COVID, CPI, and Sordid Details

A couple of grim realities, before we get into this morning’s Consumer Prices report:  The first is that CV-19 is nowhere near “whipped” and secondly, although social distancing has  slowed the pace, that may give us some important insights into the American propensity to “jump the gun” (and in this case, the shark).

What are these data points (daily change rate in percent) messaging to Ure’s truly?

Well, for one, the green areas are spaced about  a week apart.  This means that the “social distancing” has had some impact  on weekends, but when we look at the mid-week rates, they haven’t come down as fast.  Which may mean  that “essential work”  being broadly defined could elongate the disease timeline.

The problem with this is the slowing (but seemingly for now, semi-stabilized rate) is  elongating the curve of the disease pass and – as a result – lengthening out the social impact.  The “fast burn” curve is shorter (time-wise) than the “slow burn” work-through.

Hand me a cocktail napkin, would you?  (Don’t whine, it is a 50% holiday in a lock-down period…)

Not following?  Well, my thinking goes like this:

  • When we thought the disease would be a “fast burn” people went into their homes right-away and hunkered.  Good people, nice people, toilet paper hoarding people…
  • However, with some sense now that social distancing works (duh). the rate of increase is coming down on the “slow path.”
  • But you see what that does?  Actually pushes the drive back to zero way out toward late summer…

This is what my FedEx driver tipped me to when he delivered a piece of machinery (lawnmower lift) Thursday.  “Yeah, people up in Tyler seem to all be out and about…there for a couple of weeks, traffic was light but now, almost back to normal…”

The notion was backed up by Elaine when she came back (spritzing everything in sight, including here credit card with Clorox...)  “Yeah, weird in town.  People all had no face covering and the store was really busy…”  She didn’t get out of the car and everything brought home went right to the disinfecting table before being allowed inside out “green zone…”  We may be old, but stupid is something we’re trying  to get over.

Almost without a doubt, the Chinese are watching with some delight because (armed and dangerous to their own people, as they are) they have a much “harder glove” when comes to telling people what to do, than us ‘Mericans.  They also have tighter borders and shoot crossers…

We keep looking out West for word that China will seize the initiative as “Military Warns of Coronavirus ‘Breakouts’ Aboard USS Nimitz...”  Which for the Chinese, if this is a bioweapon as some “conspiracy theories” hold, is frosting on top of “He Led a Top Navy Ship. Now He Sits in Quarantine, Fired and Infected.”  Referring to Captain Brett Cozier’s removal from command last week of the (also infected) carrier Theodore Roosevelt.

If China ever wanted a “window of opportunity” to take Taiwan, and that would just about scuttle the U.S. access to small electronic parts in the bug-after and nanometer-level devices do matter, well, this would sure be it.  Be braced for it…and when it happens, look for sequential “lock limit down” days in the market because you can’t out-print collapse.

My suggestion?  If the Chinese go for Taiwan, we ought to invade Canada (and Mexico) because that would end our border problems and the U.S. gov could finally clean up all the crap that’s been going on for years.  Turn-about is fair play, right?  We might lose micro chips, but at least toilet paper would be firmly under U.S. control again.  And I could finally live threat free on the beach at Perto Aventuras in QR.

(Boy, did  Mr. Cheerful get up on the wrong side of the spreadsheets?  Won-ton soup?)

Bias in the News?

Here’s a story titled “New Whitmer order bans ‘travel between residences,’ with a few exceptions.”

What pisses me off?  (besides almost everything?) When a political figure who is a democrat starts spouting orders like this, their party isn’t mentioned.  When a republican does anything, party is mentioned.  Same with “calling out the national guard” – another case where the dem’s got a pass but the conservatives didn’t.  Just saying:  We live in a manipuated world.

Speaking of which…

5G Manipulation

With all due respect to my buddy The Major who has done lots of work (40-years worth)  on subtle energy medicine, while the higher duty cycle of 5G is a close-in problem,, there’s also a big manipulation in play, according to a researcher:   Go  carefully read “Covid-19 link to 5G technology fueled by coordinated effort .”

Want a real shocker?  My ViaSat router puts out both 802.11 “normal” and it also has 5G active.  Which is a tiny bit faster.  Been using it for almost a year, works great, and no adverse effects….well, except for the brain damage and we don’t know if that’s a) from being male, b) being a republican (unlike Mitt Romney!), c) being an old fart, d) having two drinks to kill worms every day…


I never told you that joke?  Pappy delivered it when he gave me my first bottle of Scotch at age 15:

 “…so this older fellow tells his son “Go get us a couple of worms out of the garden…  Kid does  as told.  ‘Now watch this..’ says the fellow.  He dunks the worms in a shot of  booze and it promptly dies.  ‘What’s the lesson, son?‘  Boy pauses and thinks for a minute…”Drink whiskey and don’t have worms?”

(rim shot)  God, I love semi-holidays…OK, serious time, again:

Consumer Prices, Crossed Fingers

In a second, we’ll roll with the Consumer Price Index just out (conveniently, when the U.S. markets are closed).  But before we do that, a technical detail or two about how price information is collected during these unusual times.

