Coping: America’s “Hot Language Crisis”

The American Left has a serious problem:  They are running out of “shock talk” to spew.

Allow me to show you a few facts – and then how the Left (and liberal types) are trying to bury their terrifying shortage of shocking terms.

First a couple of identical news searches to make the point:

On Bing’s News Search, if you put in the words  [ trump kristallnacht ] you will be treated to “This MSNBC Contributor Cited 9/11, Pearl Harbor and Kristallnacht to Assess Trump-Putin Summit.”

I don’t like the story – but is makes my case that America as a “shock-talk” shortage.

Even News Busters was surprised: “WHAT? MSNBC Legal Expert: Helsinki Summit Is JUST LIKE Kristallnacht, Pearl Harbor...”

The story is not so much about a wild left leaner flailing about looking for something meaningful to say.  It’s that rather than use “cold lingo” – deliberately devoid of hot emotional buttons – the left (and most of the MSM networks – are pulling the wool over the country’s eyes by making up things that simply are not true.

Contrary to the alarmist nonsense, there has been no “Pearl Harbor” and nope, last time we checked this morning, there’re no Nazis, no broken shops, no round-ups.  Only an idiot would give creds to such hyperbole and spew.

Yet, it’s what the media continue to serve up.

In order to understand how the Webolutionaries are manipulating you (and every “follower” out there) it’s useful to explore the etiology of what’s going on.

Etiology as in “the cause, set of causes, or manner of causation of a disease or condition.”a disease of unknown etiology.”

Except we all do know when comes down to it.

Let’s look at the global explosion of ideas for a moment.  Here’s a concept from my new book Psychocartography which I am plodding through the editing on.

The maximum number of core concepts – ideas at the macro level – may be estimated as the cube of the prevailing language.  However, since only a small fraction of people use 3-dimensional thinking and 90% live day to day in 2-D thinking, the number of ideas is much smaller.

This is why religious figures (and politicians) all speak in simple 2-D metaphors because it limits how much “thinking is required” to follow-along.

Back in the days of Jesus (ignoring Fomenko and their New Chronology) we can estimate the linguistic base at around 1,300 words.  Which means, with total concepts as a square that the number of “ideas” around was likely about 2.25-million.  Ever wonder why parables and simple stories?  Well, there’s a linguistic estimate and there’s the 2-D implication.

As humans evolved, so did the language.  A detailed dictionary circa 1604 put the linguistic base (European) at 2,500 words.  Again, using Ure’s Square concept, this means the 2-D ideas in the wild would have been around 6-1/4 million.  Nearly a tripling of ideas and this is where the snowballing effect of concepts really got underway.

A second factor emerged with the arrival of higher math – a few people began to think in three dimensions.  To sharpen the contrast:  If you have a language base of 2,500 words and you can handle no intersections with other words, you would speak rather crudely.


If the dog did something, it comes a second through.  “Dog.  Bite.”  Awkward, but growing.

Two dimensional word use (intersections) began to flourish, especially after the printing press and then moveable type came along.  Then we got complex concepts like “Dog-bite.”

Three word intersections like “starving dog bites child” evolved, as well. Complexity was on a roll.

The difference by 1604 was such that 3D linguistics (e.g. intersections of three meanings) swelled the number of concepts to 16.25 billion maximally.

In this period, since life was brutal and men got venereal diseases from sheep and wherever, a term like “eff ewe” (to put it gently) had meaning especially when issued forth from the mouth of a drunken Vandal descendant, for example.  Something to be feared.

Today, depending on city and gender-pref, there’s no much fear left from someone screaming  [fox uniform].  Fear of rape has subsided, but linguistically we had a problem.  Since sex is enjoyable between consenting adults, the “outrage” of it all has been lost in the sea of ideas we’re now swimming it.

I mean besides the fact that Google lists the 1980’s punk group The Vandals higher in search than the hordes of central Europe.  This is another indication of how Google and other search engines have (perhaps unwittingly) fallen prey to Digital Mob Rule that has seeped into our lives: People go for shock and ignore historical meanings and contexts.

It’s what we do in Babel II, I reckon.

Back to point: Since 1604, we have gone from 2,500 words to nearly 290,000 in the Oxford English Dictionary (OED).

This has really been mind-expanding.  Because even the square law implied that there are some  84,100,000,000  (yes, 84.1-billion) 2D concepts in the world, but for those who can handle three concept at once, the potential idea base is now (this may take a second…)  24,389,000,000,000,000 ideas  (yes, that’s 24.4 quadrillion).

So where in historical times, male-on-male rape (as an assertive act of male domination) implied in the earlier F.U., the huge increase in the number of “ideas in the wild” means that to some, there might actually be pleasure to be had there and oh, yeah, a vibrant app-development space.

Now we have three problems that have come into view:

  1.  The world really has been “gentled a bit” – something we attribute to law enforcement and handgun ownership.
  2. Male-on-male domination sex is not as common (prisons not withstanding) has disappeared from “polite” (Western) warfare, though it shows up in Third World areas still…
  3. And last but not least, no equally fear-inducing concepts have come along to replace it.

Which gets us to summarizing the problems faced by the idiot talking heads on television.

Unskilled as most are as multi-dimensional (and unbounded) thinking, they grasp as parables that they hope will make sense.  This is why stupid people try to use evocative terms unrelated to the topic:  Small minds, small concepts.

Someone of clearer thinking instantly sees “No Jews, No Nazis = no kiritallnacht.”

Moreover, “No Japanese Zeros, no sunken battleships  = no Pearl Harbor.”

