Covid Not Enough? It’s Gambler’s Thursday

We won’t trivialize the importance of what’s going on with the virus:  Looks like our first “bet” of the day will be what time we break the 1.5-million cases and when we pass through 90-thousand global deaths.  Any second now…

Our forecasts have been better than nothing to plan around.  And we’re pleased to see a reasonable article over on Wired today “Death Cuts the Degree of Separation Between You and Covid-19:  If knowing someone who has died would make the pandemic concrete for someone in the US—real and actionable—how many have to die? Here’s the grim math.

As usual, our advice is a) live apart and b) shun people.

On the other hand, there is much more to worry about than, oh, just an imploding economy.  There’s little this matter of planning for the “other shoe” to drop.  And, in case you didn’t “get the memo” the next problem – already in sight – its food stocks drying up.

Starvation and famine.

Not here, at least not yet, but it’s out there looking for a place to roost:  “Coronavirus UK: Fears over food shortages rise as pandemic disrupts imported goods.”  From a supply-chain standpoint, the UK is kinda like Hawaii, but without the good genetic strains…ahem…(Wowie!)

Let’s dig udderly deeper, now,  with reports of milk dumping.  Both sides of the border – U.S. and Canada.  Where my friend Chris Tyreman is seriously ticked-off about it:

“The real [redacted] off of the milk dumping, is the fact that the stores in Saskatoon are all limiting purchase of milk and milk products, canned foods, sugar, flour and the like. Its like world war 2 rationing without the food stamps in the mail.

Would you like to see what shopping at Costco is like today?”

No, Chris doesn’t do lines, either.

Fat?  Blame Your Mother?

ISYN:  Some new research I happened to scan today on the Healio (Endocrine Today) website says “Fetal exposure to famine may lead to increased adiposity in adulthood.”

So looks to us like maybe one reason I stay pretty-much nailed to 220 pounds is because that’s my genetic predisposition… OK, maybe helped by 3,000 calories and two stiff drinks, but….we live in a blame-filled world….(My late mom would never have made me fat on purpose, but speaking of which, has anyone studied the relationship between Body Mass and IQ scores?  Pure that on your research list with uric acid levels and IQ, as well…. stable blood sugar and stable thinking might be in there somewhere…

Climate Lies 3.0?

As though the government “fox-uniforming” the pandemic, to whatever degree your studies indicate, there is what looks to me like another Big Lie coming down the pick on Global Cooling.  Buddy Jeff sent me a note.  Not sure what site this was snagged from,  but it’s the same warning that I’ve been yelling for what?  Almost a year now?

“Many experts in December (2019) speculated we had reached “Solar Minimum” (error factor of +/- 6-months).  Well, it’s 5-months later and we’ve only seen a couple of next cycle [reversed polarized areas] sunspots/small groups – most of which died-out very quickly and did not sustain a full transit across the observable disc of the sun.  We’ve seen no real evidence – yet – that we’re on the other side or up-side of Minimum….”

“Old news” I told Jeff.  But then I got to thinking about it.  Hmmm.  What IS the latest “offishul” hype about the solar cycle progression?  Lo and behold!  They have changed up their chart and the jury about here is now deliberating whether this is an attempt to “sack the people and farmers” with a contrived food shortage OR whether  incompetence in government is bigler and hugelier than we feared.  Chart first, then:

You are welcome to check the values here and plot them out yourself.  But, when NOAA realizes its mistake, we are nearly 100% confident that climate-change believer/embed will jiggle the forecast – which will likely continue to be wrong, until it’s not.  See the Wiki on the Maunder Minimum for ideas how long that could take.  (Too lazy to look?  OK, 70-years, plus or minus a famine is the answer…)

“So What’s This “Gambler’s Thursday Crap?”

Oh – yeah – you would get to that.

“Federal Reserve unveils details of $2.3 trillion in programs to help support the economy…”  Will it work?  Good for gold and long term investments like power tools….I mean homes and spousal units…

Let’s line up the data and ask yourself “Who is going to hold long stock positions over the 3-day weekend – given the markets are closed tomorrow for Good Friday (this one is better than most, but I personally have never seen a Bad Friday).

