I was talking to my buddy Gaye who runs the StrategicLivingBlog site and we got t o comparing notes on how our lives have run,  versus how Millennials seem to be setting up their personal outcomes for “down the road.”

Gaye and I have known each other since 1973, and over the past 45-years, we’ve shared a lot of philosophical concepts.  Perhaps, the most important was when we agreed (1974, or so) that the only way to really “make it” in the world was to commit to “MSH” – making sh*t happen.

Although either of us could have dropped into “victimhood” – that was just coming into its own – neither of us did.  I stuck-it-out in the news business for another 10-years and she went on to become a serial computer entrepreneur and did very well for herself.

Our spouses get along well…but we’ve got a common interest, cut from the same cloth, when comes to writing.  One of these days, our old book, 11 Steps to Living a Strategic Life: A Guide to Survival During Uncertain Times, will be updated.  Reason?  Times have changed.

The effects of “political correctness” and “teaching to the tests” has begun to have its impact on America.  We may have somewhat higher scores, in some measures, but our citizenry has been dumbed down.  A lot.

To you, or me, the inability to change a tire sounds absurd.  Statistically, if you read UrbanSurvival, you’re 40+ and middle-upper income.  You’re not the problem.

The problem is younger folks who seem to think that life owes them a free-ride.  That explains a lot – including the recent rise of free-lunch politics – the socialists – who can’t handle the back-end accounting to save their souls.  Moreover, socialism has never scored a long-term success.

The Russians as a people are very smart.  Yet, for all the bodies stacked up in the Stalin purges and worse, the Russian/Communiust model of socialism blew up in one ultra-long wave economic cycle:  72-years from the October 1917 revolution until the Berlin Wall fell in 1989.

Socialists don’t mention Venezuela much, either.  Oh, sure, a lot of Bitcoin shills pimp-around the idea that Venezuela will emerge – any day now – as the socialist poster-child for a new (insert every hackneyed phrase imaginable) world.  We’ll be up to our ears in whales, GMO-free food, polar bears, eagles and other such, all based on the delusions of youth.

When one accepts the personal ownership of life – which is standard with the MSH viewpoint – a few key realizations reveal themselves.

If You Want something, Take Action

No, if you’re 21, mom and dad do not owe you the time of day.  Particularly if you don’t offer respect and full participation in the running of the household in return. Mom and Dad don’t owe you a car, and education or a free cell phone.  That’s on you.

Get an Education and Use It

As a former college director, I assure you that Everything’s a Business Model in Education.  Sure, it gets wrapped up in a flag, workforce competitiveness blatherspeak, and saluted by politicians (bought by Education Interests). But, the fact of the matter is that the FedGov’s approach to Student Loans is a simple violation of Anti-Slavery Laws.  So, in my view, any court-ordered support past voting age.

By the way, this doesn’t mean a parent has to stop giving money or housing, or anything else to the offspring.  It’s just that it should be voluntary.

The government – in cahoots with higher ed – makes it possible to deduct part of child-rearing until age 24 if they’re still in school.  However, an alternative view of the universe hints that parental indentures (PLUS loans in particular – parent loans for undergraduate students) have failed to hold the cost of higher-education in check.  Another long rant on that one of these days.

What’s Transfrugalism?

When a young person hits age 16, or so, the Transfrugalism Boundary begins to come into view.

Transfrugalism can work out many ways:  You can go from a middle-class home to abject poverty – requiring frugality.  Or, you can come out dirt poor from a horrible childhood, bust your ass and “live the dream.”

Sadly, the American education system does not teach effective – algorithmic problem-solving.  They teach “test scores.”

Allow me to help?

Every morning when you awaken, you choose what kind of day you’re going to have.  If you actively plan to get things done, you will likely get them accomplished if you stick to the list.  On the other hand, if you put on the crown of victimhood (which is a nice way of saying loserhood) you won’t have a plan and rudderless, you’ll be kicked all over the backfield of life.

A lot of people, so kicked by life, find they get wrapped up in gangs, malcontents, socialists, “cause politics” that bleed money from them, and they work at “filler” jobs.

So, on mornings like this, before you run off to the next website, let me ask you if you have either a) a piece of paper with a half-dozen action points for the day or b) if you are over 40, you can tell us all what your six “daily deal points” are?

If you’re going to MSH, you need to target which piles of Sh*t to work on for the day.

It’s a lot like going into town when you live in extreme rural America.  You don’t run in for a gallon of milk.  Planning really matters.

Last week I wrote down what I needed to continue to MSH around the homestead:  Car safety inspection, license tabs, special wiring for a re-do of some solar panel connections, pick up prescriptions, get some special bolts are the farm store, and a 50 pound back of rock salt at the feed store.  Gas stabilizer for the 2-cycle power equipment, and fresh French bread…. the usuals.

Each task would get done in a 3-hour period and it supported a much larger task in life.  Since I knew exactly what to budget for each, there was no worry about moving closer to frugality.

Some Takeaways

  • You can either MSH or you can have the Sh-part happen to you.
  • To MSH consistently you need three things:
    • Some education in a field where there’s demand.
    • A plan to rise to the top of that field over time.
    • Persistence and immunity to adversity, rejection, and so forth.
  • Daily List-Making is a great start .
  • But to do this, a Master Plan for your Life is useful.  Puts things in order.

This may not seem like prepping.  But, it really is.

Because if TSHTF, you will be staring at the biggest pile of opportunity to “crash and burn” and end up in victimhood you’ve ever heard of.  You will need an attitude I call “prosperity thinking.”  Short for (looking at the wreckage) “What can I make new and better out of this mess?”

When it comes (compound interest is relentless), it can be met with aggressive possibility thinking and thereby maintain personal sovereignty.  Or, you can put on the “Everyone owes me” victimhood hat. Government will have camps for victims.

Simple enough choice…yet I am amazed every day at the number of people entering the zone of transfrugalism  with a plan to win simply because they lack personal hustle.  To these sorry peeps, holding down their butt is more important than lifting up their future..

Write when you get rich,


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