COVID19: How Stupid Are We?

What do  China and  Burger King have in common?  They’re both selling Whoppers.

A look at the circular  firing squad during the dem-bate this week ought to give you a clue how “dumb we is.”  But this latest change in Chinese COVID-19 case reporting smacks of old-line ChiCom propaganda.

Let’s pull up yesterday’s numbers and compare with today’s, shall we?

See the problem?

The rate of case increase has fallen to an unrealistically low level.  Something doesn’t just go up >2% per week, and suddenly turn on a dime and drop like this.  What’s more, we’re a little skeptical of the low death rate – and if it falls greatly this weekend, we’ll be pretty sure the data is jiggered.

Our reasoning is pretty simple.  Let’s imagine that the average incubation time on COVID19 is 8-days.  Given the disease takes that long to appear, and deaths would follow that by what?  3-5 days?  Then the death count coming down  concurrent with a big decline in the numbers will be the tip-off that  systemic lying is in play.  Dead would drop a week to 10-days out, not right away you ninnies.

Now, let’s think this through.  Who would benefit if everyone in China is convinced the danger is past?  Oh, the Chinese government, the corporations around the world, and…well, you get the idea.  Cue the Vanna White track:  “Big money!  Big money!

“Extra pickle with your COVID Numbers, sir?”  (Have it Ure way…)

What I cynically warned you to keep an eye out for is changes over the weekend.  As soon as the U.S. market closes for the weekend, there will be an open window for a statistical confessional that will (maybe, sort of) get the numbers higher, but not so much as to panic the markets lasting into next week.

It’s an insult to our intelligence that all the high-powered medical types with their N-3,758 P-0.05 drug test results haven’t been able to count the bodies stacked up like cordwood.  Nor – since we are on their third freaking method of reporting cases –  is there any sign of a standard global case-counting method.

Not like we haven’t had reasons to already have such a process already in place:  There was SARS, there was MERS, and long ago, what about Swine Flu?  Where’s the plan, Stan?

Don’t get me wrong – I have a LOT of respect for the front line medical people.  But, when it’s obvious that government are panicking because the implosion of China could take down Global Finance and Kick Off Depression 2.0 – yeah – lots of mental acuity is in order.

Things to Ponder Deeply

Think I’m nuts for seeing “Panic Avoidance” at a global level?

See?  The rate of increase in the virus was HUGE and the death count just hit a low… Maybe you don’t have a brain like mine – one that turns any series of numbers into a chart – that’s just how I’m wired.    Onion with that?

But we see other evidence that it’s worse that you’re thinking.  The tells are all over if you follow the damn money.

CNN put it out Thursday:  “Goldman Sachs warns of stock market correction.”

See the pattern here?  From my February 11th  column, I called your attention to this:

“MarketWatch had a real interesting story cross Monday:  “Goldman Sachs says impact of coronavirus will be ‘limited,’ and these are the stocks to buy if it’s right .”

I also told you:

“That left my  consigliere and me wondering by late Monday afternoon if someone wasn’t “talking their book” – a technique where major players sometimes say one thing (we’re heading higher ahead) while unloading (distribution) stock holdings to remaining “greater fools.”  No conclusions, but we do have serious suspicions.”

Apparently this last little run-up in the market was a satisfactory distribution to the “weak hands” of the public – at least based on the run-around on Goldman’s assessment of COVD-19 impacts.

You know, it’s fun to read the news like this.  Oh, sure, a bit conspiratorial sounding at times.  But, how often do I have to tell you the Big Guns always talk their book toward the end of a market run?  Like Irving Fisher’s famous gaffes back in 1929.  When someone even hints at “permanent prosperity” or that “We can now avoid stock declines” – it’s almost a damn certainty you should be making exit plans.

Which gets us to the early futures:  Where the Dow was only down 60 with 75-minutes to the open. Gold and silver – both easily disinfected – are doing just fine.  Bitcoin is sitting at $9,708 but I’ve suffered too many hard drive crashes and virus attacks to trust out golden years to tech.

