Move Over NZT

The second chapter of my next informational project “Hacking Old Aging” rolls out today. First, though, it’s useful to read the TV plotline from the series  “Limitless” where a hypothetical drug, NZT-48, gives the hero nothing short of Super Powers.
This assumes we all survive COVID19 – so we’ll jump into that today, as well.
Fictional, this NZT stuff?  Well, for some.  But over the past 20-years,; I’ve been able to sneak-up of a few of those same qualities.
Today, we will focus on the beginnings of that migration. 
Also available for subscribers: Podcast #10 (38:10 worth) here.
Before we do, though, the “usual suspects” will be dealt with:  A few pertinent news events, and our odd graphical ways of considering the markets…

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19 thoughts on “Move Over NZT”

  1. My key indicators went negative Thursday. Played SQQQ at the Friday open & sold 80% of my holdings at the close. I didn’t have the nerve to hold all of a short 3X ETF over the weekend. Going short is not my ballywix.

    • This was on Alex Jones’ site last week. A lot of people don’t like InfoWars or Alex’s style, but we’re in the information business – not the loving the messenger biz…

    • bats harbor over 400 coronaviruses, so don’t think it was made and shipped in a lab (unless you prefer paranoia over science)

      CV naturally mutated from SARS (most likely)

      my personal precautions: apple cider vinegar with the ‘mother’, no meat (btw, my grilled fake hamburger was great), garlic (uncooked), fresh ginger, elderberries, coconut oil, ride the bart train from SFO (San Francisco, fresh off the plane from China, before those flights were cancelled) everyday and still not sick, i’m 62 yrs old, dont smoke ciggies (a lot of men in China do)…and female

      • Read the transcript of the Frances Boyle interview with Jones carefully. That interview is about war crimes being committed in plain public view under guise of medical research. Not even Mark is pounding the paranoia drum anymore.
        Most of the cases occuring in the US to date have involved very little colateral exposure to the general public. That you haven’t picked up a dose off BART confirms that thesis.
        To paraphrase what G____ has previously stated, when you get 100 people walking off the street into emergency rooms testing positive, then you will know the situation here is out of control.
        Until that marker event has passed, everyone should go about their business, but be wary. Checking the J. Hopkins map each morning for red dots at an emergency room near you is probably a good start.

      • Are you my twin sister? I am 62…live in the Bay Area…and have the same diet regimen. Have been Vegan for several months now and totally enjoying it…but for the last 10 years, I have taken Braggs Apple cider vinegar with the “mother” every tons of blueberries, elderberry supplements, virgin expeller pressed coconut oil, two cloves of garlic a day, Fresh ginger,…plus…açaí, baby kale, beets, tumeric/golden milk and plant based probiotics in my smoothies. I take resveratrol, astragalus, vitamin C, flaxseed oil, Huperzine A, L-Argentine, Tru-niagen and GABA as supplements.

        Never felt better.

  2. Sure and after all the fallout from the Global Finalization of Govt. Debt finally blows up – the world community is going to rush right back into the arms of Fremason-Rothchild Owned & Ruled central banks.

    Somehow I dont think that is how it will all play out for FedCoin and its co-fraudlent partners from the other central banks in the world.

    Lets see now – Scarcity -check, Only Non-Centralized Digital Currency in the World – check, Anonymity – check, Un-Hackable -check, Globally Adopted Already – check

    versus –

    Extremely Centralized, Un-limited Source, Absolute Surveillance AND Control of Every Single Transaction Ever, Owned by EVIL

    Sure that will work – Perhaps if people saw the BTC order book flow – real BTC transactions/not leveraged trading derivatives – U might begin to wonder why Governments and such are and have been buying BTC for their own accounts – are they buying BTC’s for later use as Ransom for Hackers..?

    The Halvening is coming in May (15th-25) hard to tell exactly as it is determined by rate miners mine blocks = Scarcer, More FRN’s per BTC – just like last Halvening!

    BTC’s have years of Development,Testing, Implementations – Core Development group working 24/7.. ahead of ANY Government Coin. Good Luck wit that..

    Bullish Bitcoin going into Halvening, but dont forget –

    No Bitcoin 4 U!

