Easter Around the Ranch

While we wait for what seems like a Wave 2 rally to complete, a look at what life’s really like around here.  Sure, people talk about wanting to get back to simpler times, but when comes down to it, are you sure that getting reacquainted with sweat is something you’re interested in?

I mean a lot of people are quite happy going to work for the 40-70 hour workweek, as long as there’s an open latte stand along the way…

Nowadays, with fewer stands open, the simpler life may beckon,. but is it for you?

Podcast 17 is here, and on it, m y long-time friend Gaye Levy gives some perspective on how things are in Arizona.

Mainly, though, this is a kick-back weekend.  Work on the garden, and as you’ll see, a lot of plain old work that goes into living apart from those disease-carrying critters we all are learning to fear:


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67 thoughts on “Easter Around the Ranch”


    Once the sock market realizes entire cities are being shut down, professional sports leagues are on pause, borders are closing & and millions of people found themselves without jobs almost overnight, panic will set in – RECESSION. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin is saying unemployment could hit 20%. Stores are allowed to only let in 20% of maximum capacity. People are going stir crazy & tempers will flare, especially if you are running out of food & supplies. The era of “GOOD & PLENTY” is on pause. 15 thousand cars waiting in line at food banks! Food stores restocking at a limited pace…supply chain breaking down.

    • @NC

      and the good news is????????

      this will last for 2-4 more months….since the government always lies….and 2019 is going to be considered as the ‘good old times’….only pain and suffering in the future….no matter what Mark from San Francisco, tells us….DEBT DEBT DEBT,,,,a dollar crisis is coming down the track….better get off of the rails….Gold and Silver..(5000 year track record)….cryptos if you dare…….good luck and may God bless all that venture to this site….Semper Fi

  2. Have you noticed………..

    MSM and the officials.. it will be business as usual in a very short time.. now are they lying.. or will that be the nail….
    In the end its all about numbers on a piece of paper and the velocity of how it moves….
    JMHO but I kind of thought that that would be how it will roll.. trying to keep the system going.. and those in the real power realize that the economy is put on hold.. their number sequences are all going to be tossed to the winds of change ..


  3. Now we know why we can’t use China Virus because it has to be Covid19 (Certificate of Vaccination ID 2019). Show your papers!

    • Successful vaccinations against a coronavirus are nearly impossible. No success has been shown against the common cold – all real vaccinations resulted in death of the hosts weeks later. The same is true of SARS-1. Yes, there were vaccinations, and apparently they led to the massive death toll early on after the SARS-2 release. Vaccines are not trivial – you’re messing with one of the most complex systems in the body. For some reason, our government chose to give the vaccine makers immunity from lawsuits.

      I don’t see any clear path forward from this mess unless we’re given a reprieve from the Almighty. We (humans) made this mess and will have to either deal with it or live with it. It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature.

      God willing, there will be a way through. I plan to visit the northeast some time during summer, if it’s possible to get around restrictions on travel. IMHO, it’s essential, but convincing others is more difficult. It seems that Texas(at least) is considering reopening the economy. I still believe in masks and reasonable distancing most of the time, but everyone needs to be productive. People need to touch in order to couple up – that’s obvious.

      The media could be a bit more useful. Instead of hearing that we should wash our hands every 20 minutes or so, how about suggesting that available time should be put to productive use! Find a need and fill it, etc! Think for yourself and make your time pay!

  4. RAEF and Amuart !

    “Covert19 is 10 times more lethal than seasonal flu” – dr fauci testifying before CON-gress March 11, 2020

    Uncle G – if in U were a “public health official”, U could splain to the mephistophelean press, and the atrocious birx,adams, fauci et al Exactly what Vitamin D3 is – What it does in the human body, how our bodies manufacture D3 via SUNLIGHT.

    Once D3 explained – U would further point out that darker skin tone peeps(Black/Brown/Mocha) have a REDUCED ability of D3 manufacture due higher Melanin levels in skin.

