Tired of “snowpocalyse” and other (hopelessly trite) MSM nonsense?  Yup, me too.  So let’s talk about something important:  coffee…

Been doing some experimenting with making coffee here lately.

The reason is fairly simple: I’ve never had coffee as good as what I get in Seattle. Maybe it’s the water up there, or when my Mom made it (years and years back) it was a stainless steel percolator and Mrs. Olson’s brand.

Never been particularly pleased with the coffee here at the ranch. East Texas Outback rural water is OK…and seems to have lower chemical levels than what passes for water along the Mississippi, but not as “crisp” as fresh Seattle water from the Cedar River Reservoir.

So I bought a $23 stainless percolator and began my experiments. Farberware Classic Stainless Steel Yosemite 8-Cup Coffee Percolator.

Finding #1: Percolator coffee takes longer than Drip. Anywhere from 3-6 minutes longer for approximately the same finish color/density.

Finding #2: Percolator coffee does have a slightly better (to me, this is subjective stuff, right) taste to it.

Finding #3: Percolator coffee stays warm a LOT longer. This is because the whole pot comes up to 212°F while in the Drip machine, the pot is warm, but doesn’t get up to anywhere near that. I reckon about 185°F.

The good news on this point is that Drip coffee has a longer “holding time” but when fresh-perked coffee is poured immediately into an old-school Thermos bottle, it seems to last very well and retain more of that “fresh perked taste.” Always wondered if this was due to surface oxidation…but haven’t researched the point.

Try a Thermos Stainless Steel King 40 Ounce Beverage Bottle, Midnight Blue about $26.

A word about French presses and “cold coffee” systems: I think they generally suck.

The French press is a feeble effort to take the coffee-making process and make it complicated. Turns out you need to boil water – so you are into percolator time-scales. Then you actually have to do work – which I try not to do unless I am being paid or there’s a worthy pay-off. And the French press is more effort to clean.

The cold coffee system I tried (soak the coffee 24-hours or longer, make an extract, mix with water) has all the taste and flavor of a second-rate instant coffee to me. Pass.

Coffee Health Issue?

A good article on the health risks of getting too much of the poison dioxin from coffee filters over here. Dioxin is a by-product of bleaching pulp to make paper.

No, I have no idea why there is nothing serious about dioxin levels of paper used in coffee filters to be found in the government’s www.pubmed.gov database, but maybe it’s because there’s no money in it for research.

Still, we don’t use paper filters. Instead we’ve gone with one of those “lifetime” filters. This gets to be an easier bet to make at our ages, lol. Get a gold-plated on and Ure good to go.

May not be a major risk of dioxins in filters but if you live as long as we have, and I do 2-3 cups per day, that’s, uh, 43,800 cups of coffee, plus or minus a warm-up.

Needed: Legal Advice

Here’s a dandy one: I like to think about things that define the frontiers of modern life. And one of the items that fired off in the brain Thursday was this:

If a person has a Facebook or Twitter (or Pinterest, or whatever) does that make them a public figure?

It used to be one thing to be a “private person” because if someone said something damaging about you, or something libelous/damaging, you could sue.

But with the advent of Social Media, has the ENTIRE STUPID PUBLIC lost a legal standing position without realizing it?

The reason this came up was partly because I was wondering how long before Donald Trump will be able to turn loose a whole pack of lawyers on some of the mainstream media outfits which have been doing the “daily bashing” ever since the presumed high-bidder (Hillary) lost.

I’m reminded of NY Times v. Sullivan:

New York Times Co. v. Sullivan, 376 U.S. 254 (1964), was a landmark United States Supreme Court case that established the actual malice standard, which has to be met before press reports about public officials can be considered to be defamation and libel.”

Just watching some of the media slams, we have to wonder when the “actual malice” threshold is passed…

In the meantime, for those who think I’m a total Trumperian supporter, please refer to Thursday’s news section where I listed major Trump screw-ups that we don’t agree with. That’s support for civil asset forfeiture, Ajit Pai’s nomination to chair the FCC, and please STFU about family business. He’s on your duty and mine for another 47-months during which please let Ivanka worry about her own clothing line issues.

We would still like to know how Hillary’s Foundation wasn’t out of bounds with foreign donations…and a probe of actual voter fraud would be nice follow through…just saying.

Life in the Outback

From a lawyerly reader of ours:

A Texas Bobcat sighting:

“That’s right. We are just a few hundred yards from the wild lands of the mountains and the Cleveland National Forest. We have coyotes walking over our property all of the time, sometimes in pairs. And, of course, deer come on the property as well. We also are paid visits by cougars of the four legged variety, according to the neighbors. Our next door neighbor (the proud owner of the two yappers) told us she had a cougar in her back yard, inside the swimming pool fence. Where there are deer, there are cougars, I am told. Nice. I thought of introducing our unrewarding Dolly the Cat to her bob-tailed cousin, but she was unavailable for introductions at the time.”

Friend of ours out here…uh…terminated one a while back. Coming after their cats.

So they are still around.

We expect any day the environmentalists to show up in their inflatables in the creek to protect ‘em. If the wild hogs don’t solve that problem for us, first.

Have a great weekend….zillions of project going on here, not the least of which is getting our taxes in order. Most of the brokerage firms will have their downloads for the year ready by the 15th if they aren’t ready already…

Here’s hoping we have to pay – because that might indicate we made more than I planned for last year…

Write when you get rich (or get a refund).