Belt and suspenders, that’s me.  Seeds, well, barrel of diesel, and a case of Hoppe’s #9 to keep everything in good working order.

The rest of my time, I’m sitting back pondering the Big Whodunit:  Ask yourself which country would have the most to gain from a bioweapon attack, if that’s what this bug is?  Many a novel plot for the novel virus come to mind.

Screw it.  Let’s take the payroll to Vegas.

Short Takes

In the “New Yellow Times” today we see howLawmakers Are Warned That Russia Is Meddling to Re-elect Trump.”  What we want to know is whether this was an open meeting or is this is another demo-slam on Trump?  AND where’s the full context of what was said?  I know…don’t bother ’em with facts.  This is about Trump-hate.  A disease more damaging that COVID but at least it’s easier to detect.

Supposedly, this can’t happen, but…”30Y Yields Hit Record Lows, Gold Hits Record Highs.”  Gold is supposed to be an inflation head and low rates are counter to that.

What is the Fed thinking?  “The Federal Reserve thinks low rates have had only a ‘modest’ impact on stock market prices…” Hookah finance, we infer.  Short term M-1 in table two of the H.6 money stocks still going up 7.8% annualized as Mugabenomics is the new American financial model.  Coming to store shelves near you.  Only $26-billion in made-up repo’s today, so look out below…

Nothing runs like a stock? Deere rises after tractor-maker reports better-than-expected earnings, says farming stabilizing.

Around the Ranch

Bunch of notes piling up on my desk to go through.

First for Big Al – thanks for the opportunity to hook up on Alignable or whatever that’s called – but Ure is on a “social diet.”  I look at my  LinkedIn account now and then, but FB and that?  Seldom.

For serious Makers:  You can now print METAL on your 3D printer.  Sort, of, anyway.  You get special filament from BASF Special Products  (information here):  Print off your 3D parts and then mail it off for “sintering.” (fusing the metal together).  Ain’t cheap.  $468 last time I looked on the MatterHackers website.  But, out of stock.  Not sure how they would handle a “plumbing part” that might be fitted onto a Good lock…if you follow.  Tech’s gotta be making ATF nuts.

Ordered some doo-dads from Amazon to keep moving our house into being an “imaginered home.”  Over the winter, a lot of stuff has accumulated on the screen porch, but as soon as the weather warms up, I’ll have it back looking like a glof club.

Interior of the house continues to evolve. In the dining room (south sea islands motif with reed walls and lots of bamboo,  a pterodactyl will be flying shortly.  Similarly, the one-off custom mural of the Golden Gate (from the Sausalito side, will shortly have a few (model) seagulls in the room to draw the eye into the mural…  Love this kind of design.  Like living in a house that’s multiple “movie set” rooms and we’re having tons of fun with it, as always.  Big lumber run ahead…

Horse leasing?  Yep.  My (little) sister has one.  Really works out well for all involved.  I haven’t asked her yet, which is better for the environment – her leased horse or the Prius.  Hard to dressage most Toyota products, though.  Got any data on cow farts vs. horse farts?

Podcast #10 on  Peoplenomics tomorrow…

We did our Texas early voting by mail yesterday.  And no, we don’t think kids under 18-should be allowed to make their own decisions on chemical castration and sex change operations.  We think the Megele Model of left-wing education ought to be oulawed in the process.

And no sign of spring yet – down into the low 30’s but we could sure use some teens to hold back the bug population this year.

Write when you get warm,

57 thoughts on “COVID19: How Stupid Are We?”


