Trump vs. the Digital Coup Leaders

Since you may be young – and haven’t studied either long wave economics – or history – except to pass a test, perhaps – you may not be laughing at the Digital Mob Rule which appears now on an Internet (and social media) near you.

The Constitutional Government of these United States is under attack, much as it was at the end of the last Depression run-up – back in the late 1920’s.   Just as the modern analog to that era’s flappers may be seen in the antics of gender-change marketing and other such “outrageous social behaviors” so, too, there’s an analog to the near-coup at the outset of the last Depression.

What’s interesting, however, is that the political winds have shifted such that the “uprising” this time is by the Left. “Free Luncher’s” don’t necessarily need political consistency – they’re just spoiling for a fight.  In present times, that’s personified by Donald Trump, (losers hate rich people naturally) but in reality it’s a well-orchestrated left-wing smear designed to put a more corporate-compliant globalist-friendly shill in office.

I’m getting ahead of myself:  Let’s go back to  the Wikipedia entry on the “Business Coup” in the early 1930’s and read through it – reversing political roles for present times, shall we?

“The Business Plot was an alleged political conspiracy in 1933 in the United States. Retired Marine Corps Major General Smedley Butler claimed that wealthy businessmen were plotting to create a fascist veterans’ organization with Butler as its leader and use it in a coup d’état to overthrow President Franklin D. Roosevelt. In 1934, Butler testified before the United States House of Representatives Special Committee on Un-American Activities (the “McCormack-Dickstein Committee”) on these claims No one was prosecuted.

At the time of the incidents, news media dismissed the plot, with a New York Times editorial characterizing it as a “gigantic hoax”

While historians have questioned whether or not a coup was actually close to execution, most agree that some sort of “wild scheme” was contemplated by a Wall Street bond salesman who discussed it with Butler. Butler himself was a speaker at left-wing rallies who denounced capitalists.”

Old Smedley Butler’s name should ring a bell:  He authored a paper served up on uprising-friendly websites like this one, called “War is a Racket.”

The problem – as with any propaganda piece – is that it glosses over some very important notions.  One of which is that if free people are not willing to fight for freedom and liberty, they won’t have it for long.  Butler misses that; which is strange. That’s something history proves over and over again. however.

In fairness to Butler, there is a lot of truth to his “who makes the profits on war” issue, there’s the problem of global survival.  Such questions are never as simple as the radicals (and Butler-ites)  pretend, but that’s what makes left-wing demagoguery so popular with the press and the lower IQ followers.  There’s enough Truth in Buttler to cause consensus to be broken, and thus divide the will of the people.

That’s what the Internet rabble is about these days and its why we will end up with licensing sooner than later.  The Web is a WMD.

In some ways, one can see Trump as the 180-degree pivot off Roosevelt and his “New Deal” rhyming with the Trumperian “MAGA.”  In fact, one looking at the collapse of the Housing Bubble might be convinced that the Obama collapse of Housing was the flip of Hoover’s messing with trade..But the discussion of historical rhymes is long and mostly pointless. And sure as hell not personally actionable.

Instead, we just review the headlines going by and ask, Who are the Brown Shirts in today’s Webolution?  Some headlines in answer:

Liz Peek: Trump critics predictably melt down over Helsinki summit.  And a fine melt it is:  There’s enough hand-wringing to film lotion commercials.

In many ways, the Russian media response is more measured than American shills:  Russia’s post-summit view: Praise for Putin, pity for Trump.

The arrogance and self-righteousness of Justice Department employees – unable to obtain the Clinton server, get emails, or actually follow due process, meanwhile, continues to bring fall-out: Republicans urge IG to probe Rosenstein over alleged threats to congressional staffers.

Not quietly enough, the out of power party’s titular hero just won’t shut u: Obama to deliver Mandela address in likely rebuke to Trump.  We look for the fawning lefties to give us another chorus of “This ain’t obstruction…” to excuse their lopsided (and crooked) coverage.  You know it’s coming when the crooks “pre sell” an Obama event.  That’s how the coup government works.

