Charts, Projections, Woo-Woo

Not as profound as Carl Jung’s Dreams, Memories, Reflections.  But a pretty good analog.

A few words about woo-woo work and what came out of some unusual dream work overnight.

But sure, the mundane and the charts, of course…

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34 thoughts on “Charts, Projections, Woo-Woo”

  1. Hi George. Wanted to note it appears I also had an active dream night. Although not as detailed as yours the times are close enough to make me take notice since we are in the same timezone. I woke from the fist at 0120 and again at 0345. Both dreams were about myself and another younger female being someplace we should not be and were leaving maybe stealthily. I have an idea the female may possibly be my youngest granddaughter. Sorry, I don’t dream often and have tried to at least make notes when I do but Mr Sandman has other ideas.
    Coffee break over, back to chores before Hellfire temps get here. Stay safe. 73

    • Took me a while, but I figured out why it would be the Mr. to water the air conditioner.

      • cool-n-save or mist-n-save
        a butter f ly valve and 3 to six misting works the wet bowl temp is between 45-56 degrees..
        it’s how grocery stores cool their veggies
        for me I have done this in the past.. saves you about 40 percent because it cools the coolant tubes faster..

        • I had a misting system on our condenser unit outside one year as it never seemed to go off even though I’d blown the coils out from the inside to remove a few years of dirt. I put a calcium filter on the water line since we’re in limestone country out here but the amount of lime that began to adhere to the coils would have sealed them over if I’d left the system in place. Consider yourself lucky in this regard if you have soft water. You may not be able to get the soap off as efficiently but this water application is a money saver!

  2. “We will keep a check on the newswires over the weekend, since this is the traditional Av 9. But so far, nothing much moving the needle.”

    A few political bombshells were dropped on Av 9 Thursday this week but can any of our Av 9 experts advise if anything took place to fulfill the prognostications for this date?

  3. And zo Grasshoppers, do We understand the religious authorities Restriction on eating Pork now ?

    No , that tired bullsceisse regards refrigeration and trichinosis is just that – bullsceisse. Very well..moving on

    * Shit hot health note!
    L-Ruteri and L-Gasseri – dig into these peeps, this combo of yogurts (make Ureself) PREVENTS the uptake of ionizing RADIATION in Human body . See recent clif notes for juicey details.

    YES – You read that right, BCN stands by it, now youse all should do some Learning. Personally I got the Luvele yogurt maker, and the cultures from Cutting Edge Cultures.

    Ask Ureselves WHY? why has L-Ruteri been missing/removed Human from diet for over 4 thousand years ? See above restrictions regards Pork.

    Very good – getting ready to kick some dark Ass now.

    Meantime – friendly suggestion – might wanna redouble efforts to make sure you are covered in a “temporary” Grid Down situation ..NE/Mid-Atlantic regions..remember August 2003? If not, might wanna review..tick tick

    Good read for Saturday – feel like Im making money on that $40 in yesterdays bucks..and that is a YOWZA!

    No BTC 4 Jefe Ham, 4 the rest of the Best – buybuybuy BTC!

  4. Yo G, interesting information is coming out on the webs in reference to electroculture. See:
    Appears someone has figured out how to capture the aether energy for agriculture. This also leads to the aether energy that was captured and used during the reign of the Tartarians. “Fireplaces” that burned no fuel. Ornate energy collectors on the roofs of building. How deep does this rabbit hole go? For me, all roads lead back to Nikola Tesla and the aether.

  5. re: “The Search for General Tso”, 2014
    feat. Jennifer 8


    Move over Gary 7! A mid-town Manhattan Chinese restaurant perhaps named after the Hong Kong site of Nationalist refugees squatting upon the derelict lands of a failed Armenian-Indo-Canadian business venture milling flour became a rising star in the culinary world with a clientele including the likes of Henry Kissinger some 50 years ago. However, it seems in hindsight that the secret sauce with which they achieved fame had been purloined from the chef to the Chinese Nationalist government, Peng Chang-kuei.

    According to the “Taiwan News”, ‘General Tso’s Sauce’ was first served by Chef Peng in 1952 to the US 7th Fleet Commander, Admiral Arthur W. Radford. Perhaps Loob is in the process of blending together or already has in hand the recipe details for those desiring a walk through nocturnal walls while enjoying a beef stroganoff.

    • Re: Counter-offensive
      feat. wherefore art thou


      President Zelensky’s Saturday evening address to the nation was curious. 200,000+ Ukrainians should leave Donetsk by earliest train or bus? The Russians are coming?

