The World’s Oldest Prepper’s Manual

How old is the earliest advice on prepping?

We think we’ve traced some fine country wisdom back to Ionian times, and while much longer than our usual report, once you get past all the references to Zeus (plus instructions on where to pee and where not to…) there is actually some interesting folk wisdom to be had.

So this week, a look into the past as we look at the long history of prepping and making our way in an uncertain world.  Which has been an uncertain place for at least the past 2,000 years and we got the goods to prove it.

After coffee and news headlines not to mention our Trading Model.  I mean the world may be uncertain, but no need to be poor, now, is there?

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2 thoughts on “The World’s Oldest Prepper’s Manual”

  1. Been reading Mr Ures website since the beginning.
    He is a lucid guy with an informed style.
    Having experience in finance and varied interests makes his site interesting enough to be on my to read list along with
    As far as land enough I feel even 2 acres is plenty if carefully cultivated and maintained.
    Go George .
    Qld Australia

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