Adventures of G2: Jump for Fun!

Once again in our “nut doesn’t fall too far from the tree” department:  Son George II’s adventures jumping some bumpy air over the Columbia River Friday in Washington State.

Full screen it in 1 – 2  – 3…..

The jumps are off Skydive Chelan (*that’s the airport they’re landing on).  And yes, that is the Columbia River they’re over.  G-II teaches there.

Dad’s (*nagging advice):  Do jumps in the morning before bumps in the afternoon.  Which is why we flew as much as we could from sunrise to noon with the plane.

Ah to be young and foolish again…

Remember our Coping section discussion about “Expanding Personal Variance”?  This is one way to do it…

5 thoughts on “Adventures of G2: Jump for Fun!”

  1. Congrats to G2 for doing what he loves!

    Skydive Chelan requires a doctor’s note if you’re over 65! That’s wrong. It’s not an FAA requirement, just a business one. I would seriously like to do the AFF thing, but my natural weight is 20 lbs over their limit. I can lose some, but reaching their limit(clothed) is not healthy for me. I formally studied medicine, maintain my own health, and have no desire to interact with the medical establishment at all. There are places you can do AFF at my weight, but I won’t cede my autonomy to an MD.

    • pretty sure that it’s a liability insurance issue not just made-up stuff.
      Most of the people who jump there are Seattle techionairres and aspirings…and that brings what? (law firm partners!)

      • Good point. It’s certainly not the only choice, though the view is quite distinctive and makes for easy orientation. It’s probably much more fun to find somewhere more local, yet lower elevation than here. No rush unless the other places have age restrictions at 70.

  2. “Ah to be young and foolish again…”

    I think of all the big thrill things I did when I was young..
    I find it amazing that as I age. I realize that I could get hurt falling off of a small stepping stool.
    When your young you don’t consider just how vulnerable the human body is to being hurt.

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