    The same principal applies to Elder Care types living in community settings – greatly reduced exposure to SUNLIGHT – thereby greatly reducing D3 levels in bodies, similar reduced sunlight exposure problem living in a Citay.

    NOW U know why “THEY” want you INSIDE – OUT of the SUNSHINE!

    EASTER – The SUN WILL Rise..dark to light

    POTUS said from the very beginning – “Hydroxychloroquine IS A Game Changer”. Orangemanbad even brought up ZINC.

    • @ eastcoast

      YOU do see their evil plan….not many / enough do…and that will be THE ‘game over’ changer…..Biblical it will be as proclaimed….take care

  5. Good morning George and Everyone. I pray for all of you daily. I really do. It takes me about 10 minutes every day to petition God for health, wellness and Prosperity in these times for everyone on my mental list. I pray for people who cant stand me, dislike me, have a different concept of God, call me names, or who have screwed me over, and I pray for the people I lke, our nation and our world. I pray for justice and for those who betray, lie and cheat humanity to stumble in their words, confess their evil schemes and be found out. I prayed for Clif even when he said Christian’s should get punched and kicked in the stomach. I still pray for him and the reminder of those on the WBF. Daily. It only take 10 minutes out of the day. As the day goes on anyone who pops in my mind, I pray for them. Many who dont even know I pray for them.

    I been listening to Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky symphony number 2 and then 6 this morning. Someone asked me the other day,

    Where does service begin? I answered, In the beginning of inconvenience.

    What time does service start? In the shadow of darkness.

    I walk around the condominium place I am staying where I sleep on an air mattress, and i pick up all the cigarette buts and trash in the parking lot, every morning when everyone is sleeping.

    I have been doing stuff like this ever since I had my 9th NDE back in 2000. I dont ever tell anyone but a few have noticed.

    I guess my point is, do something to make the world a better place. Even something small. That nobody knows you did it. Because my friends As Abovs and So Below is true. As within so without. We are butterfly effect makers. Everything we do changes everything in Heaven (above us) . Do I know who left that cigerette but or that other one on the ground? Nope! Do I stand in the court yard of the Condo complex and announce what a great guy i am for picking others careless mess? Nope! Do i gripe while doing it??? Nope! I pray for the place i live silently asking for peace and understanding to all who are there. I had a guy call me a F-ing idiot a couple days ago in the parking lot. Then when he saw me at 4am walking around picking up trash he came out and said, I’m sorry man. I didnt know you worked here. I said I dont. I just pick up all the trash in the parking every morning so we it looks nice. You know what he did??? He walked with me and picked up cigerette buts and trash too. We didnt even talk but at the end he said thank you. I been so stur crazy. I feel much better now. Have a good day.

    I feel like easter there will be a massive quake. Armistice day has come up alot too. I’m going to cash my tiny check and I will get a prepaid Visa card for $40 and subscription to the Peoplenomics.

    Have a great day.

      • Thank you. I’m going to do a YouTube video. Nothing fancy. Just my voice. If I can figure it out. I will prepare something in writting first before I do it.

        I found an old journal and I’m going to go sit in the middle of a Royal Palm Tree farm. Perhaps something insightful is in it. And maybe not. I dont rememeber what I wrote in it back in 2010.

    • If you are going to insist on policing the butts and trash, wear gloves (and maybe a mask), and disinfect thoroughly afterward. I know you have been doing this routine for 20 years, but you really need to sit down and think through the potential consequences. Can you get virus treatment through the VA?

      I wish Clif was still publishing. His PM predictions were so reliably bad, that they made a good alternative safety check on metals transactions. Consistently wrong 80%+ is more useful than a talking head who is right 51.23% of the time.

      Put in a good word for us all this holiday.

      • Lol. I am not afraid of the Virus silly. Thanks for your positive concern tho.

        I have a better chance of getting struck by lightning twice than dying of the chinaman bat disease.

