Non-linear Humans

One useful observation in my (almost) 73-years, is that humans each have their own specific “non-linearity zones.”  We see this in their politics, consumer discretionary, spare time pursuits, and all the rest.

This morning, if there’s one thing, we can think of that will be useful in the coming year, it will be dynamic interactive change between a multiplicity of non-linear systems.

With the start of the New Year, we wish you a profitable one ahead!

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48 thoughts on “Non-linear Humans”

  1. George

    About that pesky Ukraine problem let’s take an idea from Star Trek and use it to reduce tensions.

    NATO is like the Star Trek Federation and Russia is like the Klingons.

    Make Ukraine into a Neutral Zone.

    Trade goods can freely pass through that territory but no military assets are allowed.

    Russia sees itself as being encircled albeit even cornered. Let give that bear some breathing room before he goes on a rampage!

    NATO stops trying to be on Russia’s boarder and Russia doesn’t meddle in Ukrainian internal affairs.

    Let’s see Biden and Putin have a big Pow Wow in Iceland with a huge media circus. A singing of a Neutral Zone treaty at a Gala party with Vodka and Champagne for everybody.

    If it takes massaging Putin’s ego to pull hands away from launch keys then let’s do it!

    • “Russia sees itself as being encircled albeit even cornered. Let give that bear some breathing room before he goes on a rampage!”

      Exactly… we keep crossing its borders, sending military equipment to the borders, bombers included. Letting big money move their drilling rigs in to harvest the oil.
      What would sun tzu’s impute be..

      “When you surround an army, leave an outlet free. Do not press a desperate foe too hard.”

      Putin is a wise man.. a great alliance or a fierce opponent..
      They don’t rush in they wait until they are asked..
      But threatening the country and people he loves.. not a good idea.. take a look at who china and russia have been signing alliances with..
      China played the bet on greed card and out maneuvers us with their manufacturing and owning key industries in the usa..
      They fount the weakness to gain control through the corrupt nature of the system..

  2. “useful in the coming year”

    The big war starts next week. I think it was Franklin who said after this next big war humanity will be back to sticks and stones for any following war.

    Once the war starts who’s going to work? Who’s going to be able to work?

    One day next week we folk in the North will go to bed all snuggled and warm then about 4:00AM we’ll wake cold. Check our thermostats, which will be off. Reach for our cellies to check the weather and they’ll be off.

    At that exact moment realize the edge on the rest of the subdivision and get their supplies before they take yours.

  3. I’m amazed at the so called “journalism” that related to the fire and the “hazmat risk” of the “nitrogen tanks”. I can think of few things less innocuous than nitrogen! If it’s liquid, the tanks will boil off, and if compressed, they’ll have overpressure relief valves. Nitrogen is most of what we breathe, and except in a confined area, it’s essentially risk free. It can’t explode unless already combined with other substances in endothermic reactions! I’ve no idea how big these alleged tanks are, but at worst, they’d quench the flames. It could displace oxygen perhaps if confined, but not in a 105 mph wind!

    It’s still sad that amount of capital and infrastructure was destroyed. The real question should be: “Was this started deliberately?”.

  4. Love the band pass filter analogy George. Like you said, there’s a book in there. How about selectivity as a function of age, ethnicity, politics etc.? The orange curve would be George’s aggregate Q index. Then again, the use of “Q” might be a third rail for the low Q masses since Q-anon hijacked the letter, maybe need to re-label it Z (for the somnambulant).

  5. Good morning George and Happy New Year to all.

    I got thinking about the mad scramble now to get rapid COVID test kits. People lined up for hours and losing their minds when they get to the front of the line and the stock has run out. It reminds me of early 2020 when people lined up for toilet paper and fights developed as some with shopping carts full of toilet paper exited COSTCO to people in line waiting for toilet paper. I remember one woman holding up a sign offering to pay five bucks for a roll.

    And I wonder what this mob madness would be like if we really ran out of something serious like food as George and others are predicting. Better stock up.

    Here is an idea to avoid the long line ups for rapid COVID tests.