    I was in a HALF DREAM STATE after reading Urban yesterday & a VISION came in clear. A CEO was appaulding his stock buyback program. Dollars were borrowed, stock was purchased to keep the price going up. Since the price of the stock was going up, he could now exercise some stock options he got for free from the company, & like a good capitalist, turn the options into free real money by using borrowed money to exercise the options & then selling the stock, paying the money back, & pocketing hundreds of thousands of dollars of profits, all with no out of pocket expense. All this money came to him from nowhere, it didn’t require anyone to produce anything. The only thing needed was for the company stock to go up in price. Thanks to the FedRes keeping billions of REPO dollares in motion & a bunch of crooks to take advantage of it, our free market system remained intact. Then I saw a bubble and it burst. No one could understand, they said, “this is us,  we are the chosen people, we didn’t do anything to derserve this. Fortunately for them, since they had already stolen all the money, it was the little people who suffered. Let them eat cake they said. The population uprised, & they were all beheaded & their riches taken. 

    • The way most employees exercise options is a little different than you said. Most employees exercise a same day sale. Go online to the company’s share exercise broker. Enter your name and password. Enter the number of shares to be sold and the limit price or market. Broker exercises your options sells the shares and posts the gain ($12 per share sold, $9 exercise price = $3 per share times the 30,000 shares exercised = $90,000 gain less ordinary state and federal taxes (25% and 10% California) $90,000 less $31,500 = $58,500 cash to the employee same day.
      Some share options have preferential tax treatment.

      • You are missing the stock options costing pennies and being sold for multiple of dollars, you are also missing long-term capital gain taxes of .15 not .25…and many of them do not live in California so don’t pay the .10. I’ve seen and heard people walking off with millions not thousands…and if done right by the right people hundreds of millions.

  2. I don’t know where I read it, but someone stated that China is only counting official cases. If you don’t make it to the hospital you don’t get counted. Also numbers for pneumonia and scurvy deaths have risen exponentially, and are not included in coronavirus numbers. If it wasn’t diagnosed with a test, it didn’t happen. I have no idea if the person has actual information supporting this, or was just theorizing.

    • “China is only counting official cases. If you don’t make it to the hospital you don’t get counted.”

      It’s the same here.. even with unemployment..

  3. “we’ll be pretty sure the data is jiggered”

    Statistical flaws to make it look less scary than it really is…

    the real numbers are out there.. but then discredited to keep people from panicing..( I believe there are no secrets.. just discredited information)
    we still need manufacturing and sales to keep the kite in the air..
    When we will know it is out of control.. is when they start to send teachers home..

  4. George – U dont need none of that Statistical BS. Areas under curves, regressions, standard deviations -FMTT

    It is simple – just count the Mobile Incinerators running 24/7 x the daily volume Incinerated(gross weight)

    Take this Sum and ADD to the number of permanent Incinerators running 24/7x the daily volume incinerated(gross weight)

    The Total Daily Gross Weight of organic material incinerated equals – W.I.F.

    WORLD IS ..that is spelled with a capital T on the end.

  5. Michael Bloomberg PROS & CONS

    PROS: $50 BILLION dollars

    CONS: He died & is now a Robot in the image of MING THE MERCILESS.

    Yes, you may have guessed. Trump is Buck Rogers. Check the hair.

    • (With apologies to Queen…)

      I think you mean…



      He saved everyone of us!

      Ahem…oh those 80s movies with Queen soundtracks!

  6. “mail it off for “sintering.””

    I don’t want to be a naysayer but think that might be a chit in the problem column for 3d printing during TEOTWAWKI.

    The event happens. Two weeks in a metal part on your chainsaw or submersible pump breaks.

    If the infrastructure to mail things off and expect returns are in place, Walmart will be open.

    And if Walmart isn’t open, city services like mail will be turned off.

    For giggles we can say Walmart will be open under emergency powers like during the Northeast blackout of 2003, but in this case the sintering joint isn’t going to be open.

    A 3D printer isn’t going to help much.

    False hope without metal. Just my 2 cents.

