Coping: A Bit More Personal Woo-Woo

Oh, boy.  Here we go again.  Remember this part from the bottom of the Coping section on Thursday?

This latest one is worth keeping an eye out for in the headlines.

I was a worker in some kind of large mine – many side shafts off the main tunnel. The scene was brightly lit and all white.

We were taking turns working – about 10 minutes at a time because of dust that was quite chalky.

On the other side of a collapsed part of the tunnel were 10-20 men and they were digging for diamonds. They all had this crazy look in the eye.

Does it have any precognitive value? Who the hell knows. But it’s an entry in the dream journal that’s worth noticing…

Well, here comes a story  out of the Johannesburg South Africa area this morning which seems to fill the bill:

Miner dies, another remains trapped after Impala Mine shaft collapse.

Although this morning’s report was the first one I’ve seen, one can argue that because the story has been evolving since Tuesday, to dream about it early on Thursday suggests that there may not be a precognitive angle to it;

An alternate explanation is that perhaps when I was going through news aggregation sites earlier this week, it was picked up by my subconscious brain and saved for the “overnight processor run” which is sometimes what sleep is/

But it seems unlikely that a headline in passing would have contained so much information, however.  And we do note a recurring problem of dreams and visioning, namely the accursed decimal point issue.

Still, the fact that it has be percolating since early Tuesday technical rules it out as a pure precognitive dream because there are alternative explanations.  Although some dreams have undeniable precognitive angles (the Irwin Allen’s Dream article prior to the Gulf Oil Disaster), this one may be an “unwired connection” but it’s not a pure enough hit to call purely precognitive.

Others are and have been, so we will pass along the occasional oddity has they happen in order to at least have some data about how whatever the channel is actually works.

The Magic of Late Night Radio

Since I was on CoastToCoast with George Noory last night, I thought I would use this occasion (writing this at 2:30 am local time) to extoll the virtues of late night radio.

I can remember my first encounter with far-away radio when I was growing up in Seattle. I had a clock radio and I managed to pick up KGO out of San Francisco. The legendary Ira Bleu was on and wow…was that great radio, or what?

Then came some of the comedy bit of Coyle and Sharp…you can still find some of their bits on Youtube.

It didn’t take long for me to skip doing homework (a habit I never broke) and sack out early so I could cruise the AM band late at night.

A long wire antenna was cobbled onto the radio at first.

Then, one day I started to twist the screws on the tuning capacitor and suddenly I could hear tugboat chatter on Elliott Bay. My life fell into place from that point on: Radio was magic and I wanted some.

I think there comes a time in every young person’s life when – if given their head and parental support – they will fall in love with something.

I’ve seen it in my kids. My son’s fascination is emergency medicine. Eldest daughter is music, though making a living at that is nearly impossible. And the youngest daughter? Loves to cook and has won awards and graduated from a culinary school. But again, not much “dough” in that business, if you’ll pardon the bun.

Growing people is a lot like growing plants. They need feedstock of some kind. The problem is, it’s not written down on the instructions anywhere.

Which means it is the primary responsibility of parents to present their offspring with as wide a selection of life pursuits as possible, so the child can be naturally attracted to ther one thing that will resonate best with them. From their, Life will work itself out, generally for the best.

Which gets me to the point: When I head young parents offering up opinions on things like gender selection in school, I want to run to one of the 12 kinds of restrooms we will have in the future to puke.

The role of school is not to tell kids to pull down their pants and decide whether they like the factory plumbing, or not.

The role of schools is to teach them how science, math, writing, reading, and how elementary code works – and how to cook, cobble, hammer, and drive. The stuff that matters.

What bothers me most is that most of these stupid politically “correct” moves have come from anarchists on social media.

Loudmouth bums who are seeking converts (or perverts) and who hijack America’s opportunities for progress.

Schools shouldn’t be promoting sexual choices…that’s a family matter and, in Ure’s world, a matter of right to privacy. In fact, gender drift might be considered a medical matter (psychologically and physically) which means the Nazis of the Education Department have taken to practicing medicine without licenses.

But that’s OK, it’s happened before.

Germany wasn’t it?

At least so I heard.

Maybe on late night radio where the band is open and ideas still flow freely.

Tune around sometime if you’re up late. It may be the last place to find critical thinking, since social media has lost its edge as the anarchists rule.

OK, tired, time for sleep, more in a few hours when the market opens.

Write when you get rich,

9 thoughts on “Coping: A Bit More Personal Woo-Woo”

  1. I heard you on the show and enjoyed it. I agree with your comments above wholeheartedly. I too live in rural America amongst friends and family and think it is the safest place to be. What amazes me is how many self professed intellectual giants think that all this PC crap today is accurate and necessary. I heard an interesting comment recently and explains a lot about what’s wrong today. It comes from the pledge that we are not saying anymore. The word “indivisible” is what makes us strong and today we are most divisible. It’s the way Obama gets his power. The future is not bright for our nation and I hope somebody can pull it together soon.

    • It helps me greatly to hear you both , voice my gut feelings….its a damn strange word they have built for us…

  2. Our local American Legion designated a bathroom for these gender-confused folks. It’s the “Handicapped” one they already had; and they just added a sign. There had always been one for physically handicapped; it’s just been combined with mentally handicapped.

  3. Hi George,

    I’m glad you were able to be on the radio again and reach millions of listeners. For those of us who need daylight for our work and can’t listen, I wonder if you can have the audio stream available to subscribers.

    Our number is small compared to Coast, so they might agree.

  4. Hay George,
    You sounded rather tame last nite on Coast to coast, compared to the way you write down here. You must have been acting on your best behavior…LOL

  5. anarchists never rule. that’s the beauty of it. absence of government. unfortunately the herd is made to think of riots and molotovs and destruction, when the simple definition is so much more human. i’m tired of those that rule. i want those who serve to be making the indivisible decisions for us all.


  6. Ah. late night radio… Folks had a ’30s Zenith 12-series console radio (big sucker, pre BFO) which tuned something like 400KC to 30MC. I discovered it when I was about six. My mother eventually gave it to me, after waking me up for school, numerous times, sleeping on the floor in front of it. I listened to all kinds of stuff, from all over the world, until I discovered girls and (perhaps unfortunately) shortly thereafter, Top-30 and “heavy rotation…”

    The extreme right-wing concept of pure utopian anarchy is awesome, so’s the extreme left-wing concept of pure utopian communism. Unfortunately, neither is, or ever will be workable, in a society comprised of more than two people, or one which interacts with any other society…

  7. Art Bell on the drive home when I worked the evening shift then laying in bed listening on headphones. Great radio.

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