Biden Crashcade, Experiment Results

This is a little complicated – future directed – and certainly not an optimistic outlook for the period ahead.  But, it’s something to think about.  So we will approach it stepwise this morning beginning with Futures pricing…

Market prices are a function of several variables, as everyone knows, so it’s useful on a “Monday on Tuesday” to look at the variables and try to guess where we’ll go next:

  • Today’s “Rally” isn’t major…at least based on foreign exchange.

When we eyeballed the U.S. Dollar chart today, we noticed that it had dropped from 0.827 Euro down to 0.824 Euro.  Dividing the newest price by the starting, we come up with 0.996372430471584.  Which – divided into the closing S&P of last Friday (3,768.25) suggests we will trade through 3,781.97 at some point today.

We conclude the S&P futures could be up about 14 points based on the exchange rate.

Reality Intrudes

However, in fact, the futures are up 28 on the S&P, so there’s probably something else going on. 

The answer – we think – is that fear pricing is coming off the table.  The transition between presidencies tomorrow at high noon, D.C. time, will [likely]  go smoothly and that there will not be any issues related to the transition.  Beyond typical media histrionics.

Thus, some of the short-side hedgers (*including moi) will experience the Bulls running things up in order to make the Bears pay for their lack of faith in process.

Another way to put it is “Buying the Rumor” which could last into tomorrow morning if things go perfectly at transfer time.  However, after that, will we see the return of “Sell the News?”

Is a Long-Term Top In?

It’s too early to make any such claims, but we’re at a place in market history where  being open to a Major Top completing has to be on the short-list of things to consider.  Because when we line up the market bubble 1920 to 1929 and the bubble from the 2009 lows to present, we look at this:

This is not a perfect analysis.  Because this Bubble has been slower forming (faster information flows paradoxically slows market extremes) and the 1929 formation looks faster on the timeline because there was Saturday trading back then, as well.  Thus, I use this chart as a source of ideas.  It’s a ball park.  It doesn’t predict the game-winning pop fly to the left infield game-winner.

The Biden Crashcade?

As the new president takes the Oath tomorrow, he needs to pull an economic rabbit out of the hat.  Yet, due to the glacial speed of everything in D.C. we don’t think Biden has much of a hand to play.

  • The sword still hangs over millions of Americans facing evictions.
  • The understating of ACTUAL new filings for unemployment has been manipulated via “seasonal adjustments.”
  • We saw last week that – with the exception of autos – retail sales were in the crapper.
  • At some point, real estate deals will falter because when rates begin to move up, sales will fall.

Against this background, the forces of inflation are strong.  The Fed will keep Making-Up-Money and at Treasury, former Fed boss Janet Yellen knows well how to play the “paper-games.”

There’s a similar global bubble going on, since the G-20 has been making up money like mad, as well.  Peoplenomics readers get the views of our Global Index.

Consumer Confusion – Illusion of Progress

The most important thing to remember – through however this all shakes out – is that REALATIVE VALUE MATTERS.  People (being mentally lazy, which is underscored by sheep writing contend for social media empire-builders to get rich off, lol) don’t thing much about transactional values.

Say the entire world economy was in a classroom.  And every student going into the room was given $10-bucks.  20-students.  So the “table stakes” are $200.

In such a world, a hamburger might cost 25-cents.  An ounce of silver might be – making up a number here – $1-dollar.

Now we are going to rerun the same scenario, only this time, we multiply the money base times 10.

20-students and each with $100, so the table stakes are now $2,000.

And since prices follow money supply (we’ll skip velocity and details) over time the cost of the hamburger becomes $2.50 and the price of the ounce of silver becomes $10.

Except, until this morning.  When it’s not hard to find a $7.50 burger at an inside sit-down joint.  And silver?  Well, up to $25.20 when I looked earlier.  (Ultra long-term readers will remember when, in 2003, I told you we were buying silver at $6.94 an ounce.  Over time, if you understand monetary inflation is not the price of THINGS going up – it’s the WATERING DOWN OF MONEY’S PURCHASING POWER.

Politely, it’s a swindle by government.  Reminds me to write a PN article one of these days on “illusory gains” and a process I describe as “transfer-back” and how that works.

Q.O.L. Matters

Quality Of Life also referred to as QLI – quality of life – indexes are the immediate problem of Joe Biden and the democrats controlling Washington.  They don’t seem inclined to do much other than a “holding action” since the U.S. political system is effectively a subset of global corporate governance despite the hype about cutting off political payoffs contributions.