    • The reason I posted this before our august readers is “How can we hack this tech to allow “sintering” at home? I mean, what is the process? Pack the parts with casting powder and then heat to xxxx degrees for yyyy time?
      That was my hope – and I don’t think BASF is too anxious to publish their secret sauce…

      • Good info. If TEOTWAWKI doesn’t happen this year, by next there may be a copycat home sintering process. :)

        3D printers can print molds for casting.

      • Hey, G –

        I watched a BASF video then did a little digging. I think I found a good website to get 3D supplies and peel off information.

        According to the website I found, which seems to offer similar services as BASF, copper and bronze can be finished in an atmospheric kiln (plain old kiln) while all other materials has to be sintered in a vacuum or inert environment.

        The link below offers the entire process:

        So does this one:

        There’s a used Open Tube Furnace at Cambridge. I don’t know the price.

      • G,

        Direct instruction from the links:

        Sintering in an Open Environment
        (Copper and Bronze Filamet™ Only)

        Items Needed:
        Kiln / Sintering Furnace
        Refractory Container (Crucible)
        Sintering Refractory Ballast
        Coconut Shell Carbon
        Brass brush

        Crucible Preparation:

        Place a 10mm layer of refractory (AI?O?) on the bottom of a stainless steel crucible.

        Position the part(s) avoiding contact with other parts or the walls of the crucible.

        Cover the parts completely with a minimum of 10mm of refractory (AI?O?). Tap the crucible gently to compact the refractory around each part.

        Place a 10mm layer of granular coconut shell carbon on top of the refractory and place a suitable stainless steel cover over the crucible.

        Sintering Program:

        Phase 1: Ramp Kiln/Furnace Temperature by 120°C per hour up to 815°C (Bronze) or 1000°C (Copper). Do not hold.

        Phase 2: Ramp Kiln Temperature by 25°C per hour to sinter temperature; 870°C (Bronze) or 1050°C (Copper) and hold at sinter temp for 1.5 hours for very small parts (15g or less) or up to 5.0 hours or more for larger parts (300g+).

        NOTE – Sinter temperature and hold times may vary based on Kiln model, part density and design.

        Let the crucible cool fully (less than 50°C) before handling the sintered part.

        Post Sintering:

        Use a brass brush to clean the surface of the part under running water.

        Polish the part using a Dremel or in a tumbler using a suitable polishing media, water and detergent (dish soap).

        Technical Support:

        This open atmosphere sintering process was developed exclusively by Sapphire3D Inc. Sapphire3D Inc. is a Reseller of The Virtual Foundry Materials. For Sintering Services and Technical Support, contact Sapphire3D, Inc. directly at:

        Sintering in a Vacuum
        or Inert Environment
        (All Materials)

        Items Needed:
        Sintering Furnace (Options Here)
        Refractory Container (Crucible)
        Sintering Refractory Ballast:
        Powdered Graphite

        Prep: Place the object in the refractory, ensuring the entire print and all surfaces are completely covered and any protruding areas are fully supported. The print must be fully surrounded by the refractory. Ensure that at least 10mm of refractory insulates the print from the walls of the crucible.

        Fire: Place the Crucible in the furnace and begin the firing cycle.

        Firing Cycle:

        1. Start at room temperature.

        2. Over the course of 200 minutes, ramp temp to 205°C (401°F). Do not hold.

        3. Over the course of 180 minutes, ramp temp to 400°C (752°F). Do not hold.

        4. For Copper: Over the course of 180 minutes, ramp temp to 1000°C (1832°F) and hold for 440 minutes.

        For Bronze: Over the course of 180 minutes, ramp temp to 815°C (1499°F) and hold for 440 minutes.

        For Stainless Steel 316L: Over the course of 180 minutes, ramp temp to 1225°C (2237°F) and hold for 240 minutes.

        For High Carbon Iron: Over the course of 180 minutes, ramp temp to 1120°C (2048°F) and hold for 400 minutes.

