I don’t want to imply that our discussion in Peoplenomics on Wednesday was a rehash of the old Planet X story.  Because there is definitely something more to it, than that.

While it is true (near as we can tell) that occasionally Kuiper Belt objects show up and mess things up on Earth (as well as the Moon which shows its craters having infinitely slower erosion than Earth) the question about renewed and changing interest is space is a much larger question.

A further note from one of my sources came in with the headline “Dec 10, 2015 ALMA astronomers publish 2 observations of large objects…” along with the following commentary:

I love it!  The plot thickens. So NASA has assumed the censor’s role once held by the Medieval Roman Catholic Church!

Recall that Hubble is a close relative of the NRO KH-9 series spy satellites.  Many components are the same or similar and some are total NASA replacements of classified optical and imaging processing capabilities.  That all said, one could argue that Hubble is a KH-9 derivative pointed ‘the other way.’  Since its mirror correction servicing mission in 1993 (after a 1990 launch), which in itself was highly suspicious, Hubble has been scanning the heavens with the help of several servicing missions along the way.  Like all NASA missions, there were some periods of ‘dark’ ops, where everyone knows activity was occurring but data was not publicly available.  The 1st Space Ops Squadron folks ([redacted] from my unit) got VERY active during these publicly quiet periods.

When I was in [redacted]  (96-98), I had heard credible stories of Hubble seeing ‘objects’ that were not being reported to the public (i.e. not supposed to be there).  I suspected at the time that the ‘dark ops’ Hubble activity was SAT2 (sat squared, or satellite to satellite imaging), simply turning a friendly satellite to image an enemy’s satellite in order to determine its intelligence gathering capabilities.  See:  http://fas.org/spp/military/program/track/   The Internet is populated with stories theorizing or claiming Hubble detected ‘things’ in deep space.  Some sites even speculated that Nibiru was sighted.

A related, but none-the-less interesting tie-in to this conversation.  In 2011, NASA carried the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer-02 to the ISS and mounted it to the station.  The AMS was built by CERN and ‘officially’ measures antimatter in cosmic rays, searches for dark matter, strangelets (quarks) and general space radiation.  The launch was delayed and many feared it would never happen before the Shuttle fleet was mothballed.  But (and when does this ever happen) the U.S. House passed a bill to authorize an additional space shuttle flight to carry AMS-02 into orbit.  Why was this specific instrument deemed so important to put up into orbit before the shuttle program ended? 

The X-File maxim, “the truth is out there,” bears serious consideration.  But space is a very big place, so there’s still a lot of truth floating around up there.

When you get into the gray literature on point, what emerges is that there really is (or at least was) something of a “space war” going on.  Some of the data cited at the link above will get you started, but the long and short of it is this:

What COULD be going on it a high-ground exercise is evolving stealth technologies.  In other words, how could you hide satellites in space so that you could, oh, have a space-based doomsday constellation of satellites?

The problem is far from moot:  The Chinese are on an expansionist bent at the moment (dredging up new “islands” to claim in the South China Sea, for example.  So there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that there are non-public assets in space and I’d lay down $100-bucks that such an orbiting “constellation of doom” would never be admitted because it would violate everything that ever was in terms of (if there is such a thing) “honor in warfare.”

Not to mention that it would bust every international agreement out there.  But, if you’re going to have firm control of the “high ground” including highly evolved stealth technology for space (go back and read the links, space-based weapons have been on the table since 1953-54) you wouldn’t want to reveal that.

On the other hand, is it possible there is something else going on?

Sure.  Before I lay out one of the more intriguing alternatives, let me share a decision-tree that I shared with a couple of colleagues Wednesday:



This is how I like to approach great areas of unknown knowledge:  I take what is known and try to “corral it” in such a way that logical developments can begin to emerge.

While it is true that detection of who has what space-based assets (and who has dialed in “Stealth in Space” to the finest degree is one answer, there is another that looking around in space could be pointing towards.

Before I lay this on you, go look at the long list in Wikipedia of UFO Sightings and Encounters.

This impressive list begins in 214 BCE and runs through last November’s big and credible sighting in India.  Shortly, if winter ever ends, we will likely see a seasonal increase in sightings as people begin to go outside and spend more time under the stars, versus under the roof…

Back to point:

Suppose for a moment that there has been alien “contact” with some of the world’s top government leaders.

Try some of these readings on point:

President Eisenhower Had 3 Secret Meetings w/ aliens in 1954 including the Anunnaki former Pentagon consultant & Military deep insiders claim!

Churchill UFO cover-up supports Eisenhower’s alleged meeting with Aliens

Eisenhower’s 1954 Meeting With Extraterrestrials: The Fiftieth Anniversary of First Contact?

Now the problem for “world leaders” is that humans of the “yearning masses wanting to be free” type would be out for blood if (as some of these notes suggest) World Governments  struck a mid 1950’s “arrangement” with off-worlders to drop by and “sample” Earth, which would include not only animal studies (and this includes cattle mutilations – and remember, we have readers right near Weston Colorado which seemed for a while to be the center of such mutilations in the US) as well as ongoing human sampling that apparently involves rather grotesque and mortifying experiments of a sexual nature…

Governments have a way of not being nice, if it doesn’t fit their plans.  Take Hugo Chavez, remember him?  President of Venezuela who wanted his gold back from the USA.  Which, some would argue, is why he suddenly came down with cancer and that’s the last of him.  Leaving what?  What will become of Chávez’s gold hoard? – Reuters.

