Coping: With the “Crazy George” Checklist

Since I got a lot of sleep last night, the brain was on fire and there are a number of (hopefully) useful items to review this morning.

The Light Crown Project

This is a topic covered more thoroughly for our subscribers, but I’ve now started the testing of the project.

Along the way, a couple of notes:

First is that the Old Testament offers 177 references to “light” while there are about 95 in the New Testament (KJV). One of this week’s projects is (while testing the initial BRG (blue-red-green) configuration) is to read all of the references to see what might be out there.

Second point is that the technology may release a few endorphins, at least that seemed to be what it felt like after a 15-minute run.

Last (and this will come as a shock to him) I’m planning to ask Chris Tyreman of to work up the color map of the breastplate described in the Bible.

You see, while the colors are there for anyone to read, we don’t know whether that schema is meant as a left-to-right reading, or t’other way around. We do know of one commercial device (single color light-pumping) which seems to increase physical strength by a good bit.

We will have more over the holidays for subscribers about the testing protocols…turned out to be non-trivial.

More for subscribers here:

Life on Mars?

Once upon a time…maybe. Though we can say maybe conclusively, lol.

The story that has been making the rounds is that researchers (marginalized in most of the MSM accounts) are pointing out a couple of statistically improbable formations of three major towers (perhaps up to a mile high) on Mars.

Well, now, that would be a fine reason for everyone and their Uncle (Sam) to recently getw more serious about heading up to the red-dot in the sky.

Ever wonder if movies like “The Martian” have been seeded into our consciousness in order to lessen the shock and awe of it all; finding we ain’t the only cluster of breathing space debris?

The most logical theory – and it really does make sense – is that Immanuel Velikovsky was right and there was a “near miss” by a wandering planetoid (or whatever) that stripped the atmosphere off Mars.

With some of the “seed” making it to Earth (*the Adam and Eve story) when coupled with what The Chronicle Project has found, it makes a fine pseudo science-fiction plot.

Save the Grocery List

The other day I took the shopping list with me to the store – to pick up a few things.

One of the items on the list was a half-gallon of buttermilk.

(We both drink it now and then, Elaine more than me. And we should open a contest to determine how you can tell if buttermilk is spoiled, but back to the point… )

Upon arrival home, Ures truly discovered there was already almost a half-gallon on hand.

Elaine looked at me slightly irritated with one of those “I suppose we can use it, but I crossed it off the grocery list, dear…”

Well, no.

I had the good fortune to have kept the grocery list and I was able to present her with her list and sure enough, no, it wasn’t crossed off.

I smiled sweetly….she shook her head in disbelief that she could make such an error. I suggested she merely THOUGHT about crossing it off, but never REALLY got it crossed off…

I think she’s OK with that.

But the two take-aways are:

1. The time of hiding our own Easter Eggs is coming. Years yet, but we can hear the clatter of those hooves on the roof now and then.

2.Always save the grocery list. Don’t store it where obvious. You want it so if you do screw up, the evidence is not available. But for the one-in-a-THOUSAND (or more) where you are right for a change, you can produce it..

I have several lists 10-years old, but like IRS records, throw them away as soon as you’re sure you won’t need them to defend the family honor and debunk charges of dimentia.

Mr. Clean

Off to the dental place this morning. Nitrous-me-up and clean them fangs time…

More tomorrow…

Write when you get rich,

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  1. George,
    to go along with the “Martian” movie doing brain seeding, If you have NOT seen it yet, take a look at the movie “Prometheus”! follows what your saying about brain seeding!i think they are and have been trying to prep the sheeple for a discovery!

  2. The Light Crown Project
    Other places to look
    (1)India The red dot’s on forheads sometimes stones like rubys

  3. Sounds like the Dr Fred Bell book I’ve just started to read. The Woo is just too deep, so I’ve skipped ahead to anti-gravitic propulsion and time travel machines.

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