To define terms: “lacking imagination, foresight, or intellectual insight.”

Example 1: Drudge Report this morning leads with “Snowblast Set for Northeast.”

We have been over this before, my friend. It’s winter. What does it do in the winter, do you suppose?

Example 2: For the past two days the “story” about “How Coretta Scott King and JFK joined forces — and helped change the Democratic Party” has been making the rounds.

But that’s not the story: Democrats and the (Paul) Ryanesque Republican have merged and there aren’t effectively two parties in America. It’s the corporate party.  Soros buy ‘em for how much?

Making it even more absurd? Who gives a crap whether Liz Warren or what’s-his-name the Repugnician reads it to Congress?

Points are a) it’s an old letter, b) democrats are still “foxtrot uniformed,” and c) WTF is either party wasting valuable taxpayer time reading aloud something that could be read 2-10 times as fast – if anyone cared? (See point a).)

Worse: It seems to have set of the NY Times into reading other old letters so today “Letters Offer Glimpse Into Jacqueline Kennedy’s Heart…” is a “story.”

Hand my the vice grips, a couple of benzo’s, and a dooby, would yah?

Example 3: NY Times this morning has a tear-jerker about how a woman was arrested in Arizona after the term “criminal alien” was broadened. Pines the TimesFor Years She Abided the Rules. Now She Faces Deportation.

For heaven’s sake, pobrecito, if we wanted four more years of Obama, Hillary would have won. Long part time for the Berkeley rioters and the radleft to just STFU and deal with it.

Sickening, huh?

Trump’s Latest Errors

We note the approval of Jeff Sessions as attorney general, but Trump has made several (in our opinion) major screw-ups and we don’t sugar-coat this as all.

His (latest) screw-up is that “Trump Supports Civil Asset Forfeiture Even Without Conviction.”

As I told Peoplenomics readers Wednesday, perhaps if Trump Towers were seized because someone on the 13th floor was snorting coke, he’s come around to endorsing DUE PROCESS. But, not, he’s got a huge blind spot on this one. It’s fine to support cops and such – but DUE PROCESS is, um, you know….part of Democracy!

Next point is Trump is working for US now, and U.S. News is asking a pertinent question: “Is the Trump Battle With Nordstrom Fair Game?

We’re also EXTREMELY disappointed in Ajit Pai’s nomination to chair the FCC because he’s swallowed the corporate swill about how the net needs two speeds. Under the corporate plans, your net content will only be as fast as your payments.

Previously, one of the few things Obama got right (no, blowing up Libya was not one of them) was Net Neutrality where all bits are created equal.

If there’s a silver lining to Pai, it may serve to slow up (or shelve) our plans for a serious daily video rant. Hmmm…

Point is, Trump is exhibiting behaviors that we don’t like or approve of, but nothing impeachable…so we expect the Trump-bashing to continue unabated.

Media loves of crisis…And near as I can figure it, they’re trying desperately to make one up.

Marketing the “Child from Hill”

So along these lines, what some call the “Clinton News Network” is now pimping Chelsea (spawn of HilnBill) Clinton’s Twitter feed under the headline “Chelsea Clinton embraces her Twitter sass.” Unable to get things like Middle East policy right, the family seems ready to steal a Trump move and one-up Trump as the Clinton’s seem in our estimate to be moving in the direction of a Kennedy-like family empire effort.

Meanwhile, ever apologetic, our favorite NY media explains away Clinton Foundation issues as “Soul-Searching at Clinton Foundation in Trump Era.”

So that’s how stuff rolls out this morning:

The MainStream Media is recycling the SOS (same of zhit) and who can blame them? It’s easy to cover – there’s now shortage of bauble heads to spout anti-Trump messages but they leave our middle-of-the-road assessments like ours that are open to him doing something yet calling out the REAL MISTAKES he’s making as they come along.

While we have some very interesting stories going on, it’s easy “news slop” to serve up “it’s winter,” “old letters,” and “the Daily Bash.”

Myopia, stupidity, laziness, egocentricism of the liberal Northeast? Take your pick. Then look at the topic of our report from Wednesday and I will ask it again:

“Is America Insane?”

Real News…Dam!

Meantime, you’ll have to forgive us for focusing on actual news: As the hole in the Oroville, California dam spillway is growing even as officials had another sleepless night trying to figure out how to stop 1.1 trillion gallons of water from going where gravity orders…

A Short Economics/Investing Lesson

Quick question: What did the market do yesterday?

Most people would quickly answer “Dow was down 35 points…”

True, but it’s terribly misleading. It’s also why on the side of the house we deal primarily in aggregated results. That’s how we arrived at 18,490.25 for a Tuesday Aggregate Index and 18,492.0 for Wednesday.

So the market was UP overall while the Dow was down. It shows up places like the Advance Decline line, too..where the advancing stocks on the NYSE were 54% up.

Today, the Dow is set to open up 30, the S&P up 3-something while the techs could rise 4-5 points.

What seems to be going on is we’re in a sideways trading range and we may get one more big press to the upside in the next month which should press the S&P through the psychologically important 2,100 level.

In the meantime, we will discuss a longer view of where things are going in our Saturday Peoplenomics update.

Bitcoin Dances

Meanwhile BTCs are $1,037 this morning but until we bust above the old highs, pardon me for not getting too worked up.

If we do? Based on old highs and such numbers like $1,860 come into view.

But if we fail to put in a new all-time high for BTCs, then the recovery from 2014 would have been the all time high (ATH) the decline to the 300 level would be the 1 (or A) down. Failure to hit new All-Time-Highs would make this a 2 (or B) and shortly thereafter, BTCs would go to zero.

How could this happen?

Oh, some super-smart person figures out how to hack and crack…that sort of thing. Digital counterfeiting makes for a hell of a novel plot, doesn’t it?

Beyond Crop Circles and Nazca

Check out the mysterious geoglyphs that have been found in the Amazon. Great article with pictures over at Popular Science.

Much better brain food than the daily T-bashing or discovering that yes, it snows in the winter.