    Pour a glass of red wine.
    Sniff it.
    Sip it.
    If you can smell it and taste it.
    You don’t have COVID.

    • “I remember one woman holding up a sign offering to pay five bucks for a roll.”

      Lol that was a bargain… on ebay a 4 roll package of angel soft sold for 165.00 and 30 dollars shipping.. at 250 squares per roll that’s roughly a thousand squares.. I seen 12 square packs from MRE’S going for 2.50 plus shipping. So I sent an old friend that teaches at gwu two pads saying I thought I’d send your xmas presents early..then sent them four rolls.. he called to say there wasnt any for a hundred miles..the wapo has new value
      One store had people pulling knives in the store to steal a package of charmin

  6. Proverit mat, suka’s – Can you say hypersonic?

    Talk about a logistic management expert … how long does it take a Russian hyper sonic nuke to reach the ports of LA and Long Beach. Supply chain bottle neck cleared in the blink of an eye..Kaboomi or is it Shibumi?

    ..US needs moar boobtube/flat screens, like I need 4 -6 shotz memoryRNA injected into my TEMPLE of GREATNESS…talk about cutting off direct connectz..oh my!

    Too The Moon in 22 – da Bitcoinz – “freedoms just another word for nothing left to lose” -

    Yo ! Shout-Out the passing of A Great Lady – Bette White..”give em Hell Bette, give em HELL!”
    When the BCN getz to the “pearly gates” -bee coming in hot – it will be as an Assault. vile/evil fckrs.

  7. Saw an interesting meme on Telegram, Brian Cates, it said,,
    “Guess what vaxers and anti-vaxers will always have in common,,,
    neither will ever be fully vaccinated”
    Earth is a NASCAR driver, just one big left hand turn around the sun,, good thing it is solar powered and batteries not reQuired.

  8. I found an interesting VR workout app.

    What VR needs is a genital add-on attachment pack. People would never leave.

    “Supernatural is a VR fitness app for Oculus Quest that promises to gamify your weekly exercise routine with an expansive library of cardio, boxing, meditation and recovery workouts.”

    – Nov 28, 2021

    • Wireless, remote control BoBs and pocket pu**ys have been around since the late ’90s. I should think some enterprising Japanese engineer would’ve combined VR and VS (virtual sex) by about 2008 or 9 and added at least enough AI to make such toys “individually adaptable” by 2015 or 16.

      • “I should think some enterprising Japanese engineer would’ve combined VR and VS (virtual sex) by about 2008 or 9 and added at least enough AI to make such toys “individually adaptable”

        A great movie. .

        Back in the early seventies.. I was in RD and in the middle of the room was a 4 by 4 cube.. in it was a hologram of the earth in real time.. at the time it was one of the most amazing things I had ever seen..
        In the late eighties.. I was at a tech show.. they had this headset goggles that was hooked up to a computer.
        I put it on.. and I was standing on the edge of the grand canyon.. look up see the bird flying look down see the river at the bottom left right it was seamless.. the ru sd thing of the bush just below where you stood.. the sounds everything..if someone had pushed you.. you would have believed you were falling into the grand canyon..
        In the early nineties.. I was shown a film.. a family eating a holiday meal.. which one was animatronic..I couldn’t tell..
        Now we have fluid muscle movements..hydrolics and robotskin that when touched cant be distinguished from natural skin.. Japan and China are way ahead of us.. for a million dollars you can get a humanoid robot.. exo skeletons that enable a quad to walk..implanting chips on the brain.. ai that can hold conversations..
        Robots that can run up stairs at 37 mph and do acrobatics..
        Give it ten years…you won’t be able to tell a robot from a person. There are robots that can even carry a child full term.
        The one arm I seen here at the VA you wouldnt ever have known it was a robotic arm..the guy was drinking a cup of coffee . Fingers worked independently..
        We have the technology.. and they are learning how to put it all together..
        The japanese and chinese decades ahead of us.. but then consider a robot that can fight has the ability to run jump climb and maneuver at high speeds with the unlimited knowledge of the cloud.. with the facial recognition software.. and look as human as your neighbor..

