Since you may be young – and haven’t studied either long wave economics – or history – except to pass a test, perhaps – you may not be laughing at the Digital Mob Rule which appears now on an Internet (and social media) near you.

The Constitutional Government of these United States is under attack, much as it was at the end of the last Depression run-up – back in the late 1920’s.   Just as the modern analog to that era’s flappers may be seen in the antics of gender-change marketing and other such “outrageous social behaviors” so, too, there’s an analog to the near-coup at the outset of the last Depression.

What’s interesting, however, is that the political winds have shifted such that the “uprising” this time is by the Left. “Free Luncher’s” don’t necessarily need political consistency – they’re just spoiling for a fight.  In present times, that’s personified by Donald Trump, (losers hate rich people naturally) but in reality it’s a well-orchestrated left-wing smear designed to put a more corporate-compliant globalist-friendly shill in office.

I’m getting ahead of myself:  Let’s go back to  the Wikipedia entry on the “Business Coup” in the early 1930’s and read through it – reversing political roles for present times, shall we?

“The Business Plot was an alleged political conspiracy in 1933 in the United States. Retired Marine Corps Major General Smedley Butler claimed that wealthy businessmen were plotting to create a fascist veterans’ organization with Butler as its leader and use it in a coup d’état to overthrow President Franklin D. Roosevelt. In 1934, Butler testified before the United States House of Representatives Special Committee on Un-American Activities (the “McCormack-Dickstein Committee”) on these claims No one was prosecuted.

At the time of the incidents, news media dismissed the plot, with a New York Times editorial characterizing it as a “gigantic hoax”

While historians have questioned whether or not a coup was actually close to execution, most agree that some sort of “wild scheme” was contemplated by a Wall Street bond salesman who discussed it with Butler. Butler himself was a speaker at left-wing rallies who denounced capitalists.”

Old Smedley Butler’s name should ring a bell:  He authored a paper served up on uprising-friendly websites like this one, called “War is a Racket.”

The problem – as with any propaganda piece – is that it glosses over some very important notions.  One of which is that if free people are not willing to fight for freedom and liberty, they won’t have it for long.  Butler misses that; which is strange. That’s something history proves over and over again. however.

In fairness to Butler, there is a lot of truth to his “who makes the profits on war” issue, there’s the problem of global survival.  Such questions are never as simple as the radicals (and Butler-ites)  pretend, but that’s what makes left-wing demagoguery so popular with the press and the lower IQ followers.  There’s enough Truth in Buttler to cause consensus to be broken, and thus divide the will of the people.

That’s what the Internet rabble is about these days and its why we will end up with licensing sooner than later.  The Web is a WMD.

In some ways, one can see Trump as the 180-degree pivot off Roosevelt and his “New Deal” rhyming with the Trumperian “MAGA.”  In fact, one looking at the collapse of the Housing Bubble might be convinced that the Obama collapse of Housing was the flip of Hoover’s messing with trade..But the discussion of historical rhymes is long and mostly pointless. And sure as hell not personally actionable.

Instead, we just review the headlines going by and ask, Who are the Brown Shirts in today’s Webolution?  Some headlines in answer:

Liz Peek: Trump critics predictably melt down over Helsinki summit.  And a fine melt it is:  There’s enough hand-wringing to film lotion commercials.

In many ways, the Russian media response is more measured than American shills:  Russia’s post-summit view: Praise for Putin, pity for Trump.

The arrogance and self-righteousness of Justice Department employees – unable to obtain the Clinton server, get emails, or actually follow due process, meanwhile, continues to bring fall-out: Republicans urge IG to probe Rosenstein over alleged threats to congressional staffers.

Not quietly enough, the out of power party’s titular hero just won’t shut u: Obama to deliver Mandela address in likely rebuke to Trump.  We look for the fawning lefties to give us another chorus of “This ain’t obstruction…” to excuse their lopsided (and crooked) coverage.  You know it’s coming when the crooks “pre sell” an Obama event.  That’s how the coup government works.

Speaking press arrogance, how’s this CNN headline?  Trump is no longer leader of the free world.  OK…who is, wise asses?  Merkel?  May?  ROFLOL…OBAMA?  FMTT these commentators are just the shock-jocks of television.

Fat:  The Webolution needs to get some core values and stop being so drifty.  Radical bullshit of the day gets likes (and raises “hate money”) but seriously?  WAFW.

