Coping: A Large Helping of Woo-Woo

imageFirst, I am not a big fan of woo-woo.  But I have also done enough research into the future, means of predicting, and how predictions come to pass, that I also don’t scoff at people’s ability to plug in to bits about the future, either.  There is something to it – I’d stake my life on it.

Once you’ve experienced knowledge at a distance whether he measuring stick is space or time, it changes your outlook on life.  The daily becomes trivial.

Take for example this Phoenix quake swarm story.

Elaine and I were kicking it around after breakfast Monday when she said “Play that video report” that was popping up off ABC-15 in Phoenix.

Thinking nothing about it, I rolled the video and saw reporter Katie Connors doing what reporters would call a “stand-up” near the epicenter of the quake when she said near the end of her report…

“We are live at Rock Springs Café, everyone knows this place, they are famous for their pies…we are waiting for the doors to open to go inside…”

Instantly, I froze the video..

Pies…pies… reporter….earthquake report.  A huge alarm bell was going off in my head…

OMG!!!  I KNOW THIS PART!!!  Seen it before!

A quick search of our archives of past articles quickly turned up this January 13, 2015 column where what was the topic?  Earthquakes.

If you reread the story over here, a long-dead colleague of mine from the rock & roll news period had shown up in a vivid/epic dream I had the morning of January 13th. 

That dream seemed to foretell of a massive April 9+ earthquake – which obviously didn’t happen in 2015.  But here was the totally strange part as I described my colleague appearing in this incredibly vivid January dream:

“He passed away something like 20 years back and haven’t thought about him in years, so it was odd in this dream that a personality of the news business was present (unseen, soft of off-stage doing the discussion) and that was notable, I think.

As to the earthquake part, there are actually two.  One (and they are possibly a pairs) are in the 5.3 and 5.6 category and they connect with “Thursday” or “Friday” and after this, people who are involved will be going back to the city (this happens east of San Francisco).

One of the returning news crews will be stopping (on the way back to the city) to have something that’s like an apple fritter or apple scone – as a place somewhere in the area that is famous for those.

There were other oddities about the story too:  Lot’s of dog references, a kind of map of a state or national park area (it was shown as a kind of green glass layer under the area.

All of which sounds like a pretty ho-hum news item.  There was some snow on the hills, and a ski area up a ways, and after peaking at the ski area, there’s a small hydro project somewhere on the eastern slopes.

But the single most important takeaway was this:  “The Big Quake is in April and is a 9+”

Whether a “Big One” is pending for April of 2016, or whether that’s something else – a garbled message about the future – this part where the news crews and pies came along was unequivocally weird.

When you look at the layout of my January 13 dream, you can begin to see a lot of fits between the mountains north of Phoenix in the dream  and the swarm in the news.

For one, there is a lot of “green” under the Black Canyon City area.  It’s a very large aquifer.

The dog?  Well, friends of our have a place north of Peoria and they have a dog which Elaine and I speak of now and then.

imageThe state or national park references?

I popped open Microsoft Streets and Trips and there are three significant parks surrounding the quake swarm  area the place is almost surrounded.. 

To the west is the Prescott National Forest.  The is Aqua Frie National Monument, and then northwest of that is Pine Mountain wilderness and Coconino National Forest further along Interstate-17, once you’re north of Camp Verde and going up toward Flagstaff.

Snow?  There is talk this will be a record year for it. Just a few flakes reported on the higher hills Sunday night up toward Flagstaff.

imageLots of hydro projects in the region – the biggest of which is the Salt River Project and a power dam.  A history of the Theodore Roosevelt Lake Dam is available here..

You need to fly over the area in a small plane (which we have) to really take in the topography.  But as you head out of Phoenix and up Interstate 17 toward Flagstaff, it’s like going up a big canyon.  There’s a major low spot around Camp Verde, and then a big mother of a climb up to Flagstaff. You veer to the left near Camp Verde to head for Kingman and on into Las Vegas.

The drainage area of the Theodore Roosevelt lake basin runs well east of Payson and takes water from the middle of the Mogollon Rim creeks and drivers funneling it down the next big mega-canyon which is The Salt River Project area.

In between, southwest of Payson, Horseshoe Lake feeds down to Bartlett Lake and these flow down toward Fort McDowell.

Oh, and my January dream’s mention of skiing?  I don’t need to remind you of the Arizona Snowbowl up at Flagstaff, do I?  35 degrees and a few skiffs Monday morning.

So, how is this all for weird?

The pie fits, the swarm fits. Magnitudes are wrong – so far.

The hills, parks, all that fits.  Perhaps my geo-locating the quake to the Bay Area is because my late colleague did morning news for years with Doctor Don Rose – legend of San Francisco’s KFRC.