    • I read where a woman who was beta testing the Meta (Farcebook) VR feature claimed she was “virtually groped” by another participant, and she wants charges filed.

  9. I once read that the 1918 H1N1 influenza circulated for 25 years or so, reaching out to touch anyone who hadn’t been infected in the original outbreak. The 2008-ish H1N1 outbreak is still with us. I did the vaccines, and still ended up getting mild H1N1 when my immune system was down from another infection.

    Covid will be around for many years to come. There are two kinds of people in this world- those that have had Covid, and those that are going to get Covid. No one will get out of it. We appear to be in antibody building season.
    I went into the metropolitan zone for breakfast this morning. The restaurant had tables taken out of service, apparently because of new Covid mandates. All staff had on masks, but not a single diner had on a mask. Not one. Plenty of old-timers were in the crowd.

    The office was full of scratchy throats, watering eyes, and coughs in December, but no one developed a high fever that I am aware of. I am watching the plague stats, but I have plenty of TP and hand sanitizer, and don’t intend to make any special effort to accommodate other than maintaining hand cleaning and sanitization protocol. I will put on a mask if someone starts coughing their head off or has a high fever my vicinity. I am more concerned about secondary and tertiary infections than Covid at this point.

    2022 appears to be starting out with business as usual. We shall all see where it leads, shortly. Have a good new year.

  10. Yes folks it really has reached a new level of total madness and psyops . Do not forget though the destruction of their little plans is to short hard and long gold . And old salty moriarty says it’s not manipulated ? Gold is freedom . I care not for flations or other stories . Evil defeated by gold . Economies and markets are illusions created by facists . They died years ago . Gold never dies

    • Gold can be synthesized. Thus, there’s an upper limit on its price, although currently that limit is pretty high.
      But as science evolves, the cost to synthesize will drop and, like industrial diamonds, gold will lose its status as a storehouse of wealth.
      This is what happened to aluminum which also used to be a precious metal. Check out the Washington monument.
      So, live it up goldbugs! It’s later than you think!

      • Gold that is synthetic ain’t cheap – oh and it’s radioactive

        “Gold was synthesized from mercury by neutron bombardment in 1941, but the isotopes of gold produced were all radioactive.”

        Just guessing there are no “good delivery rules”
        on rad counts though

      • The Chinese are looking for gold filled asteroids. Free gold will be here soon.

        People knew of flying before 1903.

        The world became aware of flight around 1903 with the Wright brothers > 1939 Transatlantic flight became available > 1949 the first jet was approved > 1969 the moon shot > then space was mothballed.

        Space was reopened and privatized in 2002 with SpaceX.

        It took 99 years for humanity to get from the Wright’s field flight to SpaceX. There were increments along the way.

        I would guess with a 2002 start point sometime around 2040 humanity should be mining asteroids.

        But the apocalypse is supposed to kick-off next weekend so there’s that.

        And I read about the ancient Vimana technology. The people who tell the stories of the ancients say the ancients found the Universe is made mostly of water. There are no asteroids.

  11. Gold kills Covid and vermin . Signals are lining up folks . Take note I said a couple of weeks ago I would let you know . It’s getting there . See yah later facists

  12. Hi, George,

    Happy New Year to George and Elaine and to all here!

    NM Mike, I have received my tax bills like clockwork these last several decades, sent on November 1 with very few exceptions. This year, the tax bills were sent December 1 because of the elections, which was the reason I was given on the phone when I called their office. I received my tax bill December 3 and paid it the same day. Please call their office on Monday if you have not yet received yours. Thanks.

  13. Being a ‘Hi Q’ individual, one of the nice things I have learned about remaining isolated is not having to deal with crowds of ‘Low Q’ individuals.

