We think Google should kill all Android phones in Europe and tell the EU to piss off.  Details follow…

If you are a shareholder in Google, how does it feel to have the Hoodlums of Brussel’s (the “sprouts” of socialism) declare themselves to be your new more than equal partners?

That’s what most commentary on the hornswoggling of Google by the EU is missing.

You see, it’s not the “headline” $5-billion fine on  Google (who’s “socialist sin” is bundling Google Play and search with their Android product for phones) within 90-days (a silly enough excuse to fine GOOG).

No, the desperation of the bankrupt Ure-a-Pee’in Union goes much deeper in that they want a “fine” of 5% of Google/Alphabet WORLDWIDE REVENUE starting in 90-days.

Think of this as the Ukraine Power Grab taken to the Mobile Market.

We have told you repeatedly “The business model of the EU is to toss another country on the fire when they run out of money.”  Which is what drove them to near-war over Ukraine.

Now, since Donald Trump has essentially told the EU “Sorry kids, we aren’t defending you unless you put up first” (which they can’t being socialists without borders, and after they admitted hordes with their social cost burdens) the EU is desperately looking for someone to shake-down.

They already got Microsoft – so the next deep pocket is Google.

Not that GOOG can’t afford the one-time $5-billion.  But, if we’re reading their financials and what the EU Mafiosi are after, they want to seize virtually ALL of Google’s free cash going forward if they don’t acquiesce to the “fine” shakedown in 90-days.

This is not a “fine.”  This is the EU declaring Global Economic Warfare.  Google is just Archduke Android.

The EU has a problem:  They’re a bunch of socialists – who seized power in Europe the same way the Lefties want to seize power here.  They installed themselves as an unelected overburden on all the governments of Europe.  People forget the burning of Paris and Muslim riots of 2014 (video here) that apologists for open borders never want to address.  Socialists have shitty memories.  Ask ’em about Venezuela.  Worker paradise…if you have dementia.

Meantime, socialist stooge Theresa May is trying to weasel-out of the British citizenry’s reading the socialist agenda voting two full years ago to blow out of the EU before they screw up England, too.

May’s a treasonous backstabber of the will of the public as we see it.

All of which leaves Europe with no new revenue stream to “throw in the hopper” as the bills for border idiocy and made-up funny-money are coming due.

Ergo, they had to find something wrong with Google and try to take them over.  Since the EU can’t tax people for being smart (and Google is…very, very smart), what they made-up was a “fine” –  but the real tipping of their global economic warfare hand was going after 5 percent of Alphabet worldwide revenue.

Let’s pretend for a moment that the EU made some good software.  They can’t – socialists don’t code well.  Look at their websites, lol.  But let’s pretend.

So, the US wakes up one morning and figures a European company (Volkswagen?) “soft money target.”  We find an excuse (emissions jiggering?)  fine VW on a one-time basis, but then demand 5 percent on the worldwide revenues if they don’t meet some made-up standard.

How would that play?

If Donald Trump did something like that – against a European company – Dennis Squirmer would toss in impeachment paperwork in the hopper.

Process is SO inconvenient, though.  The EU is unimpeachable.  Like an uncurbable  cancer.  You will never see EU socialists going into remission.

But they need money.  Lots.  Soon.  They can’t move east of Germany – because of the oil pipeline deal Angela’s got her hooks in.  Anything east of Ukraine will sent up the warheads…Winter’s coming and they don’t want to buy US oil because that would help the US…so what’s left?

The EU is now on the “highwayman” business model.  “Pay us a fine, now and forever, or we won’t let you pass….”

I would encourage Google management to consult with FBI hostage negotiators.  Android in Europe has been taken.  We figure Google should refuse to pay.  Ask Netanyahu or anyone in Israel how well paying-off terrorists works…they won’t do it.  should Google learn?

Look how stupid the Obama payoff to Iran was…are you kidding me?  Hostage takers of countries and technology are no different than the Sicilian mobsters taking corporate execs.  Just at one level up.

The EU has put it’s new Business Model on display, here.  Global revenue “fines” on a company doing business in Europe…who’d be stupid enough to sell there?

If I ran Google, I’d buy all the short options I could and then I would announce publicly:  We are blocking the EU and all European countries from all web services including search until they take off their masks and get off the highwayman model.

PREDICTION:  I think the EU will try the same scam on Apple and other high tech firms.  Socialists live on Other People’s Money.  Watch closely!

Google can leave the EU and turn off all Androids – and unlike Theresa May – they sure as hell aren’t going to need two years to get their shit together.  All ready to go in 2 weeks, I figure – and taking down all Android phones Europe would not be scorched earth.

Note to European readers:  If your Android phone fails, mail it to Brussels – that’s where the fraud comes from.  If would be payment due from that miserable collection of greedy socialist pricks.

Only question is – should “negotiating the fine” fail (which I think it very well could):  Does Google have the balls?

We sure hope so.  The EU is runaway government – more dangerous (and socialist) than NK, Russia, and China combined.

One other example of the EU Highwayman Business Model: EU regulators charge Qualcomm with additional violation in pricing case.  And these a-holes talk about free trade?  Nitrous!

And there’s more to come as EU readies new trade retaliation list before Trump visit.

Socialists and tigers have on thing in common.  They don’t change their stripes.

They also eat humans.

In Other News

Futures are down 90 on the Dow.  Stock futures drop on disappointing earnings, trade tensions.

The Trump-bashing over Helsinki continues with people scrambling for the most ridiculous coverage of it.  No news there.

And yet, despite all the lefty hype and BS U.S. weekly jobless claims drop to more than 48-1/2-year low.  Facts are a bitch, huh?

Which is why President Trump Says He Believes U.S. Intelligence – Then Bashes a List of Former Officials.

Also pay attention to White House’s Navarro: Trump’s tariffs not as disruptive as headlines suggest.  But again, facts don’t rivet eyes to phone and streams, do they?

Moron the ‘morrow, as it were….