A Real-Life "Flash-Roll" Tale

Our report this morning centers of the experience of one reader, who we will not name, but who was recently separated from nearly $10,000 via an internet scam.

At the heart of this international fraud, we find a stack of cash, an urgent trip to Amsterdam to a “private bank” – and a lot more.

But before we go there, we need to look at how our Blow-Off top in the market is coming.  And as you’ll see in the ChartPack, we’ve only (to borrow from the Carpenters) just begun.

Bean up.  Computer problems are resolved and we’re back ready to rock n’ roll.

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6 thoughts on “A Real-Life "Flash-Roll" Tale”

  1. Scammers are everywhere. Ever use Craigslist to sell something? They come out of the woodwork like termites within hours of posting something of value for sale. Complex regimens of payment for some soldier on active duty who cannot be there to buy the car, but will have a ‘friend’ pick it up. Sheesh! Multiple repetitions of the same scam framework arrived within hours. One wanted to give paypal payment, and take delivery after paypal had ‘cleared’ the funds. But most people do not know that paypal has a ‘clawback’ policy if the buyer complains of non-delivery (whether true or not) the buyer gets their money back… sucked directly out of your paypal-connected bank account. In this case, the victim is accused of being the ‘scammer’ and has a helluva time clearing himself after the money and goods have long gone.

    Deal locally… face to face, with ID presented if you ever use Craigslist.

    • I use Craigslist all the time and generally it’s win/win for each party. I pay cash for good items and most sellers are decent people. Yes, I’ve met two memorable flakes that wasted my time, but never cost me money. I’ve rarely sold anything there, and always in a public place rather than my house. Each time the deal went smoothly or didn’t happen. I see no reason to present ID unless you’re dealing in something restricted, such as firearms, and they’re not allowed on that platform.

    • Sold a bunch of stuff on Craigslist over the years. Never had anyone try to scam me, rape me or otherwise engage in any malfeasance with me.

  2. hey George,
    you should check out the 2017 Llewellyns moon sign book some quite interesting info in the economic forecast coinciding with some of your predictions even with 1929. Wow!!!

  3. yeah, this is a yr old, but notice 3/4 down page he says in BOLD “multiyear outlook for much lower prices”


    With that newly discovered super-glut of TX oil, that should motivate DAPL shutdown (just like cancelling the Keystone!!) And electric car sales are up!

    Does he or doesn’t he? (Trump owns shares in company building DAPL?)

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