Coping: Beating Gout – For Good?

This weekend, I finished the rough draft of my next book (Psychocartography: The Reality Stacks) which should be available in a month, to 45-days on Amazon.  (I hate proof reading!)

The main thrust in the book is to look at “mapping your dreams” and then learn from the “double life” you’ve been living in your dreams.

From there (after touching on some basic quantum physics) the book explores the real challenge of this “double life” we live:  Transporting information from one “realm” to the other.

With that now set for re-write and editing, the next book has already materialized.  Elaine and I are co-writing one on aging with some of her hints and mine.  That one will also include a familiar topic to Coping section readers:  How we’ve both gone down the “Your Body?  Your Chemistry Set” in our quests to find optimal nutrition.

The most useful supplement to come up with a thumbs-up for me is a big increase in the amount of magnesium I take.

Got to looking at things like gout (which I have) and found that while conventional gout is the deposition of uric acid crystals in soft tissues, there is a variant that closely mimics how things present clinically.  That is, calcium crystals.

What I found was that as soon as I upped my daily dose of magnesium what we’d been treating as “gout” plain disappeared.

This is a very big deal to me because of all my eye problems.  As you know, I had cataracts removed 22-years back and 2+ years ago, one of my lens implants failed.  And the repair of that (4-surgeries later) has been OK, but has left me wearing (miserable, uncomfortable) hard contacts.

As I have been play “me, chemistry set” and researching, there are several papers you really ought to talk to your healthcare provider about.  Because there seems to be a possible link between gout and corneal keratitis as noted in the March 2018 summary on the government’s PubMed website.

If you are prone to gout, there’s an abstract in the PubMed database dating back to 1984.  Look what one Abstract says about allopurinol – probably the most-widely prescribed gout medicine:

“We examined 11 cataractous lenses (or aspirated lens matter from extracapsular extractions) from patients ranging in age from 55 to 84 years who used allopurinol on a long-term basis (more than two years). Phosphorescence analyses demonstrated the characteristic allopurinol triplet in these lenses. When we analyzed normal lenses from patients taking allopurinol in a similar manner we found no evidence of allopurinol photobinding. These data indicated that allopurinol has a cataractogenic action only in patients in whom the drug has become photobound within the lens. Long-term allopurinol therapy does not necessarily cause or enhance cataracts in all patients. There may be a relationship between ultraviolet radiation exposure and circulating allopurinol levels (and perhaps renal function) in the genesis of photosensitized allopurinol cataracts.”

Now, the problem is that I was NEVER advised about the risks of allopurinol – which I may have been taking in ERROR – that led TO the cataracts which led to the interocular lens failure, that led to deteriorated eyesight.

To me, it’s a dandy situation to look at in hindsight, but not much I can do about it.  The study of integrative medicine requires lots of cross-discipline work (and databases and continuing ed to keep up).  Yet, at the same time when one searches for all the things “magnesium deficiency” can be involved in, you’ll find a shopping list of ailments.

It should go without saying (but lawyers say we shouldn’t skip this!) that you shouldn’t be making any changes in diet and supplements without getting your personal doctor onboard.  But, it doesn’t hurt to do your own research, bring in the papers, and have a 3-minute “bullet point” discussion about what you suspect and have them do the appropriate tests.

There are some supplements (like vitamin D3) which do a tremendous amount of good on the cardiovascular side, but which can deplete the body of magnesium and other minerals.  Which is why I am now taking a mixed D3 with K2; the K2 being a kind of vegetable vit that seems to slow the magnesium decline.

The reason you need your doc onboard is that you want to make sure you don’t get too much of anything one vitamin or supplement because then you’re getting into kidney (renal) damage if you don’t know your baselines and keep them monitored.

On of the nice things, my doc tells me, is that Medicare is pretty good about letting him do whatever tests he needs – and that may be one of the real healthcare benefits people don’t follow closely.

My other ongoing experiments are with Nattokinase (from fermented soy) which seems to reduce blood pressure a bit, along with Serrapeptase.  This latter is an enzyme used by silk words to gnaw out of cocoons, and in the human body it acts as an anti-coagulant and reduces clotting factor.

Not that this one should be tried without a serious consult with your doc, either, because if are low on clotting factor, then you could end up with bleeding issues.  This stuff is all a balancing act, and your health care providers ought to be working with you.

Also between us, there’s no perks and travel from playing the game of “Tell your doctor…” that the proprietary drug peddlers sell constantly.  As a rule, you’ll never hear ANY natural or non-patented items being promoted in the “Tell your doctor…” spew.

One more thing:  I have also been taking periodic course of apple cider vinegar pills to prevent GERD and possibly gallstones.