For now, what matters is that the U.S. – which was the #1 country to be born in back in 1988 when scored by the Economist Intelligence Unit  – has now slipped to the 15th best place to be born based on quality of life.

Most of the “slip” happened between 1988 and 2013 which you can review from the Wiki article here.

When the market comes to realize that Biden doesn’t have a “magic growth card” to play – and later on, we get word today that Coronavirus deaths in the U.S. have passed 400,000, the mood of America will not likely improve.

And with China ramping up pressure on the Biden administration for Chinese companies to advance their infiltration of American business, we don’t hold much hope for a golden future any time soon.

With the exceptions of the government class and the tech giants, most of America eyes a future mired in low wages and bare subsistence living.  Which is “averaged out” by the 1%’ers.

Worth Noting?

Digital Delusion strains are propagating in Covid-like fashion as Ethereum Surges Above $1400, Hits Record High.

Assuming you know “dark money” is the way major corporations pay-off government (money for policy favors) be sure to read the NY Times (biz section, the worthy part of the paper) on Dark Money Is on the Supreme Court’s Docket.  Corporations have more rights than humans in terms of taxes and influencing – and they don’t want to see that eroded.

One thing market bears may wish to note (following up to PN comments this weekend) is this:  Bitter, Trump skips chance to say splashy, high-profile farewell. Oh-oh….

Dow futures were up 200 at click time – so as far as we can tell, America is still money-obsessed and not clear that there has to be something of value involved at any level whatsoever.  Other than names on paper and dividends be damned.

Marketing: Social Media Experiment Results

We explained this little project last week:  Our budding 16-year old, soon-to-be-millionaire, Judah Tyreman has got some initial results on the social media experiments he’s conducting on YouTube:

“According to YouTube, we are now 30% away from them beginning to recommend our channel.

We have now linked one video to another, so they show up at the end of a video.  According to the algorithm, the real key, is to get people to watch the whole video and then click on the next video that pops up at the end of the first one.  The more of those that happens, the faster you move up the list.  You might want to mention this tomorrow to your readers if they want to help out.  [I left this in for social media managers to be aware of – G]

This is the most important thing we can get people to click the video (here).  ( and then click on the next one…

Judah also found that video response rates were MUCH higher when a free prize – chance at a free prize – was included.  So, owning a gem and mineral museum, he’s giving away…what else?  Bunch of gems…

“Offering the chance to win one of seven evergreen opal rings if you subscribe and leave a comment.  The more of the five videos you watch, and the more comments you leave, the more entries you have.

  1. Will the chance at a potential win increase the response rate (which has been very low).
  2. Will it beat just asking for people to help out of the goodness of their heart, and by what amount.

Regarding offering the chance to win, once we offered the rings, the engagement rate went up 400%.  It should be interesting to see if the same reaction comes from your readers.”

People who subscribed are already in the pool.

Judah’s dad, Chris Tyreman, is the “talent” on the videos and mentioned that:

“We have a bunch more videos in the wings, and started using two cameras.  A little better each time.  The last vid uploaded tonight will be an interview with (his daughter) Avi showing people that if an 11 year old can start a company with her own money, you have no excuse.

According to people who do this for a living, we need a minimum of 35 videos on the channel.  (Yikes!)  Well, the experiment continues.  I will send you the charts of responses after your post (Tuesday) is up for a couple of days.”

Interesting experiment – to see how fast and importantly how to structure videos.  Useful stuff for social marketers to see evolve… Kind of interesting seeing how social media can be engineered like this…  I know a musician could do things like include a “free .MP3 download” or other near zero-cost incentives…  Corporates can do the “free sample” approach…

OK, time to put on the feed bag.  One last thing, though:

Cynics Want to Know:  With Dry Inauguration Day forecast for DC, strong winds and fire danger for Southern California, where will there be the most hot air today?

Write when you get rich,

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  1. “At some point, real estate deals will falter because when rates begin to move up, sales will fall.”