There’s one more bit of weirdness to mention:  The prominent role of the number 13.

As you can see, the January dream about the big quake was recording the same morning it happened:  January 13 of this year.

What you have no way of knowing is that the station my colleague and I worked together was on 1300 on the AM dial.  KOL when I started and KMPS when I left.  I worked there 13-years,

I should mention on this 13-business:  I don’t really hold to numerology.  It, however, seems to hold to me.

For example, our address here at the ranch has house numbers 319.  This adds up to 3+1+9= what?

And our street number is 4416 which could be arranged – if one were into numerology – as 4+4-1+6 which equals what, again?  13’s have been all over the place in my life and for reasons I’ve never figured out.

Oh…and one more thing:  We will be heading out next week on our trip to New Mexico, Nevada, and Arizona on what day?

A week from Friday.

The thirteenth.

Thanks for the head’s up, B.R.   We will check out the apple fritters or scones on the way through Black Canyon/Rock Springs in a couple of weeks.

For Further Study:  What was that quake-like event up in Alaska last week and might it have been something like the land sliding movement up northwest of Casper, Wyoming we reported?

Do Glasses Change Your Mood?

They do mine. 

As long as I’ve got the “weird bag open” let me pull out another one for you.

I wear glasses.  It’s the result of having “fixed-focus” eyes – the result of cataract operations in my 30’s and implants in my 40’s.

I don’t know if you realize it, or not, but people who have had cataracts out have “extended vision.:”

The reason is simple when it was explained to me:  When you have a cataract-afflicted lens removed, what comes out has a kind of “snot yellow” color to it.

When they put in the replacement lens, you get a clear lens (in the old days, anyway) and they don’t absorb the UV light like the off-yellow does.  As a result, you can actually see up a ways into the ultraviolet spectrum.  I can order food off a bar menu in an ultraviolet-lit lounge, for example.  (Not a major skill to put on the resume, but there you have it.)

The only problem with this nibble of superpowers is it ruined Disneyworld for me.  Because of the extended-range vision, when going through Pirates of the Caribbean, for example, I could look up and see the ceiling of the place, complete with the sprinkler system and acoustical features.

Normal vision would never see it – as I had been through both before and after.  The best way to go on such a ride now is to get a pair of cheap yellow driving glasses.  If not, with your extended cataract-free vision, you may find spots on a ride where the ambient levels of ultraviolet light (black light) is actually sufficient to see wires and the machinery of the delightful rides.

Off to the point:

I noticed the other day that I was lacking a bit of my “spark.”  It was a subtle thing, but noticeable to me.  M y normal “MSH”  (make stuff happen” had faded and projects were tending to become mired down in…incompletion would be a good word for it.

I may have found the cause:  A change of glasses.

You see, when Elaine and I went on our last long-distance flying adventure, I wore my flying glasses.

These are $500 dollar glasses.  They are scratch resistant, photo-gray, line-free bifocals and they are very comfortable to wear.

The glasses that went on at mid-morning yesterday are my “surgical glasses.”  They are tri-focal and clear.  Which means yes, I turn my monitor down a bit because it is a bit brighter with them on.

And the strange thing is:  I can already feel a slight mood shift by wearing them, even though it has been less than 24-hours.

So here’s a weird thing for you to test in your personal experiments about how the world operates:  If you wear glasses, try wearing one pair for a week and the other pair for another week and see if you get more, or less, done with one pair over the other.

My sense is that if you have photo-graying glasses, you may notice a small effect.

Whether this is become of how photobiomodulation works, or not, I can’t say.  All I can say is that with the clear glasses on, I feel slightly different.  Enough so my buddy who is into subtle-energy medicine might find it of interest, too.

At issue for research:  Is the slight decline in light levels into the eyes the cause of the more “relaxed and less pressured feel” of the photo-grays?  Or, is it because of all the psychic energy attached to them – associating with high performance airplane driving to the exclusion of everything else?  Aviate, navigate, communicate.  What else matters?

A Fresh UFO Flap

A number of readers have sent us links to the UK Express report which has to do with a white UFO being tracked by the International Space Station just before they (look surprised if you can) cut the feed.

Actually, it’s nothing to be concerned about.  Just another trans-dimensional object that has transited the planes of existence out in space and was picked up.  Or, it’s an orbiting weapons platform that will be used one of these days.

Gee, I bet you feel better already.

Inquiring Minds

Here are two priceless gems from readers:

Why wont bill gates discuss real issues like why is social security an entitlement and government workers retirement not?

And…on our daylight time fraud report:

Somehow Arizona is not a passenger on the nut train and does not do the clock forward and back insanity. The only problem is the rest of the country shifting back and forth. If dark sets in before firing up the grill we have this clever device called a lightbulb that provides light on demand. Didn’t feel the earthquake..