        5. End cycle and let furnace cool to ambient temp until Crucible can be removed by hand.

        *Note: Every situation is different and you may need to modify your sintering times and temperatures based on your application and use of our materials. These are just general guidelines.*

        This process takes around 12 hours and has been tested on prints up to 200g.

        For first trials, plan for 15-20% shrinkage of the part overall through the sintering process.

        Tip: The mechanical properties of the final product are directly related to how long the print is held at the sintering temperature. If the end product is powdery and brittle, it’s under sintered. If the print looks like old wrinkled fruit, it’s over-sintered.

        Print is ready for finish work!

    • “mail it off for “sintering.””

      My suggestion.. instead of mailing it off just invest in the one Jay Leno uses to make the car parts.

      Then if a shtf scenario happens or China closes its industrial fabrication while fighting a nasty virus. You’d be the go to guy for repair parts..

  7. ok I read your column for alternative news, so here are a couple links that are off the beaten track but were shared with me as relevant to the coronavirus
    2nd link has a link to the letter from Dr. Horowitz

  8. Lol well we knew a market correction was coming anything that’s as corrupt as the so called corrupt market always falls sooner or later,its just convenient to have something to blame it on, then beat the drums that’s it all due to a disease that’s killed/kills a fraction of what the flu kills every year.Tho I do find it strange that they have so many virus’s, swine flu chicken flu and all kinds of flu,but sooner or later they will know when,when and how for every created virus always leaves it own signature.!!!

  9. Thailand’s coronavirus numbers seem stuck at 35. Seems suspicious since Thailand caters to Chinese vacationers and had numerous ones from Wuhan just before the quarantine. Thailand relies heavily on the tourist industry so I think they are not reporting accurately. Russia and Mongolia has closed their Chinese borders.

    Been watching as a friend leaves tomorrow for vacation there. They thought about canceling since they had purchased airfare insurance but found out that the airline doesn’t consider an scary epidemic a reason for refunding.

    • Considering the unique benefits of a Thailand vacation for men, at least, and the fact that it might actually be warm there, I’d have traded places with your friend! I don’t know a word of Thai and have never been there, but why not? Past 70, how much can we lose? My real concern is the humidity there that can help get all kinds of diseases – bacteria and other parasites, even if not viruses so much.

      The truth is that if this CV is as pervasive as we think, we’d better be sure to survive it, because sooner or later we WILL get it. Ideally, we’d barely notice it. It’s like trying to avoid the common cold forever. It’s just not the way to bet. Precautions are important, but they’re not inclusive. We can’t live our entire lives inside a stillsuit and helmet.

  10. Sorry about that George.
    I got sent by a friend of mine and said “sure”.
    I didn’t know it would invite my whole mailbox.
    Anyone else gets it, trash it, I won’t be offended.

  11. How Stupid ??

    Let me show y’all what stupidity on a Global level is – YCC

    Thats right Survivalites, the Fed is setting the table ALREADY for the japanification of the US Treasury market. Just like in the period of time during hostilities with the Nazi’s the US Govt. is going to Buy any and all Treasury bonds at ANY PRICE to keep the yield at 0.

    Sing a long with coot now..”Im turning japanese,I think Im turning japanese, I really think so..”-the Vapors

    Got Gold ? No?!? what about “poormans gold” Silver? not too late to catch that train..or

    if you would like to own some what of will be the Largest Market Capital Valued Company in the world – buy some stock in one of the most Undervalued Tech Companies in the world — wait for it….TESLA

    Shout to the MORONS/IDIOTS/GreasyFatFingeredGreedster Pricks at IRS and on these environs..UN-Compliable Regulations vis a vis Bitcoin – how the F*$@ are U supposed to track every transaction (buying a drink) and figuring out how long U owned particular Bitcoin before using a fraction of it on a cup of coffee? That “dog” dont hunt.