“Survey operations for CPI pricing surveys may be affected by limitations on data-collection staff, the availability of survey respondents, and the availability of items. Note that CPI data are collected throughout the entire month. Specifically, any given price in the CPI sample is collected in one of three defined pricing periods, corresponding roughly to the first 10, second 10, and final 10 days of the month. BLS uses several data-collection modes for CPI surveys that include telephone, internet, and automated electronic data capture. However, the majority of data are collected by personal visit. About 65 percent of CPI price data and 50 percent of CPI rent data are typically collected by personal visit. This type of collection has been suspended since March 16, 2020. (It was suspended on March 5th in the Seattle area.)
What happens if BLS cannot collect CPI data? The percentage of prices in the CPI sample that may be unavailable, either because the outlet is closed or the item is out of stock, is expected to increase. When BLS cannot obtain a price either because of data-collection limitations or the item being unavailable, it will generally be considered “temporarily unavailable.” The CPI program has specific procedures for handling temporarily unavailable prices. Missing prices are generally imputed by the prices that are collected in the same or similar geographic area and item category. Essentially, the price movement of items that are not collected is estimated to be the same as those that are collected for a given item and geographic area. See the “Cell-relative imputation” section on page 20 of the CPI Handbook of Methods chapter for a brief technical discussion of this procedure. Note that this type of imputation is used in the CPI every month, especially in categories where response rates are relatively…”

Now, I don’t know about you, but around here, even Zeus the Cat knows that if you give a politically controlled government agency a chance to estimate, they will find some way to support normalcy bias and make the public think things are OK.

Un zo, says Ure (eyeing the whiteboard marker nervously), maybe we should take the figures that follow with a gain of salt.  Or, better, a shaker of salt, squeeze of lime, and a shot of Heradura Especiale. I did mention we’re in solitary and this is a semi-day-off, right?

“The Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers (CPI-U) declined 0.4 percent in March on a seasonally adjusted basis, the largest monthly decline since January  2015, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Over the last 12 months,  the all items index increased 1.5 percent before seasonal adjustment.

A sharp decline in the gasoline index was a major cause of the monthly decrease in  the seasonally adjusted all items index, with decreases in the indexes for airline fares, lodging away from home, and apparel also contributing. The energy index
fell 5.8 percent as the gasoline index decreased 10.5 percent. The food index rose  in March, increasing 0.3 percent as the food at home index rose 0.5 percent.

(These food prices is an utter crock of shit.  Remember my warning on estimations?  If you believe the food costs were only up 1/2-half of one percent, you need to call dial-a-shrink and sked some couch-time or get into rehab!  We couldn’t even get our organic milk and dumping of farm products is rolling now like it did in 1932-1933… Depression 2 is here!   Blame Covid all day long, this is a cylical depression so plant a friggin garden and deal with it, ok?)

The index for all items less food and energy fell 0.1 percent in March, its first monthly decline since January 2010. Along with the indexes for airline fares, lodging away from home, and apparel, the index for new vehicles declined in March.
The index for shelter was unchanged, with increases in the indexes for rent and  for owners’ equivalent rent offsetting the aforementioned decline in the index for lodging away from home. Indexes that increased in March include medical care, used  cars and trucks, motor vehicle insurance, and education.

The all items index increased 1.5 percent for the 12 months ending March, a  notably smaller increase than the 2.3-percent increase for the period ending February. The index for all items less food and energy rose 2.1 percent over the last 12 months. The food index rose 1.9 percent over the last 12 months, while the energy index declined 5.7 percent.

With no U.S. markets to diddle,  we come around the that most central of all economics questions:

If a market manipulator farts in the woods and the markets are closed, does it matter?”

“Huh?  What  ‘Manipulator?'”

Oh, didn’t you know?  Why, as part of this-here “National Emergency” there are rumors of the FedGov going out to buy our own bonds.  As detailed in the Gloomberg report “Fed Is Seizing Control of the Entire U.S. Bond Market.”

And rather obviously if they can jigger the bond market, they WILL jigger the stock market which brings us to trhe Trillion Dollar Lawsuit question:   Here, see how making up money is now well into double-digits?

Where is the Constitution does government (or the private but mostly cooperative Fed)  have the power to, in effect, bet against the people and manipulate prices?  They’re stealing honest price discovery just like the right to assemble and….sheesh!

It has never been disclosed in anything I’ve ever seen (and unlike congressoids, I do try to read stuff before making decisions) that says “Play the market?  Sure.  If you win too much on the short side, we will fix the market and bend you over. Greed is for our pals only, and you ain’t one of them Ure…”  (Neither are you, since congress long-ago was priced out of the range of working people.  K-Street or larger money is the minimum to buy perks…  Witness the hidden money in the stimulus…but I digress.)

File under “Financial Rapes of the Remnants of the American Middle Class.”  Next to earlier entries: 9/11 and The Housing Bubble.  Whee!!!

Well, whee now depart for breakfast, more in Peoplenomics tomorrow…

Be well, be hidden, be safe, be armed.

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    SQQQ – 3X Bear ETF
    2/20/20: 15.95
    4/9/20: 15.75

    TQQQ – 3X Bull ETF
    2/20/20: 114.70
    4/9/20: 54.67

    SQQQ BROKE EVEN. TQQQ LOST 52%. Shouldn’t SQQQ have gained 52% also. Needless to say, I don’t understand how these things work. Must be derivitives or something like that. Isn’t that what caused the banking collapse in 2008? I go with YES.

    PREDICTION: The next 5 trading days will be the greatest stock market week over week decline ever. More to come as my mind clears.