  3. I went into town for breakfast this morning. The place had 1/3 of the people I would normally expect. It is starting to pick up a bit.
    If you had a flu shot this year, you shouldn’t be afraid to go out in public in the US, although I will admit I am avoiding big crowds, airports, medical facilities, crowded drugstores.
    Avail yourself of a little nornality ahead of the storm.

  4. Two things:

    1) A “phone guy” of Olde Tyme told me that MotherBell’s human research in the 1940s showed that people could remember SEVEN numbers (only) for the most part long enough to write them down, AND did best with a three GAP four grouping — DeeDeeDee — DahDahDahDah. (Think “meter” in music or poetry.)

    FURTHER — the reason for the parens in an area code is that the area code is remembered DIFFERENTLY, as a “thing,” not numbers. In a slightly different part of the memory or some such.

    2) Olive Oil. Had some minor knee pain — don’t know from what: early onset arthritis, maybe. Had a friend tell me, take four or five olives a day — any kind, didn’t matter. Took a week, but the knee pain went away. With time, I faded away from the daily regimen: knee pain came back. I resumed and the knee pain went away. Had a couple more cycles of loss of discipline, and knee pain always came back in a week or so. EVERY TIME when olives were resumed, knee pain vacated. I’ve told numerous people this story — ALL who stuck with it lost the knee pain. I have no Science for this: it just works,

    We use strictly olive oil ONLY for all cooking and food purposes. All I can say is, it appears to work. (and some Real Butter — only; no fake Krappe)

    • There is also a psychological test done which tests memory: The tester starts with example: 1234567, then you repeat that, then they say: 1234567 79623; and you have to repeat that…by the third time, all the numbers are different: 8346910 pause 786252321 as you are listening intently, this strange function of the brain occurs, it splits….now the tester continues: 7 more digits, pause, then more random numbers….I was able to complete this out from the original 7 to more than 20 extra numbers….the only reason I couldn’t go further is because my focus broke. IF I could have retained that extreme focus, I could have gone on up to many many numbers. The mind actually splits and the numbers separate from left, they hold in the mind, to the next set of numbers are held on the right side of your focus and as long as you can remember, the numbers just sit there to be repeated so effortlessly…. I have never had a test which caused this mental shift… we can all do a lot more than we realize. What this little exercise showed me is this: When we focus so intently, and completely tune out/ignore all other inputs, our brain opens up like a trained being…ready to complete orders/tasks/etc. It felt just like when I have one of my conscious traveling experiences in the dream state….IF I HOLD MY FOCUS without thoughts, judgements, assessments, JUST OBSERVE, then I get to stay and learn in the situation that I am in. ONCE I ‘think’, the focus is broken, and I wake up.

  5. ” I have no Science for this: it just works,”

    If people would just listen to “what their own body tells them” medical expenditures could easily be halved, imho. Btw. I love butter ;-).

  6. I read somewhere that camps are being constructed in the western states around Nevada for quarantine .. is this true ? apparently American authorities are being told to lie better than Chinese..

    • I’ve found in my life that if I can imagine it, most times someone has already tried it or done it. The details may be off, but the concept stands.

  7. George, regarding the podcasts: I really like them, but find that the intro is very jarring. I don’t know if this is true for others, but the initial attack of the music and it’s intensity causes me to immediately hit the volume control to protect my ears. When the music stops and you are speaking, I have to increase the volume again to hear you. That’s just me – I can’t speak for others. Perhaps ramping it up more gently and keeping the intensity below that of your speaking voice might help. I have a similar problem with the C to C explosive sounds that they insist on playing between and after their commercials.

    Speaking of which – C to C had an interesting guest last night peddling de-deuterated water! It’s expensive at $100 per gallon or so, but his concepts made sense regarding longevity. Though D2O and DHO seem quite normal at a macro level, reaction kinetics in a biological environment are really different due to the extra neutron, and a pure D2O environment will kill eukaryotic organisms(including us). This is definitely worth a bit more investigation. Normal water on earth is 150 ppm of deuterium vs hydrogen.

    The following hour there was info on electronic pollution, but the commercials and other noise were too much for me so I turned it off. I think we’re already aware of this problem.

      • OK. The info is worth it.

        I was actually thinking of building an AGC circuit in a preamp for my speakers since the audio in some good youtube and other videos is so badly done. I’ve no idea when I’ll have time for that.

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