  14. Didn’t you get the memo, George (maybe you were having a meltdown because protests under Biden dropped dramatically)? Why did the protests drop – numerous reforms enacted, Fed down to local level…including the ‘choke hold ban’ (signed by Trump)…duh Homer those protests accomplished a lot, unlike the Capital Riot that will be the Marquee Headliner this spring, which accomplished insurrection charges for many in Trump’s circle, including himself…
    Bannon, who Trump pardoned, contempt of court charges over Jan 6…

    Federal level reforms to local reforms:

  15. the change in status quo with the BLM/antifa /mommies little commies riots,
    just go to show which power was pushing and allowing said riots,,, can’t ya Cee
    The Jan 6th protest had antifa insurgents and FBI undercovers leading the Capitol Hill perimeter break through, have you NOT seen the videos.
    There are none so blind as one who wishes not to Cee

    The Pelosi led committee is garbage, there are no Republicans on this committee,,f-ing RINOs do not count as they were not from the minority leader. The committee does not follow house rules and is invalid and they have been backing off when challanged

    what about the perves that Obammer pardon? at least Bannon lies the smell of napalm in the morning

  16. That’s the only gold synthesis method that’s been publicized. I’m sure that they have been exploring other methods since 1941, but are afraid to release the info for fear of the economic chaos that would result.
    All wealth is psychological. Gold is just a shiny talisman at best and a metallic tulip at worst.
    It was once commonly thought that heavier than air flight was impossible. But science marches on.

  17. Covid running crazy here. Even people being super careful are being caught this time around since Omicron is so contagious.

    Unvaxxed Daughter in Law caught it, in her 20’s but overweight (which is BAD BAD BAD) and is having a TERRIBLE time, only 3 days into having it. Been in hospital for a day already, now home, fingers crossed that she doesn’t go downhill anymore and goes back into the hospital. Has 2 little ones. (son HAD to get vaxxed since in the military, no choice, and he got it too but just regular flu symptoms – at least so far, nothing like what she is going through)

    She was holding off getting vaxxed until Novavax was available due to wanting to have more kids and nervous about that with the mRNA or DNA vaccines.

    Fingers Crossed.

    • OH … to add: Personally know 10+ people who have had Covid, the kind that gets you really sick even if vaccinated, in the last month which is more than I personally know who had it over the entire last 24 months. (so far everybody who was vaxxed is recovering but a couple who were NOT vaxxed, not counting my daughter in law, are NOT out of the woods yet – they are having a rough time).

  18. ESPN Is Now Facing a $400 Million Hit

    Sports network ESPN risks losing millions of dollars in advertising money with the rise in COVID-19 cases because of the omicron variant. The Walt Disney subsidiary has around $400 million in college football playoffs advertising at stake, according to Bloomberg News, as games are being canceled because of pandemic fears.

    I wonder how Nasty Nancy’s portfolio is doing…?

  19. Elon Musk unveils ‘biggest threat to modern civilization’

    In the fiery interview, which aired on Tuesday evening, Musk protested attempts to cancel comedian Dave Chappelle and said the “woke mind virus” is “arguably one of the biggest threats to modern civilization. It should be OK to be humorous. Wokeness basically wants to make comedy illegal, which is not cool,” the billionaire said, questioning, “Do we want a humorless society that is simply rife with condemnation and hate? At its heart, wokeness is divisive, exclusionary, and hateful. It basically gives mean people… a shield to be mean and cruel, armored in false virtue.”

    I didn’t think it “fiery,” at all. Musk is a hardcore solar power advocate, but he’s politically centrist and seems to have small tolerance for people and organizations which deviate from the “center” by more than about 25%, and being South African, has a much better concept of what (and where) the actual political center of a concept lies…

    “I’m not perverted enough to appear on CNN…”

    Highly recommended!

    SJW fatigue: Why anime & manga are conquering the West

    In the West vs. East battle of entertainment industries, manga, anime and Korean dramas are steadily gaining ground

  20. Brutal New Rifle Design Literally Doubles Firepower, Drops Bad Guys ‘Like Flies’

    A new twist on an old weapon has produced a very deadly gun used by Britain’s elite SAS forces. Everyone knows about the double-barrel shotgun, a standby on farms across America for generations. The Gilboa Snake is a very advanced upgrade of the two-muzzle concept that can fire 1,000 shots per minute, according to the U.K.’s Daily Star.