    NYC has more Coronavirus cases than any other country? SCAM? Of course, NY has the biggest SCAM ARTIST as their governor. Cuomo the Obnoxious. Their count is a scam; & everyone complains about China’s numbers. China is a saint compared to Cuomo & the rest of the Google’s running our country.

  2. George, et al,

    I’ve decided that instead of sharing some insight that I’ve had this morning after reading your column (assuming that I really had some insight to start with), I thought it would be better to leave everyone with a little bit of humor heading into the weekend…


  3. “………they have a much “harder glove” when comes to telling people what to do than us ‘Mericans.”

    Reminds me of the line in Neil Young’s song “Keep on Rockin’ in the Free World.”

    “We got a kinder gentler machine gun hand.”

  4. Good morning, I been thinking about The 5 G issue.

    When I was a kid we had Microwave Repeaters in Alaska. They wouldn’t cook any popcorn. They used to catch the TV signal and send it to the next station so we could watch Nascar and Lawrence Welc on the Black and White TV with tinfoil and coat hanger antenna. Of course evrything was on “Taped delay” back then.

    Used to jump my big wheel on home made ramps out of milk boxes. Didnt wear a helmet or anything.

    You think that 5G stuff is worse than the Microwave Repeaters?

    • (insert long, incomprehensibly detailed and laborious spectral power density discussion here, or just fwd the question to Hank in Hawaii for an answer…since he’s an SBE brother with more translator experience. No9w if you were troposphering the TV signal…)

      • Point to point TV relay microwaves are a watt or two at best… focused like a flashlight beam to the next link. It takes a thousand watt microwave in a resonant chamber to pop corn.

        I remember the videotape relay days! We got network programs on tape shipped to Hawaii and aired them a week late. When we were done the tapes got shipped to Alaska where they aired TWO weeks late for most network shows. Special satellite time shared among the three network stations here got the nightly news 1/2 hour here on a same-day basis. Wasn’t until 1982 or so that the networks lit up their own ‘birds’. Proud to say I was part of the team that brought same-day NBC network programming to Hawaii via our new satellite downlink.

        During the ‘tape days’ the only live satellite programming the station could afford was Sunday morning (Hawaii time) live football. Cost us over $2,000 per hour for satellite time… but the advertisers paid for it!.

  5. Re: Invade Canada

    While our experience with our neighbors south of the 49th Parallel has generally been positive (excluding that bit of nastiness 1812-1814 and the Fenian terrorists sent here in the years following the War Between the States) I wouldn’t count on a warm welcome if the US government launches an invasion of the Great White North, even here in Western Canada.

    Also, do your rulers really want a bunch of people who demand that their government pay for their health, it’s a bad example that they wouldn’t want. Who knows where that might lead, next Americans will be wanting the economy to serve the people instead of the current arrangement where the peons exist to serve the economy

    However, if you insist, we’ll be ready for you.

  6. I think this — (to over-simplify, the real thing has many additional variances and subtleties) :

    Let’s assume for a moment that for perfect and total immunity for the entire herd, that 100% of the members must get the bug.

    Some will die off, some will have very mild cases, but all the survivors will be immune.

    Now, the bug can spread slowly, or the bug can spread quickly; but eventually every member will be exposed.

    So, we end up with two population Bell curves, representing the number of those who “got it.” Way on the right side, it tapers off as the last members contract the bug. Way on the left side, it tapers up, as the thing is just getting started.

    Key Idea:
    The “fast” curve is much higher — “peakier.” The “slow” curve is much flatter — the peak is much lower, but much wider in time. THE TOTAL AREA of either Bell population curve is the same. The only difference is the length of time the worst part of the peak lasts. Ok. Got that?

    The reason the high peak is bad is that the numbers of simultaneously infected members are so high as to overwhelm the treatment facility.

    The longer, lower curve doesn’t outstrip the capacity of the treatment facility to handle all the simultaneous “peakers.”

    The trick is to slow, lower, and spread out the peak over time so that (theoretically) the largest number of members can be treated and survive, withOUT destroying the entire edifice of the barnyard.

    In all previous human pestilences, this kind of intervention in exposure rate (opportunity) was not done. Things progressed “naturally.”

    It’ll be interesting to see how this works out.

    We’re learning how to do this as OJT. On Nine-Eleven, nobody knew if the airways could quickly be cleared of all air traffic — it had never been done on a “right-now-emergency” basis before.

    Things will be learned from this virus extreme response, too. It’ll be interesting to see, with the perspective of a little time, what worked and what failed.

    …and what our collective tolerance is for long-duration inconvenience.

    • Second Go Round … Third Go Round … less tolerance, less compliance, move on, been there …done that … life continues on till it doesn’t …

      • Wow!!!!! Tx Gent!!! Good too hear!!!!!! Long time no talk!!!! Last time we spoke you were fixing your Jeep for offroad! Hahahhahahhahahha!

        Been a long long time! Hows your eyes??? Better??!!! Its been a very long time since someone called me Holey hand man! Hahaahhahahahhaha!

        “Nothing says I love ya like a .45!” HahaHHhah

        I’m sooo happy too see youR wOrds and heAR you are well!


    • Herd immunity does NOT require that every member of the herd acquire the infection (and develops immunity), it simply requires that enough of the herd have immunity to damp out the spread. This can be a surprisingly small percentage of the herd.