        Current count is: 107,775 current Covid Deaths

        There is 7.53 billion people on the planet.

        You have a 0.00142098273572 % of dieing from the Corona Virus.

        Doesnt anyone do any math anymore. Lol or does everyone just suscribe to the Hype. There isnt a day that I dont ask myself. What planet am I on????

        You have a better chance of a plane falling out of the sky and hitting your house than you do catching the Corona Vitus and dieing. You best get some camera around the house and point them at the sky! Ohhh look!!! Nope! Just a bird. Stand by the door and keep your hand on the handle. A plane could fly by your house and crash any minute.

        Thanks, but I will take my chances. I’m not worried.

      • It’s simple math really what percent of the world population is the amount that died.

        Fyi: in 2015 a total of 53 million people died in the world and nobody stayed home and wore masks.


      • Andy- The odds of you catching the virus are dependent on where you are and what you are doing. There are very few cases in my immediate vicinity, but limited places to shop. While all of Texas is in some degree of lock down, the nearest metro area to me is a virus community transmission hotspot with geometric virus growth, in a hard lock down.
        Other factors which might affect the odds are coming into bodily fluids from a lot of transients, like say that found on cigarette butts in a parking lot frequented by out of towners. Cigarette smokers are in the high risk category, by the way. Risk factors are chained together as multipliers. You chain enough risk factors together, and suddenly your risk is 1.0, not 10EE-09.
        Read up on normalcy bias.

    • Thank you Andy! I’m sure many of us appreciate your posts. Some do and some don’t. I do! You reminded me of the old Boy Scout idea of doing a good deed each day. Definitely a worthy use of time. Humility and appreciation certainly enhance one’s life, and perhaps others’.

      I’m glad you’re subscribing. I find PN to be quite valuable in my life and will be renewing next month. Even if it wasn’t(though it really is), it’s allowing George to continue sharing his unique insights and perspective with all of us.

    • Hi Andy, I get the impression that you like to write. What is your idea about Jesus’ statement “the father and I are one” as applying to all of us and not just to him, except this being misinterpreted?

      P.s. Personally, I have doubts that God answers prayers; But to each his/her own ;-). Sorry if unable to answer because laptop acts up ;-((.

      • Some things you have to answer for yourself. Some things I have already answered. This one I have addressed several times.

        Thank you.

      • “P.s. Personally, I have doubts that God answers prayers; But to each his/her own ;-). ”

        All I can say is my prayers have been answered..
        I personally have no doubts..

      • I think we need to think about prayer in a different way than we do.

        God answers prayer, but in His own way. Maybe the answer is NO.

        This may not be the right time for our plea. Maybe something needs

        to happen first. Maybe our answer requires us to do something first.

        Maybe we need to add “for the good of all concerned” to our prayer.

        What about making sure that our slate “is clean” before approaching


        There’s a lot to consider when it comes to prayer.


        or to

      • I dont think about it as serving. I just do the next right thing until I become the next right thing. I dont even really think of it like that. I just do it I dont concern myself with this or that or consciously making a choice to please God or not, it’s not a matter of moral or ethics or any of that. I dont desire a reward or want anything even recognition. I just it because it’s in front of me to do. I dont even think about it. It’s just part of who I am.

      • Interesting. Andy is serving those who stand & wait, the ones disabled by their insensitivity & hopefully opening their eyes.

    • Thank you very much, Andy. You are spiritually connected in a very strong way, although I do worry about you. I did love the tale about the cowboy manifesting in the room where you were meditating, where he appeared twice. Thank you for your prayers. We all certainly need them. I believe that most here appreciate your posts. NM Mike, Ray, the Major, and so many others regularly post profound comments that resonate in George’s blog. What a great service George provides. Thank you, again, for relating your insights, and thanks to all who post their thoughts on this forum. It helps us all.

      • Thank you Nancy. Love you too!

        As two what George said Above. That is the Key. Well said.

