic personal heroes with bi-location ability..most recent Padre Pio campuchian monk/friar/priest. Dude Fought the devil in hand to hand combat on almost daily basis = That b true BadAssery
    The other major historic/heroic bi-locator – bhodi dharma – Damo. He is the Dude, who brought martial arts to China – when his “mission” was COMPLETED.. he Walked back to India whence he came, with one sandal hanging off top of his walking staff…I meditate on his portrait(Dr Yan Xin’s painting) occasionally..extra Human

    best of my knowledge – the faster than light comms thing requires genetic linkage. We are sending and receiving “energy”all of time – clear Ure mind = tuning Ure “receiver”…then think ! sending a specific thought/idea to one of Ure offspring/chilluns..and see what happens, keeping in mind there is a cumulative effect…
    I would normally say “good luck” at this point, but “luck” has nothing to do with it.

    Yoda – “DO, or DO Not.
    There is no try.”

  3. ” As Plato got to:
    -The cave
    SOCRATES: Imagine this: People live under the earth in a cave like dwelling.”

    I have to admit.. I do love Plato and Socrates… I believe everyone should read their works every year as a refresher.. who would have thought that people before Christ would have the answers to todays problems..

    I am going to read that book The Space Pen Club: Close Encounters of the 5th Kind — UFO Disclosure, Consciousness & Other Mind Zoomers .
    I have often wondered if when mankind was made.. did the creator use a species and then make the dna adjustments to that species.. reading some of the ancient books .. ( the book of adam and eve)” the devil began to cry with forced tears and the devil told Adam, “O Adam, all the greed and the anger and all the grief of my heart are directed against you because it was through you that I fell from my dwellings, (it was) by you that I was alienated from my own throne. My wings were more numerous than those of the Cherubim, and I concealed myself under them. Because of you, now my feet walk on the earth, which I would never have believed.”
    that they didnt’ take into account the traits of the species that was used..why so much evil and killing … when did greed over unessential items become so great..

  4. Farsight, exporing their website, makes me wonder, is the light at the end of the tunnel just bait in a trap, that zaps your memory (OUCH, painful) for reincarnation back into the prison planet. You can capture all kinds of animals with a funnel trap and bait.
    Awareness without memory has to re-experience,, will humanity ever reach “Groundhog Day” and escape the repetition. The awareness trap in a dumbed down dna human body, modified DNA, which has severely limited sensors. If I could sense your energy aura, I would KNOW your intentions. I could see through the lies and the hidden hands that dominate the human herd. We are so limited in an unlimited universe.
    Totally enjoyed all of Carlo’s writings about Don Juan Matus and many other books about reincarnation and Raymond Moody’s books and others in the same line of thought.
    Last night dream state, I woke only remembering,,, doors that were locked or blocked, no access. I got to do something about that, if I want to be free. As if I am being made aware of being locked down, or locked out.
    Go Socrates

  5. Stocks are nothing when it’s boiled down.

    GM stock was a real stock that legitimately failed and all the debt holders got pimped. PG&E filed BK. Did management even change?

    Think about the legends of American aviation. Today the entire industry from park and ride back to park and ride is on the dole yet their stock tickers persist.

    Like Boeing or Amtrak Apple is All-American and here to stay. Dispersing the Apple user base will be called a national security risk, no BK free money.

  6. Know Thy Self …

    Simple Telepathy Experiment;
    (Send a thought)

    1. Choose a specific person.
    2. Think about good times you’ve had with that person.
    3. Set the intention
    4. Ask the Universe to make it so.

    Validation comes within 48 hours.
    Does it work? Try it.

    Look into Riki and Qgong and get to know the healing power of Chi.

    Does it work? Try it.

    Most people freeze to death in cold temperatures but Wim Huf has proved that that shouldn’t be the case, and teaches others to do what he can do … activate the endocrine system and you become more human than human …

    Even Monks have learned ways to defy human limitations.

    Humans are more than meets the eye but, we’re so easily distracted and easily called away from diving deeply into the possibilities and ultimately, the realities. It all starts with, “what if?” But most of us don’t get very far.

    Some people are born with (gifts) that appear to be magical and mysterious. Too often, if one mentions they have a gift, they are shut down, ridiculed and forced to die within while holding a truth in their heart, because tptb don’t want that knowledge out there. Like seeing a UFO and then getting ganged up on my brainwashed doubters. Best to just stfu or be termed as being crazy, or worse.