      While not every single individual (member of the herd) may be immune, the group as a whole has protection. This is because there are fewer high-risk people overall. The infection rates drop, and the disease peters out.

    • The millions who are losing jobs (soon to be 10’s of millions) are more than ‘inconvienced’ ! For now, I am a comfy white collar IT worker working from the pleasure of my nice FL home. However, I am not naive to believe that my job will not be on the chopping block at some point. People are focusing on the virus and not the devastation to the economy and financial system that will eventually effect the 99% of the people. Yes, it’s the economy. Note: we do not have until late summer to keep people in lockdown mode. My greatest fear is nothing to do with the virus but with the fact that everyone seems to be sleepwalking into a depression and civil war that will pretty much make any flu virus irrelevant. I am going to assume for my own sanity that that is not the plan!

  7. Now if you really want to see a serious problem, I was talking to old pal in Pennsylvania all liquor sales are through State Stores that are ALL CLOSED you want to talk about a panic!

    • “all liquor sales are through State Stores that are ALL CLOSED you want to talk about a panic!”

      Thats why I make my own jeff lol… you can get a beer kit off of amazon . Or wine..

  8. Deep State soldiers Fauci & Birx..

    – how much longer are the Sheeps going to Accept/Believe/Follow these 2 Traitards?
    Can hardly imagine the depravity/graft contained within their respective “reptile files” – can U say Pharmaceutical Mafia?

    Do either one of these “brainiacs” know what ZINC is?

    We need a Veterinarian who understands Herd Immunity and Para Immunity – Ivermectin in situ – what?

    2 million Fatalities from COVERT19.. H.F.S. Batman!

    umm 1 million Fatalities.. Wait, what?

    300K Fatalities.. UFKM?

    Now we are at 60k Est. Fatalities – soon to be REVISED DOWN AGAIN to 30K Fatalities – which is still way too high, imho.

    Overall Death rates are DOWN – way DOWN year over year – so far. That is one massive TURD in the punch bowl .

    Is anyone dying from Heart Disease, Pneumonia, Cancer,Accidents,Stroke in 2020 – Nope, its 90% Covert19 -BE AFRAID! BE VERY AFRAID!

    Yeah yeah but we got the stupid Goy to Lockdown and shelter in place.

    – Thereby:
    Stopping the largest Economy in modern history,
    Stopping Trump Rallies – Stopping Trump
    Stopping Demonrat Debates
    MisDirecting Attention AWAY from CLINTON Scandal(s), Obummer Scandal(s), Brennan Scandal(s), Comey Scandal(s).

    WHO benefits from the most from this I mean covert false flag?

    Schift, Malignancy, Chuckie – all shifty – ?is Who/what do they SHIFT Into? re: house of orange – queen beatrice

    Not only have Ure Zio Masters destroyed the economy – Their puppets birx and fauci have halted developing Herd Immunity for the Citizens of USA.

    All this to Coverup the BIGGEST SCANDAL in US political history!?!?

    “oohhh please save us from from the DEADLY COVERT19 Virus” – OK Boomers -never changes..

    ?Now that the Fed has everything under control – when does Treasury Nationalize All of Communist China’s US Treasury Bond holdings?..those bad boyz.

    D=4 J=10 T=20 – just some numbers and letters, no?

  9. I took the day off yesterday to think about stuff. Found this morning some missing notes off my phone. TV turns on when I walk by it or a light in another room. Just another day in the life of Andy.

    The economy issue is a seperate issue than the Virus. It’s like You can watch Hockey and Tennis on the sports channel. However, Hockey and Tennis are not related other than you can watch both on the Same TV Channel. They are apples and oranges.

    The Politicians want you to think they are related. They have different rules and different field if play. It’s kinda like someone says, wow that tennis match was horrible! We should blame it on the Hockey game just because their aired back to back on the same TV station.

    I see alot of that going on. Alot of it on the web and alot of it in life.

    Its sooo common of a Belief system that probably wont even make sense to many even on here. The Derivative issue has absolutely zero to do with Covid 19. Zero! The economic bubble collapsing had absolutely zero to do with Covid 19. Zero! Nada damn thing. The Just intime delivery system has absolutely zero to do with Covid 19. 7 months ago I pointed out to George that the Baltic Dry had started to turn downward. 7 fricken months ago.

    The trade war was BS. We have been in a cash bubble for 10 years!!!! Largest Bubble in the History of Stocks. Its collapse has absolutely nothing to do with HOCKEY OR TENNIS anymore than it has to do with Covid 19. And it was started Under OBAMA because that is when rates were dropped!!

    The housing bubble was created by Clinton and the “Affordable housing act.”

    It has NOTHING to do with Republican or Democrat. Look at the dude they have picked for Democrat nomination. Dementia pedo Joe Verses a billionaire Reality TV Show guy. This is the best we can come up with. Hahahahahahhahahaha!! I’m sure that this is Thomas Jefferson. Benjamin Franklin, George Washington and John Adam’s ideal Utopia for Humanity. This is why they fought the Red coats.

    If this ain’t WWE wrastling??? I dont know what is.

    what planet is this??? Is this some kinda prank reality????? Maybe I dropped a bad hit of Acid in the 80’s and I’m gonna wake up in the morning. I sure frickin hope so. We are Fked!