Speaking press arrogance, how’s this CNN headline?  Trump is no longer leader of the free world.  OK…who is, wise asses?  Merkel?  May?  ROFLOL…OBAMA?  FMTT these commentators are just the shock-jocks of television.

Fat:  The Webolution needs to get some core values and stop being so drifty.  Radical bullshit of the day gets likes (and raises “hate money”) but seriously?  WAFW.

Note to Idiot Commentators.  The Commander in Chief gets to command!  Shut up until 2020, please.

How does fighting over the steering wheel usually end?

Monetizing Trump-Hate

Am I the only one who knows this hate-mongering ‘tude is why “CNN Falls Below Kids Network Nickelodeon in Cable Ratings?

But, the hate-marketing goes on with Hollywood types cashing in on the Hate Wagon to buy name familiarity.  Even once reasonable Arnold is off in name-calling land: “‘Like a Little Wet Noodle.’ Arnold Schwarzenegger Is Not Impressed by President Trump’s Meeting With Vladimir Putin.”  Whatever.  Branding and brand marketing.  Slimy and smarmy but whatever.

We try to just look at what Trump has actually gotten done compared with the past 20-years of presidential hot air dispensers.  Promise ’em everything and deliver bupkis.  Refreshing, ain’t it?

None of which is registering on the room temp IQ’s of the haters (who live to be “liked”):  Activists Launch Crowdsourcing Campaign to Bring ‘Baby Trump’ Blimp to the U.S.  The left wants your money and your vote.  All Trump is offering is results.

It’s like Hillary Has-Been trying to run again – the same old tired barricade bullhorn spew – Obama’s “change” bullshit rewrapped – and just a further monetization scam.  Jeez, let’s form a foundation, huh?

Give Them Enough Rope Dept.

I love it when know-it-all socialist children piss off huge numbers of people.  As what’s her name Ocasio-Cortez starts controversy with comments on Israeli ‘occupation,’ admits she’s ‘not the expert’.  NS she ain’t.  Just another Maxine in training.  Promise and rabble rouse and get nothing done.

Did I mention?  People who live on race – not results – make me sick.  People who live on divisions – not decisions – also make me puke.  And people who live on talk – not tangibles – are followed by fools…

Ah…there we go…blood pressure is up to room temp now…we can move on.

Economics Matter

People are terribly confused (and habitually like to themselves, but that’s another column):  They talk of “working for job satisfaction” and such.  What a great hoodwinking that it.  People work for money – as much as they can mostly – and anyone who’s not clear on that can send their lottery tickets to us.  For surely,, they would never buy such a thing – being so happy and all.  (See what I mean?  Most people are delusional.)

New Robert Half survey our says even with more money, people still will leave if the work environment isn’t good.  Telling when asked of managers:

Do you ever extend counteroffers to employees to keep them from leaving for another job?” Their responses:






Senior managers were also asked, “On average, how long do employees who accept counteroffers remain with your company?” The mean response was 1.7 years.

Hey!  Maybe i8f HR departments got back to performance-based management reviews…yah think?  PC shouldn’t ace performance or gender or…but that’s not has-been ‘Mercia, is it?

Demonetize News?

Let’s turn to what matters then – news that may impact how “rich” you are and may become…

Other than weather forecasts, this is much more meaningful than seeing idiots of the tube bash Trump and get paid (far too much) for doing so, right?

Media sluts (of all genders) don’t work free, in case you haven’t noticed…they get paid based on how much inciting they can do which raises ratings and…well, maybe newscasts ought to be demonetized…so we don’t get such extremism fed to us…

On with hardcore facts:

Federal Reserve Industrial Production and Utilization will be out later this morning.  Accessible via the Fed site here.  9:45 AM

Housing starts tomorrow.  Beige Book in the afternoon from the Fed.

