Media Webolutionary Sucker Punches

In almost Mary Poppins style (“spoon full of sugar makes the medicine go down…”) the Left-Wing, Webolution-supporting media are burying a lot of information that is critical to maintaining America’s freedoms for another year or two.

Take this election down in Mexico, for example.  A simple Google News search of Mexico election will bring you results that show the point.  The first stories don’t frame this as a Leftist revolucion.

While the first handful of stories cover the outcome they fail to mention that hard-left that Mexico is taking.

What’s more, with up to a third of Mexicans living in the USA, if you look you’ll find that enough people crossed from America into Mexico to Vote that the San Diego Union-Tribune headlined “Californians cross border to vote in Mexican election.”  Hat’s off to the Union-Trib for reporting it.

The next little “drop the soap in the shower” from the webolutionary media comes as we review treatment of the lefty revolutionaries out in farce this weekend calling for the elimination of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

At 6:37 AM Central, that story had been “disappeared” from the MSM RSS feed summaries picked up by picked up by media like  Control a handful of critical sources and then you control the RSS and thence the public narrative.

By the way, when you go surfing ANY “NEWS” SITE – be sure to log out of all services and scrub your computer.  When you log back in, you’ll see what the overall campaign is pushing.  On many “news” sites, if you are logged in, you will be spoon-fed normalcy bias stories so you won’t question the Globalist-Lefty-Direct-Democracy spew.  That, however IS the agenda in play.

For a different view of the world, log in after you’ve visited a bunch of lefty websites.  You may see different content.  See how spannable cookies make people?

The MexElex simply means our long-postulated New War with Mexico is continuing to evolve in the wings.  Which, oh yeah, is why we didn’t move closer to the pseudo-border.  Much as we like the Arizona mountain country, I follow my own forecasts to the “T.”

Mexico’s “clean up” should be entertaining. Strategically, rather than root out the cartels, the NuGov there will simply become a better business partner.  Take a tiny bit larger slice and get the cartels to dial back on border violence.  One hand washes the other (for a slice) is the lefty drug model from further south – if you didn’t know..

Webolution Worries

Our consulting attorney (mi consigliere) and I have been keeping an eye on anti-revolutionary moves in the European Union designed to smack down the left-wing insurgencies in Europe with a new copyright law.

For some background, see “The EU’s disastrous copyright reform will sabotage internet culture.”

Here’s the Big Picture reality of what’s going on:

  • The Globalist Billionaires (Soros types) have a computational communism  model future mapped out for the world. Own web, own world, eh?
  • They are funding the Webolution (Antifa, Occupy, lefties et al) which pits young, democrat, liberal, brainwashed sots and druggies against the world’s established constitutional governments.
  • The plan is for the webolutionaries to take down constitutional governments leaving the the billionaire megalomaniacs to fill the power void.
  • A few rich string-puller (royals etc. in Europe), already seeing the outline of this Global Swindle / bait-and-switch are trying to get the horse “back in the barn” with the EU Draconian  copyright laws.
  • Of course, it won’t work (especially since the webolutionaries won’t be silenced nor stopped from memeering.  As we’ve explained, Social Media is their weapon of choice.
  • SO, goes our high level view: That’s why the Comcast outage of last week.  As some sites are hinting, could it be he Constitutional Government (in the US) take a few preparatory moves for a false flag “attack on the web” to shut down social media?

America has two governments (Constructional and Webolutionary) with two currencies (Dollars and cryptos).  And two militaries:  DoD versus the social media guerillas.

Try on our view for a week or two – everything falls all too neatly into place.  We are online suckas.

For Example…

Take the bullshit in Portland over the weekend.  Buried (look surprised!) by the apologist/webolutionary-supporting press now that it’s Monday.

In Portland, there was more brawling this weekend as the colliding layers of the Webolution took it to the streets.  “Portland Police Declare a Riot After Right-Wing Marchers Begin Beating Antifascists with Flag Poles — Homeland Security officers fired pepper balls into a crowd of leftist protesters..

All neatly disappeared, now.  My, look surprised.

Media Bias Fact Check labels ThinkProgress as somewhere on the scale between leftist and extreme left.  Worth knowing when ThinkProgress goes off bashing Donald Trump for, oh, you know, keeping the Federal government intact.... ICE isn’t going anywhere and most of the separated children story is bullshit.  Obama’s actions were an order of magnitude larger…but the lefties cut him a break.  One of their own, yah think?

While Time reports More Students Are Studying Immigration Law Because of President Trump’s Policies, we offer a better choice:  Constitutional law.