Why ANYONE would be so stupid as to visit a network dumb enough to allow such child-like drivel on the air is a fascination to the modern thinking human.

But that’s the problem in a nutshell.  No new fear words.  Most of us were never around for the first fear event.

“I can have you audited!”  “Get a pee test…” – there are so many good ones and yet they lay unused.  Damn pity.

Absent personal experience in a feedlot, understand that “bullshit” isn’t scary.  And since “effing” is fun, it’s hardly an insult. So when people feel compelled to says something really bad about Trump (or whoever), what comes out if a reflection failing mental capacity.

Don’t misunderstand.  People are massively misled by it all.

To prove it, I have trained our Zeus-the-Cat to behave like a dog.  He comes to “Here boy….”   (with finger-snaps) as well as a dog-calling whistles.  He can “Sit!” and “Shake.” Only with food on the line, though.

It doesn’t mean he’s a dog.  He just agrees to act like one.  We wonder almost daily “Is he really smart of really  dumb?

Which gets me to the one question to ask your “person in the mirror…”

Are You?

Now, go snorbel yourself.

Write when you get rich,

26 thoughts on “Coping: America’s “Hot Language Crisis””

  1. We use “Temptations” little cat treats for training our three cats. (In any store or on the ‘Zon.)

    Cats are far more trainable than most people think. You just have to offer them something they like, and that is dignified. It has to be a contract between equals. They will not lower themselves to our (human) level.

    Our vet calls Temptations cat teats, “Cat Crack.”

    We use an “under-dome bell,” like you might see at the dry cleaner’s counter, to summon them for dinner. VERY effective — once they make the connection. Start by dinging the bell as they actually are eating. That makes the Skinnerian / Pavlovian connection.

  2. Anarchy burger, hold the government. That’s 3D.

    (It’s a Vandals song for those of you not raised in the 80’s.)

  3. Dogs look up to us. Cats look down on us. Pig look at us as equals. Think this was Churchill

  4. Everything we think we “see” is processed through our emotions. Our emotions are ruled by our subconscious. We are unaware of the contents of our subconscious. Our subconscious, which we cannot “see” actually dictates what we do “see”, i.e. we are actually blind.

    Here’s an example. Ure, ure actually a knowledgeable idiot. Let that sink in.

    Ure, how does that statement make you “feel”? Does it affect how you see me? Be honest.

    • Of course, I do not mean that. It was just an example of how easy it is to manipulate what someone sees. You are self-aware so it probably didn’t affect you. That is rare.

    • “Everything we think we “see” is processed through our emotions.”

      I hardly ever think about it, but it’s really profound. Trading stocks one should think about this every day, IMHO.

  5. cats comments on a great article.

    Neighbors can be, well, rumor-gossipy, etc… My cat is leash-trained (I adopted him declawed, but he likes the outdoors). It was something to hear my neighbors claim animal abuse. Of course, I’m stupid to believe a cat can understand words (Cat Food the best for making his ears stand up). More closed-minded people who can’t believe a cat can be a “dog.”

    I loved this article. Thanks.

      • George, you’re amazing ‘-). I too live with a female cat (Siberian). Teeth, claws, and not neutered. I do think she understand basic human talk, and definitely can read MY mind.

    • Anonymous, Tell your neighbors that your cat identifies as a dog. If they look puzzled, tell them they should see the bones the cats buries in the sandbox.

    • When my late kitty was still with me, we’d eat breakfast together. I even had a chair for her to sit on. I’d cook eggs, and when the stove timer went off, she’d be in the kitchen waithing before I was! I never trained her to the bell, she just did it on her own. She also understood many words – not sure how many, as I talked to her a lot. She’d respond with kitty talk that I tended to understand to a degree. I taught her to walk on a leash with a harness when we had to go anywhere distant. I could take her in the car, but never in a cage. She had to be in the same cage that I was. She didn’t like it, but she did tolerate it.

  6. It is easy to forget that the overawing authority of the MSM, which we grew up with, is truly on the way out. They speak with great authority, and use carefully crafted graphics, playing on the human drive for authority worship, but the vast majority don’t believe them anymore, per recent polls. And just wait. Things are unravelling really fast, as we can see from the extreme hype of the last few days.

    Sadly, the younger generations have been so dumbed down that there is no telling whom they would follow. But clearly it isn’t Pelosi, Clinton, Brokaw, Blitzer, Comey, Brennan, etc. the fact that Trump still has a 45% approval rating, despite media coverage comparable to Hitler, circa 1940, supports the notion that TPTB are in heap big trouble. I hear teenagers sarcastically blaming everything that goes wrong on the Russians.

    So there is still hope. If recent reports about intel dumps damning high level insiders are true, then fasten seat belts. We know the system is more rigged than a Brooklyn shell game. For it to be laid bare? Only every few generations does one get to see the like.

  7. Speaking of the number of words in use, Randall Munro of webcomic xkcd fame (if you are not familiar with it, give it a look) has written a book called “Thing Explainer” which uses the most common 1,000 English words to explain complex things. For example, the Saturn V rocket used to carry Apollo astronauts to the moon is labeled “Up-goer Five.” Fantastic book with great drawings, and demonstrates that complicated concepts can be explained using simple language.

    • The fly in the oint: Takes a bigger brain to use small words. Einstein, etc as proof. Ergo, erudite idiots is not an oxymoron…drop the oxy and now you’re on the trail…

  8. Sean Spicer during his New Book promotion on the today Show was treated rudely by mealy mouth Savannah Guthrie & no talent Megan Kelly. Did anyone tell Savannah that it was not a Children’s Book & would not compete with her book.

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