The Coming DATA-WAR With Europe

The phone rang.  Six-minutes after 7 AM.  Prime writing time.  Who would call while I’m  in crank-it-out mode???

Why, my consigliere, of course!

Did you see what Europe did?

“Er….looked at the DAX a minute ago…down a bit…”

No.  Remember the Facebook data breach?  40-50 million, right?  Of those only about 5-million were Europeans.  Care do guess what the EU has done?

“OMG, no telling what those pricks will do….what’d they do?”

Imposed a $1.63 billion dollar fine on Facebook.  They seem to hate American tech.  This is one  of their threats  – to attach 4% of world-wide revenue for non-compliance with their made-up “Rules.”

“Holy smokes.  That’s $320 bucks per Euro-vic from the breach…. Will EU consumers get anything off that or do th3e Brussels Sprouts pocket the vig?”

Nope…goes right into the Tax and Spend coffers of the EU, I’m afraid from the reports.”

“So how long before American Tech Companies cowboy-up and decide its time to lay a little Trumpifing on Europe over this DB-BS?”

What are the options? “

“How about American firms inset “conditions of use” –  How about:  Urbansurvival is an American website and only subject to American law.  If you aren’t an American reader, you are here at your own risk.  Howzzat?”

“Great Firewall of China might be cloned…”

“Or, it’s the first decisive engagement in history’s first Data War. Europe has been firing pot-shots for a good while.  Time to fire back?  Can America tech stand up, or like the Jellyfish Party on the Ford thing, are we just going to keep rolling over on bullsh*t and bluster?”

Short call, but important to see the larger context.

The Data Wars are developing.

Remember  the “good old days” when government only held civilian populations hostage with the threat of nuclear mass destruction?  Now, people are being held hostage over data and free thinking…  MY, what an advanced species we are, huh?

Soon, we will be held hostage for food, water, air to breathe, and so forth.  As wee see it, FB better pay or the EU could impose mean-hurtful sanctions like banning the export of Beemer and Porsche parts to the US…and that would be a South Bay calamity!

Of Course, Shiller’s Right

Don’t know if you caught the CNBC piece “This bull market run has echoes of the late 1920s, Nobel Prize-winning economist Shiller says...” but the article is worth your time.

In our work, although we may have a short-term pullback after yesterday’s “NAFTA-Reloaded” Rally, the longer view is that we could see a present bubble continuation into next year:

I mean that question (in the chart) seriously:  What is left to burn? Consider the following:

  • The Federal government has allowed for a massive stealth inflation to take place since 2009.
  • This inflation has continued to erode the QOL (quality of life) such that most people are finding it ever-harder to get by on a single paycheck.
  • This means the 40-hour work-week is essentially dead.  You either work 60 for some tech outfit and get decent pay, or you work a sucky day job and a couple of “side-hustles” to make ends meet.  Where do you think all the labor for Lyft and Uber has come from?
  • Side-Hustle business models are on the rise.
  • And in terms of disposable household income, when you take out the home equity, whatever you have as auto equity is likely illusion.  And, do you really think pension promises will all pay off?

Which gets the government back to the Big Problem at hand.  With another Trillion mark rolling over on the National Debt shortly, government is “writing check” that only the Tax Chattel (us worker-bees) can back.

See the CNS News story “In FY 2018: Debt Up $1,271,158,167,127; Feds Borrowed $8,172 Per Every American With a Job” for a sobering perspective.


America is “running out of things to monetize.”  And when this  uber-macro-bubble – that has been blown up since 1933 – making it 85-years old, and right in line with our long-wave maximal currency inflation model (ideally 83.5 years) what we have to ask is “How soon does all hell break loose?”

The answer, near as I can figure, will be after the elections and maybe as late as next summer.  But, there are a couple of way things can fall.

Say,, for example, it begins to look – based on polling – like the Jackass Party will be the Jellyfish Party at the polls.  What would that look like?

Well, for one, there would be agreement on NOTHING – no budget, no spending, and Trump has the balls to call out the do-nothing Congress.  He can sit on spending that doesn’t go his way.

The Jackass Party, knowing the Jellyfish Party as being spineless, will launch of multitude of “Investigations and commissions” to look into largely made-up allegations.  Still, sinc e Jackass Party members are anti-everything (and they can’t read a P&L so good) they will continue to mistake rhetoric for action.  Which they have been doing since the debt-bulging fraud of a Great Society was foisted on the country….again because we have been running out of things to monetize for a good long-time.

This is why we see things like the Ford lady – after making largely unsubstantiated claims – has become a cause d’ celeb and has seen over a million-dollars raised in her name.

So, as long as commercializing of victims is working, the “show can go on.”

But at some point, we run out of things to monetize.  Al Gore monetized the Weather.  BLM monetized Black.  #Metoo monetized sexual advances.  Churches have monetized getting into heaven for centuries, so why not everything else?