    At this rate????
    In 20 years its gonna be a Pokemon pikachu running against Count Chockula (from the cereal Box) for president.

    • Maybe those Microwave repeaters actually cooked our brains. Brains it’s what the zombies eat. More Brains! More Brains! It’s like everyone actually believes the TV show “Loony Toons” is actually real! We are all sitting around in our fruit of the loom undies with an afgan blanket over out shoulders that Grandma made eating a big bowl of cheerios with 6 spoons of sugar watching scooby doo on Saturday morning cartoons thinking this is real!!!
      Hahhahahaha! “If it wasnt for those modeling kids I would have got away with it.”


      FACK! HAHAHAHHhahah

      Que the song My sharona!


      Have a great day!

      • “Maybe those Microwave repeaters actually cooked our brains. ”

        Don’t try to cook your meals with them… doesn’t work..

    • The credit bubble was a preexisting condition. Whether it be in the form of loans or margin investing, conventional or unconventional, the economy was and is awash in bad credit risks. The virus was the initiating black swan event. The evictions and defaults being caused by the sudden spike in unemployment are indirect effects of the black swan. Whether the Covid-19 panic is based on something real or imagined is pretty much irrelevant at this point. The panic has happened. While the black swan is the pin-prick, all the other cascading failures are because of underlying economic malfeasance in a credit bubble economy. But make no mistake, the lay-offs were a direct result of the Covid-19 panic, and the stress applied to the system is unprecedented. The last time anything like this happened in this country was in the 1929 – 1932 period. The economy is circling the runaway credit deflation drain.
      You may want to look for employment involving agriculture. The closer you are to food storage and distribution, the more likely you are to avoid the effects of famine. Depressions and runaway credit deflation are associated with famines.

      • Ure right. (There is one of the George, the marching Cadance I mentioned) absolutely N. I sent a message to the HopE. I awaite their response, I believe I will recieve it Monday.

        I cracked the code on their rituals and symbolism. I sent a note to someone (hope I picked the right person) some of my understanding last night. Enough to warrent a response. They take time to mull stuff over before formulating a response. if they didnt I wouldnt value it or respect it and anything other than lip service. The longer they take it tells me the more thoughtful their response will be.

        I may relocate there permintly. I did notice the Uber rich and Elite are all going to Hawii in a mass migration.

        It’s called Paradise for a reason.

      • Very well said.

        One critique:

        ” the stress applied to the system is unprecedented. The last time anything like this happened in this country was in the 1929 – 1932 period.”

        AFAIK “bolshevic” is the only one of George’s readers who’s old enough to remember the Great Depression, so we really don’t know how bad it was.

        I DO know my grandparents, parents, and an uncle moved from the Coast to the Midwest because there was work, and there were no bread lines. Of course, that was also when Midwestern towns ran ~550 factories per 100,000 population, and now there are, like 12 per, so short of becoming Amish, there may be no escape this time around. I can’t picture serious farmers trading in their fleets of half-million-dollar tractors, to hire field workers…

      • Ray- I was thinking more along the lines of work a professional truck driver might be qualified to do. Storage and distribution of agricultural products are year around essential acitivities.

  10. When will they decide that we can come out of hibernation? What’s the end game? Even if we stay locked down for months, there will likely still be infected carriers walking around once they decide it’s OK to mingle again. Once it starts spreading do we go back into lockdown?

    • @ Fred

      As we all are hibernating , I see a shadow…is it me or is it……Punxsutawney Phil…….as the ‘masters’ laugh their ass’s off…….4 years of pavlov events…….BUT…the big question arises…IF we are allowed to go outside while having to wear a mask(mandatory)…does this face covering interfere with …FACIAL RECOGNITION…….such a dilemma for the ‘masters’……..

      • “does this face covering interfere with …FACIAL RECOGNITION”

        One could ensure same, by interweaving an occasional lead thread, and a few strands of gold or silver lamé. That should be enough to jack with any FR-cam and prevent it from “seeing” through the mask…

    • “What’s the end game?”

      What makes you think the game ever ends?
      It just goes on and on …..

    • Forced vaccination with BG’s secret STUFF……and “your papers please”………mass homogination…….that is the way you drink
      your milk or you won’t get any pudding!……or peas….what is it the borg say…”resistance is futile”…… the force Luke!

    • Total control, nanochipped vac cines, travel restrictions (certificates) and endless lies….it’s not about saving people. These are all false choices we are being shown. Is this the future for your children? Digital slavery or freedom……choose wisely

  11. You may be confusing two different 5G notations. Your home router can use (currently) two bands. 2.5Gig and 5Gig, within those two bands different modulations can support different speeds, both support versions of the different available speeds using multiple channels. In the US 2.5 only supports 3 different bands (1, 6, 11) that do not overlap. Within the 5Gig band I think there are close to 25 20Mhz bands which can be combined into 40, 80, or 160MHz bands for improved speeds. 2.5GHz can have lots of noise, potentially microwaves and other IOT things that use that band, 5Ghz so far has much less interference though will not travel as far.

    5G cellular stands for 5th Generation cellular. Has exactly nothing to do with your home wireless router. 5G cellular improves modulation standards for higher throughput with the same 4G wireless bands and opens up the use of very high frequency bands for use, though these have very low distance coverage and will likely only be deployed in congested city locations. Very little high frequency bands are yet deployed, though most carriers are already implementing the improved modulation standards on their existing infrastructure.