  • Producer Prices- Final Demand is out.
  • Tomorrow  with markets closed, the Consumer Price report comes out.
  • Then there’s holding a position with CV-19 variables all over the place.
  • The Fed H.6 Money stocks report probably will get read by a few market geeks over the weekend…and this part about the Fed’s view on March 15th was interesting:
    • “Market participants expected that actions taken to slow the spread of the virus could have significant effects on the credit worthiness of certain borrowers, particularly those at the lower end of the credit spectrum.  Market participants also increasingly pointed to concerns in other segments of the debt market.  In securitized markets, including those for asset-backed securities (ABS) and commercial mortgage-backed securities (CMBS), primary market issuance slowed, and secondary market trading had become less orderly, with money managers selling short dated liquid products to meet investor redemptions.”

See how much could begin to blow up over 3-days?

And there’s that “pile of coincidentals” that we notice when there’s a bum’s rush to trying to keep the market up.  I know, coincidence only, but FinViz was showing the S&P futures up +73 at 7:12 AM while at the same moment, Yahoo Finance was showing a more likely realistic -20.  But, only a  coincidence, right?  But I notice discontinuities in the flow of data almost like a gag reflex.  Only a coincidence, though, right?  RIGHT???

Producer Prices

Here’s a statistical wet spot for yah:

“The Producer Price Index for final demand fell 0.2 percent in March, seasonally adjusted, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Final demand prices declined 0.6 percent in February and increased 0.5 percent in January. (See table A.) On an unadjusted basis, the final demand index advanced 0.7 percent for the 12 months ended in March.

In March, the decrease in the final demand index can be traced to a 1.0-percent drop in prices for final demand goods. The index for final demand services moved up 0.2 percent.

Prices for final demand less foods, energy, and trade services declined 0.2 percent in March, the largest decrease since falling 0.2 percent in October 2015. For the 12 months ended in March, the index for final demand less foods, energy, and trade services rose 1.0 percent.”

I would white board this (needing a huff), but all you need to know here is “in bounds.”

What ISN’T in bounds was the weekly jobless claims which came in at 6.6 million rather than 5-million expected.

Und zo?  We see the structural deficiency of a “serve us” economy:  When ain’t as many “us’n out’n” the “bottom line” will need some of that missing TP sooner than later.

On such an inspirational note, while we will have a column tomorrow morning, Peoplenomics will be mainly the charts Saturday as I give <Mr. Ure’s Bryane> some cool-down time.

Although there’s a ton to get done in the shop and the garden.  Including watching more videos on “shop-made tools” like this one from Jeremy Fields…which has at least 3-good “borrowable ideas” it…

Steak, eggs, and a Rolling Rock for breakfast, anyone?

Why the futures turned up after the jobless filings and PPI is a freaking mystery of highest order.  Oh, wait, is the government buying stocks, yet?

Write when you rich…

52 thoughts on “Covid Not Enough? It’s Gambler’s Thursday”

  1. The IMHE model has cut US projections to roughly 60,000 deaths by the first of August – we’ve been played by the administration – this is the Hi-jacking of the economy – no food, no travel for you unless you have been vaccinated – I’m sure a miracle vaccine will now be found shortly – but none of those folks will of course take it as they are safe and sound in their gated enclaves – want to know what the FEMA camps were for? you’ll find out shortly – more virus porn – be scared be real scared – the jokes on us.

    • IMHO… would seem that the bureau-crats have found a way to bushwhack the president…crash the economy…..destroy our way of life….require mandatory vaccinations….control,control,control…..manage,manage,manage….don’t recall ever being able to vote for bill gates or his ideas for society, perhaps we can all find a way to move to “voluntary simplicity”…..a French political movement from the 1800s….I suppose you can call me a Luddite…..or text me one..haha!

      • Ken,
        The President is easily bushwhacked. They promised him more airtime…That’s all it takes. If you put a dog in a room full of food, he will eat himself to death. You put a microphone in front of Trump and SHTF.

      • mark are you the dog that eats itself to death on its own ego?

        I noticed the 6.6 is all over the MSM for days now….6 6 6…get it…6 million (which was a BIG lie, but we are supposed to be triggered). More doom porn from the MSM….6.6; maybe it means an earthquake!!! What a joke!

    • Can’t agree more Clawsy. We are being played, worse still we are all on that team. Perps begging others to be responsible by staying in. Until we all realize that’s forever??!! Take India for instance, the whole country has stopped functioning for over 3 weeks. Set to be extended for another month plus. All of this to bail out the bankers. Got to remember that they have burnt around 80% of depositors money worldwide.

      Just kill the web for a while while the plebs have locked themselves in and then claim the broken web (borrowing generously from Mr Ure) has resulted in a permanent crash of all banking systems and we need to start from ground zero.

      One has to remember that this can has been kicked down the road for so long and is so mangled, any more kicking would only result in bruised feet and worse.