    Funny we hear of Government Projects delving into this “weird shit” but it’s NOT ok for us (regular folk) to indulge in. What sense does that make? None.

    The Ghost Dance was outlawed and anyone caught doing it was shot on sight …. Until it was pretty much forgotten and the Freedom of Religion Act was signed in 1967.

    Humans do have POWERS but we aren’t allowed to know them. Sadly we are so far, only able to view others who have mastered the weird shit … that we’re all actually capable of.

    • Yeshua taught His disciples how to heal and do other “miracles” that He did regularly but that knowledge is not passed down in canonized scriptures – and certainly not after the Council at Nicaea. I hope the Vatican’s libraries will be opened some day and other unknown writings exposed to divulge more of what actually went on during His life here on Earth.

      • Hey Bill

        I found more of His early life written in the Gnostic gospels and in the Dead Sea Scrolls. Several stories. Check there.

        I wish the whole truth would be available, too. I’d love to hear everything about Him.

      • ALL has been passed down….thousands of books been written, thousands of hours taught/learning..

        True teaching comes from one sentence – one “Touch”.

        just Meditate….practice daily..A Teacher will find You – for they are Alwayz looking for new Students…”throught the gate, and guided up the path”..

        everything Vibrates ! 3rd law = raising Ure personal vibration..”brite and happy Heart” ..hard to do if all you think about is negative-fearful scheisse all the time. Turn it off, and turn “it” on. Like a magnet, U will become attractive to the Qi..

      • “I wish the whole truth would be available, too. I’d love to hear everything about Him.”

        Years and years ago.. I was wandering through the stacks at the LOC and came across book translated into English and I am not sure what the other language was. The book was the record of the temple virgins the story of mary..

    • “Some people are born with (gifts) that appear to be magical and mysterious. ”

      You know pathfinder I have often wondered…Or… could it be frequencies..
      Now this osonlyan article that I actually haven’t read.. but its always been a theory of mine on everything is harmonics.. frequencies and vibrations.
      Think about it. The ghost dance shamanic rituals.. a brother to the professor..Terrance McKenna did herbs for a spiritual walk and the timewave zero theory was born..I am not sure if the professor is still alive..had a few interesting discussions once upon a time when I was young and curious..
      Each ritual has a mind altering experience.. could the veils of time and space be nothing more than opening the mind to recognize different frequencies beyond the veils..
      From clairvoyance to psychic.. nostradamus used the methods from De Mysteriis Egyptorum and the oracles..what was discovered is the gas in the cave of the oracles had mind altering effects..
      So ..could that be the spirit walk.. a substance to alter the mind opening it to new frequencies?

      • The gas in the cave of the oracles was natural gas and probably produced a NDE unless they didn’t pull the girl out soon enough.

        The book “The Sacred Mushroom” describes the popularity of mushrooms throughout the ancient world in producing altered states in the priesthood caste and its author was even featured in an entire episode of “One Step Beyond” for public television which still surprises me. That episode can still be found on YouTube.

      • I think drug induced visions are one means to open the mind to the awareness of the spirit realm. Native Americans used peyote. – As others have found other drugs to take them there too.

        But you don’t have to be “stoned” to achieve. Also true … Energy, vibration, frequency + intent. Believe the imagination. Stir the pot, if you will. Those things open the mind, probably releasing a natural chemical in the brain that opens that door.

        Read Psalm 82 carefully. That was validated later in the New.

        I did mescaline years ago, and learned some truths. I’ve prayed/meditated and got the same. More truths. Doesn’t always happen and sometimes it does happen when you don’t expect it.

        Someone mentioned above, the word “gatekeeper.” I don’t want to detail the experience but, since I became aware of that entity, I’m not real interested in taking a trip uninvited.


      • I’m not entirely sure but I’ve got the feeling that once you’ve taken a ride on mushrooms or other hallucinogens like that you can find your way to the other side much more easily than without them the first time. Thanks for the references. McKenna was a fascinating person.

  7. Employment:

    Here in an actually thriving Rust Belt City the labor market is tight, tightest I have ever seen. I can’t imagine what it’s like in the truly “hopping” areas of the country, the coasts, parts of Texas, and Nashville for example.