        One of the medications I do while working with the Level is I think serenity as I inhale deeply through my nose and think fear as I exhale through my mouth. In serenity…. out fear.

        Some peace in and fear out. But piece is also peace and I dont want partial comfort and I’m not asking for a piece of fear in me. So I ask for serenity.

        See I could pray for money but the core issue I’m struggling with is doubt. Doubt finds its root in fear. Serenity the polar or duality or opposite of fear.

        Fear and Serenity do not mix. Fear and Serenity can not occupy the same object.

        So I bring serenity in as I’m dumping fear out. Until all the fear has been expelled and the only thing that remains in me is serenity.

        That what we ask for first. God grant me the Serenity (not piece) –>> to accept what I can not change –>>the Courage —>> wisdom.

        Serenity leads to Acceptance leads to courage leads to wisdom.

        Wisdom gets ya paid. Lol

    • Do you remember when I met the Egyptian Jesuit priest at Walmart? Your name just reminded me of him.

      Whooooaaa my car just started shaking….

  6. Here’s my take on where we are going post pandemic.

    After 911 we gave up many of our privacy rights for good…Now we are about to take those intrusions to our privacy to a different level.

    After 911, Americans accepted some government surveillance as a price they were willing to pay to forestall more terrorist attacks. This tremendously increased the powers and reach of the NSA.

    I can argue that 911 opened up the door to social media. Social media is mostly about data collection.

    Consider the USA Patriot Act…Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act of 2001. The law, more than 300 pages long, sailed through Congress seven weeks after the attacks with scant dissent. It quickly became a sort of shorthand for government abuse and overreaching of our personal data.

    The Patriot Act undeniably expanded the government’s surveillance powers and the scope of some criminal laws. Social media is a surveillance of our buying habits and personal tastes.

    After revelations concerning the warrantless wiretapping of international communications, Congress largely endorsed the program. Those legal changes, joined with striking advances in technology, have allowed the government broad ability to gather information.

    Fast forward to today….the new term is CONTACT TRACING. Contract tracing is based on an obvious idea: people in close contact with someone who has COVID-19 are at risk of getting sick. The process isn’t easy. When a person gets sick, they are then interviewed by public health officials and asked who has been exposed to them. Then they take that list and fan out to ask those people either to pay close attention to how they’re feeling or to quarantine. If a person who was exposed is infected, their recent contacts will be tracked down, too. The process continues until everyone who’s been exposed is out of circulation.

    Technology used by the US contact tracing strategy going forward may use cellphone data, for example. Today, Google and Apple announced that they are building a system to let phones use Bluetooth data to track when they’re near each other. If someone tests positive for the virus, they could tell the app, which will then notify all of the people whose phones were nearby.

    So, in essence, we will be able to be tracked based on our movements via Bluetooth…a true Orwellian big brother we will allow, because just like 911, we will be willing to accept this intrusion for the better good of beating a virus…Except, like social media, consumer based technology companies will find a way to monetize that technology, the way social media monetized NSA surveillance. Contact tracing would definitely be a incredible application to track the behavior of migratory patterns of people down to the block group. This makes it a valuable tool for commercial developers to track foot traffic real time. Uber, Lyft, Door Dash and many package delivery companies already are using this technology. But tracking all of us? Yikes.

    Gone will be the criminal interrogation rooms where they ask the question. “Where where you on the night of April 10th?” Contact tracing will already know. Are we ready to accept this next encroachment of our civil liberties?