      The establishment that is a combination of the Democratic Party and the Chinese second level hierarchy ably guided by their mentor Henry Kissinger (yes, and please don’t mix his so called political affiliation), are in this together.

      There will be a few good fallout’s emanating out of this is better and cleaner air. No more shoving veganism and lots of other such stuff. There’s visible cooling everywhere what with people eating more meat, more proteins less carb with the reduced levels of physical exertion. They more than likely would push ahead with the carbon tax etc once the currency reset is in place.

      Life as we have known it, knocking on the doors of the sweet 60’s, is never ever going to be the same. Really feel for my only daughter and all the other young ones.

        I got to meet Axel a long time ago nice guy great sense of humor…. they had a concert and I worked at 7-11 LOL my night was hell.. I was so busy.. after the show they came by to pick up drinks.. I was irritable.. so when the driver came in I told them that I had to see the id’s of everyone in the car.. he came in showed us their id’s and he was talking about his hecktic life.. I said tell me about it.. and we visited.. and was so nice.. we hit it off.. went fishing the next morning.. seemed all he did was run and didn’t have time to relax.. I hate to catch fish but love to fish so we went sat and have some breakfast.. very relaxing morning and nope neither of us caught any.. had a few bites they just seemed to get away from us….

      • I believe that I need to answer myself to probably explain a few things better. I have received a couple of replies which obviously counters what I have said earlier, hence my countering that would only result in a game of oneupmanship.

        Since that’s not the objective, here I go.

        Trump was a wild card who was never expected to win. They believe that they have the kill shot this time. The only objective of the dems has been his removal at any cost. Come elections they believe that this virus would have created enough anti Trump feeling aided by the constant vitriol by the media.

        It’s a known fact that depositors money lying with banks globally has been toast for a long time. The banking system has been the longest running Ponzi scheme orchestrated and run by the PTB. Easiest day light robbery AKA transfer of wealth. The rest goes for pension funds, provident funds in other parts of the world.

        Trump sadly is clutching at straws and taking the path of the Weimar people and most recently Mugabe. He just might pull this one off with all the additional money supply, if the virus becomes history by mid to end June. He knows that THEY can’t drag this out for far too long. That would play right into Trump’s hands, he can cite the virus and get elections postponed even indefinitely. The great punter that he’s, he’s waiting for them to break. I believe he will win through everything. On his terms, not the easy way out he will play and win this and the elections.

        The whole world definitely needs him to. Of course they will try make life very difficult for him but the consensus among non Americans that I talk to is that he better stay and win this fight to the end. For our good

    • Who fed the info to the administration? Wasn’t it the same swamp rats who tried to get rid of Trump? Don’t you sense the tension when they have a COVID-19 press conference? It is apparent that everyone isn’t on the same page. Trump can only go on the best advice he is given. And, sadly, some of the advice has been bad advice. Only by hindsight will we know what may have been correct. In any event, many lives were saved. This is true of any historic event. This war, unfortunately, was against a disease which came out of the blue, more or less. It could have been contained if China hadn’t denied or minimized its spread. Then WHO jumped on board and you know the rest.

    • You guys have lost it a bit, with your crazed control theories. You seem to think these people in charge are some kind of geniuses to set all this up, when really they are just political animals and way over their head in trying to control the deaths, keep the economy alive and stay in power. These aren’t bond villains we are dealing with.

      Simple question and one I am not really being a smart ass, but what number of deaths should we accept as a society to keep everyone working and economic distress to a minimum. Clearly your number is greater then 60K, but what number of non “normal” deaths is acceptable? For me I always used highway deaths to indicate what people generally are happy to accept as a daily risk, for 2019 was ~40K. Is 1% projected death rate acceptable (~3M) before we allow the implementation of such controls? Should such controls can never be implemented and we live with a minimum 3-5% death rate (9M – 15M) and let it run free?

      • I agree with Joe. There is no Plan-demic. As far as the death rate. We as humans have control over highway deaths, homicides, and accidental deaths, whether we accept that responsibility or not. There are rules and laws in place for that. The fact that we disobey a drink and drive, or hands free law and cause an auto fatality is human error. If someone wants to settle a dispute with a gun, knife or other method contrary to laws, that is human error.

        This virus is chaos theory run amok and while we can control the spread by obeying laws on SIP, we can’t control the virus itself…YET. Eventually, science will find a way…and we can choose to be more liberal about our social habits, or exercise caution to prevent a COVID19 redux.