    Now seriously.. I live in an area where the population is realitively small.. but.. THEY SOLD THE BANK… they didn’t just sell the one.. this is a national chain of banks to.. they sold the big main branch a six story building…
    What I was told is they did that because the bank needs to make a profit.. the environmental costs were so high covid came along and forced them to separate the people.. the people took their jobs home… where hourly wage earners get the use out of the everyday environmental costs was because they use them at work.. the electricity for the coffee.. the toilet paper.. ( did you know by taking your daily congressional at the office you can make up to a nickle an hour in wages.More if your a woman. LOL I once worked at a place where if you could prove to management that you could save them ten grand or more a year with an idea you got a free lunch with the boss at the country club.. I went every month.. the one that was the funniest was the soap dispensers LOL they leaked.. calculated the drops and submitted it.. the boss came out and through down the acceptance slip and said.. dam I can’t believe I am taking you to lunch over dam hand soap LOL he hated to buy desert.. I figured out a way to get desert that irritated him..) so .. the cleaning ladies the office electricity the costs on the buildings.. etc.. are all gone increasing bottom line..and the hourly wage earners.. they are utilizing the utilities at home.. my daughter was working from home.. she said to me one day.. I can’t believe how much higher our costs have gone up.. ( I kept quiet ) many have gone amazon or google.. opening up virtual stores.. the Mall parking lots reflect this in traffic.. its a whole new world out there.. if you don’t travel.. why would you need car insurance.. except for the brand new ones that the bank insists you have full coverage on..

    • We had to get a second internet connection just dedicated to work. In theory we are “saving money” by not commuting. It just doesn’t seem to work that way.

      • ” In theory we are “saving money” by not commuting. It just doesn’t seem to work that way.”

        In Theory… that is correct.. you could shelve the car.. or sell it.. and not have the car payment and the commute costs.. the insurance.. not sure what it is there but here it is a dollar an hour take home the car payment and insurance that is about four bucks an hour take home ….instead of paying ten dollars for a sandwich you can make your own and drop the cost of the lunch meal by six bucks… if you go out for a danish and coffee.. there is another five bucks.. so in theory it does work out that way.. but..
        Your internet..
        the big issue is.. everything else goes up.. the company on the other hand.. gets rid of a multi million dollar property.. they save thousands a month on electricity.. not sure what they pay for waste removal but my guess is it is in the thousands to.. drop all the house keeping and maintenance staff.. if they hire someone in.. well almost thirty five years ago now I was bidding out general cleaning at a Nickle a square foot per month…. security staff.. security.. we have monitored security here.. I can tell you that is expensive.. they have to have fire extinguishers checked yearly.. that is thirty five bucks per unit here.. and all they do is tip them over smack them with a rubber mallet and wash them off.. or they could have the fancy system that dunks them and uses gravity to drop them.. loosening up the powder inside.. depending on the size of the building they save millions and millions.. while your costs go up.. its a toss up which one saves more.. that doesn’t even take into account the taxes.. the malls.. If i remember right the cost for the electricity for the mall years ago when I scoped out the bill was ten grand a month I can’t even think what it is today.. water oh my god.. I never seen that bill.. then consider the taxes.. take in San Fran all those kids making a quarter million a year on welfare shizting in the sidewalks and alleys.. they could buy a home three hundred miles away and have a really nice home and save money.. My friend lives in DC his house is the size of my garage.. and he pays I believe 7600.00 a month house payment.. I was just talking to his wife a couple of weeks ago and she was saying that their son had to move in with them.. he can’t afford an apartment.. I said hell he should do like a sibling of mine did and bought a house in another town then flew to work.. take the red eye direct flight they did that for several years.. saved money to..

    • Block chain technology in less than ten years makes that banking real estate as common place as the telephone booth today. Think about it.

      Occam’s Razor

  2. President Pompeo.

    Trump signs the Insurrection Act, and leaves DC on Wednesday morning…

    Biden is sworn in, completing the crimes of Treason, Sedition, etc. and is promptly arrested, Harris is arrested, Pelosi is arrested… Next in line for the presidency is the Secretary of State, and Biden won’t have time to appoint one, so it’s still Pompeo… who is then sworn in as President to preside until the voting fraud is officially exposed by the military/Fema and there is either another election or Trumps votes are verified and he then assumes his rightful place as the President.

    Trump can’t be part of it until he’s called back when all the investigations and exposure is completed. Otherwise the left will demonize him as a dictator and will never accept the results.

    • that you want all of that to happen shows you’re a seditious traitor. you hate america and the american way. trump lost. his poll numbers are the worst for four years running and you delude yourself into “thinking” that he won. accept the democratic election or you can maga today by moving somewhere where they don’t have democratic elections. maga today by moving out.

