Coping: Project CO-MIND Notes

First off, a morsel of science and conjecture  – arising from my recent research – about the world of Dreams.

As I continue working on my next book (Psychocartography:  the Reality Stacks) something quite extraordinary has into view as a low, but greater than zero, possibility.  I’ll try to mash this down as compactly  as possible with a few bullet points:

  • The (Schrödinger/Everett) Many Wolds Interpretation (MWI) of quantum mechanics says the universe splits every time a decision is made and observed.
  • We don’t notice it, though, because we are all “on-board” together in a bubble of sorts.  A continuing nominal shared reality – what I label in the book  The NSR.
  • Every wonder what happens to those “non-realized (by our NSR) other multiverses?
  • An original notion here:  They are actual “other places” (in the multiverse), of course.  Is this  where dreams are played out?
  • To repeat for clarity, are dreams visitation to other actual Realms?
  • These “orphaned multiverses”  (ignored by the NSR bubble occupants) may also be the basis for religious beliefs.  Afterlives (heaven, hell, purgatory, etc.) seem to share many of the characteristics of “misshapen Present” conditions;  Present being within the Nominal Shared Reality of our global collective mass consciousness bubble.
  • The NSR is collapsing.  Political, religious, sexual, financial…wherever we look, the once even NSR is imploding before us.  Our “Bubble is in Trouble.”
  • This likely foretells a great “dispersion to the otherverses (multiverses) will be along in due course.  We all make the transition to OTHER domains when dead.  Death being a kind of singularity in terms of observation points.
  • The “Life Review” common in near-death encounters fits neatly with the concept of a soul (spirit, or essence) getting ready to “jump off” to a new/replacement Reality to occupy when kicked out of the NSR by troubles like a heart attack or large nuclear flash…
  • This is all constitutes cornerstone concept behind the personal mapping of your “leaning toward it” dreamscape.  Over time, as you map the world of your dreams, you’ll find an odd consistency in how everything works (and doesn’t) in your personal Next Realm.
  • Quantum mechanics actually requires  alternative futures that have gone un-noticed.  But, since some people visit them as dreamscape, it may be how the Universe continues.  In other worlds, observation and expectation of differing potential outcomes may be unavoidable..
  • With these as some framing thoughts, my book gets into the importance of “dream logging” and how to do it.  I mean in addition to the National Dream Center website.
  • And from there?  Off into co-dreaming – which is what Elaine and I are working toward.  A sense of the mechanics of this was in my first novel DreamOver: Action-Adventure on the Frontiers of Reality.

Key point from the research:  Seems by the literature that about one person in eight dies in their sleep.

Using our “Truth in Reversed Propositions” tool, that implies about one person in eight will live in their waking-state.

Down at the quantum-level, there’s a grandy symmetry to be maintained…

(Writing and thinking about  this stuff is what raises me from bed around 3 AM daily…that and putting on a big-ass day trade in the market.)

I confess to having some “skin in the game” when it comes keeping the National Dream Center alive.  When I simply ran out of personal bandwidth 2008 for that, , a recently retired F-15 driver, (Lt. Col. Retired)  Chris McCleary picked it up and has run with it ever since.

Somewhere along the way, Nostracodeus project code-whiz Grady took a shine to the project; Chris began to run the Nostracodeus word frequency analysis tool against dreams.  And from there we are evolving a way to capture mood swings of the planet – in advance.

Since Chris has a six-pack of degrees (I’ve lost count but it’s a couple of masters, four or five BA’s and an EdD in the works) he spotted something odd  in the posted dream data.

There’s a flow to it.

Not that this comes as any particular surprise.  We have known it does, but that’s what makes Chris’ new Project Co-Mind so interesting.

Let me share a recent email from his on how this is evolvingt.  You just need to know that when Grady’s Nostracodeus software is run against the Dream Database it results in a report that we all refer to as a “dreambot” run.  Based on language, it’s how the future is bending, this way or that.

