Reporter School: Is “Fake News” Fake?

One story going large this morning is how Hillary Clinton is blaming the web for the spread of “fake news.”

Specifically, The Hill reports over here about her complaint to a group of financial backers and said Congress should do something about it.

Cited was the case of a gunman, who allegedly walked into a pizza joint where he was “investigating” allegations of a child sex operation.

Now, the curious thing to me is why the media dismisses the case as “not true” but with little explanation. What interests us is how the conspiracy theory started making the rounds.

Back to the beginning: The gunman who discharged a weapon in the establishment, Comet Ping Pong, says he was checking the place out after reading allegations on the ‘net.

Now comes the interesting part: Where did the “theory” come from?

We can pick up the trail in this Time Magazine article that puts us on the path:

“The online conspiracies began after James Alefantis, the owner of Comet Ping Pong, was mentioned in Clinton campaign chair John Podesta’s emails.”

See how this gets interesting?

To begin to connect the dots, you need to read the New York Magazine article “Report: Clinton Linked to Satanic Rituals Involving Kidnapped Children and Marina Abramovic…

This all relates to a Wikileaks-released email allegedly involving John Podesta and plans for a “spirit-cooking dinner” with Marina Abramovic.

While spirit-cooking is down the dark alley of Satanic practices, the Washington Post jumped in early when the story started to break, claiming that “No, John Podesta didn’t drink bodily fluids at a secret Satanist dinner.”

The Mainstream version of the story claims that the “art” of Marina Abramovic is alleged (by Podesta supporters) to be a simple collection of aphrodisiac recipes. This Youtube video should clarify things.

But back to the conspiracy/”fake news” trail:

If you hit Wikileaks, and toss the Comet Ping Pong owner’s last name into the leaked emails, you get what…17 references? (Hit the search button on that link.)

Little is conclusive. I know, like so much around the Clintons.

Still, a good reporter learns to spike stories that won’t pass legal review since lawsuits to counter defamation are the remedy to false charges.

Not so much on the Internet though, where actual lessons and case law involving slander, libel, and defamation are not studiously followed.

One of our pet theories is ultimately, Facebook could be shut down by aggressive lawyering, which might allege it facilitates mass libel and slander, but we can save that for another morning.

Untrained, many citizen-journos want to run down the path to a “Big Story” and – in doing so – they risk triggering people who take fighting pedophilia very seriously, especially when alleged to have Satanic connections.

Such connections are easily found on the web, such as this example.

We see another trend, however. Pedophilia charges seem to go with holding office.

If you search Google looking for [ clinton pedophile] you’ll get 1.29-million hits. But then consider [bush pedophile] and you’ll get .588-million. But the “winner” (in terms of presidential search results) seems to be president Obama with 1.74-million hits on [obama pedophile].

Is there a bottom line here?

Maybe….and I can say that conclusively.

What we know is that that charges of Satanic worship, pedophile, and spiritual malpractice (cooking) jam up website popularity.

And that gets us to the point of the discussion: If Hillary wanted to “prove” how “fake-news” hurt her election chances, then perhaps she should file defamation charges against some of the citizen-journos who – by her standards – engaged in “fake news” reporting to her detriment at the polls.

We don’t see her doing that, at least yet.

Perhaps because of that nasty little legal problem that comes with such lawsuits:

The Truth is always the one winning defense in slander and defamation cases.

Malice costs big dough, but only if you’re wrong.

So we must respectfully disagree with the mass-marketing of the “fake news” narrative (which used to be called the “story”).

When we see a few “fake news” lawsuits settled putting big-money sites out of business or on the ropes, that to us would be convincing evidence that Hillary was serious. Otherwise? Just another ka-ching on the cash registers of politics in general and fund-raisers in particular. Or speeches to people who contributed a ton of dough and got nothing of equal value in return.

In a world where even the weather has been monetized, nothing surprises us less than marginal dot-connecting, however poorly done.

And in Other News…

S. Korean Parliament votes to impeach President. We should have learned from their example.  But despite how our borders have been collapsed, the so-called other party in the House and Senate continues to be a campaign dough-collecting bunch of fence (and thumb)-sitters.

Waiting for the Pullback?

The market ‘honeymoon’ is almost over, this strategist says

40-minutes before the open, we see the market futures up 22 on the Dow. Without a huge pullback today, we will be firmly into the records for the week and that’s just edging us closer to the new all-time-highs we see early in 2017.

Time to go…gotta rest up for the Fed decision next week. The 10—year Note was up to 2.41 this morning – a gain of 2.56% – and that should knock the market on its ass. But not until the Trumpedency buzz wears off.

Maybe later today – after Europe closes, maybe?  Or will the fleeing bond money land in stocks propelling us even higher as we’ve suggested for the past six months?