  12. Why did the navy ships not go immediately into some kind of germ warfare mode? It sounds like they kept having shore leave until someone got sick. Probably still are.

  13. Anyway that’s enough out of me for a while. I need a long break from all this stuff. I need too send an email to a group and say Hi. I dont know how to best approach it to if its prudent that I even do so. Perhaps a long walk will help clear the mind.

    This site is the only one I will keep an eye on from time to time. I need to do some research on some stuff.

    Some simple math for ya:

    Politics + Virus doesn’t = Economy
    Politics + media × Virus doesnt = Economy.

    Bankd + Politics × Media = virus scapegoat. Not economy.

    Politics × Media + Banks + (scape goat ie: virus, WMD, terrorist attack, or any other distraction) = Oppertunity to steap your money and blame scapegoat.

    Politics + Media+ Banks = Lieing. Cheating and stealing.

    Do the math.

    Have a great day!

    • Everyone knows this one:

      Lawyer + angry wife and kids = very expensive divorce.

      This is simple math.

      Rich people + politicians +Banks + Corporation owned media × 24/7/365 = $1200 check for you and Trillions of dollars for them.

      That’s like this:

      Fare trade:

      I will trade you one of these super fancy crome air pressure cap for a Lamborghini Diablo. I mean this thing will fit any size tire. It’s not one of those cheep tire pressure caps. This one is chrome! See how shiney it is??!!!!

      And everyone in the United states says ohhhhhhh ahhhhhhh wooooowwww ok deal!

      Guy handing the cap over says as he is getting in the Lamborghini,
      hey, Watch out for that virus. American people. Oh the virus. I better run and do my “shelter in place.” Good idea says the guy as he drives off in his brand new Lamborghini.

      • “$1200 check for you and Trillions of dollars for them. ”

        Dan Gilbert is the real estate big fish in Detroit. When the economic storm began, Dan immediately gave his commercial tenants April, May and June waived rent.

        Altruistic, right?

        All the other LLs who can’t afford to give free rent will most likely lose their tenants to economic devastation. With tenants gone, the LLs will lose the buildings.

        Dan retains his tenants and will be able to buy-up the buildings that don’t have tenants, sometime next year.

        (I don’t think tenants will be beak soon because this recession was a surprise capital grab).

        Big fish eats little fish. Dan is a shrewd businessman. He will take while projecting himself as a savior.

        It’s a constant consolidation of power.

  14. You don’t have to invade Canada, our part time drama teacher running this country will bankrupt us shortly. Even with this pandemic he is still giving money to promote feminism around the world and increases our taxes on April 1st for a fake Cabon tax. When us Canadians start paying over 65% income tax maybe the sheep will wake up. Also, don’t worry about western Canada, they are just your version of Texas before the demecrats from Cali started moving there.

  15. * Meanwhile in a house located somewhere in Pennsyltucky – going on 3rd week of shelter in place/lockdown, a mind on fire argues with itself about posting video of his alter ego frolicking in the park during lockdown..the Pink Man!!!

    warning contains profane language:

  16. To-day, for some reason, I seem to like your column especially well. However, I still wonder, that with YOUR experience and age, you still differentiate among “Demos vs, Repuks?” Both are politicians!!!

    All politicians are ONE party (against US!), IMHO, of course ;-)

    Next, humans have lived w/o a “stock market” for how long? They can continue to thrive w/o a “stock market” again, if need be.

    • “All politicians are ONE party (against US!), IMHO, of course ;-)”

      From my perspective… I actually don’t believe they are against us. Just like I dont believe the puppeteers originally were against us.
      They all were swayed lulled into how they do things. Fast money a fast life lots of gifts. They live in the bubble..
      The things they do they justify that it’s for the betterment of the people.

      • “All politicians are ONE party (against US!), IMHO, of course ;-)”

        O.K. I’ll modify my stance — should have written “out for themselves & large Contributors.” There, sounds better.

    • …Not necessarily AGAINST us, just FOR themselves. I continuously marvel at the wisdom of our Founding Fathers, who deliberately created a government which could pass laws only with difficulty. We, the Ignorant, often whine because “government” never seems to do anything important, which is also for the good of the PEOPLE, but that was by intent.

      That’s why I also continually mourn Congress which, to circumvent a Constitution specifically designed to limit its power, has abrogated much of that power to the Executive, to get the stuff done by Bureau and Agency that it is specifically prohibited from doing through Law.

      I have no more problem with Mr. Trump possessing tremendous power than I did, Messrs Obama, Bush, Clinton, etc. Less, in-fact, because Mr. Trump has been much less detrimental to the Constitution and the proper function of EOP than most other Presidents. I have an issue with some members of Congress, and their hack-allies, attempting to limit that power now that it’s wielded by a person whose intent is to tear down the (illegal and immoral) playhouse Congress has been building for itself since Cleveland was da Prez…

  17. Concurring with Joe there, 5Ghz isn’t the main problem, we have adapted to that as they’ve been on routers for quite some time. (although wireless always has some biological effects)

    The bigger issue is 60Ghz on the newer hardware(5G) affecting oxygen uptake….
    “At 60 GHz, Oxygen molecules in the atmosphere interact with the RF signals to cause significant attenuation. Due to this attenuation the 60 GHz band is not a good frequency to use for long-range radar or communication applications. At 60 GHz O2 can cause an attenuation of up to 10 dB/km.”