        Overall deaths in America are down in the past 4 weeks because traffic fatalities have ground to a halt, unnecessary homicides and street violence is down because there’s nobody in the streets…Accidental deaths to to stupid acts have waned…Isn’t it amazing what happens when we implement restraint?

      • “You seem to think these people in charge are some kind of geniuses to set all this up,”

        Hmmm… JOE … seems to me if someone can talk the world into believing that a piece of paper a number on a screen is more valuable than the grain in your elevator the products that you have come off of an assesmbly line.. the raw resources in your land..
        That took some pretty good smarts to get that done.. heck check it out.. the dollar isn’t valued with a metal.. it isn’t valued with grain or even a bag of beads.. its only valued because they convinced everyone that it is themost precious item in the world.. Bit coin.. doesn’t even have paper it is a F@##en number on a computer screen that you have to pay to even look at LOL… …. So yes.. I would say that they had it together when they convinced everyone that this is the way to go.. they destroy whole countries families economies over a damned number.. we trade numbers like it means something and it does.. jus try to live without those numbers.. bet you won’t go very far..
        at least the indians got a bag of beads.. (back then glass beads were more valuable than gold or diamonds.. today its toilet paper..)

      • “what number of deaths should we accept as a society to keep everyone working and economic distress to a minimum.”

        the Earth has expanded in population past what it can support..

        Henry Kissinger and his madman theory..
        on the video below.. I knew a woman that was from africa.. she told me how teaching was treated for the different classes..the same today.. the cost of an education is so high that those that go get one and are of a lower social class will pay more than what they will gain from the education through the costs associated to the education.

        You decide.. what is an acceptable loss.. for anything..

      • If there is no plandemic then why are you and I financing labs around the globe creating artificial bioweapons designed to create plandemics? That is not a theory. There are few very major events in this world that are not planned ahead of time.

    • Do you have some performance charts to show how that the model you are quoting has been correct in the recent past? Is that model the same one the Chinese use to generate pretty numbers?
      I concur that it is usually the economics that does you in, not the disaster proper. The credit balloon economy was a train wreck waiting to happen, and it did. Do we blame the virus on the tracks or the financial engineers?

  2. Questions in the Comments Section from April 7th (to RBI). I sent George two PDF files with all the links and recipes and cure protocols and important data I had found about COVID-19. Here are the answers to questions directed at me:

    B. J. – I use “Integrative Medicine” or “Wellness Center” clinics to find Vitamin C (Myers Cocktails). I’ve never had a problem finding them in any city I’ve been in.

    OBX – the 2 PDF files I sent to George have all the pertinent information on COVID-19 and Cures.

    Famous Mikey – Yes to Liposomal or Lypospheric, essentially the same thing. When I buy it off Amazon, it is Lypospheric. When I make it at home, the recipe is Liposomal.

    More Info – see the PDFs that George will post or e-mail. I’ve never had a problem buying Lypospheric Vitamin C on Amazon. There is sometimes a delay of several days before shipping, but I purchased it Friday and it was delivered today (Wed). PPE is Personal Protective Equipment, such as gloves, mask, goggles, Tyvek suit, booties, etc. CBRN is Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear.

    • George, all caught up now – and thanks for the assist getting the PDFs out!

      I’m in my 60’s and about half of my network/peers have heart concerns, so I don’t concern myself with Hydroxychloroquine all that much. It isn’t recommended for people with heart issues. Plus, it requires a prescription, which is why I strongly favor the Vitamin C protocol. I also have a history of using Vitamin C by IV that goes back 30 years. But here are the Hydroxy/Z-Pak/Zinc articles that I track in my notes, and consider the source practitioner as reliable and trustworthy. I was playing e-mail tag to get this info to George to pass along, and here’s the last part:

      …This was before the Hydroxychloroquine results had gained traction. The last posting I saw from Dr Vladimir Zelenko in NYC on April 5th showed he had treated 900 patients with 100% recovery rate and zero ventilators.

      There’s another stream of articles from Dr Anthony Cardillo in Los Angeles and Dr. Constantine Tsamasfyros in Denver that are publishing similar results about Hydroxychloriquine.

      I’ve also been following the story about Dr Cameron Kyle-Sidell in NYC that has uncovered information that ventilators are the wrong treatment protocols for critical cases: (end)

      • NIH just began recert testing of hydroxychloriquine for use as a CV-19 mitigation therapy.