  7. Podcast comments:

    -Euphoric is the word you were looking for to describe the Wave 2 peak mood.
    -Try Kroger for beef. It’s not that I really lik’em, but you do what you gotta do to eat well.
    -I am concerned about offspring bringing home a special gift to grandma and grandpa for holiday dinner, reigniting the bug statistics. It is innocent travel which is spreading the virus, especially by public transport. Carry hand sanitizer in the auto, and use it on your hands and doorknobs when you exit and return to the vehicle. I now have a set of designated townie shoes I use for trips which stay in the garage in between, and the soles of which get disinfected with Clorox solution when I return from a trip to ANY public place. Don’t use a religious holiday as an excuse for complacency, or just plain stupidity.
    -The real danger of famine comes from the effects of credit deflation, not direct virus effects.
    -Don’t put all your eggs in the freezer basket. You need canned wet, dry, and FD supplies. If you think you need more, it is best to get your name in the hat for a back order shipment. If the perception by enemies is that the virus isn’t doing the job fast enough, a false flag EMP would speed things up.
    -You might have been a kook hoarding beans and bullets four years ago when you stocked up on 25 year canned prep goods and ammo, but now you are just justified. If you are trying to buy now, you may well be SOL, but it is worth trying.
    -Be a survivor, not an armchair prepper or survivalist.

    Side notes:
    -The conspiracy theories I am hearing in the comments seem to be right-justified normalcy bias at work. Mark seems to be regressing now that he has taken a hit. Don’t take this as a vote in favor of state-enforced home detention for healthy innocents, because it isn’t. Putting the whole economy on ice because doctors are skeered has morphed into a partisan psychopathic rampage. Other countries are telling people to put on masks and gloves, and go about their business, and it is working. Individuals and businesses can work out who can work from home, and who can’t.
    -Supply line issues are going to be around for a long time, even if everyone goes back to work on Monday.
    Have a good, safe holiday weekend.

    • First of all N___,
      I am not regressing. We are very busy. Closed three sales this past week. Signed 6 listings via Zoom/docusign last week. I have 4 more sales closing next week. I have been averaging about 15 Zoom conferences a week and I must always they are pretty productive. Much more so than when we are in the office. I am fine. George knows me and can look my latest sales on my social media or my web site to corroborate.

      For me..it is business as usual production wise…just not habit wise. Those that can adjust will be fine. I am also out there promoting my favorite restaurants, services and retail businesses and making sure others continue to operate as well. My wife’s favorite go to Italian, pan-Asian, my vegan and Greek restaurants are actually more profitable with pick up and delivery right now. Hardware stores are packed. Tech companies are busier and are seeing way more production due to up to an hour and half of less commute issues.

      It’s a huge paradigm shift for the better in my opinion. But read the article I posted most recently. It will make you think where we need to be post pandemic.

      • I’m glad your business is doing well, in spite of the disruptions.
        For me, the teleconferences have been business as usual for a long time, although now, almost all of us are dialing in from remote, rather than just a customer and a straggler or two. We seem to switch cloud conference carriers randomly, based on the preference of whomever set it up. Zoom works about as good as any.
        We actually got some respectable new orders in last week, so the grim employment reaper has been put off again, it seems.
        I’m too far off the beaten path to get too much carry-out brought out to me at home.
        I need to go into the office and get supplies next week. I might do carry-out lunch while I am there. My employer is small, but an essential business at the national level, nonetheless.
        I have the end of my den covered in computers and monitors. I have a wide format tank printer on order. Right now I have to print on multiple sheets and tape them together for large documents. There are some things that are best viewed on paper.
        I have telecommuted for limited duration before, but that was more than a decade back, and it wasn’t a really great experience. The technology definitely works better now. I could do this indefinitely.

    • “I now have a set of designated townie shoes I use for trips ”

      The nice thing for us is we hy ave two months worth of menus.. so I pretty much know what we will need. I order two weeks in advance that gives them two weeks to fill my order.
      It also helps that one of my hats was working in grocery stores. I order what we use .

      We aren’t going anywhere except the wife she has to go to work. Its total lockdown and coming in the dirty clothes go in the wash..a shower. the air in the house is sanitized every other day.
      Interestingly enough I got a call yesterday from a store manager of a store that is part of a national chain.. he is concerned about his employees. He asked me if I had any ideas on how to build a unit for the employees when coming and leaving the store to kill the virus on their clothes.

