Coding “George’s Golem”

A golem is something like an automaton (or more correctly: an animated anthropomorphic being) in old Yiddish literature. Sounds like a spreadsheet to us!

In the modern sense, it may evolve into yet another trading tool designed to provide additional information to the serious (OK, greedy, then…) trader in search of a dollar.

Today – after a few headlines and  the daily charts – we will explore ways to incorporate some logic into a complex spreadsheet with the objective of building us a “mechanical advisor.

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31 thoughts on “Coding “George’s Golem””

  1. George, might be time to take off the blinders so you can see the “skyrockets in flight”
    This market is saying that “I wanna take you higher
    Yeah, let me take you higher
    Baby, baby let me light your fire
    Oooh yeah, little bit higher” – Tina & ike Turner
    A simple view of the Dow chart shows a very long term, steady, left to right upwards bias. The TREND is indeed our friend, wait for it to confirm. Same exact strategy with that “revolutionary” digital currency Bitcoin, wait for the confirmation of the breakout from bear trend..Buy the Dip U rebels!
    While the trading Golem is fun and dangerous, the moving average approach to market timing has been nicely applied in Consensio Theory. When the MA’s are clustering tight, a bull run is imminent, when they are gaping apart, bear run coming.Finding the best Moving Averages is the tricky part.

    • At the top of Wave II bounces, bullish sentiment is often as high – and even higher – than it was at the top.
      We wait, we watch.

  2. First of all, your Golem project is a nice start.

    Second, It seems you like it when people have an order to their comments. So here you go…You posted the following…
    ‘Then we see Time rolling out the critics in “Historians Say President Trump Smashed U.S. Leadership Conventions During Rocky Europe Trip ”
    But, is doing things different impeachable?”

    My reply is that he is not doing things differently, because he is not smart enough to do anything at all. Look at his answer on Brexit on You Tube. ….Does this sound like a man with a clue or a plan? I can show you dozens of equally horrible answers he has given to questions he has no answers for. Look them up yourself. Trump is incredibly stupid. Now stupid isn’t quite impeachable, but when stupidity puts us in harms way? There is a chance.

    Then you said..” On top of it, Fox reports on the Socialists working from within to push Democratic Party further left.”
    That is the type of out right lies Fox, Trump and the 3 Stooges of Radio (Rush, Hannity and Levin) try to push on their base. I am centric, but lean right and am surrounded in the Bay Area by more than my share of liberals. Not one liberal wants socialism. In fact, they, like me, want a more centrist outcome in our politics. Many liberals I know hate social programs and want workfare and accountability for the less fortunate, a healthcare program like Romneycare in Massachusetts, a balanced or surplus budget like we have in almost every community in California, aggressive incentives for businesses to attract more growth, and much more. The proof is in the pudding. No region on this planet has more growth, jobs and influx of talent like the Bay Area. Centrist policies work. Fox News makes stuff like that up because it has a model that pits an us vs. them mentality. They have created division and division makes people pick sides and the more people pick one side over the other…the more advertising money they get. Everything is a business model.

    Finally, you say even China is in on the Trump bashing. Let me say this one more time. Nobody is bashing Trump just to be jerks. They are reporting on the idiotic and laughingly moronic things he says on a daily basis. When he goes off script, it shows his true colors and lack of knowledge of his position as President. Oh yeah, he will be the first to take credit, but For once, I would like a reporter to ask that tough question about content of his actions. He can’t answer that. He has zero knowledge of 98% of the legislation he has helped “not veto”…and those last two words are the key.

    I hear about the things he says he accomplished, but let’s put it in perspective. He has a GOP controlled Congress. They have an agenda and policy makers and aides that write up those policies…and more important, they have a President that won’t veto. In this scenario, Pee Wee Herman as a Republican President would have accomplished a lot.

    Wake up people.

    • Sir, it must be nice to have all the answers about TRUMP and all his weaknesses as well. However you are from california, and that says all I need to know about you. You people live in a different country from the rest of America. Until you get your country under control,then please don’t be telling us how wrong our President is?

      • Sorry you think that California is another country. A war (you may have heard of it!) was fought to ensure that all states in our union are members in our ‘collective’ nation. Each of the fifty states has its own strengths and weaknesses which hopefully mean that our land can handle both good and bad situations. One should not cut off their nose to spite their face.

      • M.D.S. California isn’t another State, it’s another planet.

        We don’t live in a “collective nation” (like the Soviet Union) we live in a “confederation of States.” See the Constitution of the United States, Amendment 10, for clarification…

    • Let me correct one thing,its not the aides that write those agendas nor create policies,its the bankers the corporations the MIC or otherwise the DEEP POCKETS that craft those policies, tax laws etc, for they look at politicians and presidents as only another expense of doing business in the best government money can buy….

    • “Trump is incredibly stupid. Now stupid isn’t quite impeachable, but when stupidity puts us in harms way? There is a chance.”

      When are you, Mark, going to run for POTUS? I’d give you or GU my vote in a blink. However, what were our previous choices realistically? “Incredibly stupid” versus “warmonger” of the most nasty kind. Are you, Mark, for confrontation with (nuclear!!) Russia??

      • Hillary was a complete joke…Bernie was no better. I am Republican and would have never voted for her. That said, you could not have paid me Billions to vote for the knucklehead we have in power right now…in retrospect though, it was people like me that wasted their vote on a Republican write in candidate that got this flunky elected.

    • REMINDER: Don’t forget to vote straight republican this November. Let’s get a super majority to allow Pres. Trump to show his considerable abilities & MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

      By doing this, the Dems “Whoever has the loudest voice WINS theory” will be debunked.