        {‘Bout frickin’ time!}

        It still seems to me that the vehicle by which CV-19 kills is by drowning. It causes a cytokine storm which encourages the body to flood the lungs with mucus and white blood cells. The flood comes in faster than it can go out, leading the lungs to not be able to absorb enough oxygen for the patient to survive. Therefore, any therapy which increases the outflow of crap from the lungs to the point they don’t fill up and clog, would both foster survival and seriously lessen the chance of permanent lung damage. My mind pictures the patient lying face-down on an incline board with a pillow under his belly, being supplemented with something which encourages the flow of mucus (usnea would be a natural approach) until the storm runs its course…

  3. That’s a really cool youtube Channel. Binge watching during my downtime for sure, thanks for the link. That what I guess is a lazy susan for power tools is simple and awesome.

  4. Rolling Rock was a right of passage beer growing up in Western PA. Some brewery history – for those who want to know: Originally brewed from Laurel Mountain spring water In Latrobe, PA, the Rolling Rock brand and brewery were sold to Anheuser Bush in 2006. Rolling Rock brewing ops were quickly moved to NJ. Most Rock loyalists (who lovingly called the green 7oz pony bottles ‘little green men’) stopped drinking the beer in protest. See:

    In a twist of irony, one of the more pedestrian beers in W.PA, Pittsburgh Brewing Company’s Iron City, moved from its Lawrenceville neighborhood location into the old Rolling Rock facility in Latrobe. The move happened over a sewer bill dispute with the Pittsburgh water and sewer authority, with the city billing the brewery for sewage based upon water used (the water use was metered, the sewer use was not). PBC argued that over 90% of the water it used at the brewery ended up in their beer, not down the brewery’s drains (although eventually, a consumed beer ends up down a drain ‘somewhere.’). As a result of the sewage legal impass, PBC moved to Latrobe. Now Iron City, particularly their light beer, IC Light, tastes orders of magnitude better than in days of old, but still not as good as the original Rock. My first hangover was from drinking (chugging, actually) the original Iron, a mistake I survived and never made again.

    • Guess we are gonna need a Higher Clearance Level for some “deep” history..

      ? #33 on the bottle.


    • Aaa yes, the Little Green Bottles. My ‘summer time’ beer!

      Steak, eggs, home fries and beer!
      What memories of spending all night cruising the strip outside of the base and then having some steak, eggs, home fries and beer before wandering back to the boat (submarine) in time for morning muster. Then work all day before doing it again. Some good times!

  5. Dont let this happen to U tale of gardening woe..

    The offending rototilla (Honda harmony FG100? old but very reliable) refused to Start this week..WTFover!? Upon closer inspection it was determined that a cracked gas primer bulb was the culprit/weak point in small gas engine ignition system.*&@%$#$&@@$!

    Deplorable garden shenanigans from our ornery “garden nome” ? Or just a dim witted, boneheaded oversight by a deplorable gardener!
    Dont let this happen U!

    Quickedy quick like – pulled out off aircleaner cover – exposing opening to carburetor- dumped some gas out of tank into small plastic cup – in turn dumped plastic cup of gas INTO carburetor- pulled the starter cord – fired right up – gotta luv small Honda engine QUALITY!

    * Part replacement – plastic bulb primer- cost less $1.20 – shipping $4+ duuhhoooh!

    ..Potatoes -3 diff. kinds, Lettuces 4 diff kinds, Sugarsanps and SnowPeas, Cannabis,and Carrots. “Volunteer” lettuces sowed wild last year – Up, harvesting- tender tasty and delish.

    * Dont ask about the Salt Lick in the back – prolly wont like answer..”No mr warden – that is for the “Livestock”.

    AUFKM Department – Really?? Does not EVERYBODY know that HUMANS CAUSED Global Warming and Climate Change, right MIKE?
    CONgress critter Toothy McBigtits said so! Thats why we must have a The Green New Deal..right after the NEW WORLD GOVERNMENT comes to fruition.

    Thats right Sheeps/Meatsuites – bill gates does not want anybody go out and congregate together – WITHOUT having proof of having received the New Mandatory Global Vaccine.
    No worries about cost of new global vaccine for Rona disease, UN’s newly proposed 10 % TAX on World guvments will have it covered..ohh happy daze.
    Now where did I leave my Guns? There is new house bill OUTLAWING “assault rifles” I wanna get a headstart on turning them in – I just need to figure out which one is NOT an “assault” rifle – maybe the detachable magazines are a clue…

    Guns = Bad, Orange man=Bad, Rona=Bad/ Global vaccine =Good, Global Currency=Good, Malignancy/Schumer=Good.

    Where is that blue hindu god-dude when U need him?

    • “gotta luv small Honda engine QUALITY!”