The rest of the week looks boring except leading economic indicators mid-morning Thursday.  That’s not likely to send anyone into atrial’s, know what I mean?

Summer doldrums.

Thumbing Through Press Releases

Coming to the freezer section, keto-diet friendly pizza: “Quest Nutrition Introduces New Thin Crust, High Protein, Low Net Carb Pizzas  ”  Now if we could find keto- friendly beer… oh, wait, next press release…

In the liquor aisle (or the package store, depending on local laws) a new tequila is launching:  “Ja-Ja”

Pronounced Ha-Ha.  No ha-ha’s for the ho-ho’s jokes, please.

Home Sales in Canada

Back to going up:

Data from the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA)…

Markets Declining

Our outlook is for another down day today, although in the futures market, the Dow was only down 31 when I looked.  That mechanical system described for readers Saturday suggests down for another week, or longer.  Speaking of which:

George’s Golem

More tomorrow on our “mechanical trading monster” on the Peoplenomics side of the house.  Look for the headline on George’s Golem…

50 thoughts on “Trump vs. the Digital Coup Leaders”

  1. George,
    You have never really given us your opinion on how you thought Trump conducted himself at the Helsinki Summit?

    Also…Warhammer…How does this summit affect our relationship and standing in world politics? Does it hurt us? Or… Was it meaningless?

    • Mark, do you really care? It wouldn’t matter, whom told you what, you’d still default to your own well researched one sided (ah hem) opinion.

      • When it comes to Trump, there is only one side. He is an idiot and that is pretty much it. I would love to see another GOP politician, businessman or whatever in the Presidency…just not him. Look at the video of Trump trying to answer a question about Brexit a few days ago. It will make you vomit, he is so stupid.

      • @mark

        Stupid enough to NOT tell another countries citizens what they should do and how they should do it……UNLIKE most politicians…especially the last four presidents….imo

    • I don’t think it was meaningless..

      As a businessman the one on one was all positive.
      Like a sales team..for an important sale you send in a couple of your best to read the prospect customer..for trump a simple cup of coffee and conversation will open the avenues of understanding and expectations. Both Trump and Putin have high standards..( even considering stormy but then I’d have seen stormy to just wouldn’t have given her that much )and they are pretty honest and straight forward each has a great deal of INTEGRITY and logic. Trump tells you how he sees it which for me is very refreshingly honest.. Not some drivel written by a third party or some dead horse shizt to be dragged around the stable..
      So my thought is trump and Putin getting together will give both sides the opportunity to .. Feel out the others position.. Read their position from their physical actions.the same way a sales team works at reading a customer.

  2. George, there are already severable Keto friendly beers, Michalobe Ultra being my favorite, 4 carbs per 16oz give or take. And if you like a little more octane you don’t need to wait for Jaja, Vodka has zero carbs but apparently the liver prefers to burn alcohol before making ketones to burn fat. No free lunch. Been on the Keto diet thing for 3 months now, lost 37 pounds and type 2 diabetes gone. Yes, I would love a

  3. Hi, George,

    The Screaming Left was so busted on the world stage when President Trump met with President Putin. Why, indeed, would President Trump trust his CIA and his FBI, since these, along with several MI6 associates, have been all weaponized against him by the Obama administration and the Clintons for the last three years. The outrage from the Radicalized Left, who have committed treason against the country and the American people, is both ludicrous and obscene.

  4. Hey George, so if people don’t like Trump siding with Russia over the entirety of our own intelligence community, which cites actual detailed facts, concerning a foreign country’s attack on the US, it’s because they are “losers [that] hate rich people” and “Free Lunchers”?

    An ‘ad hominem’ logical fallacy is one where you call the other side names instead of discussing the actual facts, reasons, or merits of the given situation. Best, Mike

    • I listened to the whole presser and there was “no siding” – what you are REACTING TO is the left-sp[un bullshit off the networks – read the effing transcripts!