Note to Idiot Commentators.  The Commander in Chief gets to command!  Shut up until 2020, please.

How does fighting over the steering wheel usually end?

Monetizing Trump-Hate

Am I the only one who knows this hate-mongering ‘tude is why “CNN Falls Below Kids Network Nickelodeon in Cable Ratings?

But, the hate-marketing goes on with Hollywood types cashing in on the Hate Wagon to buy name familiarity.  Even once reasonable Arnold is off in name-calling land: “‘Like a Little Wet Noodle.’ Arnold Schwarzenegger Is Not Impressed by President Trump’s Meeting With Vladimir Putin.”  Whatever.  Branding and brand marketing.  Slimy and smarmy but whatever.

We try to just look at what Trump has actually gotten done compared with the past 20-years of presidential hot air dispensers.  Promise ’em everything and deliver bupkis.  Refreshing, ain’t it?

None of which is registering on the room temp IQ’s of the haters (who live to be “liked”):  Activists Launch Crowdsourcing Campaign to Bring ‘Baby Trump’ Blimp to the U.S.  The left wants your money and your vote.  All Trump is offering is results.

It’s like Hillary Has-Been trying to run again – the same old tired barricade bullhorn spew – Obama’s “change” bullshit rewrapped – and just a further monetization scam.  Jeez, let’s form a foundation, huh?

Give Them Enough Rope Dept.

I love it when know-it-all socialist children piss off huge numbers of people.  As what’s her name Ocasio-Cortez starts controversy with comments on Israeli ‘occupation,’ admits she’s ‘not the expert’.  NS she ain’t.  Just another Maxine in training.  Promise and rabble rouse and get nothing done.

Did I mention?  People who live on race – not results – make me sick.  People who live on divisions – not decisions – also make me puke.  And people who live on talk – not tangibles – are followed by fools…

Ah…there we go…blood pressure is up to room temp now…we can move on.

Economics Matter

People are terribly confused (and habitually like to themselves, but that’s another column):  They talk of “working for job satisfaction” and such.  What a great hoodwinking that it.  People work for money – as much as they can mostly – and anyone who’s not clear on that can send their lottery tickets to us.  For surely,, they would never buy such a thing – being so happy and all.  (See what I mean?  Most people are delusional.)

New Robert Half survey our says even with more money, people still will leave if the work environment isn’t good.  Telling when asked of managers:

Do you ever extend counteroffers to employees to keep them from leaving for another job?” Their responses:






Senior managers were also asked, “On average, how long do employees who accept counteroffers remain with your company?” The mean response was 1.7 years.

Hey!  Maybe i8f HR departments got back to performance-based management reviews…yah think?  PC shouldn’t ace performance or gender or…but that’s not has-been ‘Mercia, is it?

Demonetize News?

Let’s turn to what matters then – news that may impact how “rich” you are and may become…

Other than weather forecasts, this is much more meaningful than seeing idiots of the tube bash Trump and get paid (far too much) for doing so, right?

Media sluts (of all genders) don’t work free, in case you haven’t noticed…they get paid based on how much inciting they can do which raises ratings and…well, maybe newscasts ought to be demonetized…so we don’t get such extremism fed to us…

On with hardcore facts:

Federal Reserve Industrial Production and Utilization will be out later this morning.  Accessible via the Fed site here.  9:45 AM

Housing starts tomorrow.  Beige Book in the afternoon from the Fed.

The rest of the week looks boring except leading economic indicators mid-morning Thursday.  That’s not likely to send anyone into atrial’s, know what I mean?

Summer doldrums.

Thumbing Through Press Releases

Coming to the freezer section, keto-diet friendly pizza: “Quest Nutrition Introduces New Thin Crust, High Protein, Low Net Carb Pizzas  ”  Now if we could find keto- friendly beer… oh, wait, next press release…

In the liquor aisle (or the package store, depending on local laws) a new tequila is launching:  “Ja-Ja”

Pronounced Ha-Ha.  No ha-ha’s for the ho-ho’s jokes, please.

Home Sales in Canada

Back to going up:

Data from the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA)…

Markets Declining

Our outlook is for another down day today, although in the futures market, the Dow was only down 31 when I looked.  That mechanical system described for readers Saturday suggests down for another week, or longer.  Speaking of which:

George’s Golem

More tomorrow on our “mechanical trading monster” on the Peoplenomics side of the house.  Look for the headline on George’s Golem…