So the idea that governments MIGHT have cooked up such a “deal” is far from absurd.

And that gets us to wondering about that anti-matter detector issue.  Because why? 

In our own backyard experiments with “mass reduction theory” (of the sort that UFOs might use) the leading technology for interstellar travel is “folded manifolds.”

This takes a second, or two, to explain so let me cobble up a drawing that should help:


So what better way to “hide” the early and long/ongoing sampling?  By pretended to “discover” those off-worlders (where else?)  off-world.

The odds of detection of inter-dimensional hops would be a fine reason to pour money into CERN in addition to going and looking for the God Particle, as well as how to get into the inter-dimension travel business for ourselves.  I mean, who needs TR-3B’s right? 

Now with these arguably real things going on, it becomes hard for us outsiders to really see where “:Real:” begins and “Fiction” begins.  We KNOW the stealth objects in space part is objectively and scientifically (nominally) real.  But how far along the continuum do we go before we fade off into fiction?

Still, the very existence of a shift-change at NASA in their mission (the global warming involvement) coupled with Al Gore and company wanting to impose MIND CONTROL LAWS which would make even questioning official government doctrine a crime,

Yeah…government mind control is being institutionalized while we chat as “Atty General Lynch: Global Warming Denial Referred to FBI.”  Or, put another way “Thought Crime: 17 Democratic attorney generals go after climate-change deniers.” 

Seems the Obama administration has set up another jihad against Constructional Guarantees, one of which used to be Free Speech.  This is on top of the outright thievery they’re planning by giving illegals Social Security, but that is another discussion for another time.  (Still, you shoujld read how “Obama Claims Power to Make Illegal Immigrants Eligible for Social Security, Disability.”

Again, the heights of stupidity (“We’re broke so let’s give away your retirement…”) or is there more to the plan here than meets the eye?

And this gets us drilled down all the way to the center of this morning’s ponder.

When the End Times actually begin to arrive, what would they look like?

Kinda like now, I’m beginning to think.

Another Data Quest is On

One of our upcoming articles on the Peoplenomics.com website deals with whether a person can make a difference in their income and outlooks with some simple Feng Shui adjustments to their surroundings.

For the past several days, Ures truly has been studying the hell out of this and I am leaning toward the Traditional Feng Shui school.

That said, as of yesterday, the door to the UrbanSurvival office is now a bright fire engine red with gold trim. 

Knowing, as you should, that I don’t do work, especially painting which I loathe, unless there is a damn good reason, ought to imply there is something there.


So if you have ANY first had experience with feng shui, feel free to drop me an email or comment in the space below because this is just a damn-fine area of research.

No, Feng Shui will not make you rich because markets will do what they will.  BUT the odds seem to favor the notion that it will influence your personal decision-making and improve the odds of success.

But we shall see.

Short Column Tomorrow?

Maybe.  My brother shows up today.

Not actual brother, but might as well be.  My life-long friend up in the Gig Harbor area of Washington State shows up this afternoon. 

We met (age 3, almost 4) when my mom was babysitting us (though we were never babies, per se) while his mom worked at a beauty shop.  That was almost 64-years ago.

What makes us brothers – or close enough to it – other than being friends for so long?

We both have master’s degrees in our field (social work for him, business administration for me).

We both married blondes.

We’re both ham radio operators.

We both share an interest in borderland science.  He’s a practitioner of subtle-energy medicine after retiring as a Major from Uncle’s Army.

His son is a pilot (C-17’s) while mine is a skydiver.

And we have had more adventures than we can count.  Reminds me to have him recount the time we were chased out of a hobo camp down near the rail yards.  You’ve never seen two kids haul-ass on bikes so fast in your life as when this wild-eyed drunk came after us with a hatchet.

During our youth, we would do things like build hot air balloons out of dry cleaning bags and a couple of candles and make up time fuse and send 2 1/2-inch fire crackers over the city… Things that today would have us labeled “domestic terrorists” – but that was 50-years back and boys got to be boys back then.  And yes, that was back when we knew which bathroom to use.

Oh, also, neither of us has ever spent a night in jail…never a one.

So the next 10-days will be sort of like a re-run of an old Hardy Boys adventure.  Airplane instead of bikes, computers instead of books,  health food and vitamins instead of gorging on hamburgers at the drive-in.

For the next 10-days, if the columns are short, or contain odd adventure reports there’s a reason for it.

There aren’t too many people I’ve know this long, except my sisters…so we’ll be back to doing who knows what, but realizing that with “domestic terrorism” nowadays, boys won’t be boys anymore… so maybe some flash trading, ham radio, and so on will fill the void.  Ever tell you about the time he and his brother went “dynamite fishing?”  Another no-no of the modern world.

I’ll be the guy playing the part of Tom Sawyer (as in Huckleberry Finn).  “Well, Rob, I don’t know as you’d be any good at brush hogging the back 20.  You know, it takes a certain kind of skill only serious landsmen know…”

Or, maybe I will start him off easy with “You sure you’ve driven a lawn tractor before?

For damn-sure, he won’t get to use the brand new compound/miter sliding 12” chop saw.  Even with friends, there are just some things you don’t share. Wives and power tools come to mind.

Write when you break-even,