    • “Try Kroger for beef. It’s not that I really lik’em, but you do what you gotta do to eat well.”

      Kroger “Tenderay Beef” used to be the best you could buy, outside Argentina or New Zealand. Then the FDA stepped in…

      “Carry hand sanitizer in the auto, and use it on your hands and doorknobs when you exit and return to the vehicle.”

      I also use it on grab handles and my steering wheel.

      “The real danger of famine comes from the effects of credit deflation, not direct virus effects.”

      Our immediate (short term) danger is from the abhorrent harvest numbers from last year…

      “If the perception by enemies is that the virus isn’t doing the job fast enough, a false flag EMP would speed things up.”

      What an amazing point! I don’t believe CV-19 was an attack, but if it were, well, “better safe than dead.”

      “Other countries are telling people to put on masks and gloves, and go about their business”

      Bleach water makes gloves reusable. An alcohol wash or an ozone generator (as long as they don’t have plastic bits) makes masks reusable.

  8. We stay up here on the mountain most of the time. Just the two of us humans and a bunch of non-humans, both wild and domesticated. Is something going on out there we should be concerned about? Please advise.

    • Nothing you need to be concerned about as long as you stay up there.

      Keep hunkering down, lucky guys.

  9. George, I’m nowhere near the statistician that you are, but one thing does bother me. Without a clear reference sample of those in an area(town, city, state, nation) as to antibody presence(to determine their exposure), how can we possibly determine a true death rate? Many/most cases may be silent. If we have a high level of silent cases, that would trend deaths/cases way down. It seems that we’re only testing likely cases and ignoring others. Of course the absolute death numbers real, though even those seem to be biased upwards since hospitals get paid much more for those who died from SARS-2 and three times that amount if they were in ICU on a ventilator. Another issue is specificity for THIS coronavirus rather than the many others.

    I’d say we really do need to validate the stats.

    • I saw that article this morning. We are all being gas lighted and we all have Stockholm syndrome.

      I didnt read it. However, I suppose I shall have a look since it surfaced twice.

    • No longer there… I guess it served its purpose.

      Making money is not a zero-sum game.

      The extremely wealthy in every socialist nation on the planet own a considerably higher percentage of the stuff in their respective nations, than BB&G own of, or in the United States.

      I don’t particularly like Messrs Bezos, Buffett, or Gates, because of their politics and ego, but I defy ANYONE to tell me why they (or I) deserve to be given a piece of BB or G’s fortune.

      I honestly don’t know a thing about Jeff Bezos, but Bill Gates is the son of a successful, but not wealthy attorney and grew up in a middle-class household. Warren Buffett grew up in a middle-class to LMC household, and worked for every damn’ dime he’s ever made. All three of them taught themselves how to make money, and when presented an opportunity, jumped on it.


      Should we hate them and steal their money because we were too lazy to learn how to make money as well as they, or because when Life presented us [with] an opportunity, we were too stupid or too fearful to jump on it? There can be no other reason for people to spout this type of garbage: Encourage class warfare, because it advances both Marxism and the Democrats’ political agenda.

      • I beg to differ on Bill Gates growing up in a middle class to LMC household! I sat next to him one year at summer school at the exclusive Lakeside School in Seattle between 7th and 8th grade. (I received a scholarship for having the highest score on some citywide public school math test). I had to ride a bus from from the po’ south end of town. Bill Sr. was on the board of regents at UW. Not middle class by any definition…He was very obnoxious back then. A nerd among nerds!