27 thoughts on “Reporter School: Is “Fake News” Fake?”

  1. How about the news the media refuses to touch. Goggle the name Denton Moberly, a Border Patrol Agent who was poisoned when he ate a hamburger at the “golden arches” fast food in 2008. He was in uniform, an emploee put strichnyne in his burger. To me huge news that BP did not censor, press releases were issued, the media just ignored it. Or the cartels killing infants, gutting them, stuffing the bodies with high grade coke. Giving the body to a young Mexican gal to cross the border. TRUE NEWS!

    • you are correct my friend!! the pedophile rings appear to be BIG and go to many HIGH places and have done nothing over the years but get BIGGER, and more powerful!! and they passed laws to catch the small fry to make it look like they are doing something about it, ie. just viewing child porn is a crime! while the BIGGER fish quietly keep on swimming away!!
      i won’t say more or George will be moderate me to keep his site safe, cannot blame you George!

  2. The issue with civil lawsuits like libel and others, is the right of discovery allowed by those being sued. During the discovery process, if evidence of criminality is found, the attorneys involved are required by law to report the findings to a prosecutor for review by a grand jury. That evidence can become grounds for a search warrant, where the same rule of discovery applies.

    It’s never gonna happen. Any crack in the door like this could bring down the entire USA government, and not just at the federal level either. Think I’m joking?

    David Icke has been writing about this worldwide pedophilia issue for 20 years. Eventually he will be proven out, he already has been in regard to the British situation, although it might take a few more years for the American sheeple to get their head around it. For example, Scalia was know for quashing investigations into this, but when one of the major coordinators of a pedo network had a breakdown and his computer was seized, someone had to take the fall. This no US marshals with him at the ranch, and no autopsy. The computer seized led to a group with 70,000 members.

    Some suspect this was the poison pill that quashed the Clinton foundation investigation. These people are experts at obfuscation, and most of what is on the web about this is for that purpose. Evidences is pretty good that this cost Breitbart his life.

      Chris Hedges:
      “Systems of governance that are seized by a tiny cabal become mafia states. The early years—Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton in the United States—are marked by promises that the pillage will benefit everyone. The later years—George W. Bush and Barack Obama—are marked by declarations that things are getting better even though they are getting worse. The final years—Donald Trump—see the lunatic trolls, hedge fund parasites, con artists, conspiracy theorists and criminals drop all pretense and carry out an orgy of looting and corruption.”

  3. George, good to see you’re tuned in to the Comet pizza story. What got me about the whole thing is the references to “cheese pizza” in the Podesta emails. Obvious from the content they were not talking about actual “pizza” it was some kinda code. My “news nose” tells me there’s much more to this story bubbling under.

  4. Yes, George you must be correct that because Hillary hasn’t sued anyone to date over the “allegedly” fake news story she must be a pedophile, that drinks blood, an actual demon like from Hell that smells like sulfur and always has flies around her, is wracked with Alzheimer’s, dementia and Parkinson’s and of course has a body double. [all stories I’ve seen floated on republican websites.]

    BTW when is Trump going to sue all of those women who accused him of harassment and who he promised to sue once the election was over? I guess that proves he’s groper in chief too, right?

    • You took a democrat pill this morning – I never said ANY of those things alleged.
      But see ExPat’s comments on discovery for the reason the altd-journos can survive

    • Well, at least you can finally acknowledge these things and get on with your life. Its that bombing Libya and destroying an entire country, turning it into a haven for ISIS thing that I hate her for.

    • Wavecrave, at least you finally can acknowledge it and move on from your crushing defeat. The Donald = Killary/Bush/Obomber, etc.

      If only she’d actually gone to VISIT Wisconsin even just one time. Alas, she didn’t.

      • Sue – do you believe that Hillary Clinton’s body double was used the day she collapsed? If so we done here. If not then please read ahead.

        Did you like it more when Kaddafi was in command using air power to bomb civilians?

  5. Bottom line is the Clintons ARE and many more just like them scumbags and should be in prison for there crimes they will use this fake news crap to try to weasel out of the lime lite!! there are so many brainwashed idiots who follow the Clintons and support them and refuse to look at the FACTUAL evidence about them!! makes me sick !! DC needs to be purged of the scumbags!!