So, we monetize gender-change.  Despite the fact, as I note in my latest book, there’s not a five-year old on Earth who (without sick f/u’ed parental coaching) says “c ut my wee-wee off and make me a girl…”  Are you Kidding?

Speaking of the book, by the way: From Amazon:

Thanks for ordering and no, I have no idea why the system didn’t fix the typos in the book summary…maybe that’s something we could monetize, huh?  Quick, let’s start an IPO for this breakthrough in “new monetizations…”

Point this morning is Shiller’s right.  We think Next Spring may be the top of the tops, but if the libs in high places in investment outfits (the richer you are the more lib you can become, check with George Soros for details on how that works…) decide to crash things in time for the election (because the spinless Jellyfish Party takes credit for the stock market), then so be it.

For now, the global picture is turning a bit.  The stealth inflation hasn’t hit gold and silver yet.  But once again, speaking of digitizing everything, Bitcoin is at $6,540 today proving that yes, digital tulips can be monetized, too.  Print you a bouquet?

US stock futures showed the Dow down about 66 at the open.  With Europe down about twice as much (on a percentage-wise basis) we would expect the Dow to end the day down 100 points, maybe more.  NAFTA-Reloaded is cool, but it’s not going to fill in the hole we dig daily in the Federal budget debacle.  Shiller knows it, I know it, you know it, and yet, here we are.  All watching the Compound Debt Monster rising up before us and pretending that hyperinflation isn’t coming to save us.

Which is why we still think things of durable value are worth investing in.  But depreciable paper assets?  Not so much…

With that off my chest, we can now get into the details.

Later on this morning, though, look at auto sales, which will be out shortly, as an indicator of how that part of the economy is going…

Quips and Quotes

Wankels for wankers dept: Mazda confirms return of the Wankel rotary engine in 2020/  Sure, but will it turn up 24,000 RPM?

We knew this one: Gartner Survey Finds Talent Shortage Considered A Top Risk Among Executives.  Yeah…most don’t have anything….duh.

The not-so-stealth inflation we’ve been telling you about: CoreLogic Reports August Home Prices Increased by 5.5 Percent Year Over Year, Homeowners Expect Sale of Current Home to Fund .

Melania’s on the road: Melania Trump arrives in Ghana, 1st stop on Africa tour.

Looking ahead: Global stocks turn tail as Italy angst grips Europe as the US Dow looked to open down 60, or so.

Can the hype continue or will people learn to read the calendar?

We will resume the quest for outsized profits on the side for subscribers tomorrow.  Meantime, off to scramble the rest of the day…

29 thoughts on “The Coming DATA-WAR With Europe”

  1. “Things of durable value” must be maintained, protected, insured. Better to invest in yourself.


      • I wouldn’t want to rely on a gun that wasn’t properly maintained nor ammo not properly stored, all at some cost. In my 65+ years, I’ve been fascinated by how many people are owned by their possessions.

    • Very true! There’s entropy involved with all things of value, including your brain. Yes, invest in durables and protect them as best you can so you can get on with earning and creating in life, but there is serious overhead involved in protecting them, and in many cases they are uninsurable. That’s life.

      Assets draw predators.

      How do you protect your durables when you’re out and about? Not all of us have a homebody ex-military family member living in the domicile. This is a worthy question with no clear and complete answer.

      Autonomous intelligent guns with large capacity magazines are not generally available.

    • I tried duckweed for my tilapia.. put in one cup.. in less than a week it was so thick and stink.. my god.. it stunk horrible you thought it was a sewer.. I had to drain the tank and clean it then refill it.. never again will I use duckweed LOL LOL LOL I can’t even imagine eating that stuff.. the fish love it there just was to much for the fish to eat .. It multiplied like rabbits..

      sixty hours a week.. god I would have loved a sixty hour work week LOL thats vacation time there. unfortunately I wasn’t self employed LOL..

      • it will stink due to decomposition if not harvested in a timely manner and you have a use for it other than fish food since it doubles in growth 24-48 hours. were you growing it in with the tilapia tank or part of the system in a separate tank?

      • in what part of the system did you put in the one cup in order for the duckweed to cause a tank restart?

      • T…I put it in the main tank..I got it in the mail on a Saturday morning by Thursday I was panicking.
        It had gone wild with growth. If I had been smart I would have checked it daily and removed some. If a person has chickens that would take care of the abundance.

  2. “a southbay calamity”? not even close, a real southbay calamity would be when they ban export of Dildos, Eurolube and Strap-ons! Tesla’s and other high end EV’s are the ride of choice among left coast elites/Leftitard. While were on the of subject of sanity and lack thereof, what the hell is a digital tulip , other than a picture of a tulip flower on your computer screen or printed sheet.
    Bitcoin and other digital currencies are the technology solution to a legacy monetary system that increasingly looks unfair.The Decentralized Nature and Radical Transparency of cyrptos are a response to a banking system where institutions that were to Big to Fail have been Enriched by QE1,2 and 3. The code that underpins the Bitcoin blockchain is designed to treat the poorest citizen EXACTLY the SAME way as the most powerful banker. Can you say that about the Fed? On a side note, with “cat” away from WH, will the mice play? Yes, but they wont be “playing nice”.