  10. FyI: I guess I will do the Math with my lovely assistant Google.

    USA. 6 trillion,
    Loss of GDP: -28%
    ***California the 5th largest economy in the world reports an estimated 38% loss of state GDP.
    China 3 trillion,
    Loss of GDP:-48%
    Japan 1.5 trillion,
    Loss of GDP:-62%
    Germany 750 billion,
    Loss of GDP:-42%
    India. 288 Billion.
    Loss of GDP:-39%
    France 145 billion
    Loss of GDP:-42%
    UK 165 Billion.
    Loss of GDP: -38%
    Italy 750 Billion
    Loss of GDP:-49%
    Brazil 150 Billion
    Loss of GDP: -61%
    Canada 52 Billion
    Loss of GDP: -51%
    Russia 300 Billion.
    Loss of GDP:-63%
    Saudi Arabia: 132 Billion.
    Loss of GDP:-47%
    Mexico: zero stimulus package.
    GDP: **undetermined but I did find their projectioned GDP is 0.01% growth.

    That is a total: $14,368,000,000,000 stimulus. in a 10% sample of the 140 nations infected.

    Please note these are projected reductions in GDP already for the year. All because 107,000 people died from a virus some guy got from eating an uncooked bat???!!!!

    That you have a 99.99999999981334 % chance of NOT dieing from the Corona Virus!!!! That is the Math!!!! Math doesnt have an agenda! It’s just data! Do you think the above warrents that much money???

    I got all that in an Hour Search on Google using a simple calculator.

    I may be a big dummy. I’m from Alaska. Up there we are know for Big Grizzley Bears, Big Moose, King Salmon and for calling Bullsh!t what it is. IF it looks like Bullsh!t, Smells like Bullsh!t, I dont need to taste it to know its Bullsh!t. Stay at home and live in fear. Data doesnt lie.

    • If everyone on the planet used a calculator and a little common sense???? They wouldnt be very happy about how much money was spent and how this Corona thing is a cover up for that much money being given to Banks and Large Corperations while their Constituional right were taken away. Heck, they would probably hang them Politicians from a street lamp like they did Sadam Husain. * just saying.

  11. Podcast: George, good point on being prepared on the re- enter side when things quiet down. Look forward to seeing your thoughts.

  12. If the USA economy was to crumble & our military reduced to ineffective, the rest of the world would be at war almost immediately. Without our economy to dump their goods on, Europe is left to pick up the slack, but Russia would invade Europe the day after because Europe is weak & Russia wants their wealth & a direct crossing to the USA. The USA would have to use their last resort…end of world.

      • It’s a theory, not propaganda, but if you don’t believe it, your head is stuck in the sand.You can add…China invades Taiwan, Japan, Korea, & Eastern Oil fields. They have large armies & will go where the wealth is or the resources are.

    • I don’t think Russia will invade Europe at all, because they won’t need to. Putin is a good leader, and he’s all about efficiency. Europe will implode, then beg Russia for help. Vlad is not Satan incarnate, as some conservative pundits would have one believe. He is strongly patriotic TOWARD RUSSIA, as he should be. He’ll provide aid and assistance, but won’t occupy territory. He will leave strings attached to Russian Aid, the same way China does, and we used to before our Leftist politicians became openly Marxist (even if Bernie is the only one with the ‘nads to admit it) and our policy became one of “open intervention.”

      Without the threat of opposition, China may certainly acquire Taiwan and Korea. I don’t believe they will move to take Japan, or survive if they do. Despite the fact we can drop N-bombs on Beijing in 90 minutes, the command to do so may take weeks, or never happen at all. I would be incredibly surprised if Japan (which was 6-months out, 10 years ago) did not have its own secret nuclear stash by now, so as to not be dependent for its existence on the whims of our Congress…

    Total cases: 486 (21 newly reported)
    Hawai’i County: 34
    Honolulu County: 348
    Kaua’i County: 19
    Maui County: 80
    Pending: 3
    Residents diagnosed outside of Hawai‘i: 2
    Required Hospitalization: 44
    Hawaii deaths: 8
    Released from Isolation: 300
    Cumulative totals as of 12:00pm, April 11, 2020

  14. Listen you are all very smart. Way above the rest of the planet.

    You know what the word “Enterainment” means. Right??

    It means employment, to capture and bind by provision of escape. Aka seduction of sensory.

