Book Preview: “Dimensions Next Door”

The first 40-odd pages of “the next book” is up for subscribers to have a look at – and comments are welcome.  A second novel in my David Shannon adventure series is in the works, but I felt it was necessary to first write a non-fiction book to explain how some of the concepts central to the novel – working title is “Grav” – came to be.

As the balance of the book will explain, multiple hoola-hoops and electronics might get physics a lot further than CERN and cost only a small fraction as much.

Besides that, we’re eyeing the charts for what should be a near-by high to complete in the next week, or so, and we will discuss whether options prices predict the future.

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7 thoughts on “Book Preview: “Dimensions Next Door””

  1. Hi George, your new book is very interesting! By the way,GA Stewart at has a new e-book that I’m currently reading, “Nostradamus and The Third Age of Mars” and it has some chapters that touch on the same concepts.

  2. “CNN Missing the Mark (again!)
    We laughed at the headline: “What’s the ‘alt-left’? Experts say it’s a ‘made-up term’ ”

    Strictly speaking, ALL LANGUAGE IS MADE-UP.”

    The president in my opinion is right on the money here.. the world has gone nuts..
    I am sure they don’t’ see how this could affect everyone..

    • That’s the joy of writing books – finding out how it all ends.
      I was just as surprised as the readers by the end of the first David Shannon adventure.
      And while I know all the pieces in the non-fiction backstory for the novel, that’s going down the same road…

      More to follow….,

  3. George:
    Did you see the AP interview of the NY Fed President William Dudley In The SF Chronicle.
    He is announcing the taking away of the punchbowl.
    Says he wants Inflation under 2% and with all this crazy Employment going on (Ha!) he thinks we will tighten later this year. As I have suspected it may be too late for December Options though. So may have to sit on sidelines and watch things go up, and options go down, until about time for things to fall apart.

    Just in Case, here is the Link:

    BTW would be interested in what you think is making the market fall on its face every afternoon. If I just sole before lunch every day I may start to make some REAL money.

  4. Love it. Keep writing, Mr. Ure. I even liked your wayback recollections of rites of passage in the rowboat on Puget Sound. Did you bail out on that literary voyage?

    “…merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily; life is but a dream.”

    I’ve been spooning copious amounts of sugar in the coffee while reading the book “Zero, Zero, Zero” authored by the Italian-Libyan writer Roberto Saviano which lines up the cocaine trade in its sights. My perspective has been opened onto another plane. Much food for thought, but here’s a couple of items for consideration. If or when the next bankster stress event happens, could their laundromats be allowed to flood the tub with liquidity from the heavens? (By the way, my local bank branch is closing next month and consolidating farther away “to help serve me better”!)

    Furthermore, not wishing to peer under the keyboard for dark webs that perchance attract all manner of spooky things, one can proceed with sunny disposition to websites like havocscope dot com, and archive dot org. As with 10 years ago, the USA remains world #1 and China #2 in size of black market. Germany however has dropped a few rungs and been replaced by Mexico at #3. And good molly, marijuana was a #1 item 10 years back. The 2017 prices are expressed in $/gm except – warfarin alert – the USA prices are $/oz. Ah, such is the metric of things in an imperial world?

    No, Jack, I “don’t want to know the truth”. Lock the studio doors, there’s a bustle in the hedgerow? Spin the platter: “dream on, dream on, dream on…”

  5. Hi George,
    Don’t know how to post a comment on Peoplenomics, so I’ll put it here. The idea of a LDE being caused by a transponder on the moon isn’t bad, but the time delay doesn’t work out unless there is a significant lag between receiving the broadcast and retransmitting it. But a transponder at the L2 point on the other side of the moon works pretty well. It’s 17% farther away so round trip transit time is 34% longer.

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