    • So you’re telling me that when Bernie Sanders, who wants “free” college, a single payer healthcare system, and a federal jobs guarantee, gets 43% of the vote, 13.2 million votes in the primary, “Not one liberal wants socialism. In fact, they, like me, want a more centrist outcome in our politics.” You are in California, and all of the “liberals” you know are really just centrists? I don’t know where you are, but many of the liberals where I am would absolutely consider themselves democratic socialists, and I live in a purple state, not New York’s 14th Congressional district.

      • JT, Do you think that this state would have the worlds 5th largest economy and that the Bay Area alone would rank as the 19th largest country behind France if we weren’t centrist? We are an extremely pro-Business state. People and businesses keep moving here, expanding here and building high rises like crazy. There so much high rise construction here, our state bird is now the crane. We have the jobs…we have the incentives and we have robust government services that operate with billions in surpluses. If we were socialist, we wouldn’t have homeless issues or home affordability problems. There is definitely no wealth spreading. It’s every man and woman for themselves out here with our government…but the people that make the money here are very charitable…and that’s how issues with the poor get partially solved.

      • Same here, at least among the under-35 crowd. Both socialism and fascism (corporatist socialism, not Hitler’s spinoff) sound really great, as presented. The problems with both are they’re designed for the socialist, not the people: They are highly-centralized two-class, caste societies, with a permanent, tiny, wealthy, ruling elite, and then everybody else. Anyone who sat down with a calculator could run sufficient numbers in 10 minutes to realize socialism, of any flavor, only works until the Socialist runs out of other people’s money to spend.

        ‘Problem is: I tried to explain to some Bernie kids why “free college” isn’t doable. Sanders’ proposal was a penny-per-transaction tax on stock market trades. At 1.1bln trades (average for 2015) that’s 11 million dollars per day, 55 million per week, or roughly the amount of money required to pay the cafeteria, maintenance, and grounds employees at just the State colleges in Connecticut, OR Indiana, OR Kentucky, OR West Virginia. I would then ask how Bernie was going to get all those professors, office workers, TAs, cops, and grad students, and EVERY UNIVERSITY EMPLOYEE IN THE OTHER 49 STATES to work for free.

        Every single one of those kids got PO’d. Not at the socialist lie, but at me for dashing the dream. AFAIK every single one of them is still a Bernie-backer, too.

      • The real answer is 1.1 million in revenue per day.
        Yes 11,000,000 is part of the answer – but that’s in pennies.
        Divide again by 100 to convert pennies into dollars….
        (This is why I had the 4.0 in the MBA classes, lol)
        Bernie doesn’t offer good math. $365 million doesn’t get good seats at homecoming

  3. You Go Mr Trump we are tired of BS. Say Mr Ure could would you put price per barrel oil with gold Thanks

  4. Mean reversion would suggest SnP back to 2770-2780 region, timing the reversal is the hard part of course. Personally I’m looking for a strong day tomorrow before I sell the break below but who knows, the break of today’s low could be the oneto sell (& I could well decide to pass). Anyway, my point is, the trend is up since April (I am a massive permabear) so why fight it.It looks to me like all money from everywhere is coming into US stocks (well, about 5 US stocks really) as US stocks are the only uptrend left so I couldn’t bet against it just yet. Await the return to the above mentioned area & see if we head for 2700 or new highs from there… all speculation of course, if I was right all the time I’d be writing from the beach… which I’m not. Cheers!

  5. GOLEM

    If you stopped at Column G you would have been right on. What if you stopped at col G, then on a chart, plot the US Aggregate Index, the 9 day MA, & the Stochastic Slow. Back test & interpret the chart, & out comes a trading system. It would not be a total mechanical system, but would give points for entry & exit… ie, you would have to interpret the long or short call in Col G as an entry, hold, or exit.

    To Save time & key in on a particular index, you could use a charting app. Plus you can add Bollinger Bands.

    It certainly has been an enjoyable exercise.

  6. …Never missed an episode of The Avengers. I wanted to be John Steed — carry an umbrella, drive a Blower Bentley, ooze cool and hang with a bevy of beautiful women. The show was seminal, launched a number of Brit acting careers, notably Honor Blackman (Stolen by the Bond franchise to play “Pussy Galore”), Dame Diana (of course), Linda Thorson, and Joanna Lumley (stolen from the Bond franchise and rescued from a life of droll “B” movie roles), and IMO paved the way for The Doctor to first exist, then migrate his callbox to the U.S. market.

  7. Thanks George, for the clarification and logic of your methods. I’m not the best investor and certainly am the slowest, but this gives me some insight into how and what to you perceive and why. I appreciate the trouble you went to to create and implement these tools.

  8. What’s up with gold and silver slowly dropping down over these last couple/few weeks? How does that play into the markets and everything else? What does it mean?

      • EG A social platform and a hashtag with plenty of likes is more easily monetized than sweat produced while making goods and homes of value.

  9. Hi George,
    If you want to remember what you are doing in a spreadsheet, you can right-click the cell (probably the column header and “insert comment.” To read your comment, you hover over the red dot that will appear in the upper right corner of the spreadsheet.

    Re: Golem–
    To me it seems more like an archetype for the modern US Corporation; A Corporation is brought to life by the magical words on its corporate charter, just like the words on the magic scroll inserted into the Golem’s mouth.
    Once brought to life, it answers only to its master (Board of Directors?) and can’t be killed as it strides the globe wreaking destruction. In the US, it has the same rights as humans too.
    The only way to stop a Golem (or corporation) is to get the magic scroll out of its mouth (or revoke the corporate charter)…

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