      Amen ED… one pull… always..

      I have had my snow blower for what thirty years.. I need to replace it.. but one pull .. every time..

  6. what a show today brother George !!! got the whole of easter to talk to that Italian bloke fibonnaci .. a spectacular production for easter Thursday !! an epic blockbuster

  7. Official CDC statistics: Total deaths in US for March 2020 are 15% below the 4 year average. WTF? Plandemic?

    • Look at homicides, auto related fatalities, etc. They are down considerable due to shelter in place. That would explain The overall reduces death rate. There is a holistic world out there. Join it.

      • So you think there were 34,000 fewer deaths from murder and traffic accidents in March? Even if that is true that still puts the rate at average.

      • As far as that “holistic world” you suggest I join, I’ll pass. As Groucho Marx once said, “I refuse to have anything to do with an organization that would accept me as a member!”

    • U betcha – cept somebody forgot to tell them about Ivermectin – same stuff we give Fido for Prophylaxis against heartworm/parasite infection ect – myriad of SAFE uses.

      • Same thing we drench sheep and goats with unless you get the pour-on type for cattle. I wouldn’t put that in my bod for anything!

  8. Hey George
    I followed you and Cliff for years and watched s you predicted the future and read your links that walked us (knowingly) into the future, just as you said and the web bot predicted. Learned a lot about life, some economics and thanks for making it enjoyable. I was wondering about you thoughts now, as we’re getting into the nitty-gritty of it all … what it’s all been leading to. The paradigm change.
    Anything you’d like to share? I’d really like to hear it.
    Kindest regards always ?

    • I also have been following George and Cliff for some time. I use to purchase Cliff’s web bot ALTA reports when they were released. Actually, a lot of the ALTA report stuff was inaccurate, especially many of the silver calls. But, Cliff was not necessarily wrong, just early on many of his predictions. We are getting the type of changes today that the ALTA reports said would happen in the 2008 – 2012 period. In general, I still like Cliff’s web bot work. The work says that humans are indeed psychic at some level, but timing of events can be tricky because there is always a delay between thought and action. I may have a strong thought that I want to go to the grocery store, for example, but I may not actually take action on this thought at the same time that I have the thought. The actions can be delayed days or weeks, etc.

      • Understand, the WebBot was a tool in an arsenal, not an end-all be-all authority. Through years of 24/7 programming by MadAve types and failed lawyers masquerading as teevee journalists, it has dulled considerably, as the minds of “webizens” have been dulled. WebBot may become a useful tool again, IF Western “Civilization” unplugs from the IQ-draining idiot box long enough for their brains to stabilize and become functional again. Until that time, I put little faith in it as being useful…

      • “The work says that humans are indeed psychic at some level,”

        No Not Psychic.. at all.. its just a pattern.. a cycle..

        Look at todays industrialists and those that were in place after the depression.. they had learned from their experience..
        the same way with people.. if you go hungry and are afraid.. you have a pantry to get you through as far as the worst time in your life lasted.. before that you have what you feel you need a couple of days worth of food..( the vast majority don’t consider what they have for meals while they are out of the house)

  9. This country and the world will only change for the better …when the Mussolini Treatment is administered to the Politicians that have placed citizens from all persuasions….in the potions that are here now and the ones that are being slowly implemented…..The divisions among the people is the work of the ‘evil masters’….who must be reveled.(we know many,but will not admit to ourselves what they are really up to)……that attitude may change rapidly…sooner than later BECAUSE…May 1 you will be told…30-60 more days are needed by you to stay locked stop this spread…THAT is when…TSHTF…..may the Mussolini Treatment…cleanse this country….and the cancer that is rotting it from within….if not then it will be as many had advised and prepared for….and NO one wanted…….imo

  10. The media is full of stories of dead bodies piling up all over the streets in Ecuador. I wonder if your Expat reader who I believe lives in Ecuador could verify this? Somehow I am reminded of “babies being pulled from incubators and thrown on the floor” to “daily terror threat ratings” to nonexistent WMDs. Perhaps I just have a suspicious mind for no logical reason. . .

  11. Show coot da money!

    Its a slamming good time to be Long Precious Metals Miners and Streamers – Call Options! Buyers are trying to knock down the firewalls- in an effort toget my contracts.

    J. Powel goes INFINITY -“No LIMIT” to what the Fed can do. rutrow – that WAS MMT we just passed – sssseeya.

    George – me thinks Ure gonna need a Bigger Wheelbarrow for all the USD’s U will need to buy groceries in near future – ohh wait maybe Mnuchin can print up a bunch 1 Billion Dollar replace the “Jacksons” in Ure wallet. After all whats a measly Billion – when U be throwing around Triilions?