I started something new with the daily dreambots and want your valued opinion. Social Psychology already knows that the collective group influences us as individuals. There are many theories behind this, but nonetheless, I’m under the assumption that the daily dreambot sees what the collective is dreaming about (i.e., unconscious obsessions) and thereby can estimate the bigger influences on us individuals. I’m terming it Project CO-MIND which stands for Collective-Mass Influence from the Net Distortions. The goals is to accurately provide readers with the biggest collective forces that might be influencing them each day. My assessment takes into account surging dream words AND astrological energies. My hypothesis is that if we make more conscious awareness of these extremely subtle (yet powerful and influential) forces, it will give us individuals more autonomy, being less slave-driven by the matrix. Here are a few links for you for your assessment:

  1. Here are a couple of the last reports:  and
  2. I also provide a pictorial version of the report’s summary. People can sign up for free feeds on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Example:
  3. Background on Project CO-MIND:

As always, I look forward to your honest feedback,

Ure’s Feedback

It  looks dandy.  The only additions I can offer are:

  1. The first is computational.  While it’s straightforward to run the Nosty code against the dreambase, what we’re talking about is a more integrative system.  In other words, it would be dandy to be able to isolate a) specific information vectors (target populations) as well as b) other non-net influencers.
  2. The Non-net influencers could be things like astrology and even weather maps (of large populations).  Toss in TV Guide listings of daily television plotted-series because these too result in high carry-forward day residues which might then manifest.
  3. I would think the easiest way to “zoom-in ” on the CO-MIND result would be to run Nosty against the top 1,000 most influential Twitter sites, for example.  We could them calculate the directional value by comparing dream content (possibly predictive) with NRT (*near real-time) Twitter leanings.
  4. It would also be nice to take this information and see how it lines up with traditional astrology and such.  Find strong astro points then look for data shifts in the dream reports.  I noticed a personal shift (which was strange) between my dream intensity and recall of last week (PRE solstice) and this week AFTER.

Obviously, it would be a bear to do all this on a daily basis, so we’d have to look to Grady for automation suggestions.

The idea (as a workflow/process diag.)  that spins up in my head looks like this:

As you can  see, I think the genius of your CO-MIND idea is that the near-future is probabilistic and that a mixed-disciplines approach would yield a clearer view of the future (projecting drift)  than a single analyst.  (This is a point where I differed with another researcher in computational futuring on a few years back!)

The point is, we are quickly approaching where multiple inputs could be considered and computed against one another.  That’s the purpose of the four-inputs.  The more, the merrier.

If you ran, for example, the dream center content against only Twitter, but the result was in the same domain as the Astrology software  run against news headlines WFA values, then confidence might be higher in the prediction where there’s some agreement. (Above gaussian noise, lol)

OR, we might find that there is a leading and lagging effect, as in alternating electrical current.  Just like Voltage will lead or lag the arrival of the moment of maximal power (depending on inductive or capacitive elements), so too we might find that Astrology could be more of a leading “pre-weighting” factor than “news” which is necessarily a lagging element (which gets to news diffusion studies – which I’m working on in background).

Not saying it well, but I expect that the adaptive comparator would be able  to “learn” optimized ratios and lead/lag periods for these parameters quite quickly.  With a copy of this note (to Grady) I’ll ping him on taking a look at which offers “Open source machine learning tools for developers and product teams to expand bots beyond answering simple questions.”

Imagine asking “Run the chi-square comparison between all four data inputs and report any parallel directions where the STDDEV is greater than 2.  The repeat with all combinations.  Reweight to maximize scores and list specific language differences between sources…”

The idea here being that we would know (at 5 AM Central) when the market  Futures go live whether the market is likely to move higher or lower for the day.  Then, using the news scanning, we can see how the “emo’s” are being tweaked.  (Like Housing data later this morning will be seized on as a reason for the market to rally most likely, but in faqct it has nothing to do with the pending rally…)

If we knew the latest Dreambot run (*near real-time/overnights) and the weather and astro outlooks…then a semi-reliable prediction of near-term future would be likely.  Coupled with the Aggregate approach to markets, we might be able to break-even on all this research yet!

