The second chapter of my next informational project “Hacking Old Aging” rolls out today. First, though, it’s useful to read the TV plotline from the series  “Limitless” where a hypothetical drug, NZT-48, gives the hero nothing short of Super Powers.
This assumes we all survive COVID19 – so we’ll jump into that today, as well.
Fictional, this NZT stuff?  Well, for some.  But over the past 20-years,; I’ve been able to sneak-up of a few of those same qualities.
Today, we will focus on the beginnings of that migration. 
Also available for subscribers: Podcast #10 (38:10 worth) here.
Before we do, though, the “usual suspects” will be dealt with:  A few pertinent news events, and our odd graphical ways of considering the markets…

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