Collective Noodle-Pushing

imageOh, my.

It’s getting thick now…

Thick as a good carbonara over linguini.

All this talk about deflation which, as we noted previously, was a kind of verboten word prior to the NFL scandal put the word back front and center of public mindset.

Ever since, it seems, the word has been showing up in all kinds of news stories as expected:

The Financial Times has an HSBC fellow explaining how deflation in Japan could roll over onto Korea.


Then a think tank is saying that prices are stable for about half of Japan’s core CPI numbers.

The Markit Eurozone numbers just out suggest the world won’t end this quarter in Europe, though (chart left).

Normally, I would be holding up US consumer prices as we talk about incipient deflation in America, but since the Lazy Department doesn’t have its poop in a group, we have to wait until mid next week to receive the Official Narrative from the Obamanistas.

But it’s clear to the keen observer what the game is:  Global, synchronized monetary inflation at screaming rates, but done through quantitate easings, so the public doesn’t catch on.

The fact is, the global bankster class is scared spitless that global deflation is here and while it might provide more of our Roaring Twenties ahead, when it ends, there will be violence of the hopefully just financial sort.  (Yes, you could read that as a double-entendre if you wish…but I assure you, I’m not that clever.)

Say, here’s a story about how scared the EU conquesters are…the only piece not dialed in is the rational for the EUkraine war, but if you think about it…

Spin to Win

With the Baltic Dry Index up another 2 this morning to 511, we love reading articles telling us it doesn’t matter.

But, if this author’s premise were near the mark, either the balance of trade would improve (don’t hold your breath) or the economic recovery is a lie (longer conversation).

Keeping an Instant War Handy

We read the trite statements of the obvious now – fully four or five months since we pointed out that the EUkraine battle is merely a skirmish in the Manufacturer’s Resource Wars – about how NATO and Russia are on a collision course.

Ya’ll get new glasses, or just waking up enough to figure this crap out? 

Go read the petroleum report (see yesterday’s column for the link, I don’t like doing work twice) about now the Dnieper-Donets Basin in HUGE and Russia now owns the ground above the southern part of it.

Here:  Take this tumbler and press it up to the doors of the Halls of Power and let’s see if we can hear what is being said…

Now, let us read from the Book of Ure, Chapter 1990, verse August, line 2:

Veerily, it was said by the Elder Bush:  there are trials and tribulations being thrust upon these innocents and the demon spawn is slant rig drilling by Evil Empire into the sacred soils of Kuwait.

And so, be instructed, we must have war to right the wrong, to unslant the drills, and partake of the greater gains for all of us.  Amen.

And so, the flock, having bidden the advice of the Sage of Hong Kong to be of a sheeply manner, had their eyes bound up tight, so as not to hear the failing money-changers of Europe.

And so we see in today’s parable of the crippled banker: “ECB: Bankers Saw QE as Only Way to Fight Deflation” evidence of how it is that the Church of the Almighty Demon Dollar must maintain multiple séances.  So as to be able to conjure an instant and (nominally,  “just” war, on demand.

And it was so.  Amen brother, gimme a hallelujah  and a 10-spot on  S&P in the second. Meet on the circles, part of your hair, being all-knowing power is totally rare. ”

(Thereafter, it falls into a jumbled mess of speaking in tongues that doesn’t make any sense. Oops, that’s Faux news)

What the “MSM” Means

Once upon a time, in a distant land (at least time-wise) the MSM was assumed to mean MainStreamMedia and it was a kind of indictment and slur, all twisted up into a a wonton wrapper, all byte-sized and such.

Bad news, Bubba.  Means something else today”  MediaStretchMarks.

And with the revelations claimed in this Mother Jones story about Bill O’Really we’ll want to be watching closely to see if this goes viral, or the SixCorps (that own 90% of media) can contain the damning damage.

Of course, we all know they can – and will – because the FCC is about to impose Obamanista Party rules on non-blessed media…which is why no one is being allowed to see, read, or comment on more than 300-pages of Stealing the Net that’s coming.

Don’t look surprised when the SixCorps Mouthpieces support it, though, because we can have the contagion of MSM spreading, now, can we?

Oh, look!  The WaPo is already changing the narrative to “FCC Independence.”

You mean like the captive regulator bullshit pulled off regularly by the Fooled and Drugged Administration?  Or is that like Congressional independence to declare wars?

Geez, I must be stupid.

So lets bring in from more Brit-sounding anchors and pacify the colonists, wot eh?

FCC Dude:  Commish May Outlaw Streaming Music to Your Phone!

Can’t make this up – is this a bandwidth issue or the recording industry’s hand behind the puppets?

Prediction:  The FCC will make the Web a Toll Road.  A kinder, gentler, corporate-friendly toll road.  Because beneath it all – some 300 pages of regulations – we know bureaucrats only write that much when they stand to make money or gain power from something.

My money is on both.

The web is simply too free to be allowed to expand like this…so sayeth the SixCorps and so it must be true.

Ure’s Law 31.06(2-a):

Any law regulation that is longer than the United States Constitution is anti-freedom.

Of course, Ure’s Law 31.06(2-b) continues:

Any law that requires a commission, council, Court, administrator, sheriff, judge, or tribunal to “interpret” is a scam.   Current government is little more than competing scams.

Wonder if commission chair Wheeler can read?  I know the border folks can’t and I wonder if…ah, what’s the point?

Hell, I’m so old I can remember two-pager Orders and Reports from the FCC…yeah, baby, that’s old…

2 thoughts on “Collective Noodle-Pushing”

  1. A net neutrality law can be enacted by simply stating that all packets are to be treated equally and their contents, origin, endpoint, or purpose is both immaterial and confidential.

    No second sentence is needed. I can’t imagine what horrors and lies are contained within the “secret” 300 pages of proposed regulations.

  2. There is probably a lot of extra laws and regulations that have nothing to do with net neutrality in those extra 300 pages.

    When Congressmen can’t pass a law by itself because it is not popular then they will sneak the law into a popular piece of legislation. That increases the chances of the unpopular legislation being passed.

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