Just things I’m thinking about….love Co-MIND as a concept.

Now, if we would turn on an audit trail so we could trace back up the news foodchain and discover how that mass control is being injected, then we’d really be onto something.  Another convo to have with Grady when they get in from motorcycling… I expect they are enjoying both days of summer up  in Saudi Alberta.

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  1. So . . . what happens when presumably at an advanced age, your ‘reality’ is the last one ‘standing’?

    (It would be lovely to know that a loved one who died ‘in their sleep’ had a continued life in another ‘bubble universe’, but . . .)

  2. Here’s something to consider. If you try to gain an advantage in a system that is in a state of relative equlibrium, you disrupt the equilibrium. That will have consequences for the disruptor, but it is not as simple as 1. Create cause 2. Observe effect. So you cannot learn from scientific minded experiments …the most High is not mocked.

    Moving along …Let’s assume you perfect the ability to time the markets. Take it to it’s logical conclusion ….you have all the toys, we are all standing outside your fence with arms and armament. That what you are trying to do? No? Okay, then at what point do you become wise enough to draw the line? Because when you become that wise, you will realize the futility of trying to gain an advantage to begin with.

    • Setar(what ever) the question my woefully ignorant and undereducated brain state(as compared to ure,very apparent,high level of enlightenmet)..What the Hell R U doing frequenting this site, when there must be some high ranking “professorship” or “World Saving” institution..that you could be giving counsel 2?

      Me, I’m just bored and stupid!

      • It is easy to spew hate, anger, jealosy, etc. What is hard is to spew love & a good example to the young ones taking our place as time evolves.

      • This site addresses economics and also some philosophical lines of inquiry, which are quite good.

        Me, I am also stupid and bored and this site helps be remedy both conditions ?

  3. Thank You for Ure wonderful compilation of theories, and of which, I interrupt to approach something, very close to being: “Ure Reason 2 B” here on little ole planet “earth”.

    What I fail to understand, and I have asked this of you numerous times before, without any response:”How, in the name of all that is “other spheres holiness”, can you dedicate Ure time,desire,and passion, into the creation of such “worthiness”, and in the next, almost “evil twin” down that dark tunnel of “political sewage discharge” and spew forth such unbecoming(to Ure trueness) blather towards “those of whom Ure knowledge is ultimate and of whom Ure solutions towards erraticating them and their ideals, are to be accepted without any reference to “Ure Good Twin”?

    • Help me here…can you ask that as a simple question? I get lost in 77-word questions.
      How about 10 or 12? I’m just a simpleton, as you know.

  4. “Every time a decision / observation is made by a conscious entity, Universe splits.”

    Classis quantum thinking, and I suspect, fantastic as the conclusions are from this, that it’s true.

    First of all, the number of conscious entities is not infinite. It’s a very, very big number, but it’s not infinite.

    Secondly, are monkeys conscious entities? Or are we so anthro-fixated that we assume only humans are conscious entities. How about morons? How about dolphins? How about dogs and cats? Anybody who lives with a dog or a cat probably would agree they give every evidence of being conscious entities. How about your tank of tropical fish, or your kid’s hamster? Just where is the line? Would self-aware computers qualify? (I think they would…)

    Thirdly, maybe this splitting isn’t always “neat.” Maybe there are a few lost threads when the Great Edit happens. That explains your lost and auto-reppearing car keys nicely. (And other krazy rips in reality.)

    Finally, does a decision / observation, if quickly reversed, allow for a re-joining of two “tracks?” A re-fusion, if you like… Why not? Would the tracks be identical — or might there be some “Quantum Messiness?” Reality fragments…

    (Where did I leave my coffee? It was right here a second ago…)

  5. The Universe ‘smirks’ in strange ways. After reading the column today, I wound up in traffic following a bumper sticker that read:

    “Quantum Mechanics: The Dreams Stuff is Made Of”

      • The same odds that a former/current:”pilot;sailor;newsreporter;entrepreneur;finiacal guru and sage; writer of some acclaim”, could wind up living in the “outback” with no hope of ever hiding from, nor fighting off..the reality of:”The World Sucks and We Are All Going to Die”!!