    Cause the coots Momma raised him right – I wont go into what I think about people who promote this sort of taxation – all as I can say is just like my GUNS&AMMO – Come and GET It!

  12. The horses mouth usually has the best info on CoVid-19 novel coronavirus. Then again if you were told that the virus was SOLD to the CHI-COMMS by the last occupant of the WH will You
    scream and Nash your teeth. Well just us dumb red necks can read some words and look up others in a dictionary. So read, scream, and howl. The man interviewed is the! authority on the subject! p.s. read the whole thing including the pdf’s with the actual documents.

    • @Jeff

      read it hell….wait for MARX…to TELL us what really is the truth….in his ‘ed-u-cated’ opinion..

    • The DOI for those who care and have access is:

      Don’t pay for this if you have alternate access – it’s not worth the money unless you’re a geneticist or virologist. Most universities and medical institutions will have access.

      Bottom line – This is a massive and artificial “gain of function” viral modification that’s supposed to be illegal internationally, though of course this research is done by all nations capable of it.

      I believe that the best we can hope for is to delay getting this virus for as long as possible. There is likely to be some mitigation of effects as the virus passes through sequential hosts. I see very little chance of permanently avoiding it, though it may be very mild or asymptomatic in some people. There was an allusion in the article to those with occupational exposure to many different viruses having a lesser reaction to it. It’s notable that this one affects lungs and NERVE tissue! Synchronous multiplication of the virus in nerves explains the “dropping dead” of individuals first noted in China. It also explains the rush to incinerate bodies. Of course, that’s not the only explanation.

      • “ ”

        Remember when they thought it was some terrorists doing things from a foreign country. Nope from our own bio stockpile and our own people.
        Shortly afterwards the demoralcraps got a bill passed dragging us further down the rabbit hole..

  13. An Amazing Coincidence? Hong Kong riots off the front page as convid-19 reigns supreme! Can’t shoot all the protesters, but sure can scare the “crap” out of them with CONvid-19.

  14. “Got any data on cow farts vs. horse farts?” Is that really YOU, GU?
    Though, it’s a good description of human beings in the course of our history?! Not much more than a bird’s dropping ;-) or farts if you will.

  15. “I’ll have it back looking like a glof club.”

    You could add a guestroom with motives and charge visitors $49,999 to stay inside your compound for a week. How does that sound for a business idea? ;-) Today, everything seems reasonable, imho.

    • No, but I’m of the opinion that ‘shrooms would make things easier on everybody. Not that I have any direct, personal experience with ’em, but the reports lately seem to indicate that.

    • It does a lot for a wide variety of diseases wouldn’t it be awesome if it was the miracle plant to kill this virus.. lol I think it’s already a miracle plant. Effectively Fights a variety of diseases and conditions.. even a kick azz diet pill..(nope nothing that would alter cognitive abilities)
      If it did.. I wonder if the payoff is still enough to keep congress dead set on keeping it illegal.
      Did you see the anti marijuana ad.. lol down in the corner in really small print is the paid for by discloseure.. ( I wonder if that is from a company paid for by various industries that benefit by keeping it illegal)

    • “Echinacea contains a variety of alkylamides that—like many of the compounds found in cannabis—interact with CB1 and CB2 receptors. This suggests that stimulating the endocannabinoid system may play an important role in helping our body fight cold and flu viruses. This is promising news for cannabis.”
      Not smoking.

      I havent had a chance to really digest the two above articles and havent had a chance to get on the cambridge,harvard and oxford libraries to see if they have any studies on its effectiveness. Theres thousands of pages of research on marijuana and the different things it can work positively for the benefit of mankind.
      The negative aspects are very minor in comparison.. and no one should drive or operate a motor vehicle inebriated….