      • “that you want all of that to happen shows you’re a seditious traitor.”

        Hmmm… Predicting that seditious traitors are going to be arrested, makes the predictor a seditious traitor. Logic is not your strong suite.

      • Did you watch the election returns come in? See any of the vote switching LIVE on tv? How late did you stay up election night? Did you watch any hearings? Did you listen to any witnesses? Seems to me that you are walking a traitorous route yourself.

      • Straw men antics.

        Trump launched his campaign by saying, if I lose they cheated.

        W. Bush on Iraqi WMD, If he says he has none, that’s how you know he’s lying.

      • Lol if he truly lost and there was no election fraud, I want to see it proven beyond a reasonable doubt in court, rather than just told ‘no fraud happened, so we’re not going to address it’. There are too many questions and too much evidence.

    • Thanks for sharing your meth induced nightmarish dream last night Jack. The term you don’t know Jack? Was that you? You know the term Conspiracy is taken from the mid 14 century meaning “a plotting of evil, unlawful design for an evil purpose”. Based on past tweets, on camera rants and rightful whistleblowing WH personnel…Trump is one of authors of this nonsense. The other is a 37 year old social outcast living in grandmas’ s basement living on Fruit loops and Mountain Dew. Welcome to today’s America folks. And you wonder why we more sane creatures rant.

    • In your hypothetical scenario, wouldn’t the Presidency go to Senator Grassley as President pro tempore of the Senate? That office is next in line after the Speaker of the House (now presumably arrested) and before the Secretary of State.

    • The trump delusion of magical constitutional happenings just around the corner reads like a football play list when the team is down by 3 touchdowns, 1:59 on the clock in the 4th quarter, and the other team kicks it to them.
      “well, if we just get this hail mary pass..
      … then an onsides kick…
      ..and if we can draw the defense into a neutral zone infraction…
      ..and probably get an interception somewhere in there…. we’ll win!”

      The really weird part is that the people trumpeting these bizarre scenarios all seemingly ignore the slipping away of their fantasy.. instead of giving in, they reach deeper and deeper into the bag of hope/dope they are smoking and proclaim this nonsense as if it’s going to happen.

      You were wrong the first 10 times, and moved the goal posts each time. Last week it was a nutty idea that the president could order the nat. guard troops to take over the inauguration. Give it up, you’re either an unconvincing troll, or seriously need to face reality. Hope is for the last president, it’s not much fuel to run your mind with.

  3. “For now, what matters is that the U.S. – which was the #1 country to be born in back in 1988 when scored by the Economist Intelligence Unit – has now slipped to the 15th best place to be born based on quality of life.”

    I have several friends I visit with on a regular basis.. quite a few in canada, the UK, sweeden and iceland… in our multi chat group we don’t talk politics and religion..anyway.. I brought up how they all felt about their countries.. all of them said there isn’t anyway they would want to move out of where they are.. the US was nuts and getting worse.. Healthcare was a major issue.. and how their country has their needs in mind when they make their legislation..

  4. George, did you say China and American Corporate Government? An interesting article that some of Ure readers might like
    January 15, 2021

    Communist China Gives Official Recognition To Corporatocracy Now Ruling America

    By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers
    Here we is again, Jan 19,2021 National Popcorn Day

  5. Yo G,

    Its different this time! bwahahahahahahahaha.

    – Thats right – cycles be dammed.
    Nothing is rhyming historically right now..spanishflu/tuberculosous-wokinflu/tuberculosous, us dollar issues, insane stock price/market levels.

    – Nope nothing aforementioned to worry about at all, never mind the “spin rate” as we compress timelines down..

    Welcome to the end game – and just in the nick of time, out slithers BlueAnon – lilbarky must be squirting.

    -as the US ship of state takes a fatal blow below the waterline -down she goes.

    – welcome – chairman zhou bai-den!

    how hard was that? hahahahahaa

    oil smoking yet? put in the kernels – “the train” is about to go off the rails – as RR shows how to Shred

    *PS – U Know U R being F-ed with, when chairman zhou appoints Pennsyltucky rachel levine to his team – thank GOODNESS – she B gone !

    • I heard rumors of Hyten picking up posting from Pompeo last week. Haspel has resigned from the CIA and an Iranian official was killed in explosion. Lastly that several Trump officials have had their accts hacked at Telegram???