    Sold SPY Calls..

    Loooong SPY Puts (230&270’s) going into 3 day weekend – prolly “eat it” on Monday – or Sell SPY 250 Puts..

    During times like the current – Pols & Elites look to take ADVANTAGE of the Peeps/ malignancy&chuckiedarkness

    – Bandicoots looking for Opportunities – manufacturing has to come home – tools/tool dies, manufacturing plants=brown belt development – what is “new American Economy” gonna look like and what are they gonna need/want? Bandicoots got get on it NOW – while the Fear is still palable. Baaabaaabaaa

  12. 7 NEW CASES IN HAWAII. Is it slowing? Stats from HDOH:
    Total cases: 442 (7 newly reported)
    Hawai’i County: 28
    Honolulu County: 334
    Kaua’i County: 18
    Maui County: 57
    Pending: 3
    Residents diagnosed outside of Hawai‘i: 2
    Required Hospitalization: 42
    Hawaii deaths: 6
    Released from Isolation: 251
    Cumulative totals as of 12:00pm, April 9, 2020

  13. George any thoughts about the very large blue-green Comet Atlas coming in was talked about Tuesday on Coast to Coast

    They activated Norad for top government officials


  14. Can anyone tell me why there is a huge disparity between Bloomberg’s report on today’s final price on gold and silver vs. Kitco’s? Bloomberg’s gold price ended at $1752.80 and silver at $16.05. Kitco’s is what is quoted at the bottom of the page which is 3.9% and 4.1% less than Bloomberg’s gold and silver respectively. I posted this question on Kitco’s site and I believe the post was deleted.


  15. Comrades,

    It’s ominous news that the Canadian PM has apparently reached out to provinces and territories to test waters on the federal government invoking The Emergency Act of 1988. It can be set in motion with as few as 20 MP’s or 10 senators sitting in Parliament.

    I would imagine if the Act is invoked it would be reasoned as a Public Health Emergency under Part I, 5, b. “Disease in human beings”. The legislation allows a 90 day window for the emergency to be dealt with, and the government can order continual extensions if it sees fit.

    In the near term, the Act is said to be the best way to streamline the supply chain because different inter-provincial rules and regulations are treading on each others toes. The feds will have authority to establish emergency shelters and hospitals, requisition goods and services, occupy property, restrict travel within areas, and evacuate areas as authority deems necessary. Citizen and resident departure from Canada can be prohibited. Public gatherings that threaten the peace will be addressed with any necessary force by police and military. Private owners of goods and property impacted by the emergency would be reimbursed after the Emergency Act period is over.

    So there you have it; $%*£’$ getting real.

    • You must understand, comrade, that three deaths by plague is a terrible human tragedy, but the deaths of millions by leftist authoritarian mismanagement is a bug statistic, and leftist business as usual. Unless, of course, it is monarchist business as usual, and then the SHTF will get deadly. I’m not sure which extreme the martial law maple-leaf leftist monarchists fall under, but it can’t be an improvement.

      In any case, an extended summer vacation in Canada is losing it’s appeal.

      Texas laws preventing looting and seizure of personal property by all government jurisdictions during declared emergencies has yet to be tested under real martial law. Sounds like that protection is missing altogether in your jurisdiction.

      • It’s happening to some degree around the U.S. as far as PPE is concerned. For some strange reason the Feds are intercepting or coming in and taking PPE and other equipment and spiriting it off to parts unknown:

        Hospitals say feds are seizing masks and other coronavirus supplies without a word

        Do a search with that title and you’ll come up with a lot of similar articles, too. Don’t know if they simply picke up the LA Times article and ran with it or what

      • “that three deaths by plague is a terrible human tragedy, but the deaths of millions by leftist authoritarian mismanagement is a bug statistic”