Half-Ass Holiday – Markets Tank

The Japanese market was down  2-1/2 percent overnight.  Europe is down about half a percent.

US futures were calling the Dow down 150 before the open. We aren’t too optimistic about the rest of the week.  People are crazy.  (Except us, of course!)

Not much real news until Thursday when the ADP employment numbers will roll.  The Federal data comes Friday.

Meantime, Halfway through, 2018 delivers little to S&P 500 investors says Reuters.  Gee, I’m up double-digits (low mid-teens YTD) – can’t imagine why there isn’t a line to subscribe to Peoplenomics.  I know…lead a horse to water, right?

Hard reality is oh, so hard for soft-headed people.  Must hurt.

Weather Data Disappearing?

I don’t know if you have looked at lately, but they seem to have done away with the custom date-range look up of historical weather data.  This is a HUGE mind control “tell” as we see it…

We understand its maybe not a big revenue producer, but when the tools to look at the REAL data start disappearing from the web we get, oh…YOU KNOW: WORRIED!

Today, when we went to the site to do some research-on-the-fly – which involved putting in a custom search – there was no way to do it anymore.

Something smells….fishy!

So, in your webly wanderings, if you have found a good site that will let you put in ad hoc  date-range weather history searches, let me know.  Post links as comments, thanks.

Absent sources returning, we will be sorely inclined to label all this as likely thought-control (via bullshit data-scrubbing) to defang skeptics and prop up the Global Climate Change Tax Scam that’s coming.

You don’t want to hear it, just like you didn’t like my forecast of another War with Mexico.  Be patient!  I’m usually right in the long term!

Daily Dose of Drought

For us, the good news is an inch of rain is forecast this week.  I’d tell you how YTD is here, but THAT data is (strangely) missing as I said.  But we do have a drought going…no mistaking it:

Naturlich, when things are this dry, what happens?  Come on!  You’re awake, right?

Evacuations Ordered as Winds Fuel Northern California Fires.

See how simple prescience is?  Dangerous Heat continues this week.

And in England, a Lancashire fire will burn for another week.

Just as the media gets hysterical about “climate change” when it snows in the winter, the idiocy for the summer is ramping up now.  Climate, climate, climate.  OMFG – get under the bed…quick!

MMC: More Meaningless Crap

Try some of these on.  Totally useless filler designed to distract, but sell ads pandering to the simpletons.  A huge pile of “who cares?:

Madonna told by judge to stop harassing her neighbors.

Serena Williams goes to Prince Harry’s polo match with Meghan Markle.  Where was our invite?

LeBron James’ Move to L.A. Will Lift the NBA.

Speaking of dribble, I’m starting to drool.  Which means it’s time for chow and moron the ‘morrow… Dow futures down 153…better polish up the dancing shoes, huh?

53 thoughts on “Media Webolutionary Sucker Punches”

  1. “Hard reality is oh, so hard for soft-headed people. Must hurt.”

    It does NOT, because reality is “subjective,” and therefore the world to each is what it seems to be ;-).

    • Reality is what is happening to you now at this exact moment. Reality is only subjective when you bend it to get your way.

    • Bruno meant to say: The “kind of reality” which we discuss ever so often. Why do we have much too many left-wing fanatics in the world? To them, it’s the ideal world (regardless of history’s lesson!).

    • Damn Bruno you really know how to hurt a guy LOL.. “Hard reality is oh, so hard for soft-headed people. Must hurt.”

      You totally dashed my hopes that a couple of beautiful blonde space alien women would come in the night to take me to their space ship and ravish me in for sexual studies on creating a hybrid able to live on the earth..
      Now I will just have to tearfully accept my fate that my dull life will continue on just like it has every other day..

  2. Siggie Freud’s nephew, Edward Bernays, penned a seminal work titled “Propaganda” way back in 1928. The book laid out the simplicity of programming the mind of the commoner. The Third Reich’s Minister of Propaganda, Joseph Goebbels, fully adopted Bernays’ principles, essentially making it his and Hitler’s bible for winning the hearts and minds of their fellow Germans. When Bernays learned of his ideas being used to foster fervent Fascist followers across Europe, he quickly changed the name of subsequent editions of his book to ‘Public Relations,’ pulling away from politics and focusing on business uses instead. The following quote from ‘Propaganda’ reveals what mind control elitists like Soros, Bloomberg, Koch and Ellison so fully understand:

    “The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country… We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of. This is a logical result of the way in which our democratic society is organized. Vast numbers of human beings must cooperate in this manner if they are to live together as a smoothly functioning society…In almost every act of our daily lives, whether in the sphere of politics or business, in our social conduct or our ethical thinking, we are dominated by the relatively small number of persons…who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses. It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind.”
    ? Edward L. Bernays, Propaganda

    • Warhammer,

      Isn’t Trump following the Bernays playbook to a tee? And yes, both Fox and CNN as well. Never before in the history of political information gathering have there been so opposite views and accounts of the same events. It’s all hogwash and “propaganda”.