    The labor market is SO tight here that during the just finished Christmas Season some locally owned retail stores WERE CLOSED on some shopping days in the month leading up Christmas because of NO WORKERS!! GOOD Restaurants where the tips are decent and higher dollar are also limiting hours and for some even days of week that they are open because of lack of help.

    Signs in front of fast food joints all over say “Help Wanted, Starting $15.00/hr”, and in one tonier area where the teenagers don’t work because they don’t have to save for college I saw one sign “Starting $18.00/hr” … oh, in addition MANY fast food places now have limited hours and some are closed certain days of the week because of lack of employees.

    The downside to all that local labor shortage here is that housing prices have SKYROCKETED and now rents are tagging along behind on the upward move. Rent increases on the order of 20% to 25%/yr are now THE NORM when renewal time comes (go from say $1100/mo, to $1,400/mo in one swoop – typical two bedroom apartment in an OK area of the city, not even the burbs, WAS about $1,200/mo BEFORE the recent rent increases kicked in, now when you renew you aren’t going to find anything south of $1,450/mo in an OK area with the BAD city schools unless you really beat the bushes, more normal pricing is $1,500+) (thank goodness we did “NOT WIN” the Amazon 2nd Headquarters contest, though we did make the final 10 list, that would have made this area EXPENSIVE AS HELL, too expensive for normal people – like Austin TX and Nashville have quickly become.)

    I am well aware that there are parts of the country, much of my state in fact, where those economic good times do NOT exist. I drive through and have business deailings in those areas regularly. LOTS of unemployed, fast food pay still down close to minimum wage, and few good local job prospects. The big cities in that situation, in my state at least, are facing more and more street crime activity and that street crime is becoming MORE VIOLENT (even here that is happening, but not to the extent of the more down and out places).

    Clearly the US economy is now a “Tale of Two Cities” … and that part of the country on the short end of the stick is imo becoming ANGRIER. People in those passed over areas, or who are NOT a participant in the “Good Times” because of what they do for a living, were already angry … and in their souls are now getting angrier from what I pick up.

    While “I” myself am NOT angry, I see where it comes from. I find myself now continually reminding people that though “THEY” may not be one of those really raking it in now just by being even Lower Middle Class in the US THEY have it better than most people elsewhere in the world (everyday people in Western Europe these days imo ARE better off then everyday people here, but not by a lot) and compared to their grandparents THEY are actually living the “Good Life”. (Can’t afford a house here … move out 40 miles and you can still get one for a semi reasonable price – though the school system will DEFINITELY NOT BE of the same caliber as those directly around our city)

    Not sure how long this employment situation will keep up … but it will definitely help PUSH the Wage Push Inflation dynamic, as already show by rents increase dynamics, quite dramatically.

    • $15 sounds like a lot and maybe it was last year. But even in the Midwest it’s nothing this year..

      I found a “Moving out of town special” for 30K in Detroit. No bath pics so probably needs baths.

      Low rent living presents it’s own problems.

      The cheapest financable house I found is 75K. 75K is getting expensive at 36K a year, 18/hr.

    • Bed, Bath and Beyond is closing along with Kirkland’s furniture store here but they’re opening a Kohl’s stand-alone building and Home Goods store according to my wife. Don’t know if it’ll be an even swap or what but BB&B was hugely over priced from the get-go around here.

    • “Signs in front of fast food joints all over say “Help Wanted, Starting $15.00/hr”,

      Could you live on 15 an hour.. kids are told they need a college degree to be successful.. a 15 dollar an hour job will barely make are moving back home with mom and dad.. daycare kills a young couple.. insurance is a nightmare and the cost of everything is on the way up. I tip big at the restaurant and prefer to have the same waiters and waitresses.. most of them are single parents..working as a dishwasher I seen waitresses crying because they had to choose.. diapers or milk..
      Many work just for prices soar up service job employers will suffer employees..when electricity went up a little bit a couple of years ago.. employers should have given everyone a nickle an keep prices down they cut hours. Now they are in a precarious situation.. as prices on everything goes up the wages gave to keep pace.
      When covid shut down the economy a lot of the seasoned employees were forced into retirement or passed on..the young seek higher paid positions.. school loans have a 10 percent interest. A friend of an old friend just got notice his low income rent is now two hundred more than he makes..
      Interesting times ahead. What will a loaf of bread cost in the US of Zimbabwe economy..