      • First of all, Imread the whole transcript as well and it was shameful and very “sided”…but here is something that really bothered me…And it is not his poor command of the English language.

        Trump said…”During today’s meeting, I addressed directly with President Putin the issue of Russian interference in our elections. I felt this was a message best delivered in person. Spent a great deal of time talking about it. President Putin may very well want to address it and very strongly, because he feels very strongly about it. And he has an interesting idea.”

        Do you realize what that idea was? Putin hinted he wanted Trump to give him access to one man. Vladimir Putin mentioned Bill Browder’s name at his joint press conference with Trump in Helsinki on Monday.
        Browder is a financier behind the Magnitsky Act, which authorizes governments to sanction Russian human rights offenders and freeze their assets.
        The act is believed to threaten much of Putin’s personal wealth, which is tied up in foreign assets.
        Putin offered to allow US officials to interview Russians suspected of interfering with the 2016 elections in exchange for interviewing people close to Browder. Hmmmmmm! When Putin says stuff like this…people usually die.

      • This just in George…Even Trump said he misspoke when he read his transcripts. All you naysayers and conspiracy theorists that the Russian meddling never happened was just stepped back by the President himself. From ABC.. Look at the video too.

        “President Trump on Tuesday claimed he accepts the findings of the U.S. intelligence community that Russians interfered in the 2016 election, and misspoke when he seemed to say otherwise in a press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin Monday.

        Mr. Trump, making what he described as clarifying comments in a meeting with members of Congress Tuesday, said he meant to say during the Helsinki press conference that he had no reason to think it was anyone other than Russia that interfered in the 2016 election, but didn’t ultimately say that. Mr. Trump said he reviewed a transcript of what he said, and decided to clarify his comments.”

        Holy Moly….And this guy is the great negotiator? Sounds like the real “baby Trump” got a spanking last night.

      • No George, I saw it all too, and what I’m responding to is YOU. And specifically you calling people names because they don’t see things your way. Instead of using specific facts or reasons. Best, Mike.

  5. I was listening to a Ray McGovern interview on his website (founder of Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity) and the reporter/man that was thrown out of the Summit prior to the presser was Sam Hussein’s, a friend of Rays that works for The Nation. He had a sign that read “Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty?” This was a treaty signed on July 7th, 2017 and is the first legally binding international agreement to comprehensively prohibit nuclear weapons, with the goal of leading towards their total elimination.

    This is an important treaty nobody wants to talk about. In the meantime, the US for some reason has ramped up it’s military budget to a trillion dollars or something ridiculous. Russia has increased its budget as well. The real question is why an American reporter for a non profit Washington Publication was thrown out for holding a sign? What is it about this treaty that prompted an expulsion from the Summit? Did Putin or Trump have him thrown out? This treaty does kind of make Trumps trip to North Korea seem less important. Oh, the lies and deceit.

  6. Is Trump playing nicey-nice with Putin so that The Bear in the North Atlantic can be taken out of the game? This way the Pivot to the Pacific can proceed at a quicker pace to take on the The Beast from the East (Xi) as he prepares his retaking of Taiwan. This also jives with Trump getting NATO members to commit to more material support to cover the US’s back when the conflict begins in the Sea of China. Strategically it makes sense to placate the Russians while taking on the Dragon.

    The fly in the ointment is angering the allies over piddly trade crap while asking them to have your back. Or is it Trump will “forgive” the trade problems as a reward for loyalty?

  7. More people are aligned with Pres Trump on this “Russian interference” crap than you might think. Supposedly most of what they found were Fbook ads that ran AFTER the election. And maybe they got the Podesta emails by phishing, but the DNC was PROVEN to be an insider hack (Seth Rich, RIP). Besides the US has hands that are not so clean i.e. CIA routing leaders (IRAN) and elections ’round the world. These warmongers are being true to their “deep state” masters who depend on the MIC (military industrial complex) for their donations and livelihood. Anyway, I thought Pat Buchanan was spot on this morning in his response to traitor Brennan:

  8. Are there 2 separate Justice Departments. One controlled by President Trump & one controlled by the Clinton/Obama camp. My thought is YES.

