The Webolutionary War

Don’t worry if the news in recent years has made less and less sense. There’s a simple reason for it that no one dares speak about openly.  However, since the Fourth of July is upon us, it’s past time to get real with ourselves and admit that America now has two governments.

Which means, that we are in the Webolutionary War.

There are aspects of intergenerational, plus plenty of left-wing, socialist/communist influences, sure-sure, all that.  But, it’s also a war involving money – one of the root causes of all wars.
Oh, yeah, and one possible outcome is  (as I’ve written since 2012) the Licensing of the Internet.  Maybe a shutdown, too – to save the incumbent government.

So bean up – a few headlines, the charts, and so forth – but then into the foxholes as Coimandante Ure’s non-partisans survey the battlefield and make sense of both side’s fortifications.  A report that will leave you charged up, if not shell-shocked…

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24 thoughts on “The Webolutionary War”

  1. George,

    This morning you said: “Hitler couldn’t have taken Germany without Goering. And by the same token, the Webolutionaries can’t take the US unless they have a Big Lie.”

    I think you mean Joseph Goebbels, the propaganda minister. Right?

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  3. I really enjoyed the rationale behind your thesis…I 100% agree on the Webolution concept…just not the conclusion.

    It’s not the Democrats that are behind the Webolution. It’s the people that really hate what Trump is doing for our country’s value system. That is a non partisan group of people. Even ultra conservative commentator and writer, Ben Shapiro admitted last night on Bill Maher that Trump’s has ruined our countries social fabric. .

    First, Trump won because Steve Bannon understood the power of Webolutionary tactics. He just accomplished the same thing in the recent Italian elections. He was hired as a consultant to the Italian populist party and the populist party had a ton of success. Bannon is a master of Webolution. There wasn’t a day that went by in 2016 when my social media pages were blowing up about anti-Hillary stories…Democrats taking away my guns…fake stories about taxation, anti-representation etc.

    Trump still uses his thumbs to thwart, lie, distract and control the real media. He uses Twitter to create his own reality.

    Your thesis is right on…but your Conservative bias really shows here. There is just as much conservative Webolutionary content infesting the web as there is Liberal content. But, I will say…while I tend to fiscally lean right, I can not, I will not ever support Trump. He is a cancer that needs a ultra high dose of radiation therapy.

    None of this would be happening if any other GOP candidate outside of Ted Cruz would have been elected. With a republican controlled Congress, we would have had the same tax cut, the same continuance of Wall Street increases, the same situation with Supreme Court Judges, etc. What we wouldn’t have with another GOP President is the division, hatred and Webolution we have now. We also wouldn’t be in a trade war, still be in the Pacific Trade Partnership, the Paris Accords, and WTO., You also would not have written this article.

    Yes, I guess it was our universes time for some divisive experiences…in an alternative universe, Marco Rubio is President and I believe they are living a much happier lifestyle right now.

    • You just come across as such a big pompous baby. To think a President can cause all that!!! Your posts expose your nitpickhoproscy. You have the worst case of bias and tunnelled vision, you keep digging your mind to nowhere. Wake up!!!

      • No ad hominem , please. Just explain the webolution holds trump accountable for everything yet there are a few things he doesn’t own – municipal govt, the weather, racism, gender, the business cycle, whatever… much nicer – thnk y0ou

      • Think AI,

        Is it because I don’t agree with your views that I come across as a pompous baby? I am not nit picking…nor am I biased. The last time I looked we are a government with a two party system. I am technically a Republican…although I haven’t voted that way since George W. I vote for the best candidate period. In 2016, I didn’t vote for either Crooked Hillary or Trump.

        In this case…the election of a really dumb President only partially cause all of this. In reality, it was a really horrible Democratic candidate and as a result an extremely complacent democratic citizenry that decided not to vote that gave us Trump. That is on the Dems. The outrage that came after the election is the Democrats blaming themselves for their lack of voter turnout to thwart this divisive and mentally challenged person in office now.