      • Mark,

        Indeed, Trump’s Twitterstorms follow Bernays’ script. With info flowing literally at the speed of light, and so many news organizations staking a claim to the info spectrum, it is natural for conflict to arise. (S)He who manipulates the best leads the mostest the longest. Propaganda is akin to mental cattle prodding – we are directed to Product X or Candidate Z. The question is ‘Y’? I agree with George that altruism is likely not the reason.

      • Actually, not Bernays as much as Alinsky, or an Alinsky / Cloward & Piven hybrid — specifically, the same ACP hybrid the Democrats have used since the early days of the Clinton Administration.

        Lots of stuff, dumped whenever it’s strategically expedient. It “overloads the system” (which is where the C-P aspect enters in) and is often contradictory in nature, which affords both “plausible deniability” and no clear definition of meaning.

        Both Clinton and Obama used the hell out of the technique. One thing which has really set the lamestream media off and driven them crazy is Trump is now using it, to “out-Alinsky” the Alinskyites…

    • And when the “men they’ve never met” become utterly corrupt, the end result is disaster.

      • War hammer…A perfect example of Bernay’s script is in the following tweet today.
        “Many good conversations with North Korea-it is going well! In the meantime, no Rocket Launches or Nuclear Testing in 8 months. All of Asia is thrilled. Only the Opposition Party, which includes the Fake News, is complaining. If not for me, we would now be at War with North Korea!”

        Trump is falsely claiming that he and he alone averted a deadly war with North Korea…that’s what propagandists do. I am not sure what he is basing that statement on. I read the “agreement” he and Kim signed. It’s a bunch of nothing that changes nothing. He is right about no rocket launches…but that’s not because of Trump… and we have no clue about Nuclear testing…unless Trump is gullible enough to take Kim’s word for it. Imagine the right wing media response if Obama were to take Kins word for it. But, Trumo is a master manipulator or con man…whatever your preference is.

      • Other perfect examples of Bernays may be found on Bernie Sanders tweets, BLM, MeToo, yada yada…
        What is NOT disclose by socialist media is when the same tweet goes out MORE THAN ONCE – that brother Mark is bot-spam to run the agenda.
        Where IS the outrage on the manipulation?

      • You are right George. I am not saying that both sides don’t do it…But Trump is the master of it…and I especially don’t buy an ounce of it.

        It has made him less believable than he already is…Bernie, Climate Warming zombies, etc…they all are guilty. And about Climate goons…just tell it like it is….The climate warmers just want to create jobs in the Alt energy fields..Which I am totally fine with…Just don’t make up the climate change part…Conversely, I don’t buy half of the Middle Eastern scare tactics for the same reason.
        One is trying to sell alt-energy and the other fossil fuels. They are choices just like Coke and Pepsi.,..Can’t we just live with that and not make stuff up?

      • A philosopher once said when asked..
        What was the cause of the downfall of a civilization.
        His response .. A civilization dies when those that lead become corrupted and those they lead are ignorant and willingly accept their actions.

    • Well written WH you are on the money…. I totally forgot that book until you reminded me of it.. wonderful book.. well written and right on the topic..

  3. The Portland story has not ‘disappeared’ – just now, after reading your column at 8:15am pst, that story can be found on various channels – NPR, OregonLive, WTOP, The Guardian, Huffington Post, Koin 6 to mention a few. However, it is ‘yesterday’s news’ so I wouldn’t think it would take top billing the day after.

    And I know that the following is not a shared view by many of your readers but will put it out there anyways – About your comment that 1/3 of Mexico lives in the USA–a rather broad statement- are you referring to legal or illegal immigrants? Full time residents or part time residents(seasonal) residents? Full or partial Mexican ancestry?
    And why are you not presenting that “Asians are projected to become the largest immigrant group in the US by 2055, overtaking Hispanics. In 50 years, Asians will make up 38 per cent of all immigrants in the United States, while Hispanics will be at 31 per cent, Pew Research has predicted in a new study.” Either way,immigration is here to stay and is a part of our country’s past and future history.