      • Haspel’s was a posted memo – she is indisposed at the moment..

        Poor Bnymyn bit the big one last week – heartattack ackack they said.
        – Redshields – “and another ones gone, and another ones gone, another one bites the dust”.

    • I believe someone or Hyten himself said an acting officer is not permitted to make public statements on any social media platform. looks to be a fake.

    • Wow. This is the first blurb I’ve seen today that is outside the people I’ve been listening to. Simon Parkes was saying that Gen. Hyten would be the one to keep people informed of what is going on in today’s update. Thanks for digging that up.

      Parkes also said that the Russian and Chinese embassies had their comm lines cut today. This does happen from time to time but why now is a good question.

      • Bill – you must be disappointed that there wasn’t a military coup today. if that’s the sort of thing you pray for you can maga today by moving out of the US

      • Given the motley crew that has just acquired power we’ll most likely see them self-destruct before too long. You will never see an apology from me for standing for the things that have made our country unique and great in the World but if you prefer what’s coming into office I’m sure Red China will need another farmer. I invite you to make an exit also OG.

        There were more people at Trump’s welcome to Florida than there were at Bribem’s Inaugural and most of those people were compelled to be there. You’re still a minority. The only way the dimocrats could “win” an election was to steal it. You know what kharma is….

        Oh, and the day ain’t over yet. And then there’s the next day … and the next …

    • Hahahahaha. What a bunch of boobs you all are. That was not General Hyten. That was a fake account. It was only proven to be false about 100 times today. Oh I forgot. You live in the boonies, don’t get around much and your dial up on “The Internets” is kind of slow…just like your Brain power

  6. “ At some point, real estate deals will falter because when rates begin to move up, sales will fall.”
    Mortgage Rates that are fixed for 30 years are tied to the bond market not the Feds interest hikes. … . As bond prices go up, mortgage interest rates go down and vice versa. This is because mortgage lenders tie their interest rates closely to Treasury bond rates. When bond interest rates are high, the bond is less valuable on the secondary market. This causes mortgage interest rates to rise. The value of each bond goes up when bond interest rates fall again. This causes mortgage lenders to lower their rates.

    And let’s say the bondmarket gets volatile….even if interest rates trise, banks have preferred lending programs for those that bank with them. For instance, Wells Fargo has a program that if you have over a $100,000 with them in the wealth management or interest bearing programs, (peanuts by Bay Area standards)you can get up to a Half point off of the rate. My last 6 sales were with buyers using Wells Fargo and they received a 2.125%, 30 year fixed interest rate. That’s practically free money. Anything below 3.75% is a historically a low, low rate…so..even if Rates rise 1% into the 3’s it won’t have that much affect on the total housing market…just the price that consumers can buy.

  7. looking out of the box
    January 19, 2021 at 08:25
    A thought provoking observation you have here.
    With the schools where I live, they have mostly gone to “distant learning” from home on their computers after the teachers began to walk out due to their age brackets vs. Covid.
    Your post brings to mind the costs of maintaining the schools here in regards to their campus infrastructures. Often, an elementary school sits on a 5 to 15 acre site, eating power to heat or cool the empty buildings, costs of continual maintainance and security eat away at the budget. If the students can successfully learn their curriculum without in-person attendance, taxpayers are going to want out of those costs and land uses in our built-out city. Is this the story all over the country? What will the quality of such an education be like?
    The spinoffs from this realization seem to point more to emerging problems than to it’s solutions. Any ideas??? Improvements??? Anyone???

    • Very few people consider those aspects when looking at a budget ED….I am sure that is one of the major reasons why the potus wanted to get society back to normal and pushed to keep things running as normal.. his earnings and wealth are in twelve high scale resorts he had a yearly draw not associated with the company of ten grand a year.. the rest all sits in company assets and expenses.. the costs of maintaining them without anyone staying there had to be enormous I am sure in the millions of dollars a month..
      I struggle with environmental costs every year when I do our home budget.. a simple thing like Netflix going up two dollars is a huge jump when the income isn’t equaled to an hourly waged earner.. a two dollar hike is a penny and a quarter penny an hour off of income.. consider this view .. If the colleges all opt to going digital why would they need all the professors.. The lectures and class structure would be on line.. and computers could do the digital grading.. How many more jobs could be eliminated saving money.. Look at doctors visits now.. mostly skype or whatever platform they are using.. like the bank.. they keep a teller site open periodically throughout the city but close the offices.. you have ATM’s and now if you get a check you can deposit it by taking a picture of it with your phone…
      AI taking over the bulk of the labor..