    • “Not sure how long this employment situation will keep up … but it will definitely help PUSH the Wage Push Inflation dynamic, as already show by rents increase dynamics, quite dramatically.”

      Unfortunately .. Employees will need more to keep up with rising utility ,rent,and subsistence costs.. Employers to keep a profit will need to raise costs. Since fuel and their costs are also increasing along with the rising hourly wage increase .. Prices will have to increase substantially . A dog chasing its tail.
      A couple years ago the increase for electricity was enough that an employer for the local gas station should have increased wages a nickel . Instead they cut hours.. It’s different this time. A run away printing press a broken supply chain.. Rising utility and food costs.. Rent fuel insurance housing,, Zimbabwe here we come.
      I had thought if.. They put a price freeze on everything maybe.. But.. We don’t have manufacturing and the few we have we sold to outside interests beyond our country.. Since our steel mills are shut down and the estimated time to retool is 5 to 10 years.. We are screwed..
      I believe the only option we have is keep shoving money in people’s pockets or.. Go through the correction.
      Then I’m just some old opinionated nut job in the wastelands..

      • Everyone should have embraced the last administrations plan. Instead it was fraught . Now I believe that we are beyond the tipping point..
        Since I’m at the bottom it terrifies me.. People think sanfrancisco and their poverty level of a quarter mil is tough.. That in my opinion is just the beginning ..

  8. “the US can break higher…but will it?”

    Hmm believe that it won’t belong now. They cut the child tax incentives where they were dumping 35 – 40 billion a month into the economy.. add in the price increases of essentials spiraling out of reach because of the fed’s print-o-matic money printing.
    With noodle nomics you can push a cooked needle across a table by dumping water on the table so it floats. To much water and the noodle gets mushy and falls apart.. not enough water and it sticks and pulls apart.. you build a tower out of blocks you need a strong base.. pile all the blocks on top and take away from the base.. the tower crumbles..and falls over..
    So now with them drying up the flow.. will it pull apart

    • ‘they cut the child tax incentives’ THEY is the Republicans (such good Christians, why give any breaks to the poor and the young!), and only one Democrat, Sen. Manchin, blocking the passage of a child tax credit for low income, single parent under 75k$ or 150k$ married:

      ‘Lacking any real news’?? Republicans had to talk Trump out of a scheduled Jan 6 event, before he further sinks their party’s ship…

      • “they cut the child tax incentives’ THEY is the Republicans (such good Christians, why give any breaks to the poor and the young!)”

        GMAFB C……WAY back in the Reagan Recession.. when they brought out the EIC and stole the money from Social Security reserves to bail out to big to fail and go on a binge of endless wars…. ( those trillions if left alone would be valued someplace around a hundred trillion today if left alone.. of course I didn’t figure in for increases etc.. but still it would have been substantial and there wouldn’t be all this crap about people receiving social security destroying the USA. Even though employers still tell wage earners that this is your retirement fund..)
        Instead of letting the correction happening in the early 80’s.. all we are doing is climbing higher up the ladder to fall off of it.. it should not have ever been done.
        my guess is the Democratic party will pass one.. ( they have for everything else..) to keep the noodle going until the next election.. .. when congress threw the middle class under the bus in 76 under the carter presidency.. they should have let us go through the correction then and evened up the tax code to include all.. Carter took the responsibility like a man and learned a lesson on how congress works…. instead all congress did is make it more scary for us today.. then the endless wars.. and for what.. so some joker that doesn’t even pay taxes here can steal more by letting the american hourly wage earner pay for his gains.. give me a break.. those guys and gal’s are wealthy enough they could pay for the wars themselves if they are bent on stealing it.. or lets get radical.. why not negotiate to buy it instead of creating a war to take it….
        we have a pay to play administration in office and a congress that is out playing on recess.. nobody’s home nobody reads the bills ( except for maybe five members of congress) .. and it is both sides of the isle that play the money game of give me.. ..

  9. Remote Viewing

    A Documentary of the history of Remote Viewing by the US and partially by the Russians effort is covered in “Third Eye Spies”.