    Starting in August 2018, the Pres Trump Justice Dept will start handing out indictments to our leftist friends. The difference is that these indictments will be true. Just in time for the election, & cementing the coming Republican landside.

  9. Trump is spot on so far. Ignore the noise and keep winning. Eventually the losers will run out of energy and money.
    Just like the 60s generation, eventually they will have to earn a living.

    • Of course I don’t believe him. Everyone who isn’t a true believer laughs at the caricature of a bad sleazy salesman. The rest of the folks really do believe that it’s the microsoft windows department on the other end of the line.

  10. I made a personal guide rule in my early work years, if I am actively seeking another job and the tension is releasing, do not change the course, change jobs and never go back. I’m retiring this year and it served me well.

    I figured if a company is that bad they don’t deserve to be in business with me. Just walk away.

    BTW, I’m really slow (on average one year) to get to that point. A company knows exactly what is going on, and choose to let crap continue.

  11. I like keeping track of the language changes for this Russian thing.
    First it was “Interference” then it went to “Collusion” and now it is “Meddling”
    Yet i still do not understand what this is all about? Is this whole thing about a phishing email sent to Podesta that resulted in the DNC admitting they railroaded Bernie out of the nomination and led to 2 DNC chairs resigning? That’s the biggest danger to our Democracy? yikes…

  12. George I’m taking a different perspective today and only today on your writings and they are as such a cluster f*** there’s no simplicity there’s no value and what you’re saying except in complexity complexity.
    If you are Hitler and you were at a podium High Above the Rest of the thousands of people who you speaking to you would make words appear in sentences and phrases that were simply made 2 strike the majority of the population and you George are not in the majority of the population you are one of those people who are Supreme above the rest of us so when you as an individual of supreme want to relay your thoughts and ideas to the general population 90% that are beneath you you have to be able to relate and a simplistic manner

  13. DOW still hasn’t recovered to 1/26/18 high. Is it trying to do that now, or is it running out of steam?

  14. Hate hurts us mentally and physically whether it originates in us or is presented to us. Obama hate was broadcast on AM Radio, mainly and easy for people to tune out. Trump Hate is being broadcast far and wide by most of our front line Media. It has generated a massive amount of push back plus searches for other news and entertainment venues that are more “old fashion family friendly”. The new anti-family media need it broke off in them and they are getting that, but seem to love loosing viewers and market-share. It’s a queer puzzle.

    • wavecrave, read my other post from today. You want war, lets bring back the draft. Let’s see how the leftist grovel then.

  15. This is no coup. This is law enforcement routing out treasonist criminals.

    Another arrest. This time of a russian agent who illegally funneled russian funds to the NRA which then illegally funneled russian funds to republican candidates.

    This is a big deal. Unfortunately, there are still people who point the finger at hillary! obama! chuck! but lots of people are going to jail including some very close to the president and republican congresspeople too.

    Face reality >> team trump is made up of very bad people, crooked. Their only allegiance is to international trade and greed.

    • I am willing to bet even drug cartels are funneling cash to their favorite politicians to get passed bills they probably wrote.. Its the way its done today.
      But it sure didn’t take any Russians to inform me that our political system is hopelessly broken. People below ambient temperatures ( its hotter than he’ll here) keep voting the same old worthless drivel back in. If they had been a blue collar worker they would have been fired ) with what is now allowed in D.C. it doesn’t take much to sway any new people getting elected.