    • “What will the quality of such an education be like?”

      I have given that some thought to Ed… I actually don’t think it will make any great difference.. if the student keeps on track learning the basics.. and gets his piece of paper.. the rest comes down to job.. Look at the colleges that offer over the internet learning now.. the basics in book work is the same whether or not your in a group of people.. My sister taught all of her kids at home.. the state paid the parents a small fraction of the cost of a teacher.. the lessons were online but the clinicals and on the job training were all in the business office or at the work place… for years they would bring me college grads to have them work side by side with me.. two of my doctors worked with me.. one is now the medical director of one of the top one hundred hospitals.. the other one retired and the other doctor in their office is the medical director of the clinic I go to.. we debate issues all the time..
      take a look at the story of frank Abagnale jr. as an example..
      He posed as a pilot.. was a lawyer and a doctor and many more things.. and he was a kid..
      the vast majority of industries teach their new hires to do the job their way.. the college only teaches the basics.. they learn the skills by doing.. I have read a bunch of books on welding for an example.. but.. I doubt I can weld.. I would have to use the welder to learn the skill.. an engineer may know the math and envision things but it is the technician that does the job.. .
      so it is in my opinion the piece of paper you carry.. its not what you know but who you know.. I know many college grads that can’t read the news and understand it.. companies hire by the piece of paper.. the smartest person I have ever met is in her eighties and still reads one to two books a day every day.. I met her in the LOC and she has no degree at all.. If you looked at my class records I would show to be the poorest student they had.. there are many reasons why that shows that way.. but because I didn’t have a sheet of paper.. my course was set to be at the bottom.. doesn’t matter how much I have read or studied..
      many billionaires had third grade education.. one I met and got to know was a pig farmer.. He married a senators daughter.. and was set for life..
      Many people are willing to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars just to get their children in the school with the most prestigious piece of paper.. the paper guides their future.. their willingness to do the job the company teaches them the fortunes..

  8. Did someone say new auto sales are sustaining retail? Stories are popping on msm that some EU assembly lines are going on extended furloughs because of a Chinese chip “shortage”.

    Oh, to have had heinz sight; now they’re in the catsoup.

  9. I will refrain from making any editorial comments on ANY of the bi-partisan lunacy I have read on this site today.

    Instead, I will take the liberty of quoting GA Stewart from the 119 post on his website today:
    “Tomorrow is a day to be careful.”

    • N__
      So how is GA Stewart’s prediction going? Hmmm. I can tell you how it’s going for me. It’s the day to rub it in the faces of all of you imbecile’s that listen to the worlds most prolific liar…Trump…who got his information from “Q”, who I would bet is just some crack pot meth head and social outcast, with a tin foil hat, hiding out in his aunts attic…

      Not one thing Q had said has come true. No stolen election…no secret dossier of liberal pedophiles…no deep state…no martial law being instituted by Trump. No magical save by Trump to stay another 4 years. In fact all the opposite happened. Trump, all butt hurt, in all of his cowardice, left the scene of the crime, ridiculed all the insurrectionists, wished the new administration all the best and then flew to Mar A Lago….where he will be told he can’t stay there any more either. Well, he can always line in the construction trailer of his Presidential library in the middle of the Florida SWAMP!

      • You just attributed a lot of statements to me personally which I never made. And Stu has been been steadily throwing rocks at Trump, Qanon and the alternate media over on his site for quite some time.
        But by all means, you should celebrate loudly and drunkenly, and make a complete ass of yourself. I’m not going to lose any sleep over anyone’s mindless bipartisan lies- not yours, not Trump’s, and not the new DC crew.

        I will tell you, personality-wise, you remind me of Trump more than any other R that I have come in contact with to date. I normally don’t pay attention to your posts any more than I payed attention to Trump’s tweets. I was comfortable with Trump largely because he didn’t start any major wars and he stayed out of my pocket. We shall see what Joe and his leftist entourage bring to the table.

  10. “The sword still hangs over millions of Americans facing evictions.”

    This may be the mechanism for the Agenda 2030 crowd to start moving the sheep into their government-provided apartments in big cities.

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