    BTW, we are already seeing the produce prices increase here in the PNW because of the lack of seasonal workers – legit/not legit. Who is going to pick/harvest – can guarantee it won’t be the white teens/unemployed adults who seem to have an aversion to hard manual labor. So you would rather have things rot in the fields and rising prices at the grocery stores than have willing hard workers? Personally, have seen and interacted with many Hispanic families – both legit and not, and they have far better family values and work ethics than many of the well-to-do families that we also know.

    • The need for more immigrant agricultural workers can easily be filled if congress would change the immigration quotas. I don’t disagree with your assessment of Hispanics. I just think that having our immigrants arrive through an orderly process is preferable to allowing people to come into our country willy nilly. We track our citizens, why shouldn’t we track the non citizens? All it takes is an act of Congress. Ask yourself why Congress won’t act?

      And I’m really tired of people like me who just want an orderly immigration process being labeled as racists. It’s not about race – it’s about law and order!

      • I agree with you Sarah. Why does the left always equate immigrant with illegal immigrant? I notice this most prominently on CNN. The converstation starts about illegal immigration and gravitates to separation of immigrant children from their immigrant parents who just happen to have broken the law.

        It is about law and order!

      • Most illegals are coming at the behest of the American agricultural companies like Dole, Del Monte and others…Even with wage increases, American workers, just don’t want that job.

        The legal way of handling it is with temporary workers via a H2A visa. With that, workers can be in the United States for up to one year and cannot go looking for work elsewhere. They don’t have to pay income or Social Security taxes.

        But here is the problem with H2A…Farmers say they don’t use the program because of costs such as housing, paperwork and the risk that applications will be rejected and leave them in the lurch.

        The complicated process means it cannot come close to meeting agriculture’s labor needs, said Bryan Little, director of human resources policy at the California Farm Bureau Federation.

        Critics such as Farmworker Justice say the program drives down wages and leaves both foreign and native workers open to abuses by employers, such as wage theft, that farmworkers suffered during the era of the bracero guest worker program that ended in 1964.

        It’s a conundrum that is hard to solve and the reason why so many presidents over the past 40 years have just turned a blind eye towards the issue. Ironically, most of our illegals don’t come across the border. They are shipped here in jumbo jets by the Ag companies and then file and stay. The GOP usually is a less government party…This is taking a easy approach to harvest time and making it way harder and costlier.

    • Ewww, I don’t trust PEW (poo) do you??? All you gotta doo doo is LOOK around, travel around, and WATCH, LISTEN, and LEARN, and no way, Jose, is the Asian population going to outnumber the Hispanic! Nice JOKE for the day, though; thanks for the laugh! And your little ditty about illegal and legal is just semantics, afterall, since every Hispanic (sic) woman has a baby or 5 and they all become American Citizens upon birth (AND retain their Mexican, Honduran, etc., citizenship via their Momma so they are DUAL citizens), but you, little ole hot peppa, can’t go poppa outta baby in Mexico and have it be a Mexican Citizen!!!! Well, keep giving it away for FREE, nobody ever buys that cow!

    • “BTW, we are already seeing the produce prices increase here in the PNW because of the lack of seasonal workers”

      That’s a fake meme. You’re seeing prices rise because someone is jacking prices.

      Exactly how many of the Guatemalans and Nicaraguans do you believe are sneaking into the country to become migrant farm workers?

      I have talked to Mexican migrant workers for years — broken bread with them more than once, both at their place (which is usually a dorm) and mine (they DO like my chili…) They’re good folks, and mostly play by the rules, which ensures they have a free pass next year, at the border, which is where they cross into the USA, and where they cross back into Mexico, at the end of picking season.

      None of the crap along the border affects, or even involves the seasonal migrant population in the least. Anyone who says it does, or is, is ignorant of that which they speak, or is a flat-out liar.

      • Ray…a majority of illegal immigrants are a product of undocumented workers that farmers, construction companies bring in and then the workers either stay here or jump from job to job to avoid deportation. Anyone who says that isn’t the case is just not in the know. Here is an excerpt from Mary Jo Dudley…director of the Cornell Farmworker Program at Cornell University.

        “My work as the director of the Cornell Farmworker Program involves meeting with undocumented workers in New York, and the farmers who employ them. Here’s a snapshot of who they are, where they work – and why Americans should care about them.

        Pew Research Center estimates that about 11.3 million people are currently living in the U.S. without authorization, down from a peak of 12.2 million in 2007. More than half come from Mexico, and about 15 percent come from other parts Latin America.

        About 8 million of them have jobs, making up 5 percent of the U.S. workforce, figures that have remained more or less steady for the past decade.

        Geographically, these unauthorized workers are spread throughout the U.S. but are unsurprisingly most concentrated in border states like California and Texas, where they make up about 9 percent of both states’ workforces, while in Nevada, their share is over 10 percent.