        OH YES N______ …. I think this is just the beginning.. the real mess will begin in about three to six months..the whole velocity of money has changed and stopped everything we knew is crumbling as it moves along….
        what the money is worth now it won’t be worth in six months..
        they had three choices.. Go big really big.. put a mandatory freeze on everything pass out script and rations for what you need and hand out basics open the spigots of utilities ..2 don’t help anyone let everyone find their own way to survive. (which is what they did..well sort of.. they shoved a bunch of cash at the top so the one percent can get huge amounts of numbers.. but I personally think that is pretty stupid to since that is all going to be worthless in just a short period of time.. by tossing a crumb or two at the bottom laborers …. seriously what are you going to do with what they are planning to give.. so far I know two that are only going to get forty five dollars a week in crumbs..) or do OPTION 3 and do NOTHING AT ALL business as usual.. and let the chips land where they fall…
        Now.. what do I think they will do… OPTION1 is off the table.. they needed to do that right away for a two month period they probably still could but roll back the time periods..but it would be harder to do…. along with the social distancing.. the opted for OPTION2 which isn’t.. the velocity of money is still marching on and no velocity happening.. landlords are freaking out utility companies are freaking out.. its a panic at grocery stores as people even though they are trying to gather the supplies they need scramble.. this will eventually in my opinion result in violence and distrust etc etc.. you know.. guys smashing Ray’s appliance windows ang running down the street with a freezer on their back.. … the talk on TV and News is to go back to OPTION 3 get that velocity back up.. with the virus uncontained.. the thing will fly through the communities.. you think the ER in LA was busy before this thing.. the dead would be stacked like cordwood.. I don’t think we have enough crematoriums they would probably do like they did during the vietnam war and dig big trenches to bury the dead in… to handle what the effects would be to that one.. or they can hold out a while longer and the whole economy will go bankrupt hyper inflation ten million dollar loaf of bread…. if they had put out a script and rationing right away..stopped the velocity of money for a couple of months this thing would be over with shortly… the top one percent wouldn’t be making much off of it compared to an open velocity but the system we have now as stupid as it is would be safe.. go option three you just set the culling of the population in place.. stay with option two you bankrupt and start hyper inflation.. riots in the street etc..
        what will they do.. my guess is .. go option three.. get the velocity back up and let everyone freaking out about overdue bills struggle.. the virus will take off and then it will all come to a head..
        Life changing times.. but then what do I know.. Its all just what I see..

      • Bill:

        “It’s happening to some degree around the U.S. as far as PPE is concerned. For some strange reason the Feds are intercepting or coming in and taking PPE and other equipment”

        AFAICT every place that is posting this is doing a cut/paste from the LAT writeup. It’s 3 days old. Since I haven’t found either an explanation or a refutation on any conservative site, that leads me to believe it is a political hack-job, but then, I also haven’t dug into it, so don’t hold me to that…

      • Option 4: Continue with their stated goal of orchestrating an economic collapse. They’ve talked about it for 112 years, and set it in slow motion in the early 70’s. 2019 lit a fuse, and now they are going full retard. Which you are NEVER supposed to do! (Tropic Thunder…)

        The actions they’ve taken voids Options 1 through 3. That was based upon a different paradigm of keeping everything up and running.

        Option 4 is to install a global government to include a banking system. If you want to replace the dollar, you have to Destroy its value first. Likewise, if you want to install a new government system, you have to Destroy the existing one.

        Put those lenses on, and 100% of what you see in the news will suddenly make sense. You’ll know what’s coming. Consequently, you’ll know how to prepare for it, and sidestep the worst parts.

        If you are tense and angry or frustrated, and forever trying to solve an economic or political problem, then you are most likely in the wrong paradigm. Ditto if you think any of this has to do with people that swing left-right sticks.

        We are actually at a very dangerous point this month. Most of the pandemic Narrative has worn off, and way too many people think “The Emperor wears no clothes.” There are two well known cures for COVID-19 circulating widely, which will destroy their Vaccine strategy to roll it out at a very high number of deaths. Likewise, the Ventilator & PPE “crisis” is being recognized as a nothingburger. The body count statistics are inverted, even though they are manipulated and Hospitals get $39,000 for every COVID-19 on the death certificate. (The deaths are real, but lost in the shuffle)

        Consequently, if they are going to continue with their current business model to collapse the US economically and politically while keeping everyone locked down, then another Very Big Event needs to manifest soon. What? I don’t know, but my intuition says something to create a food shortage panic. Anything that pollutes the food, water supply, or distribution network.

        Not a pleasant idea or desired outcome, just an analysis to stay ahead of the decision makers and side-step any direct consequences of their Plans.

        Nobody would be more delighted than me if I’m wrong!

    • That Canadian PM is a Smart Man… He obviously has looked at this and realized that Option 2 wasn’t going to work.. and rather than take option 3 like they are hinting at in the USA and get the virus flying through the country.. he is going to go with OPTION 1 instead….. well we will know if him going with option 1 is the right move in a few weeks.. if they were going to do it they should have right away.. but lets see if they go full option 1 or will try to still keep option 3 on the table in some form..

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