  6. I have never had a dream where I was being chased. I am always the one doing the chasing., or tracking. If I ever do have a dream of being chased, I will consider it a momentous occasion and write down every detail that I can remember.

    • I had a dream last night that Nork fat boy Kim Il Jung died. Then I found myself in a souvenir shop and on the counter were small rectangular leather covered folding boxes…

      I opened one and the top part had a photo of Kim’s headstone, the bottom had a copy of his death certificate. I bought two of them.

      The rest of the dream consisted of a childhood friend who became violently obsessed with trying to stealing them from me…


      • Man, I hope not. Un is (comparatively) the “laid-back moderate.” If he kicks it, sissy takes over, although I’m not sure whether she’d be an empress or just a regent until Un’s kid is old enough to rule the roost (or has a fatal accident.) In any case, she is incomparably more aggressive and less-principled than her brother, and utterly vicious, besides…

    • Cmon now – I warned you all to be on look out for Military accidents in near future – to cover for all the US Military personnel recently waxed, slaughtered, broiled and/or fried by my Comrades in Arms defending the Motherland.
      Been warhammered into believing the saudi terrorists did all 9/11, no doubt ?
      Same ole bullsceisse by same players, reported on by same players – and you guys still believe it ? WOW!?

      FYI -

      They Are, They Have Been , And are Still, Lying about EVERYTHING .

      “Natasha We Must Stop the Nazi Moose & Squirrel.

  7. In addition to all the .gov layers we’ve got these gators on our backs.

    CFO “We won’t be here…” probably isn’t far off.

    “WASHINGTON — Yellow, the beleaguered trucking company that received a $700 million pandemic loan from the federal government, notified staff Friday that it is shutting down and laying off employees at all of its locations.”

  8. Y’know George, I’ve seen exactly one other person here extol the virtues of “Sound of Freedom” but all you can talk about is … “Barbie”? SoF is beating the pants off of everyone out there due to its low cost of production. All the other movies had hundreds of million$ of costs to overcome before they showed a profit and SoF did it for much less with a relevant reporting and description of one of the World’s worst problems. “Nefarious” was another movie that was fairly inexpensive and has more value to the viewer than any of the others out there. It made the “Top 10” as well. People are looking for something better than escapism now.

    “While it appears as if Barbie and Oppenheimer have already smashed Sound of Freedom’s box office achievements in their opening weekend alone, the starting points for each should be taken into consideration.

    Sound of Freedom had a budget of $14.5 million, according to The Wall Street Journal. With its current Box Office figures, Sound of Freedom has already made more than ten times its budget back.

    To achieve the same measurement of success, Oppenheimer, with a $100 million budget, would have to take in over $1 billion at the box office, while Barbie with a reported budget between $128-$145 million, would have to earn over $1.28-$1.45 billion.

    Both targets are attainable for the movies, but it would be the highest grossing movie in the careers of both Nolan and Gerwig.

    While Sound of Freedom’s numbers have dipped, the movie’s release has still been considered a success for its domestic box office ALONE.” (Emphasis mine – Bill)

    • Re: Theatre Teasers for ’24
      feat. theocrats embedded


      I didn’t realize that “Sound of Freedom” had done so well or that “Nefarious” was out with a Glen Beck cameo no less. Both movies appear to have powerful Utah undertones. Mind-shaping of the electorate is well underway? Salt Lake City is squaring off against Chicago?

      • Saw “Nefarious”. Good Roman Catholic ghost-hunters-genre horror flick. Demonizes abortionists. Pro-lifers and exorcists endorse. Less Utah, more Rome. Theology is interesting,

        • Like I said in a previous post the RC exorcist that appears in associated videos on YT said it was the closest representation of a possession he’d seen on film. He said the other film with Crowe in it was just sensationalism.

          One thing about “Nefarious” that kind of sticks in my craw is the idea that sacrificed children’s souls become ensnared by Evil. We don’t really understand the mechanisms that make things work on that plane or dimension but it doesn’t make sense (even though it doesn’t HAVE to over here) for that to happen. What does make sense, however, is what is depicted in “Silent Scream”. An event that the demon Nefarious alludes to directly.

  9. Maybe the Moscow drone was Av 9.

    Putin should nuke London after a 24 hour warning to evac.

    • Telegraphing a warning would be inconsistent with Mr P’s martial arts training. A sucker-punch body slam would be more likely…

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