    This is why I hardly ever watch TV and I have no Facebook account. It’s the seductive entrapment.

    I’m seeing alot of refrences to False Flag events.

    I need a break. Be smart! Think for yourself! Stop gobbling up all that seductive entrapment! Build a relationship with your self and you wont ever be board.

    I will see ya all around. The Covid Virus is a big fat Lie.

    Take care.

  15. Good news! My neighborhood grocery store was not at customer capacity when I happened by today so I did not have to wait outside in the cold, biting wind to enter. Just there to pick up a few odds-and-ends, and there’s been even more changes made. Last week it was newly installed counter to ceiling plexiglass at serving counters and checkouts. This week the new thing is one way signage on the floors alternating aisle by aisle, as well as demarcations every 6 feet for personal distancing purposes. Grateful my household isn’t calling out for sugar, flour, rice, or paper products soon because there were none.

    Today the federal legislation for the 3 month labour force wage subsidy back dating to March 15 should become law that will give otherwise laid off staff 75% of their wage to the first week of June. Then it’s back to unemployment insurance unless recalled. The thing for our company and probably many others is our customers are not magically going to reappear enmasse once the virus blows past. So staff recall opportunities are not pretty. By way of comparison, local authorities are not even considering issuance of permits for large gathering events prior to June 30.

    Ethanol-free fuel (91 octane) supplies are flowing here. A curious thing though on fuel hereabouts that many locals I don’t think realize is one of the Majors pipes product in from refineries 800 miles away to a single distributor in the city. From there it’s trucked around to stations of all brands except one independent. That one independent chain obtains its fuel from a refinery 350 miles away.

    Today I read a sort of happy story in the newspaper of a journeyman sports pro who recently returned from Europe back home to the USA with coronavirus, but was cured following a stay in hospital. Now released from medical care but unemployed, he’s left with trying to figure out how to pay a $20,000 hospital bill. Aside from the example of that lunchkit player, one wonders what sort of paycheque and when players in general of all the suspended pro leagues will see, to be able to make payments on abodes and maintaining toys of their lifestyle.

  16. Thanks Mr. Ure!!!! I am looking forward to Wednesday’s report! Also, does the Major Jr. have a way of contacting? I got questions about .mil flying…

  17. George,
    I much appreciate your fortitude in projecting forward the total outcome of CV. My own observations.
    1. Today we observe 6% mortality. On July 25 you project 41% over the entire world population. I cannot get past a 6% mortality rate.
    2. I find anomalies in the reported data. I observe the reported cases may be much much lower the actual exposure due to a lack of accurate testing kits. To get an accurate exposure an organization must test a good size random sample group. Currently only people with serious symptoms are tested. Actual exposure may be 5 times, 10 times or 100 times higher.
    3. Reported result in China, India and California are very odd. China only 84k infections out of 1.4 billion population. India only 9k infections out of 1.4 billion population. This does not get us to 6% mortality of the world population.
    4. I believe the numbers in California and New York. But CA has only 22k cases and 633 deaths despite early exposure from both cruise ships and many direct flights to China. Why are these numbers so low? This is what the CDC needs to explain. Why are NY 181K infections so high? Crowding? India, a rather crowded place, has only 9k infections.

    • California was smart and sheltered very early. Some businesses sheltered as early as late February. Sheltering works. We flattened the curve and are in a downward trend. Testing has been easy. Because I am over 60 and a closet hypochondriac, I called my doctor and within 20 minutes I was in and out of a drive through testing facility. Got my results the very next day. Negative..thank goodness. This state is on top of the issue. Doesn’t surprise me.

  18. I propose reopening hair and nail salons and perhaps some other business in California on a limited controlled basis.
    California has only 22k reported CV cases as of April 12.
    Rules for initial reopening.
    1. By appointment only.
    2. Only one barber or beautician in the shop initially. Only one client in the shop. Next client waits outside until appointment time.
    3. Wear safety gear as appropriate.

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