As you know, apple cider vinegar is a dilution of acetic acid. The stomach acid you get is mainly hydrochloric acid (diluted, of course).  The idea is that vinegar pills (or dilute Bragg’s Vinegar) will keep the acids balanced just so.  Then, there’s a chance for the acetic acid to help break down the formative gallstones which are cholesterol and salts.

Back to the “check with your doctor” but my personal results from all these tweaks plus the “mental acuity” supplements (* like Huperzine-A) seems to keep me mentally sharp, though depending on my reports that subject to dispute – depending on your political leanings.

Even after two cups of coffee, the blood pressure this morning is 125 over 77 with pulse 53.  And that is with 15-ounces of coffee onboard.

Two foods I’m doing daily”  Hand full of almonds – seer Edgar Cayce believed in eating three almonds a day.  They are high in the “stuff that’s good for you.”

The other is an orange or small grapefruit.  While all the formulations of C are running ads, a few1-inch wide slices of grapefruit really hit the spot. After that (as dessert for breakfast), all washed down with a cup of Dragon Herbs Spring Dragon Longevity Tea Caffeine Free — 20 Tea Bags.

Speaking of Food

Not cheap, but Rose Brand – Gourmet Chinese Egg Noodles 16 Ounce (Pack of 4) is now on Amazon.  Our compliments to the crew up on South Weller St. in Seattle where these “real deal” noodles come from.

We had been buying in 25 and 60 loads of the 6-pound boxes and storing in the freezer.  This is waaay more convenient.

Just wanted to mention a few health items this morning.  Of course, we are still following the basics of the The End of Alzheimer’s: The First Program to Prevent and Reverse Cognitive Decline diet. Which means cooking with mainly coconut oil and making sure to go at least 14-hours (mini-fasting) between last meal of the day and breakfast.

I do find myself gnawing on my keyboard, now and then, however.  The spacebar has a slightly salty finish to it…but the rest?  delightful essence of parting compound.  Yum.

OK – hit and get – gotta polish up the happy shoes because I’m all in on the …..WAIT!  Can’t give trading advice.  But let’s just say “we be dancin’ at the open...”  Howzzat?

Futures down 144 on the Dow and if they keep dropping, we’ll slide from happy dance right into levitation….

Write when you get rich,  (Come on opening bell! Come to daddy…)

19 thoughts on “Coping: Beating Gout – For Good?”

  1. For gallstones and kidney stones….

    Chanca Piedra tea……. the name means ‘stone breaker’. Doesn’t taste bad.

    • Which time frames are you looking at while making recommendations? Dailies, hourly, 15-min., 01-min.

      • Bruno: This wasn’t a trade. I was just making a comment about what George mentioned in Saturday’s Peoplenomics. Unless you made the trade on Friday afternoon, you lost money. I use Daily, 15 min, & 5 min charts.

  2. Hey George, For your gout try a tincture made from dandelion root it works great with no side effects also you may want to get yourself a copy of the book the Forest Farmacy you have to buy it direct from Swan Valley Herbs, Mt. One other thing that everyone should think about is a master cleansing of the colon which intern flushes the liver and kidneys which do a lot in terms of blood presure

    • I would like to recommend the book Fat for Fuel by Dr. Mercola. About a year ago went on his eating plan. Found that for me not eating sugar I couldnt take the Ace Inhibitors had taken for over 20 years to keep blood pressure down. After losing over 50lbs slowly got back on sugars (which I love) here comes high blood pressure. Still at my HS graduation weight and this weekend no sugar for 2 days cant take Ace Inhibitor. Worth looking at.

  3. Each of us has unique biochemistry which requires experimentation with diet, supplements and such to help fine tune everything to optimal operation. The elimination diet is a great place to start. Paying close attention to how the body reacts is the only way to go. Even the doctor can only guess at what will work without harm.

    As I have aged, some of what worked in the past, doesn’t so much anymore so tweaking diet and such is a lifelong project. A doctor I respect and follow on FB replied to a comment I made that taking multi minerals may make the difference. I find that I now get more benefit from liquids and capsules than tablets, so I bought a bottle of liquid colloidal minerals and we shall see what results from using that.

    Remember, no matter how well trained or experienced an “expert” or someone else is, you have to live with the consequences so be well informed before you decide what to do regarding your health.

  4. Geo….check out article on Zerohedge regarding light therapy….top of page dtaed 7/1 from geo washington….

  5. Awhile back, when significant other was overweight, doc diagnosed him with copd. Prescribe inhaler, which significant other dutifully used to help with his shortness of breath. Helped for sure.
    However, 6 months later he was diagnosed with severe cataracts (legally blind) in both eyes…we never made the connection but the steroid inhaler was the contributor to these cataracts at such a fast pace. Doc mentioned to ‘read the fine print’ and that most of the serious side effects were rare. Well, who thinks that they will be that ‘rare’ case and not listen to the MDs instructions. Fortunately, significant other lost alot of weight and went off the inhaler and no longer has the ‘copd’ diagnosis.