    • ROFLOL – since when is a database entry a technology? (I can’t help but laugh…how gullible we Americans is…lol….)

  3. Now, people are being held hostage over data and free thinking…

    OR how about this idea: Data about you is YOUR property and not the property of the business which collected it.

    With a your data POV and the people asking the power of government to provide enforcement you get a different outcome than in the US where things like the COMPAS decision in the 7th district exists.

  4. Dear George, On the dream topic, I was wondering why there is no sensation of pain in dreams. There is fear,and elation, but i have never once felt pain. Is the dream body immune to pain? thanks. Steve

    • First time in public after I was out of the hospital… profound, to the core of being, sadness… That’s what tells me the experience was real. Most people just don’t get it… I try to be patient. That’s all you can do.

    • Reminds me …

      I need get on E-Bay and pick up a few Trillion Dollar Bills that Zimbabwe printed up a few years back. Maybe I’ll get a few Billion Dollar Bills at the same time

      Always wanted to be a “Billionaire” …

      Now EVERYBODY can be one!! (if you have the drive … and $29.95 of US FRN’s that is! :-) )

  5. You know what you learn when you have a near death experience, it’s best to spiritualize rather than monetize… and wait until you see the gold on the other side.

    • When I had my NDE and crossed over momentarily it answered every question but then I took a breath and forgot most of it. Biggest takeaway for me from the experience is that LOVE is the REAL currency; it’s why we’re here…to make more of it. The Beatles were right, all you need is love.

    • @ G A Stewart

      Those with near death experiences who have related their journey when they came back have been very valuable to those of us who have ‘thinning of the veils’ spiritual experiences as I have. It has helped confirm we aren’t crazy, and that there really IS more to life than a brief animation of inert matter. For a long time now I have known that, in some sense, everything is alive and should be treated with respect.

      George’s axiom, “everything is a business model”, is a very useful thinking tool for analyzing terra firma actions of many kinds.

      The concept that everything is spiritually connected, and that it all matters, is a better foundation for one’s own actions.

  6. Think Double Spending the same “item”, that has ALWAYS been the problem with Distributed Ledger.
    Gullibility is very common right now as witnessed/suffered by Federal Reserve, Bank America,JPM..just to name a few. How about Western Union, Geritol Junkies should remember that one, they still send and receive millions of $ everyday, care to guess what platform they and other large fin tech companies run on TODAY? See XRP/Ripple platform. The Finn tech tsunami is rolling towards U, Ure can figure out how to ride or you will be “swamped”. UN reps were in attendance latest Litecoin conference 2 weeks ago in Cal., as was founder Charlie Lee. NWO is going to put EVERYTHING on a Blockchain, that they control = centralized.
    Keep rolling on floor and laughing grasshopper, winter is coming..

  7. I’m for putting our own fine on Facebook. Maybe that will be a lesson for their fast and loose handling of our information.

  8. Hey George, I read you every day and then I read the comments which makes me have to ask, are some of these people reading some one else’s site and then commenting on your site? Or is their thought process from some other dimension on how they interpret what you say? Just thinking out loud……….

  9. I always loved the Wankel engine. I put 250K miles onto an RX-7 and had absolutely no engine issues. The mileage was good too! The only problems were brakes and poor handling – not engine related.

    The Mazda rotary is the kinematic inversion of the original Wankel(KKM). It has some eccentric moment, unlike the original design(DKM) which was pure rotary and could easily do 24K rpm. A normal Mazda rotary with a bit of tuning can easily hit 10K rpm since it has no valves to float and low eccentricity. The major constraint is the computer limits. The new one will be for EV Hybrid power, and need not operate over a wide rpm/power band. Another good approach for this sort of use would be a crankless linear opposed piston design with an integrated alternator. I’m surprised that this approach hasn’t yet been used for Hybrids.

  10. George

    “Where do you think all the labor for Lyft and Uber has come from?”

    After my 3 years of GI Bill college money ran out I turned to driving a taxi cab to feed the family and try to take classes at UNO. I was required by law to have a CPNC license from Jefferson Parish LA. and get regular inspections on my taxi.

    Here in the New Orleans area Lyft and Uber can run around without any of that. I guess the payola took care of that!!

  11. Dear Mr. Ure,

    One would imagine Dr. Ford, like “Hamlet’s” Gertrude, did not drink the poison out of an abundance of stupidity.

    Likewise the new in-step habit of SNL is old hat. Perhaps 21st century Marxists would encourage the faithful masses to watch more tv?

    VR blinkers? Engage.

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