  16. Im happy to read that Trump is back in attack mode this morning, calling out his Helsinki haters meltdown for what it is, Trump Derangement Syndrome. I fully understand the dilemma Trump is in. I don’t think he believes fully that Russia was behind the hacking of the DNC server and the release of those emails through Wikileaks. Assange has also said it wasn’t Russia. And interestingly enough, the FBI never saw fit to examine the actual server that could provide some real facts about who chumped who. That is so contrary to how I thought the FBI worked. Id have thought that would have been amongst the first endeavors they’d undertake, to get to the truth. Maybe the leadership at the FBI, CIA, DNC, et al, didn’t want the truth. That would have spoiled the narrative those same agency heads are dragging our country through as I type.

    And lets not forget, Russia isn’t our only competitor and in some cases, enemy like Iran and North Korea were (are) at the time this supposed hacking occurred ( and lets not forget China and some eastern European nations as well as ISIS too). Are we suppose to believe only Russia employs hackers? Why isn’t that question being answered? Our banking industry is attacked hourly by hackers, that so far haven’t succeeded to any degree, but just saying there’s several countries that had to have been at least been trying to hack into our nations political party systems.

    Now, I have a solution for POTUSA Trump. Since these war mongers are so keen on creating Russia into our next unending war for unending profits target, Trump needs to pose how important it will be for our military to be war ready. To show the leftist propagandist media, rank and file pro-war liberals, Antifa’s, BLM, and all those who are afflicted by this anti-Russian theme, how serious he is in being prepared for the war the left is gunning for, Trump needs to announce we need a draft of military aged young people, both males and females, up to 30 years of age, in the first call up. Let’s see where the leftist take the conversation then? Trump can make a big speech of it and make it be one of the most significant speeches by a POTUSA in the 21st century. It can be his “I Have A Solution”, speech. Let’s see how the left reacts to that.

    • The DNC server wasn’t hacked. Seth Rich downloaded its data to a thumb drive, which was passed to an Ecuadorian diplomat a few days before his murder. The data files were too large to have been stolen during the purported timeframe in which the alleged breach occurred. Forensic analysis could prove this to be the case, or the timeframe to be off (thus confirming, at least the possibility of a hack), but the DNC won’t allow an FBI or independent analysis — without which, BTW, there is no evidence that a crime was even committed.

      Guccifer 2.0 is a collaboration, like Anonymous, but Mueller’s presser was the first I heard of Russian Brass being involved, and frankly, I rather doubt it, except (of course) in a command hierarchy. GRU Rank & file, sure, maybe even a command-level officer or three, but not General Officers. They have too much else on their plates, and are frankly not as good as the young men and women who have recently graduated from the Slavic “script-kiddie schools.” As a group, the Russian, Siberian, Ukrainian, and Belarusian hackers are the best in the world, and they don’t let their different nations’ petty politics or boundaries come between them and personal, or group excellence. [The Czechs, Poles, and Hungarians are awfully damn’ good, too…]

      This is the latest attempt by Mueller to maintain both his investigation and the “Russian narrative.” Folks with more than a 2-minute memory will recall the previous attempt: Mueller indicted several Russian companies/corporations. THEN, of all things, one of them showed up on American soil and demanded discovery. They haven’t gotten much discovery, or anything else, and Mueller’s “team” has both stonewalled, and continued the pretrial damn’ near to infinity. [The company, Concord Management, has, in fact, subpoenaed ALL of Mueller’s Special Counsel documents and records, but you’re not likely to hear that from CNN…]

      Mueller is banking on the Kremlin to not place Army and GRU brass in jeopardy of incarceration. Were I Putin, I’d secure an agreement from the SecState Through President Trump, that no “job-related” charges would be trumped-up against the Generals, then send them here to “stand trial.” Mueller can NOT allow discovery to any of them without committing treason, so charges would be dropped and cases dismissed, and conservatives would snicker some more…

      While I can’t confirm that Guccifer 2.0 is made up of Russian brass, I can almost guarantee Russian GRU ops hacked Hillary’s server account (password: “chelsea”) and John Podesta’s computer (password: “password”) but it is entirely possible every bored 10yo whose ear caught their names in the news did the same. I can also almost guarantee that agents at GRU’s Intel Division tried hacking State Election Board computers, since that’s their job, as it is our NSA spooks’ job to try to hack theirs.