  6. Bullet Coffee in the AM Regular large mug of coffee with 2 Tsps of good brand coconut oil and a pad of butter. Whip it up and you won’t be hungry till noon!

    Note: a couple of MIT types copywrote a “food medicine” for alzheimer patients……. basically it is a Medium Chain Triglyceride – MCT, of which coconut oil is 65% MCTs. Nice guys eh?

  7. Magnesium is not easily absorbed orally. WHO claimed(somewhere) that magnesium was among the most widespread of the mineral deficiencies. It can be absorbed most easily through the skin, and that can happen from a bath containing Epsom Salts. Easy and cheap. If you’re not into baths, just soaking your feet in such a solution(possibly at your desk) can be quite effective. If you’re sensitive, you can feel the difference in real time. YMMV.

    Magnesium overload can happen, though it’s very rare. If you end up with random cramps, it’s quite possibly an Mg deficiency.

  8. George..please be careful using magnesium suppliments.
    What have seen is heart related issues.
    G2 I am sure will be more than happy to share what he knows. He is a wealth of information.

    Now.. Cherry juice,dark chocolate,spinach,almonds, are rich in natural magnesium.
    Personally I am with Jeff. One of my favorite plants is the dandelion. Over a thousand the marijuana plant I think its a miracle plant.

    Symptoms of overdose may include: muscle weakness, slow/irregular heartbeat, mental/mood changes (e.g., confusion).

    • loohb, what do you know about D3 and its use to improve Type 2 Diabetes and associated glucose tolerance? What does overdosing on D3 look like? I reversed my diabetes but I’m not as strict now with low carb high fat diet and my A1c is creeping up again. So is my cholesterol, which came way down when I was keeping my carbs below 35 gm daily, but it too is creeping since im eating more carbs now.

  9. It would be too long of a story for now, so: Magnesium Taurate, first, with Magnesium Citrate chaser. Honey is taking about 900 mg/day, in combination, for arrhythmia issues (In the hospital, when his heart was hysterically racing towards a code blue, the ER nurse slammed him with 2000 mg magnesium sulfate. I was there. Heart/Nutritional docs told him to take the magnesium I had been telling him to take. (Excess magnesium loosens the bowels so take it to tolerance, taurine can stand in for magnesium, other wise taurine is good for eyes among other things; the citric acid in citrate is good for dissolving stones of many kinds.) Just sayin’…

    Our cells need Vit. D to be able to pull in the larger magnesium molecules that then helps the cell pull in the huge calcium molecule — loose recollection from “The Calcium Factor”

    Malic Acid — check it out, along with

    Calcium Hydroxyapatite — check

    Strontium + K2 — check

    Gotta go for now. Forage well!

  10. GU,gout met a old lady who healed lots of people @ church.take black watermelon seeds and boil them, strain and drink the tea and gout will worked for a friend of mine.let me know ??

  11. Yes, Edgar Cayce said that 3 almonds a day keep cancer away. Edgar Cayce had a lot to say about Iodine, those readings were stolen. I take Nascent Iodine, 3 drops a day. Those 3 drops stopped my hot flashes, which were happening every 32 minutes around the clock. They stopped my hair from falling out, too, and my nails have actually strengthened and they are the longest they have ever been, my mood is stronger, and I feel vitalized and energized. The best part is those drops took my UNDER active thyroid into normal range AND my doctor said I could discontinue synthroid, which he prescribed, but I never took. I wanted to find a natural solution to my extreme symptoms. So, yeah, is the population also deficient in iodine? Yes. Do fluoride and bromide have a negative effect on they thyroid? Yes. Over 50% of the women in the US are on anti-depressants, every wonder why? And a note, my doctor did not recommend, advise, or counsel my Nascent Iodine, I had to research this and find it myself. So, I can’t rely on a doctor to help me; I can only go to a doctor for tests and guidance in some areas. He was much more comfortable in writing a prescription for a drug that SUPPRESSES the thyroid than in figuring out what was causing my low thyroid symptoms to begin with. He was not up to date with Nascent Iodine at all. Another little tidbit, after taking it for 3 months, my period came back. Yeah/righto! At 58. Dwell on that – when so many women are in early or done with the menopause in their 20’s and 30’s!!! See what I mean? Spread the word to an infertile woman/couple you may know. Maybe your wife is depressed, over weight, her hair is falling out, low energy, and her nails are brittle, skin is dry, etc., investigate!

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