    • Personally I love what Trump is doing.. he is on top of the issues.. maybe its his brash attitude.. but then I want someone with attitude willing to work for the america I love so dearly.. TED CRUZ… Phew.. nope not me.. he was a no show most of the time working in congress where the yearly work schedule is less than an average month.
      Twitter.. sure Donald says stuff he off the cuff.. there isn’t any polish or DC two stepping.. you know where he stands.. even so he is willing to look at the facts and make adjustments to his position according to the facts he has studied..
      what I do see coming is we are at the great divide right now.. the left has already gotten camps put in place and if you do any research you will find out that the occupancy capacity is right at ten percent a little more.. which ten percent..
      the safety net that we had.. which was what 4.7 or so trillion set aside was merged into the federal budget to bailout banks in the 80’s
      This is G E Griffin on his book the creature from Jekyll island.. great book only a thousand pages fast fast read.. one of the few books that I read from cover to cover without researching any of it in between..
      from my view and from what I hear people talking about around me.. the view I get is as the divide widens and the vision of a future becomes bleaker then you will see more discontent and discouraged.. more people with lower self esteem more drug use more crime and eventually someone will step in and turn that discouragement around to lessen the divide.
      Like a gentleman I use to visit with that has several books used as college text books on physics.. use to say to me.. JUST THINK ABOUT IT…as an example we have cities that pay an insane wage for new graduates that cannot find housing and are living in abandoned cars and pooping on the sidewalk.
      Now I can’t even begin to know just how many college graduates I have sacked groceries with.. or worked on a manufacturing floor.. not to mention those with PHD’s..
      I think the answers are going to be very complex at this point..
      there would have to be limits put on some industries and markets like pharmaceuticals and healthcare.. now I believe everyone should have access to health insurance.. I think they passed it wrong.. it was pretty simple no discrimination, no price gouging, price goes up or down on everyone, ( those insured pay so why not raise or lower according to plan expenses) education should be similar to that in other countries..
      and price controls.. you cannot have runaway prices this will only make a wider divide.

    • Mark,

      Trump has been on the biggest stage only a short time in the scheme of things. Many trends go well beyond his appearance on the scene and tens of millions voted for Trump because these trends were already well established. Interestingly, it appears his election has created an even greater rush to trash the Constitution. The MSM has completely torched their credibility and seemingly doesn’t care that a much larger % now recognize that MSM broadcasts as nothing more than poorly crafted propaganda.

      What aspect of the constitution is Trump harming? What aspects of the Constitution are under attack by his opposition?

    • Yes Mark, none of this would be happening if any other republican candidate had won the presidency, because that person wouldn’t have challenged the status quo, and that’s why Donald Trump was elected.

      As a (former) lefty, I grew tired of the GWB years and the neocon agenda playbook, The Project for the New American Century, implementing their world domination tour of endless wars for endless profits with the hope theyd somehow turn the middle east into a democracy and utopian center of capitalism. (Look how that turned out. And now Europe is paying the price with uncontrollable refugee intrusions, just like the left in America wants to inundate the USA.)

      When Obama came along (First introduced in 2004 at the Democratic party convention, but who knew but the elites and deep state he was the chosen one) to be the 2008 candidate for POTUSA, I was so impressed by his charimatic messaging and willingness to discuss tough issues such as the unending wars and inner city violence, that I thought we had our 21st century FDR equivalent. No sooner than shortly after his election did he show us he was not the change machine he projected himself to be. He brought on many of the very people who enabled the great recession to be part of his solution to the mess the former administration created.

      He showed those who believed in him who he was right up front in the first months of his presidency. Hope and change my ass. He and his DOJ (Holder, a banking lawyer) refused to go after the very people who caused the recession, that we are still paying for. Even GWB and his DOJ went aftet Enron, one of their RNC big donors, but not Obama…he knew the DNC would need those banker dollars to get the next 8 year democratic party candidate elected.

      Obama and Hillary played a big role in pandering to the BLM movement and never challenged the contrary view of inner city crime killing more blacks than any cops were. And the dems sure had no problem taking those donations from the likes of Weinstein, fully well knowing his proclivities toward the woman who mostly willfully acquiesced, because their career would benefit, until Trump won, and Ronan Farrow blew the lid off the big secret…then because of Trumps like of pretty woman, it just seemed so appropriate to create the next group of surrogate anti Trumpers, the MeToo’rs who could turn being male and particularly white males, into the next group to divide us with.

      Then Trump comes and BLM, MeToo, Antifa, and the phony witch hunt by Mueller that has resulted in nothing but peripheral bad boys that would have never been pursued had Hillary won, and you and the sore loser left have the damned audicity to say Trump destroyed the social fabric of the USA…go to hell.

      • PS Mark, and don’t claim that its Ben Shapiro making that claim about destroying our social fabric, as you are using that example to support your claim.

        Ben Shapiro represents himself, just like Maher does, and those who don’t have that platform to be the face of the opposition, can either agree or disagree. Just like when we vote, we may not agree with our candidate on all things, …I don’t agree that that Trump destroyed our nations social fabric…the politicians over the decades have done that and Trump is the result of an electorate that felt helpless and not represented or inder-represented for those same decades.