      Positive voter ID and paper ballots, fixes this potential issue, completely and permanently.

      Just sayin’…

  17. “Free Luncher’s”

    I do realize there are places that give out money “heck one bank gave a two billion dollar loan to a guy with shizty credit..and some cities where college grads make a quarter million and live in cardboard boxes and get food stamps..) But around here the C.G.A rule applies..( Cash Gas or Azz no one rides the bus for free.) poverty level is for a single 350.00 a month and for married 750.00 a month.
    Now I am a bottom feeder.. our yearly income is what.. lunch money for many.. but I actually don’t know anyone that hates wealthy people.. I can’t even remember the last time I heard anyone say hateful things. There has to be a social division for the system any system to work efficiently.
    I think the problem is much much deeper and the cause is in a different direction than everyone is thinking…. a few at the very top manipulating the whole scenario.. that are creating this situation of division.. sort of like a diversion.. like I use to do by staring into the sky to get everyone to sit there and gauk at nothing in the air.. then walk away..
    by skillfully getting control of our congress..( the ones that really make the mess) and after the new spending bill that was passed.. it basically tosses the average wealthy under the bus.. now to get control of them.. they will take away and cause a deeper division thus gaining control of the average wealthy .. I personally think it is all a plan and of course the idiots that push the paper that someone else writes without reading it.If you notice they are following Adolphs plan to the letter.. Making his second secret book one of the scariest books I have ever read. Those that have the ability to buy off our politicians with gifts and donations are the ones at fault.. causing the huge Division.. you have to have social class separation.. just like it would have been easier and cheaper to make everyone a millionaire than to do what is being done now.. but if everyone was a millionaire than a cup of water would be what.. ( oh that is right in the depression during the eighteen hundreds a cup of water was three ounces of gold) by my being a bottom feeder I don’t have to worry about leaping from a window on the fiftieth floor when the bottom fall out of paper. although I have a six inch foot stool that sometimes scares the heck out of me LOL.. LOL LOL…

    I got BUSTED yesterday.. LOL it is the first time.. except for family very few catch it.. well no one has caught it.. until yesterday.. LOL
    I was at the local filling station and was talking to an acquaintance that I haven’t seen in a long time.. all of a sudden.. she got this odd look on her face.. eyes big as billiard balls and she said my god.. Its like you are speed reading my mind for what I am going to say LOL LOL LOL…
    first time anyone outside the family has ever noticed.. LOL LOL .. I infuriate my wife regularly by finishing her sentences for her.. LOL

    • I also think it is wonderful that Putin and Trump got together for a talk.. two men each of them loves his country and each smart enough to sit down as adults and make a reasonable plan they both have a sense of integrity and decency.. I love to read reports from the people that read body language.. both of them are highly rated .. those in Congress and at the top pulling congresses strings don’t the fact that those two are having a cup of coffee and a conversation… (I think because they don’t have control of it) but oh heck who cares..well I am sure the puppeteers don’t like it one bit..
      I would vote for trump again … He is actually doing something..

  18. Mark, you are showing the world why the left can’t be accepted into the future American society. Instead of arguing on facts, you revert to emotional and rancor speech, throwing tantrum like spoiled children trying to out shout anyone who disagrees.

    This summit was vilified before it ever started. You and your fellow traitorous buffoons shouted to the heavens that it should never have even been talked of.

    What is missed is that Putin exposed Hillary and her $400,000 laundered election contribution from Bill Browder who earned 1.5 billion and never paid taxes on it, who has renounced his American citizenship to avoid paying taxes, ran from a officer serving him a subpoena while being interviewed on tv, his grandfather was the head of the American communist party. By the way, Didn’t Obama send $400,000 in cash to Iran for that Traitorous deal that Trump cancelled? Hmmm.