The time bs really kills me. My work is 26 miles one way, up at 5 every morning, even on weekends. 4:00 am two mornings now. Two weeks to adjust I figure. This s…ks

Indeed it does.  As another reader explained:

I think it was Sitting Bull or maybe another First American who said, “Only the white man can cut a foot off a blanket, sew it on the other end and believe that it is now longer.”

I usually protest the time change twice a year. I leave an hour early in the spring and go in an hour late in the fall.

Then  one other reader, who has already “gone Arizona” (refusing to reset) calls it “True Up Time.”  .

For Further Research:  If Arizona is actually sane on the Time Game, why does everyone in the Delusion Center (DC) think Sheriff Joe is nuts on border issues?

Sanity is fleeting is the answer:  More elusive than tax reform and harder to spot than a Yeti or UFO.

Peoplenomics tomorrow:  How to use eBay to your advantage in an economic Depression.

Write when you break-even…


13 thoughts on “Coping: A Large Helping of Woo-Woo”

  1. For what it is worth, one way to interpret the January dream is relative versus absolute temporal references. By that I mean that January to April is three months. Seeing the report on the news that reflects the dream could imply that the Big One is now three months out from November, which would be February 2016.
    As long as we’re at it…note that February 2016 is 13 months after January 2015. There’s your lucky number showing up again.

  2. George,
    I don’t want to burst your bubble but the phenomenon you described is well known in architecture and retail. When it’s well done you don’t notice it. The wave length and intensity of light can effect your mood. When we lived in Pullman WA (it’s not the end of the world but you can see it from there) the local big chain grocery felt dark, gloomy, and inviting. It was a mile from home. A local chain built a new store over on the other side of Moscow I’D. The lighting made me feel good. It was a 20 mile round trip but that’s where we shopped. Before the pnw experience I was on a team that designed and built a major library addition with a renovation of the old building. We spent a lot of time working on the lighting. Since then I notice lighting.

    BTW did you mean to imply that 4+4+1+6 = 13 when it = 15?

  3. I have a rather goofy addition to your reference to pie, George. Yesterday, while I was making my medicinal cannabis cookies, I was watching one of my “kitchen movies.” I have a collection of light-hearted movies to watch while doing a repetitive task, like making cookies. So, anyway, I was watching “Men in Black III.” There came a point in the plot where our heroes did not know what to do. Agent K announced it was “time for pie.” He said that his daddy had taught him that when stuck like this, a pause for pie was important. It breaks up the thought processes so that something new pops up. Of course, in the movie, the pie worked.
    Just thought I’d share my pie moment with you.



  4. By not wearing my glasses (and eating orange foods etc) I continue improving my eyesight.
    If glasses filter out vitamin D, ya, they’d affect more than your mood, as most people are D3 deficient… read to learn how people need to exercise their eyes and glasses cause eyeball strain.
    Glasses, another medical fraud.

    Cataracts can be eliminated with nutrition/vitamins too.
    The common section people share their amazing stories!

    “… the Bates Method, conceived by Dr. William H. Bates over 100 years ago. A board-certified ophthalmologist at the top of his field, Dr. Bates helped many people regain their vision with his technique. In fact, it was so effective that optometrists lobbied the local politicians to ban it! Unfortunately, they succeeded, and the Bates Method ceased to be used.”

    “Unfortunately, when you wear glasses, you’re actually retraining your eyes to strain in order to see all day long. So, ideally, you’ll want to remove your glasses whenever you can safely do so.”

    Foods, Supplements, and Other Lifestyle Strategies That Promote Good Vision

    • exercise to improve your eyesight is, imho, wishful thinking…mine is and has been for 25+ years 20/600…no amount of exercise can fix that. I could do all the eye exercises 24 hours a day, and still would not see without my glasses. Have had glasses since the 4th grade – couldn’t see the blackboard unless I was 5 feet away…

      And although I do believe nutrition and supplements can slow the arrival of cataracts (but not prevent), it is mostly genetic and environmental. Oh, and add rx’s to the mix – in fact, there is a well pimped rx eye drop on tv that, if one reads the fine print, states that using the product will accelerate the onset of cataracts.

      Had the left eye cataract ‘blow up’ about 5 years ago and had surgery. Now have fixed far sighted vision in that eye. Right eye is still good and should be for a while, but that eye is extremely nearsighted (20/600). Insurance won’t authorize surgery for right eye since it ‘isn’t needed’. Real bear to get glasses that work.

  5. ‘Morning George… speaking of glasses and flying and such…

    Did your mechanic ever find any projectiles when he checked the bullet holes in the bottom of the plane? How would you repair something like this?

    Just curious..

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