  16. as everyone knows I short the guts out of everything.. ray dalio and his little game with the FED and monetizing is getting thin as well .. virus schmirus whatever .. all I know is something has changed ! yes ! its freaking worse .. yours in shorts .. and regards to those nouvo gold bulls .. read about commercials and their short position .. oh its different this time .. yeah minnup maybe somehere between 300 to 700 bucks down

  17. Thank you for the numbers in todays report

    Of the first group of 15 people sick what was the reported date for each?
    Seems like a long time to be sick with flue like virus how long has each been sick?
    What is current status of each?
    Any prognoses?
    Has any one recovered or reported cured???

  18. CDC has attempted three times to send test kits to Hawaii. We are supposed to be a designated foreign entry point with monitoring and quarantine facilities. Kits arrived broken, not functional… one kit was sent elsewhere by mistake. Now CDC says the kits are being improved and we will not have any until mid March. Just freakin’ great! And we may have had a ‘spreader’ on two islands visiting. So now we watch for an outbreak in the next 14 days….. with no test kits.

    • If the frequency is the same as another organism then it has a signature that identifies it so you have to find a signature

  19. The Technologies already exists and it’s for the one half of a percent of the population, the solution is already been tersed , devices that have already been made the Cure anything everything that you can possibly imagine ,start with medallions made out of silver,diffusion, then re identification after diffusion didn’t react location the electrical vibrations so it’s not to injure the complete organisms that’s being attacked , we have these electrical devices that label everything known to man an unknown the man and then when applied it diffuses the virus we have handheld devices no bigger than a cell phone that does this this is the technology that’s being hid from you so you probably will not be able to come across that technology so you’ll have to use Organics like the chaga mushroom like garlic like vitamin C and I’ll hope length of a full bag full of other tricks.
    Hey I was looking to buy another riding lawn mower for the summer and I just so happen to punch in battery powered riding lawn mower and sure enough Lowe’s has them they cost about $3,500 and it’ll run for a little over an hour ,42 in blade.
    And the new batteries are coming out graphene mixed with lithium prevents them from getting hot and overcharged and gives them longer life double over double the life of the battery and increases the charge time from hours down to 20 minutes,
    Please don’t fall into the traps that they’re putting you in we live in the future we have the technology it’s just not being advertised until now

    • If you get lucky, you can find an old category 1 tractor and 6′ bushhog for the same money that will run all day long without stopping. For some of us, that matters. Buying new is nice and fun, but the tech is still evolving and you risk being stuck with old tech(think NiCad). I’m considering getting a battery powered chainsaw since the gas powered ones are too much of a PIA to get started and the corded ones need a generator out in the field. My trees are short and I’ve not found one yet that I can’t handle with a 16″ bar. I really don’t need another one, but it would be nice. The electrics should do away with engine maintenance on a tractor, but tires, drivetrain, accessories, and suspension still wear or break.

  20. “the corporations around the world, and…well, you get the idea. ”

    Great news.. they can keep the supply chain moving lol.. I am being a smart azz.. just like the USA and how they classified the CRE viral agent.. they originally classified it as a contagion Class three.. contact precaution only…yet the rest of the world was treating it more seriously.. then on the CDC site you could see it had top billing.. which is what inspired me to visit with G2 and the guy that originally discovered it and a few people that were taking care of patients with it… I thought that it at the time was the new plague.. this one just might be.
    The issues I een is the planet designated china as our product supply line.. we disassembled our factories sent our jobs overseas and now.. theres a runaway virus .. it not only could take down the markets but shut down the planets supply sources..its all teetering and fragile. The house of cards ready to come down destroy the whole monetary system in one drop..
    The best thing they can do is make it look like they have it under control. Resume manufacturing and the supply lines. Open.
    Keep the flow of currency moving..
    The USA screwed themselves though. Most countries view the medical industry as a necessity and healthcare accessible. in the USA medical is a profit industry. Medications at thousands of percents higher and clinic visits a far in the wind if you aren’t insured. People wait till the last minute to be seen and treatment held till the last minute or cash in hand.
    One sick person will cross the path of a hundred dred plus people a day..

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