    How about the fact that FBI traitor, Peter Strozk , who was raised in Iran and Saudi Arabia,where his father was a supporter of the Iranian revolution?
    Or that former CIA Chief, John Brennan is Muslim and a devout communist, who was the station chief in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia at the consulate where most of the 911 hi-jackets obtained their US visas?
    Or James Clappers who committed perjury testifying to congress about his role in spying on CANIDATE Trump?
    Hmm…..ALL these men were in charge when accusations about Russian collusion with Trump were started….

    • Donald. That’s some crazy stuff there. The type of crazy stuff that is the main reason why the Russians are being investigated. Fake news.

      There is no proof that John Brennan is a Muslim…it has been debunked…no matter what BS sure you think you read…That said…what if he is? Doesn’t religious freedom apply with all religions. It’s not exclusive with Christianity. I am friends with a few People that practice Islam. Doesn’t make me any different, unless you are the type of jerk that thinks that is a bad thing.

      And isn’t it funny that no info exists in Strzok until 2 days ago? It all magically appeared on sites I never heard of.

      Be careful what conspiracies you read. Conspiracy is an interesting word. Breaking it down to the word conspire…it begins with a Con and ends with spire which is an object from on high in a building. Someone high atop the ivory towers is conning you to change the reality we live in.

      • No, there is no proof Brennan is a Muslim, which should make no difference anyway, but there IS proof he was a card-carrying member of the Communist Party USA, and voted for the CPUSA Presidential candidate in 1980. CPUSA’s top plank and stated goal is the overthrow of the United States, by any means necessary.

        There is also proof that Clapper perjured himself before Congress.

        The “Russians” are being “investigated” because they are not likely to respond in-person to face an indictment, and by not-appearing, provide a “win” to Mueller’s “team” and affirm the investigation of the conspiracy theory that Donald Trump did something wrong during his candidacy.

        THAT is the REALLY DANGEROUS stuff.

  19. Mark.. I hate to break it to you but…
    Trump is definitely not STUPID..he’ll I could be rich off of his kids allowance..
    What he isn’t is a politician..politician that will lie to you and tell you anything you want to hear to convince you to go their way.. Hey that description sounds like a guy that tells a woman anything to get sex..except the ones being screwed by the politicians in the USA are us.

    • By God… Looking out of his box…Trump is possibly one of the dumbest men on planet earth. I can confidently say the dumbest of all time…..

      Have you heard him speak? I have a client who is a direct report to Tim Cook. Tim has met with Trump on several occasions. I was told by my client that the word stupid is not a strong enough word to describe Cook’s experience with Trump. Trumps own staff thinks he is a complete idiot. How many times does he have to backtrack on things he says, have poor Sarah Huckabee Sanders re-explain or deny or make-up stupid things he has said? It is a daily occurrence. He is so confused about what he needs to say about Russia. First Russia didn’t do it, then they did, then they may have, but so may have others, now, he wants to meet with Putin again to re-clarify what he thought was said but isn’t quite sure. I am not making this stuff up!!!

      His former stenographer says he is a pathological liar…Now the interpreter of the Putin meeting may talk. He is prancing his utter brainless stupidity right in from of our faces. What don’t you see?

  20. Well, obviously just my opinion (as everyone else’s is) but I believe that Putin ‘ate’ Trump’s lunch – and the sad thing is that we have no way to independently verify what happened or was agreed to. Sure to have some nasty surprises!

  21. It looks like the New York Times – Investigative Fund story from November, 2017 about alleged mistreatment by the US Coast Guard of drug smuggling suspects in international waters is resurfacing. Interestingly the Investigative Fund, described sometimes as a “New York non-profit”, appears to be an offshoot of one of America’s oldest weeklies, “The Nation”. The latter’s heiress editor and part owner is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and is married to a professor of Russisn studies. She is not a republican.

    By the way, the alleged high seas infractions took place at least as far back as November, 2014. I don’t know if the Investigative Fund has requested a statement from Mr. Obama.

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