In almost Mary Poppins style (“spoon full of sugar makes the medicine go down…”) the Left-Wing, Webolution-supporting media are burying a lot of information that is critical to maintaining America’s freedoms for another year or two.

Take this election down in Mexico, for example.  A simple Google News search of Mexico election will bring you results that show the point.  The first stories don’t frame this as a Leftist revolucion.

While the first handful of stories cover the outcome they fail to mention that hard-left that Mexico is taking.

What’s more, with up to a third of Mexicans living in the USA, if you look you’ll find that enough people crossed from America into Mexico to Vote that the San Diego Union-Tribune headlined “Californians cross border to vote in Mexican election.”  Hat’s off to the Union-Trib for reporting it.

The next little “drop the soap in the shower” from the webolutionary media comes as we review treatment of the lefty revolutionaries out in farce this weekend calling for the elimination of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

At 6:37 AM Central, that story had been “disappeared” from the MSM RSS feed summaries picked up by picked up by media like  Control a handful of critical sources and then you control the RSS and thence the public narrative.

By the way, when you go surfing ANY “NEWS” SITE – be sure to log out of all services and scrub your computer.  When you log back in, you’ll see what the overall campaign is pushing.  On many “news” sites, if you are logged in, you will be spoon-fed normalcy bias stories so you won’t question the Globalist-Lefty-Direct-Democracy spew.  That, however IS the agenda in play.

For a different view of the world, log in after you’ve visited a bunch of lefty websites.  You may see different content.  See how spannable cookies make people?

The MexElex simply means our long-postulated New War with Mexico is continuing to evolve in the wings.  Which, oh yeah, is why we didn’t move closer to the pseudo-border.  Much as we like the Arizona mountain country, I follow my own forecasts to the “T.”

Mexico’s “clean up” should be entertaining. Strategically, rather than root out the cartels, the NuGov there will simply become a better business partner.  Take a tiny bit larger slice and get the cartels to dial back on border violence.  One hand washes the other (for a slice) is the lefty drug model from further south – if you didn’t know..

Webolution Worries

Our consulting attorney (mi consigliere) and I have been keeping an eye on anti-revolutionary moves in the European Union designed to smack down the left-wing insurgencies in Europe with a new copyright law.

For some background, see “The EU’s disastrous copyright reform will sabotage internet culture.”

Here’s the Big Picture reality of what’s going on:

  • The Globalist Billionaires (Soros types) have a computational communism  model future mapped out for the world. Own web, own world, eh?
  • They are funding the Webolution (Antifa, Occupy, lefties et al) which pits young, democrat, liberal, brainwashed sots and druggies against the world’s established constitutional governments.
  • The plan is for the webolutionaries to take down constitutional governments leaving the the billionaire megalomaniacs to fill the power void.
  • A few rich string-puller (royals etc. in Europe), already seeing the outline of this Global Swindle / bait-and-switch are trying to get the horse “back in the barn” with the EU Draconian  copyright laws.
  • Of course, it won’t work (especially since the webolutionaries won’t be silenced nor stopped from memeering.  As we’ve explained, Social Media is their weapon of choice.
  • SO, goes our high level view: That’s why the Comcast outage of last week.  As some sites are hinting, could it be he Constitutional Government (in the US) take a few preparatory moves for a false flag “attack on the web” to shut down social media?

America has two governments (Constructional and Webolutionary) with two currencies (Dollars and cryptos).  And two militaries:  DoD versus the social media guerillas.

Try on our view for a week or two – everything falls all too neatly into place.  We are online suckas.

For Example…

Take the bullshit in Portland over the weekend.  Buried (look surprised!) by the apologist/webolutionary-supporting press now that it’s Monday.

In Portland, there was more brawling this weekend as the colliding layers of the Webolution took it to the streets.  “Portland Police Declare a Riot After Right-Wing Marchers Begin Beating Antifascists with Flag Poles — Homeland Security officers fired pepper balls into a crowd of leftist protesters..

All neatly disappeared, now.  My, look surprised.

Media Bias Fact Check labels ThinkProgress as somewhere on the scale between leftist and extreme left.  Worth knowing when ThinkProgress goes off bashing Donald Trump for, oh, you know, keeping the Federal government intact.... ICE isn’t going anywhere and most of the separated children story is bullshit.  Obama’s actions were an order of magnitude larger…but the lefties cut him a break.  One of their own, yah think?

While Time reports More Students Are Studying Immigration Law Because of President Trump’s Policies, we offer a better choice:  Constitutional law.

Half-Ass Holiday – Markets Tank

The Japanese market was down  2-1/2 percent overnight.  Europe is down about half a percent.

US futures were calling the Dow down 150 before the open. We aren’t too optimistic about the rest of the week.  People are crazy.  (Except us, of course!)

Not much real news until Thursday when the ADP employment numbers will roll.  The Federal data comes Friday.

Meantime, Halfway through, 2018 delivers little to S&P 500 investors says Reuters.  Gee, I’m up double-digits (low mid-teens YTD) – can’t imagine why there isn’t a line to subscribe to Peoplenomics.  I know…lead a horse to water, right?

Hard reality is oh, so hard for soft-headed people.  Must hurt.

Weather Data Disappearing?

I don’t know if you have looked at lately, but they seem to have done away with the custom date-range look up of historical weather data.  This is a HUGE mind control “tell” as we see it…

We understand its maybe not a big revenue producer, but when the tools to look at the REAL data start disappearing from the web we get, oh…YOU KNOW: WORRIED!

Today, when we went to the site to do some research-on-the-fly – which involved putting in a custom search – there was no way to do it anymore.

Something smells….fishy!

So, in your webly wanderings, if you have found a good site that will let you put in ad hoc  date-range weather history searches, let me know.  Post links as comments, thanks.

Absent sources returning, we will be sorely inclined to label all this as likely thought-control (via bullshit data-scrubbing) to defang skeptics and prop up the Global Climate Change Tax Scam that’s coming.

You don’t want to hear it, just like you didn’t like my forecast of another War with Mexico.  Be patient!  I’m usually right in the long term!

Daily Dose of Drought

For us, the good news is an inch of rain is forecast this week.  I’d tell you how YTD is here, but THAT data is (strangely) missing as I said.  But we do have a drought going…no mistaking it:

Naturlich, when things are this dry, what happens?  Come on!  You’re awake, right?

Evacuations Ordered as Winds Fuel Northern California Fires.

See how simple prescience is?  Dangerous Heat continues this week.

And in England, a Lancashire fire will burn for another week.

Just as the media gets hysterical about “climate change” when it snows in the winter, the idiocy for the summer is ramping up now.  Climate, climate, climate.  OMFG – get under the bed…quick!

MMC: More Meaningless Crap

Try some of these on.  Totally useless filler designed to distract, but sell ads pandering to the simpletons.  A huge pile of “who cares?:

Madonna told by judge to stop harassing her neighbors.

Serena Williams goes to Prince Harry’s polo match with Meghan Markle.  Where was our invite?

LeBron James’ Move to L.A. Will Lift the NBA.

Speaking of dribble, I’m starting to drool.  Which means it’s time for chow and moron the ‘morrow… Dow futures down 153…better polish up the dancing shoes, huh?

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