    So it’s all a big experiment, effects on us (and birds and bees) unknown….

  18. George

    “If China ever wanted a “window of opportunity” to take Taiwan,”

    Very worrisome!

    If I was the leader of Taiwan I would let it “Leak” out that they had a couple of Nuke in their arsenal. Obtained from who knows where? Maybe even let it leak that they had one smuggled into China and waiting to pop if the Chinese try anything.

    Who knows, maybe they do!

    If I remember correctly I read something like that in a Dale Brown novel.

  19. George, of course the Fed is quasi-“seizing” the Bond Market. Otherwise the entire house of cards would collapse, and hello Great Depression 2.
    Can’t do that; Trump won’t get reelected.
    BTW, wouldn’t it be nice to have back that $2 trillion the conservatives put on the national debt for the 1% to buy stocks and for companies’ stock buybacks? We deficit subsidized the stock market, and it collapses. So much for trickle down. So much for beefing up for a rainy day. Now we have to socialize their losses. Well done conservatives. Best, Mike.

      • Mark, nobody went on vacation and made you Editor…

        The point regarding the above is Mike is so out of touch, he’s got to be the only person on the planet who believes Nancy Pelosi is a “conservative.” Being out of touch, and only able to make a statement when he constructs a fictitious straw-man and tears it down, renders any political commentary he makes, both worthless and moot.

  20. It is interesting that Sweden is perhaps the only country that is not on lock-down, while receiving extreme pressure from the WHO (World Pharmaceutical Organization) to obey and follow the rules. This is a global coup, and amazing to watch how world leaders all fall into line. Let’s see if Sweden can hold out from all the pressure. Oh, and people are not dropping like flies.

    They throw these scary numbers up on the TV screen everyday, while calling just about every death COVID-19, and the numbers are still far less than seasonal flu influenza fatalities. Oh yes, of course, they tell us this is because of the draconian measures being taken — while forcing millions out of work, along with imploding the global economy.

  21. You know what would be an interesting story George. A time traveler from today visits the year 1950. Then tells everyone there that the President is a former TC star, and almost starts WWIII in a Twitter exchange, that Charmin TP is more valuable than Gold or Money. That some chinaman are a Bat and got a disease that kills grandma’s and Grandpa’s. The whole world freaks out and shuts down all the businesses for 4 months. Nobody goes to any kind of church at all because the chinaman and the bat disease.

    Everone trusts the Banks, politicians and all the US Citizens give up their constitutional rights.

    The government gives 6 trillion dollars to Big companies and the Bankers and Everyone stays home, watches it on TV and dont say a word.

    Wonder what the people in 1950 would think??? Think they would believe the Time Traveler?????

    • Dupont pumped 1.7 million Tons of PFOA between 1951 and 2003 into the atmosphere known to be the leading cause of 6 different kinds of cancers. HOW come we werent all wearing masks then?????????

      Do you know they allow paint thinner in making cereal???? How come they allow Floride in public water but on tooth paste is says, “Poisen, Do not swallow!” They pump millions of gallons of that into our water and we lap it up and they dont say anything about how bad it is for ya.

      The whole bottled water industry is becasue our tap water is poisoned.

      But Those Politicians care about health when it comes to a chinaman eating Bat disease. Best practice scocial distancing and shut down all buisness.

      Maybe I am crazy. Maybe Politicians and Bankers really care . Maybe our Constitutional rights should be taken away because some crazy Asian dude didnt cook his bat meat good enough.

      Maybe it has nothing to do with hundreds of thousands of small businesses going bank rupt while the biggest Heist that has ever been pulled in the world is going on. That’s crazy talk. Best put some bleach on it. Squirt! Squirt!

      Ahhhh much better. Good thing we got Trump at the Helm. Watching out for us. If he wasnt the president?? I start to think the world just got hornschwaggled.

      Trump’s got my Vote! Hell yeah! Any day now I will get my shiney new air valve cap. I cant wait to brag to all my friends! It’s like getting a prize at the bottom of a cracked jack box.

      Yeah. I’m gonna put on my mask and go sit at home and watch Netflix and chill.

      Next thing ya know we will all be afraid of the air.


      • I’m probably warped in my thinking. I’m sure the truth is on Fox news or CNN.

        Thank God our Politicians are on their A game and looking out for us little people. That is why we voted them into office. So they would spend our tax money on what’s really important!

        Sorry for the Rant. All is well.

    Total cases: 465 (23 newly reported)
    Hawai’i County: 31
    Honolulu County: 343
    Kaua’i County: 19
    Maui County: 66
    Pending: 4
    Residents diagnosed outside of Hawai‘i: 2
    Required Hospitalization: 43
    Hawaii deaths: 8
    Released from Isolation: 284
    Cumulative totals as of 12:00pm, April 10, 2020

  23. I think “they” are settling on a UBI of 2K a month. I was wondering how they’ll squash the black market.

    2K UBI + 2K BM activity = pretty good bank.

    Now Fauci talks introduces the pinch-point. Would you allow a plumber in your house who could possibly infect and kill your family? No, you want a Certified Healthy person. .