        So my question(from “him”) the simplest way I know how to ask it..WHY??

      • At last – a question I can answer (thank you!)
        1) pilot: Airplanes have to land somewhere. Our hangar here until we sold the plane was $180 per month. In Dallas or other big cities, nearly twice that.
        2) sailor: All boats want to sink. To keep them afloat, you add coats of money. This is confusing to some who believe it’s just gel coat repairs, bottom paint, rides on the marine railway, retensioning of keel bolts, repairs to the rudder post…but just in general, constant applications of money.
        3) entrepreneur: AYSM? I am really good but I am 69 – almost 70. Kids in middle and upper management (typically 55 and under) don’t respect that old people know chit. So consulting is unlike but when necessary I can (and sometimes do) travel.
        4) fin guru: That’s not location dependent. I have 4 high speed connections: 5G satellite, 802 satellite, and two phone lines each with DSLs. My style of trading doesn’t require anything but a click.
        5) sage: I am surrounded by 29 acres of my own woods…are you kidding?
        6) Writer: half a dozen computers on three wireless networks (don’t count the 5g) and all tied in using Microsoft one drive. I can work on anything, anywhere on the property (with 150 feet of the house or office/shop building). My typing speed is not location dependant. The big computers (laptop and main workstation) both have Dragon prof. Yeah, we are well provisioned.
        7 You left out ham radio operator: I have antennas all over hell and gone here. never happen in a city. 65 feet up a tower is a big beam. Longest wire antenna is 746-feet, 4 or five satellite dishes peppered all over. (We even have an Alexa to turn on lights in the shop, lol.
        8. Also left out electronics tinkering: Massive amounts of test gear.
        9. And studio…OMG! Drum kit, guitars, and misc other, keystation 88 and everything Garritan makes. Dual polk subs and bose mids and tweets front, new delay line going in for the bose/interaudios on the rear. Samplitude Pro and Presonus 16-track desk…yep, got that one…

        As to the “no hope of ever fighting off…” Hmmm… let’s just say that we have a 100-meter range and everything battle-sighted. Hand, long, and shot guns, ammo, comms, and we could likely go a year with no need to venture out. (there would be no columns to speak of, lol)

        Then there’s a green house, hydroponics project ahead, kick-ass shop…I mean what we have wouldn’t even FIT on a city lot, lol.
        Oh and being a USDA registered farm (trees, right?) we are an ag property so taxes are next to nothing. Amazon brings us every whim and a herd of deer is around every evening.

        Who would live in a city with all that? Got a gym, O2 and trauma kit…jeez…who would give all this up?> Seriously?

        Maybe – when you made some real dough – your vision of “success” is different than ours. We like being able to do whatever we like. I like writing. Elaine likes bird watching and decorating. We like house-modifying – people are blown away when they visit. They are shocked at what looks like a “trailer home” on the outside really looks like on the inside. Kinda fun. Bot hideen compartments, hidden doors…whatever we felt like at the time.
        Yeah…it’s like an artist’s sketchpad. Waker up, have idea, realize it, enjoy, and on to the next idea…
        Maybe this doesn’t make sense (not sure it needs to) and it’s one hell of a long answrer but been through living in Boca, driving a Porsche, being a road warrior, offshore and all that.
        Our happiness is each other and realizing our own new and good ideas.
        I’m not a total do it yourselfer, though: I don’t make my own surface mount components and I have an electric hose winder coming for Elaine this week.
        This help explain it?
        Try to remember I lived on a 49-foot sailboat for 10 years. Now that I have 1-million square feet to play with, no permits or building department and I gotta say it’s way cool..
        (any other questions?)

      • I’m reminded of the “Infinite Improbability” space drive from the ‘Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’.

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