    That 2 hour documentary is an excellent background for the entire field of Remote Viewing with interviews with many of the early major players that were done before their deaths but after the info from the early programs were declassified so they could talk publicly (the current programs are again a classified area so what has happened since the late 1990’s is NOT publicly available)

    It is available for “rent” on YouTube … but with all the videos on YouTube they missed the fact that there is still a FREE COPY of it on YouTube which you may want to watch and download to your computer for watching AGAIN later (it is so filled with info that comes at you so fast that most will need to watch it at least twice.

    There are some other interviews with Russel Targ, one of the early pioneers, on YouTube that are also available to watch … well worth it if doing a deeper initial dive into the subject.

    The BEST early RVer was Pat Price, and as you watch the show and learn other things about him you will quickly realize he had abilities that were just amazinm … who allegedly committed suicide just 3 or so months after leaving the CIA/NSA/Military employ (they basically FIRED him). All sorts of stories abound about the INSIDE info about the US Government itself that he gleened on his voyages into RVing and they all revolve around that HE “knew too much” and thus was DANGEROUS to the US itself.

    The movie “The Men Who Stare At Goats” (2009) appears to have actually based upon reported expriments that were publicly admitted to by the Soviets after their collapse, reportedly successful experiments, and were probably also being engaged in by the US government. It is a good movie to watch not because of George Clooney or the story line itself but because of the indications it gives as to how far the US Government’s RV adventures had gone. That movie (2009) fwiw came out a decade before the Documentary (2019) was made where much of what is public knowlege NOW actually became public knowlege.

    Take a dive off the deep end if you haven’t already. You will never be the same after you watch the documentary.

    (the FREE version of the documentary – same as the PAY version)

    • Targ impressed the heck outta me. Legally blind from birth, yet sported a valid California Drivers’ License when the CIA allowed him to start writing books.

      • Surefire fast method…Surgeon cutting the Light to Ure eyes, at that instant the “internal” light will flash. Some wierd effect of one Sense weakened = another Sense strengthened . and Nein there are WAY more Human senses than 5, the 1st five are “gross”, next 4 are so fine – they bee finer than Frog hair.

      • The one with the same name but followed by Russell Targ’s name is a separate video. It is good but it is NOT the original 2 hour Documentary (which has Russell Targ in it, in it A LOT, but NOT on it’s title).

        fwiw: Netflix also has the original 2 hour Documentary per my Google search, though I didn’t check via my Netflix account when I was home last night.

        I can’t speak highly enough of the amount of information in the 2 hour Documentary “Third Eye Spies”. I am surprised the US Government would declassify what it did and let all those early people in the program talk on camera about their REAL SCIENTIFIC Research and what they did and accomplished.

    • “The movie “The Men Who Stare At Goats” (2009) appears to have actually based upon reported expriments”

      Lol lol I have never seen that movie or even heard of it lol lol..
      But it does remind me of a video i had to determine if it should be public domain or kept private..since I don’t know if its released yet or not .. so I’ll leave it there lol Lol but it was funny,strange. Disturbing all at the same time.. I will check out the movie on prime..

  10. Afternoon George,

    Time I start writing this post is 12:08 MST as this is Tucson, AZ.

    For your readers reference I have 35 years of serious time in the UFO and contact case investigation situation. My focus has not been on the physical nuts and bolts type investigation.

    Additionally, while I was and am trained in MUFON investigation and reporting, while I was an AZ State Section Director for Pima County, I did follow their guidance during the time I investigated their reported cases, otherwise I do not do my investigations that way.

    I have always been interested in the unusual, especially the esoteric & psychic side of things. I always want to understand and go where the information leads to. I do not care about the destination. I want facts. What do those facts mean? The privacy of the person experiencing and seeing is private. But the information gathered should never ever be with held or be secret.

    Just an FYI and you’d do it. You’d encrypt all information exchange if a craft crashed. Especially between hdqtrs and investigators, so that your team could arrive at a crash site before military crash recovery teams. Just sayin…

    Why? Simply because nothing, NOTHING is secret when we use the internet!

    Now to address your research today. Great commendations. Great job. I am delighted to see the turn you have followed. Really happy you did as you did!

    Regards Greer. Don’t know his astrology chart but he is very aggressive and stand offish in the way he treats people. I know this personally through my being at a hotel south of Tucson where his CE-5 Conference was being held.
    He has a serious control problem. He is very very aggressive and angry. He is a complete control freak. Which to me indicates serious…insecurity. Just my opinion of course. But, if he was and is a contactee case, he may have serious control issues due to his lack of control during his first remembered “experience”.

