Why are [important] People “Looking Up?”

For a second time in less than six months, one of our sources is talking about looking to developments in deep space.

As you will recall, a special Halloween edition of Peoplenomics pointed out that the most celebrated holiday in the world is that — Halloween.

We also went into the reasons – including events of approximately 15,380 years ago.

Now (and this is something of an I-Ching inbox moment, another well-placed source has noticed something, well, not outright ODD per se, but sure at heck worthy of our attention.

No, this is not a Planet X report, but it does have our deep space antennae up.

Also this morning, I unveil a new crack-pot theory.  Shakespeare may have been a time traveler.

I’ll explain the rationale behind that one, too.

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29 thoughts on “Why are [important] People “Looking Up?””

  1. I don’t have a problem with a contested Republican convention, so long as the rules are followed. Currently that requires nominees to have won a minimum of 8 states in the primary/caucus process. That means that ONLY Cruz and Trump are eligible to be nominees. As it should be.
    If they change the rules and allow the party to bring forth an outside nominee, all bets are off. They will lose the majority of Republican voters.

    • I am an independent and will vote for an insectoid before I will allow Killary to win.

      • Well, then you ‘may’ get an insectoid for president and someone might be irritated enough to apply ‘bug spray’.

        If you are a member of a particular political party – then you ‘own’ your nominee’s ideas and actions. Personally I can understand and accept either H. Clinton or Sanders much better than Trump or Cruz. Vote your choice – it’s how this country elects the president . . . to paraphrase, words are the windows to a man (or woman)’s soul and ugly words speak of an ugly mind . . .

      • M.D.S –
        I must have an ugly mind because I have nothing but ugly words for the Clintons. Sanders well he’s not been in the news for his sex romps with various women. Hes not being investigated by the FBI or any of the other various nefarious things the Clintons are and have been accused of.
        I will try to control my words though as having a clean mind seems better.
        Thank you

      • Go with the clean mind. I have to bandage my tongue regularly for all the biting it I have to put up with…

  2. Dear Sir,
    For a 3rd source of info regarding foreign objects bashing the Earth, then and now, see “Magicians of The Gods” by Graham Hancock.
    more data than you can stir with a stick.

  3. Lucifer’s Hammer. One of the seminal books that first awakened me to the need to prep.

  4. The fact that military (and para) along with NASA are sniffing around the edges of the topic so diligently suggests an interesting concept.
    If the move toward world governance comes about and makes a lot of progress, the militaries of the world might become obsolete.
    But suppose a new threat were to be identified.  A big one.  I mean kills 7-billion people mostly.”

    The information on space objects is old news released by nasa,Soviet space administration etc from years ago..
    when I started to really pay attention to the fear mongers is when I noticed something odd on a favorite tv show..”Renovation nation green”
    The vast majority of those putting in solar, water reclamation, faraway sheilds,etc. We’re all associated with NASA and other organizations that deal with advance planning..until then why would you need home preparations for your family unless there was something that they seem as an eminent possibilities

      • Exactly right..It really makes a person wonder..what is it they know that they aren’t sharing..and why aren’t they sharing.. could the old saying..ignorance is bliss mean something. .

      • I didn’t read this article, but I can guess the gist of it by reading the comments afterward. I, and others here, have previously mentioned the most likely reason for all the preps by government agencies and agents–Niburu/PlanetX/Wormwood/Hercolubus/Winged Planet/Destroyer, and other names for the same object. These names come from different places and different times, but they all refer to an object in space that has destroyed earth civilizations in the past. Some of the descriptions of its passing by earth are horrendously vivid. And it has been prophesied in different ages and different places that it is cyclical and it WILL return to do another job on us.

        I believe that time is soon, and it’s the reason for all the government’s otherwise strange doings. They make sense in the context of this approaching object. There are several plausible reasons for them to hide this info from the masses, world-wide chaos being the most immediate. The “zombie apocalypse” that keeps cropping up may refer to the mass insanity that would occur if everyone were aware of its passage and/or to the effects on our brains and bodies of the extremely strong magnetic field that will accompany the object.

        We know they’ve built underground cities, presumable for themselves, but perhaps the FEMA camps are not for rounding up dissidents, but are instead the gov’s pathetic attempts to shelter its citizens. I think they could have done better, but then again, we don’t know what exactly they have done. Maybe there are bunkers in those camps.

    • Faraday cages..darn auto complete..although I like my parents has always believed in preparation for the possibility of a coming storm..
      it didn’t really hit home till I noticed that the majority that were making renovations all had positions had positions of importance

      • Faradays in aye-seas. They have a huge Capacity than amps then up. Never pet one unless you’re well-grounded. They are seen in some frequency.

  5. I’ve sensed for over a year that something may be up. The NASA warning and directive shift, increased survival programs in the media, greatly increased hand-me-down equipment to local law enforcement from “homeland security” and defense agencies, etc. After the horrible Katrina and Gulf Oil Spill responses by our government, I hope they learned something, and I hope what’s coming isn’t as bad as an ELE.

  6. A great line regarding your bandaged tongue that I heard recently. “Life gives you lots of opportunities to not say anything. Don’t miss any.”

  7. I’ve often wondered if this might be the reason for letting infrastructure crumble. No need to fix it if it’s going to be destroyed soon!

  8. Back in the early 1980’s, I remember reading a science magazine, and it noted that we were due to have a collision or near collision in 2013 or so with an approaching body. At the time, I wasnt worried because I’d be “way over thirty” by that time. Oops. Time flew.

  9. When the bailout happened, and no controls like Glast Eagle put back in.
    When our government is spending like there is no tomorrow, maybe tomorrow ain’t coming one fine day.
    Just saying, look around the answers are everywhere.
    Be objective.
    Use discernment.
    Do what makes you feel better.
    You can go on a vacation with $5.00 or $500.00. Both can be done, but $500.00 would increase my chances of a better vacation.

  10. George, if there is a clear and present danger from above,
    why are you even considering selling the Beachcrate (limiting your mobility), moving back to “civilization” and incurring large debt and ending up with less options/capabilities than you have now while leaving a perfectly good “Outback?” Instead, seems to me, you need to get your youngin’s mobile enough to get to you rather than you going to them and placing all of you in harms way. Panama can make his way back home when the time comes.

  11. Read the following authors; the books are easily available in half price book stores (mostly NOT half price) and online: Mary Summer Rain, Dannion Brinkley, Edgar Cayce. Go deeper with the Kolbrin, gotta work harder to get that one. It is confirmed Nibiru IS coming and in our lifetime but the New Madrid fault will rupture first. Time to pull together, make a plan, have a place outside of the city. I am thinking of pulling together a Nibiru Prep group at my church. Also, go to the zeta talk website for GREAT information on safe locations, why they are safe, what to prepare for, pictures of Nibiru, and explanations of how this passage will unfold including the affects on the earth’s orbit, tilt, and also the sequence of events including the 3 days of darkness, what to do, etc. PAST TIME TO GET BUSY!!! All of you reading this right now, will have YOUR TIME TO SHINE! Your family and friends need you!!!

  12. A recent read about a cosmic disaster is Sci-Fi Book “Nomad” by Matthew Mather. If something is seen that you cannot stop, that will destroy life as we know it . . . what would the governments tell the population?

    Answer: It wouldn’t. You plan for the survival of mankind with the brightest . . . somewhat similar idea used in the Movie 2012.

    If you liked Lucifer’s Hammer, you enjoy this story.

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