    5.56 NATO… WANT!

  21. Deaths are up 40% over pre-pandemic stats in working aged people per an Indiana life and disability insurance company. Um, maybe don’t get the vaccine…hold your ground because the vax seems to be destroying people’s immune system (as predicted) !!! This will likely get even worse between mid-Feb to mid-April, based on the stats I researched for a paper I wrote a few months ago. The mid-Feb to end of March timeframe is 12 months from the time the highest number of shots on a per day basis were given in 2021. (This timeframe includes an overlap of 1st and 2nd shots. Keep in mind, the animal studies on cov1 and mers vaccines back in 2005 died off between 12 and 24 months later due to their immune systems being destroyed and then having the virus introduced to them.)

    Please note that the CDC has admitted you cannot get the virus a second time…you’re immune to it just like the people who had cov1 back in the early 2000’s are still immune to it. In fact, studies have now come out showing that people who have had the virus and then get the jab(s) end up with worse health than if they had not gotten the jab.

    Lots of rumors out now that people with NO symptoms that are getting covid tests (why someone who isn’t sick would get a test is beyond me…oh, wait, the federal contractors and federal workers who don’t get the vax and want to work are being forced to get tested 2x a week) are getting sick within days AFTER testing for covid…so, maybe one should consider NOT getting tested with something up the nose? Seems the safer test would be a blood test.

    Might also consider call options/stocks on casket and body bag companies and funeral homes as well as large hospital systems and puts on life insurance companies.

    Here’s the link for the life insurance company stats:

    • That was probably the biggest surprise in Joe Rogan’s interview with Dr. Peter McCullough when the doctor said the virus is a “one and done” infection. What I had in March of 2020 could, very well, been a simple flu but what I had back in September acted more like the Delta in every description I’ve read. At the very least it’s a strong indicator that Ivermectin is a proactive treatment for, not just Covid, but many viruses out there.

      • Dr. McCullough has since modified his ‘one and done’ statement (Rogan interview with Dr. Malone ar very end) and indicated his observations were pre-omicron.

    • The CDC has admitted that there is no known case of an asymptomatic individual with natural immunity spreading Covid, which is a little different than no second infections. My anecdotal observation is that individuals with natural immunity complain quietly about scratchy throats and secondary infections when new Covid varieties come through, but don’t seem to go down with a high fever and trashed lungs. I think for an individual trying to make informed decisions, the blood antibody test makes more since than getting a swab every time they cough or sneeze.

      • Change “since” to “sense” in the last sentence of my post. I hope that was my spelling checker auto-correct that did that.

    • “Please note that the CDC has admitted you cannot get the virus a second time…”

      I know of two people who had the bug twice.

      Both of them caught COVID, then after recovering, took the jab.

      THEN caught COVID again.

      “Two” makes a lousy statistical sample, but this might be something of which to be aware…

  22. More cycles. Just discovered 2021-22 is a super Shemitah year, or Jewish seventh year. Lots of “coincidental” market reverses tied to this cycle. Not a good sign.

  23. Comrades,

    Unlike the CBC and BBC website homepages, DW and France24 have stories and video of the Amsterdam protest by multitudes of unmasked citizens against draconian lockdown as omicron cases rise while hospitalizations fall in the Netherlands.

    The French broadcaster video is pure gold. After their on-scene commentator remarks as to peaceful protesters singing songs, video plays depicting riot police sniping at the crowd with batons and dogs. Partway through the segment with Amsterdam unrest commentary continuing, video rolls of an unrelated burning building and a fire engine of the Capetown Fire Department drives into camera view. Then the video returns back to Amsterdam and a grassy square pretty much deserted except for police with armoured support. A pictured building sign reads “want to sit inside or on the terrace?” One imagines that Louis XIV is not amused.

    The revolution is not officially being televised?

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