So here we are on a quiet Monday.

Next couple of days will be hectic as hell, though, so relax and sleep in today – or take a nap if you can – because the second half of the week should rock.

Let’s first look at national issues.  The biggie is immigration.  And you will recall that last week we mapped out a bunch of ways president Trump could react…including re-writing Executive Order 12789. 

I suggested that because I don’t think there’s a limit on how many E.O.’s a president can write.

Here’s what our process map looks like this morning – with the light yellow still in the future.


The main reason for bringing this up is to point out something:  Since the issue is virtually unchanged from what it was prior to the signing of the first E.O., we can  now make out a certain ‘event-flow’’ that is likely.

To be sure, the MSM has done what it can to whip us all into hy6steria about the Arizona woman who was deported, but whether that will be enough to  drum up more anti-Trump demonstrators remains to be seen.

One reason to question whether the pending second E.O. will be any more controversial is that the Trump administration is likely to take a very much no-nonsense approach to additional disruptive efforts.

Why, toss in the fact that George Soros money has been  tied to a number of the past presidential wannabe’s (including Paul Ryan) and Trump could be seen as having a good bit of leverage.

For example, take the Disney Company.  There was a suit filed in December alleging Disney laid off domestic US IT workers in favor of foreign workers.  An earlier lawsuit claiming collusion to replace U.S. workers was dismissed.  Those kinds of claims can be damaging.

When you think about how much revenue Disney has, the savings over U.S. workers versus foreign could be swamped by a change in the public’s buying habits.  Stories from last year about Disney workers having to train their H1b-holding replacements may not play well and could drive future consumer spending..

At the same time, there is growing public awareness of how news organization ownership is arranged around immigration.  Disney – which had its flap with foreign workers – owns the ABC network.  Similarly, Jeff Bezos of Amazon (2,600 H1b’s)  owns the Washington Post.

For now, whether Trump does E.O. #2 should be known this week.

But in the meantime, using a process map makes it possible to see how a story like this one can get into a “looped” configuration.

The second E.O. will likely garner the same protests and hand-wringing as the first E.O.  And Trump – with no limits on E.O.’s) could issue one per week and simply swamp the legal system.

While we don’t have any particular attachment to the E.O. process, we are very much in favor of solid, well-patrolled, impervious borders.  With adequately staffed border crossings, we’re not at all anti-immigration.

But preference has to be given to those who are citizens now and newcomers should be thoroughly vetted.

But that’s not why I brought this up in the Coping section.  It’s to point out this is exactly the kind of real-world “news” situation that understanding of the recipe, process, and flow concepts from our “Millennial’s Missing Manual” project  helps to clarify.

Changes to Peoplenomics

Next time you visit our site, it should automatically flip over to the SSL connection.

The inside content is still served “open” but you can’t get to it unless you go through the secure logon.

Several people had asked for that since Google Chrome (v.56 and later) flagged the site as “not secure” even though the previous logons were.

Ours is not to wonder why…

Adios Airplane?

Tomorrow afternoon, a young man will be coming down from North Dakota to possibly buy our reliable old Beechcraft. 

Tough decision, though.  If my eyes were still in great shape (20/15) which they were a year ago, it would be a different story.  But at 20/30 and the risk of contact dropping out, I figure we’ll sign up for the Trusted Traveler program of whatever it is.

Turns out there are four documents to this: A bill of sale, a Purchase/Sales Agreement,  Aircraft Registration form and Application for Airworthiness Certificate.

Elaine gets teary-eyed at the thought of no more airplane.  But after nearly six years of traveling around on whims, we’re doing the adult/safe thing with our new visual limits.

The new buyer is less than half my age…\he’ll have a long flying career ahead.

OK, tons of work ahead, this being Monday and all…

Write when you get rich,