    May I ref this? I have a friend who has telepathic experience with Pleiadian humans who visited Eduard Billy Meier starting in 1940. I am sure they exist.
    They showed up in a hidden manner during a case I was investigating.

    From information they have shared. They do have small telemeter craft that project telepathic thoughts, that aware souls may be aware of. They do their best to help us, without interference in our lives.

    As to the other 160 space faring societies who visit us I will for the purpose of this post remain mute. All readers need to be aware. Their are good and bad types in the universe.

    The type of consciousness you are, based on who you are as a SOUL will shade i.e. influence any possible contact.

    Greer gathers wanna be’s and he profits by doing so. Question is this. Are they spiritually grown up enough to experience contact? Most are not. They as an ego think they are, yet they are not. Believing, thinking from an ego POV does not work.

    I close this this way. George, you and Elaine “do” as you share with all of us. Doing is not wanting nor wishing. It is doing.

    Roger in Tucson

    • “Why? Simply because nothing, NOTHING is secret when we use the internet!”

      My thoughts exactly Roger.. I believe it’s been that way from even before the internet. Release it but do so in a way to get pop people to believe it’s all fake .

  11. everybody is turning into bidens .. so patriotic you are all like your leader . plenty of lies and rigging as well

  12. An insurance bailout may be on the horizon.

    Citing losses of more than $1 billion, NHL sues insurers over rejected COVID-19 claims

    The National Hockey League and 20 of its teams are suing five of their insurance providers, alleging the companies have breached contracts by refusing to reimburse more than $1 billion worth of losses due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

  13. what bullsheet is ricky boy gunna pull out of his ass now . probably ringing up now for more money to tell more pivoted bullsheet stories . or maybe they will pull about bobby son of rn for big talking sheet. abc 123 xyz up your ass

    • “what bullsheet is ricky boy gunna pull out of his ass now . probably ringing up now for more money to tell more pivoted bullsheet stories . or maybe they will pull about bobby son of rn for big talking sheet. abc 123 xyz up your ass”

      Fixed it for you Leonard..

      what bullsheet is Joey boy gunna pull out of his ass now . probably ringing up now for more money to tell more pivoted bullsheet stories . or maybe they will pull about bobby son of rn for big talking sheet. abc 123 xyz up your ass

  14. Tough day in the markets. My Aggregate Index lost just over one thousand points today. Even BitCoin was down. Nov 8th is still the ATH., and looks to remain so………,

  15. The Qualatitive : Global Peak Asset Valuation; Global Peak (Bad) Debt Accumulation

    The ratio of the average US residential price to annual family income in the US is 5-12 x.

    At its peak valuation in 1989, the ratio of the average residential property value to family annual salary in Japan was 18 times. (The emperor’s palace real estate was valued in 1989 at more than all of the residential real estate in California)

    (The Nikkei was 40,000 in 1989 and hasn’t regained that peak in over 30 years.)

    The ratio of the average residential property value in China currently is 42-50 times that of the family annual salary. Many of these properties are in Chinese ghost cities without running water, elevators, or electricity. This property valuation and the Chinese high speed rail system represent arguably the greatest asset bubble of all time.

    Evergrande, the largest builder in China lost over 90% of its equity value over the last 4 years and defaulted for the first time on its debt payments in December 2021. 6 billion dollars of Chinese builder company debt payments are due in Jan 2022.

    The US Federal Reserve has issued a warning on the probable effect of a collapse of the Chinese property market(currently worth 60 trillion dollars) on global financial markets.

  16. So, has anyone read Frank Edwards?

    Frank Edwards was a broadcast pioneer — got his start at KDKA (Pittsburgh) in the 1920s and finished it at WLWI television (Indianapolis) when he passed away in 1967.

    He also wrote the seminal book (at the time) on extraterrestrial travelers.