      • And one more thing, I’m not anti-immigrant. We need immigrants to help fill all the job openings going unfilled at this time. Especially, long haul drivers. My only gripe is the abuse of refugee status. We have lawful paths in place to enter our country.

      • Yes, I believe more than ever that Trump has eviscerated the social fabric of this world… and because I am entitled to those feelings, and I represent myself…just like Ben Shapiro and the millions that agree with this statement…I am pretty sure I won’t go to hell as you suggested I do.

        When will you all realize that Trump is just a con man pandering to his small base. It’s his complete ruination of any standard of honesty that stands out the most. No President in the history of civilization has lied to the public more than Trump. Yet it is his lying that doesn’t seem to bother his base. To them, for whatever reason, It’s like a technique or naked declaration of power. In reality, it undermines trust, it undermines relationships and destroys reputations.

        Trump has never had a original idea himself first of all. He repeats the drivel that comes out of Alex Jones, Sean Hannity and other roustabouts mouths that vomit crazy theories for entertainment purposes only. There are dozens of You-tube videos that show Alex Jones, Rush and Hannity saying something and then hours later, Trump is tweeting or saying those exact same words. He is helping to create and perpetuate the fake news…the false impressions, the deception, the temptations, the distortions of reality. There is a quote in the Bible that reads ”Resist the devil and he will flee from you” (James 4:7)

        All we are doing is the only right thing we can do. Resist and he shall go away.

      • Trump is no worse a con man than his predecessors over the last three decades. I don’t think he’s evil and since I’m a nationalist and not a globalist, he best represents my concerns. If you want to migrate to the USA, come here to be an American, be an American first, like my Italian and Sicilian immigrant relatives did and others from that era. Im sick of people coming to America and demanding America and cultural norms conform to their ways…I, like Trump, dont want to see the USA become like Europe … Where phony pc tells native cultures to shut up, calls them bigots and racists and errors in favor of the newcomers who bring with them their religious faction warring ways, that caused them to leave their home nations to begin with. Modernize or go back to the hell hole they came from.

        If we want to talk about con men, let’s go back to the POTUSA who destroyed the democratic party, Bill Clinton, whose DLC threw the people out the window for those corporate dollars..and gleefully signed into existence, NAFTA, which destroyed America’s factories and my hometown, that is now No. 1 for violence rates in IL and always makes the top 10 most violent cities in America list. It wasnt that way before NAFTA…and all the other towns that are now crime pits…Ross Perot was right about that sucking sound.

  4. Here’s some photos and a three minute video of how the Antifa respond to anything contrary to their beliefs…yesterdays violent riot in Portland OR. In the next few days the left will call for investigations into excessive power by the police and the city council will suck up to the violent Antifa. Anybody arrested for mob action will be out of jail if not already and the DA, if as usual, will drop most charges if not all.

    The left has raised the professional victim class to be seen as noble honorable and righteous warriors as they project their violence and who they are onto their opposition.

    This video is an excellent example of the way the webolution will look at the street level and the left has already said they intend on employing whatever tactics they believe necessary to stop any conversation not to their liking. Free speech and contrary opinions are to be destroyed is their modus apperandi (sp)….

  5. It is interesting to see fatbag Michael Moore on Colbert willing to put your life on the line to resist President Trump, but not willing to skip dessert.

    Maybe Mr. MOO should go on a hunger strike in protest.

  6. Dear Mr. Ure,

    I was perusing online records of a church attended by a 19th century English ancestor. The index included a link to a website called “Measuring Worth”. There are schedules and comparators listed of real and nominal values for the UK, US, Australia, and Spain. UK pricing records start from the 13th century, and US entries from 1774. The non-commercial site was founded by a US academic. I plugged in a few random numbers out of curiosity’s sake, and there may be some interesting insights if readers want to privately surf through the waves of history.

  7. Hi, George,

    It appears that the policy of separating parents from children was accelerated under Barack Obama with Jeh Johnson’s assistance. However, that has all been blamed on President Trump. It is still a crime to cross into the United States illegally. Strangely enough, many of the people who march to protest the separation of children from their parents are the same people who are in favor of abortion. And, how do we know that the adults looking for their children are actually the true parents? Many of these adults may be human traffickers of these children. I have been told that the human trafficking business rakes in billions of dollars a year world-wide. I know several people who have been successful in having some of these evil human traffickers arrested by the authorities, but this horrible situation remains a viable industry and a black eye on our nation for allowing it here. Trump is trying to stem the tide of illegals to keep these traffickers from entering the US, and that includes the gangs who pose as teens looking for sanctuary but who actually deal in drugs and children.

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