One story going large this morning is how Hillary Clinton is blaming the web for the spread of “fake news.”

Specifically, The Hill reports over here about her complaint to a group of financial backers and said Congress should do something about it.

Cited was the case of a gunman, who allegedly walked into a pizza joint where he was “investigating” allegations of a child sex operation.

Now, the curious thing to me is why the media dismisses the case as “not true” but with little explanation. What interests us is how the conspiracy theory started making the rounds.

Back to the beginning: The gunman who discharged a weapon in the establishment, Comet Ping Pong, says he was checking the place out after reading allegations on the ‘net.

Now comes the interesting part: Where did the “theory” come from?

We can pick up the trail in this Time Magazine article that puts us on the path:

“The online conspiracies began after James Alefantis, the owner of Comet Ping Pong, was mentioned in Clinton campaign chair John Podesta’s emails.”

See how this gets interesting?

To begin to connect the dots, you need to read the New York Magazine article “Report: Clinton Linked to Satanic Rituals Involving Kidnapped Children and Marina Abramovic…

This all relates to a Wikileaks-released email allegedly involving John Podesta and plans for a “spirit-cooking dinner” with Marina Abramovic.

While spirit-cooking is down the dark alley of Satanic practices, the Washington Post jumped in early when the story started to break, claiming that “No, John Podesta didn’t drink bodily fluids at a secret Satanist dinner.”

The Mainstream version of the story claims that the “art” of Marina Abramovic is alleged (by Podesta supporters) to be a simple collection of aphrodisiac recipes. This Youtube video should clarify things.

But back to the conspiracy/”fake news” trail:

If you hit Wikileaks, and toss the Comet Ping Pong owner’s last name into the leaked emails, you get what…17 references? (Hit the search button on that link.)

Little is conclusive. I know, like so much around the Clintons.

Still, a good reporter learns to spike stories that won’t pass legal review since lawsuits to counter defamation are the remedy to false charges.

Not so much on the Internet though, where actual lessons and case law involving slander, libel, and defamation are not studiously followed.

One of our pet theories is ultimately, Facebook could be shut down by aggressive lawyering, which might allege it facilitates mass libel and slander, but we can save that for another morning.

Untrained, many citizen-journos want to run down the path to a “Big Story” and – in doing so – they risk triggering people who take fighting pedophilia very seriously, especially when alleged to have Satanic connections.

Such connections are easily found on the web, such as this example.

We see another trend, however. Pedophilia charges seem to go with holding office.

If you search Google looking for [ clinton pedophile] you’ll get 1.29-million hits. But then consider [bush pedophile] and you’ll get .588-million. But the “winner” (in terms of presidential search results) seems to be president Obama with 1.74-million hits on [obama pedophile].

Is there a bottom line here?

Maybe….and I can say that conclusively.

What we know is that that charges of Satanic worship, pedophile, and spiritual malpractice (cooking) jam up website popularity.

And that gets us to the point of the discussion: If Hillary wanted to “prove” how “fake-news” hurt her election chances, then perhaps she should file defamation charges against some of the citizen-journos who – by her standards – engaged in “fake news” reporting to her detriment at the polls.

We don’t see her doing that, at least yet.

Perhaps because of that nasty little legal problem that comes with such lawsuits:

The Truth is always the one winning defense in slander and defamation cases.

Malice costs big dough, but only if you’re wrong.

So we must respectfully disagree with the mass-marketing of the “fake news” narrative (which used to be called the “story”).

When we see a few “fake news” lawsuits settled putting big-money sites out of business or on the ropes, that to us would be convincing evidence that Hillary was serious. Otherwise? Just another ka-ching on the cash registers of politics in general and fund-raisers in particular. Or speeches to people who contributed a ton of dough and got nothing of equal value in return.

In a world where even the weather has been monetized, nothing surprises us less than marginal dot-connecting, however poorly done.

And in Other News…

S. Korean Parliament votes to impeach President. We should have learned from their example.  But despite how our borders have been collapsed, the so-called other party in the House and Senate continues to be a campaign dough-collecting bunch of fence (and thumb)-sitters.

Waiting for the Pullback?

The market ‘honeymoon’ is almost over, this strategist says

40-minutes before the open, we see the market futures up 22 on the Dow. Without a huge pullback today, we will be firmly into the records for the week and that’s just edging us closer to the new all-time-highs we see early in 2017.

Time to go…gotta rest up for the Fed decision next week. The 10—year Note was up to 2.41 this morning – a gain of 2.56% – and that should knock the market on its ass. But not until the Trumpedency buzz wears off.

Maybe later today – after Europe closes, maybe?  Or will the fleeing bond money land in stocks propelling us even higher as we’ve suggested for the past six months?