    “Flying Saucers – Serious Business” was the guidebook for serious saucer-watchers well up into the 1980s…

  17. Reported new cases of Covid have skyrocketed. Nothing has been reported local today, way past the normal time. I wonder if the monitoring system is getting overwhelmed.
    My office apparently was ahead of the curve; side discussion with HR today indicated that the new Covid cases peaked in early to mid December and have tailed off quickly into the secondary and tertiary infections. I expect there to be some bronchitis issues to continue with the worst hit, but no one went to the hospital. An antibody test indicated that I dodged the Covid bullet, this time, though allergies were bad this season. I’m not going to do another swab unless I am directed to.
    The current outbreak seems to be much less severe for most with a low percentage of hospitalizations, but with the sheer volume of sick people out there, I am concerned that the hospital emergency rooms will be overwhelmed. Too many people use the emergency rooms for non-emergency medical attention. This will provoke the doctors and hospital admin to start hollering, and off we go with the Federal Covid madness. Maybe people will be smart, and just call in for a phone appointment with a nurse practitioner, and head off the panic.

    • “Reported new cases of Covid have skyrocketed. Nothing has been reported local today, way past the normal time. I wonder if the monitoring system is getting overwhelmed.”

      No.. I think that people are doing the home test and aren’t reporting the results..
      I was sicker than hell a couple of days ago and took the home test it came up positive….If it is true then I am sick with covid right now.. getting along ok so far.. but I won’t tell anyone until I have to go to a doctor.. for one I can’t afford to pay the medical expenses.. and seriously what can they do about it.. that I can’t do here at home.. I know others to that have the same problem.. medical expenses are more than what they can afford so they won’t go in until they have to.. I am self isolating but I am sure there are many that are not..

      • Watch your oxygen levels – Omicron is reported to be staying upper respirtory, NOT going into the lungs usually, but if your oxygen drops below about 91 you need to talk to your doc (imo).

        Let your temp go up, as long as not too high, so as to help your body fight your infection
        Aspirin as a blood thinner
        (original Covid and Delta had a blood problem associated with them – aspirin cut risk of ICU or death by 45% or so per 2 different statistical studies)
        Benadryl supposedly helps
        Vitamin D

        Get well soon!!

      • Yes my O2 sats were dropping fever at 103 so far..breathing is ok but I sure feel it.. I have been taking aspirin…sleeping a lot to..aches and pains..self isolated from the rest of the household. Using low level O3 ionic not uv to clean the air.. not to the point it attacks lung tissue

      • “if your oxygen drops below about 91 you need to talk to your doc (imo).”

        It did.. it was at 87 last night..luckily I have oxygen in my backup.. put it at 2 litres and it came up to 94..

      • Dr. John Campbell has an interesting video on Omicron. It seems it MAY have made a jump from humans to mice and back again.

        We had something back in December that we blamed on cedar, dust, Northers and everything else that persisted for about 3 weeks. I had a little of it but my wife’s case was worse. Upper respiratory “tickle” with non-productive cough that just wouldn’t go away and often kept her up at night. Stayed on Guaifenesin and various cough suppressants for forever until it finally went away. Omicron? Dunno but it’s gone now.

      • Horse paste or pour-on! It’s cheaper than any doc and you don’t have to roll the dice on whether or not he’s “woke”.

      • If you haven’t gotten antibiotics for the lungs from an MD, then you need to do so. Covid depresses the immune system, and opportunistic secondary and tertiary immune responses complicate matters.

  18. “That’s because many resources are semi-renewable and powered by solar inputs of one kind, or another.”

    All resources are completely renewable.

    Think “Conservation of matter,” and “conservation of mass…”

    However, God’s (and Earth’s) timetable is not the same as Man’s.

  19. Apple…another Warren Buffet holding. Ain’t going anywhere, but up.
    5G now turns on January 19th instead of the 5th. Short the airlines?
    Maybe 5G will help Ure consciousness sessions even if you might not want to do them.

    • “5G now turns on January 19th instead of the 5th.”

      The C Band width of 5G is the sweet spot for the wireless providers. That’s also where the the airplanes use the C Band for the Radio Altimeters. On planes, the Radio Altimeters are low powered… so as not interfere with other planes in the area.

      The wireless providers will be putting out max power that will overpower any aircraft receiver in the path of the signal. There currently is no retrofit for the planes to increase the power signal. So the max power of the providers will induce a signal in the planes, and probably give a false reading. Imagine a Radio Altimeter indicating you are 300 feet higher than you actually are… on a low visibility – low ceiling approach that requires an autoland. The use of autoland will be NOTAMed out of service by the FAA

      Other countries have restricted the use of the C Band for 5G around airports… fat chance that will happen in the land of the bought off. has the info on their front page news.

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