    Papers, please! Covid-19 ‘immunity cards’ may be required of Americans, Fauci says

  24. Good evening George

    This afternoon I responded to Andy after he responded to my post in William of the radio ranch earlier post. Is there a reason it didn’t make it out of your moderation? I’ve known Andy since the first year of the WebBot Forum and it was an innocent salutation to an old forum friend. Wish you had posted it in a timely manner …

    • Hey dude. Big blue is cray cray, you! Remember when I had the handle BlackeyedBetty and everyone thought I was a chick from Turkey?? Jive Turkey!!! ROTFLMFAO!

      Well, here we are now and lady liberty got her black eye. Or is it Lady Justice? Which ever one has the clock with the 12 digets on it.

      Cyclical spiral. Ever notice how spiritual has the word spiral in it?

      George has my permission to give my email address. Speaking of which/witch.

      Ray you have mail old man!


  25. Wow. Has the Clinton Clan escaped from New York?

    Sorry I missed the party but I still have a day job, for now anyways. I watched the news this evening with the sound turned down and my vision was seared by Mr. Trump’s tie. A gift?

    If it takes folks’ minds off Contessa Pelosi being third in line for the American throne, The Telegraph has come to the rescue with a not yet gone-viral report from LA that the couple formerly known as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have filed papers in America to conduct charitable activity under the moniker of “Archewell” which apparently is derived from Greek, and inspired the naming of their son, as opposed to the crowned pretender J. Jones.

    This period of self-isolating is really quite contagious in media matters. There is little to no mention of things going on in the wider world outside north america. Maybe the whole world is on “pause”, or perhaps we are now encircled within the great firewall of america? Chip in your Tencents, anyone?

    One can live in hope that captains of industry – correction, financial wizardry – the 1%, will bless the bleating masses with an audience, alms and words from the burning bush to all us L’il Abners on the potions and notions necessary to jump-start the Capitalist Collossus from under the shadow of a knacker’s cart. A little splash of Zoomed verbal support would surely spur the cogs to keep on keeping on.

    And then out of the blue The Easter Bunny jumped down a rabbit hole…

    • Yasureyoubetcha!!!!

      I saw all the uber rich and elite are flying to Hawii.

      That Dawn Christ (psychic of the stars) said to go there because it was one of the only safe places on earth.

      I reckon the Hopi might disagree. Ohhhh as I typed that the sun burst through the clouds. Coool! They claim their land is the center of the Universe. some say they got a space ship burried under their property. I know where the scared spot is but I’m not telling. I cant it wont let me.

      I gave George a Hint.

      Everyone keeps asking me about Hawaii. Mother Shipton and Edgar Cayce say, it’s not a good idea.

      When I was leaving the Hopi rez last sunday, it was weird the plains/planes can play tricks on your eyes. You can see for miles and miles. Roads go straight with nobody on them for mile and miles. I was looking off in the distance and the clouds looked like snow caps on mountain peaks. I shook my head and they looked like white caps on waves. Waves as High as the Sun.

      7000 foot elevation with the Grand Canyon as a moat. Probably one of the safest places to be if there is a pole flip. Logically.

      I was sitting in the rose atrium at the Palm Desert civic park the day before yesterday and meditating and when I opened my eyes all the little rose bushes looked like little native children around me. Had to shake my head on that one too. I dont talk much when in meditating. I just ask, “please help me see, please show me, please help me to understand. ” then whatever happens happens. If I get nothing??? Atleast I’m showing God I’m willing to listen.


    EVERYONE in China has a cellphone.  They are required for various health and social monitoring, banking, etc.  It is virtually impossible to do anything in China without a cellphone as your certified “Real ID”.  It is near impossible to cancel your cellphone account there.

    So now there are 21 million FEWER cellphones in China compared to before the virus.  Suggesting 21 million fewer users.  There is your real death count

    • and if you read some of the blogs from citizens there.. it is still going strong..

  27. just told moriarty and kern what to do .. yep they treat the old bulls like sheet .. Richard Russell would turn in his grave .. thank heavens for brother George .. id be lost .. no not really .. but I love George .. never judged me after 25 years .. a constant of strenghth and discipline

  28. George: 5G, as pertaining to 5th generation cellular, has NOTHING to do with 5G on your router. With your router/wifi we are talking 5 GigaHertz. With 5th generation cellular, they are talking millimeter waves, which, if you do the math, pencils out to 60 GigaHertz. The two are about as unrelated as can be.

    5th generation cellular also uses new modulation schemes.

    Regardless, what people fail to comprehend is this… signals at 60 GHz and up are highly attenuated. It will NEVER blanket the country like 4G-LTE does (AT&T uses 700 MHz for longer range, as does Verizon, and T-Mobile uses 700 and 600 MHz bands for longer range). In real-world tests of some of the first 5G cellular in Chicago, they found in the front of a coffee shop they could get higher speeds, but stepping 30 feet further into the building so attenuated the signal that 4G-LTE was faster. 5G is supposed to bring gigabit bandwidth to ever cellphone.

    The only way to make 5G cellular work is with a micro-cell every 150 feet. Clearly this can only be done in cities, and even there the cost will be astronomical. There is no practical way to extend this out to the country, or even the less affluent suburbs.

    Take note that the average cell phone tower ranges from 120 to 300 feet tall, and you’ll begin to see that the people lighting cell towers on fire are accomplishing nothing. Those are 3G, 3.5G, and 4G-LTE towers.

    The uneducated masses are easily swayed though.

    Joe K.

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