  6. I don’t know if the stories about a child trafficking ring in dc are real or just another conspiracy theory to be considered and as long as it doesn’t involve me or my family I don’t care about it.
    There have been stories that have been around for years and with the list that has been given of individuals with that much absolute power supposedly involved in this story ,those investigating the story would find it to be a futile endeavor to even challenge the issue of that magnitude without a retaliation of some sort.
    if your an investigator in an alphabet organization and discovered something this heinous going on with so many powerful people how would you even begin to go after the ones that could get you fired or worse.
    What could you do to even begin to bring up an issue of that magnitude with that many powerful people supposedly involved in it without jeopardizing your career or life or the lives of those you care about. ..Hmm.. maybe if you were the investigator and discovered an issue that truly concerned you and you knew this issue would be buried to protect those involved and get you terminated at your job in the process of bringing it up, then maybe leaking the emails to someone that would be willing to expose it to the public for public scrutiny could be a possible choice. it gets the story out and into the public eye without putting your job or family in jeopardy of retaliation..
    the stories I have read sure do write a convincing tale and I can understand why mainstream media is staying completely away from the whole story. Look at what happened to one news anchor a few years ago that brought up an issue about someone with that much power that didn’t have anywhere near the magnitude of complexity or evil as this one has. The news anchor had to retire and the others involved in the news story all lost their jobs because they wrote and broadcast the story.
    I can also see how someone would think that satanic rituals could be held in the tunnels beneath DC.. when I was living in the city I had gotten drunk at a party ( I had never had a drink in my life.. thought I was drinking fruit punch ) and woke up in the tunnels beneath DC How I got there I don’t know.. Whether I had passed out or stumbled in there by accident during my drunken stupor I am not sure I wasn’t anywhere close to a door or a light switch when I came to.
    I was lost for three days trying to find a way out of that vast maze.. it is scary down there and huge it goes everywhere throughout the city and further when I was down there, there weren’t any lights on except for a small red light about every block or so..walked around for what seemed like an eternity trying to find a light switch or exit. Once I figured the maze out I found exits and entrances everywhere in some of the oddest places like broom closets etc. It is truly amazing the complexity and simplicity of the whole system that has been built.
    the things about the story that I read that disturbs me is concerning the emails.. isn’t it funny that those emails showed up to wiki leaks about the same time that an investigation was going on about emails on computers and servers concerning public officials, and there are those that are reported as investigating the allegations or supposedly about to give testimony seem to get mugged or harmed in some way before they can report or give testimony about the issue. what are the odds of that even happening to that many individuals involved in the same issues..

    My Personal thought is that Even if only one percent of what has been written about the whole issue has any truth to it at all then that paints a really disturbing image about those we look up to for our safety and the security of the people in our country.

    • I think the line of corruption and evil is just to high up with to many people with the absolute power over life and death of masses of people that could possibly even take down our own government..I think the one that leaked the emails was an investigator because he or she didn’t know how to get this issue addressed without retribution for doing so and like so many of us find it extremely disturbing and evil to even consider that this could be happening.

    • There are many fake news stories everywhere and every reporter puts their own swing on the same story which makes it hard to determine is this true or is this just the opinion that such and such wants us to hear..

      In my opinion on this issue There are two things that keep it alive.
      1 . The deeper you dig on this issue the worse it gets and the story gets even crazier when you read the bizarre posts by those involved in the story.( I knew a guy that took a guys hat.. then wore the hat around the guy just to infuriate him because he couldn’t prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that was his hat..)


      2. The story has been treated like the Plague by the mainstream media and the alphabet investigators.

      My thought is that In an attempt to squelch the story with silence has had the opposite affect. People usually want to see the good in everyone without anyone of authority saying that we and our children are safe from someone that evil and without anyone on any credible news agencies coming out commenting on this story,in my opinion this just gives it that much more credibility to those reading about it.
      Heck even Drudge wouldn’t comment on the story.
      of course that is my opinion..

  7. There is “propaganda.” There is “disinformation” and “mis-information.” IMO the term “fake news” was coined to mainstream unreported or under-reported news as: “Conspiracy theory, and not worth the reader’s or listener’s time.”

    Here’s how it works: Take an under-reported story, mix in a little creative fabrication (mis-information) to make certain the story sounds utterly ludicrous, then report it in the mainstream as the latest installment of “fake news” and eventually the sheeple will blow off any such story as fake, irrespective evidence of its integrity. People, in general, are lazy, and would rather be told “what to think” than fact-check or research news items themselves (after all, it’s on the evening news or the Internet, so someone researched it already and it must be true, right?)

    Some person or persons [unknown], perhaps someone with 400-odd media sources and outlets under their thumb, merely Alinskyized Goebbels and loosed the result into the MSM as a guideline…

  8. The comet ping-pong pizza thing has the involvement of 4chan – a group known for “trolling”. 4chan assholery is tolerated when directed at pedophiles because the human emotional landscape has changed to find such behaviour not acceptable. The highlighted references in the leaked Podesta mails are strange – but I’ve not seen someone suggest that the leaks may have been edited and substitutions done. If so, was “pizza” a substitution word on a search/replace function?

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