        Their representation in particular industries is even more pronounced, and the Department of Agriculture estimates that about half of the nation’s farmworkers are unauthorized, while 15 percent of those in construction lack papers – more than the share of legal immigrants in either industry. In the service sector, which would include jobs such as fast food and domestic help, the figure is about 9 percent.

        Further studies show that the importance of this population of workers will only grow in coming years. For example, in 2014, unauthorized immigrants made up 24 percent of maids and cleaners, an occupation expected to need 112,000 more workers by 2024. In construction, the number of additional laborers needed is estimated at close to 150,000. And while only 4 percent of personal care and home health aides are undocumented, the U.S. will soon require more than 800,000 people to fill the jobs necessary to take care of retiring baby boomers.

        Vital to American farms
        Since agriculture is the industry that’s most reliant on undocumented workers – and it’s my area of expertise and research – let’s zoom in on it.

        Overall, the agricultural industry in the United States has been on the decline since 1950. Back then, farming was a family business that employed more than 10 million workers, 77 percent of whom were classified as “family.” As of 2000 – the latest such data available – only 3 million work on farms, and as noted earlier, an estimated half are undocumented.

        In recent research conducted by the Cornell Farmworker Program, 30 New York dairy farmers told us they turned to undocumented workers because they were unable to find and keep reliable U.S. citizens to do the jobs. That’s in part because farm work can be physically demanding, dirty and socially denigrated work. More importantly, it is one the most dangerous occupations in the U.S.

        A study commissioned by the dairy industry suggested that if federal labor and immigration policies reduced the number of foreign-born workers by 50 percent, more than 3,500 dairy farms would close, leading to a big drop in milk production and a spike in prices of about 30 percent. Total elimination of immigrant labor would increase milk prices by 90 percent.

        Who cares? Most Americans
        Judging by the pronouncements from the White House, you might think most people don’t realize how integral undocumented immigrants are to the U.S. economy. But in fact, polls suggest that Americans do understand this, and also don’t believe that immigrants take their jobs.

        In a soon-to-be-published poll Cornell conducted in 2017, we asked New Yorkers, “How do you believe undocumented farmworkers impact local communities?”

        About 75 percent of those we polled said they have “generally positive impacts,” up from 62 percent in 2008. Of those who had a positive impression, most said it was because migrants fill jobs unwanted by citizens or provide essential farm help and keep prices low.

        And national polling backs this up. A 2016 Pew poll found that 76 percent believe undocumented immigrants are as honest and hard-working as U.S. citizens, while 71 percent said they mostly fill jobs that Americans aren’t willing to do.

        In other words, not only are there lots of reasons to care, the vast majority of Americans actually do.”

      • A word of warning to readers: Why Mark is posting really good stuff, please be aware that one source here is the Cornell University migrant worker blah…blaj.
        Cornell University is in Ithica New freakin York.
        How much does an Ithica NY school has “skin in the game?”
        So please, look at all sourcesa and ask “Hmmm…do they have a dog in this fight?:”
        Juss sayin….

      • Hey George..I too was wondering why a study would come out of a state (NY) that ranks 28th in the nation in Agricultural GDP…What I was really surprised to find out is that Cornell is the top Ag sciences school in the country. I would have thought UC Davis, Texas A & M, K-State etc…but no… Cornell of all places. I guess that is their skin in the game. Who knew?

      • Mark:

        SO, you’re saying farmers and construction companies are bringing all these illegal aliens into the country, illegally, to draft them into near-slave labor?


        Assuming you are correct, exactly how many of these abhorrent capitalists are encouraging their workforce to jump the border?

  4. As the web has matured, it has gradually become senile and is rapidly approaching full-on dementia.

    The amount of extractable, usable data on Yahoo & Google Finance is significantly less than it once was.

    Bing maps “birds eye view” has been effectively neutered.

    Search engine “advanced” search options peaked at least ten years go, and have gotten steadily worse.

    Small things like complete datetimes on articles/comments have disappeared. Because people would obviously much rather know that something happened “several months ago”, than on a specific date.

    Your weather underground observation is another manifestation of this phenomenon.

    I expect one day when opening the browser [with a nod to Idiocracy] it’ll say “Welcome to the web, I love you!”, with three big buttons to press with our 1AFBC (one App, finger, and brain cell). Those being:

  5. Dear Mr. Ure,

    Indeed the proverbial good ship “RMS Democracy” has slipped from the centre course and slippery hands are at work to yank her hard left or right. Yesterday’s “Canada Day” marked Canada’s 151st anniversary since Confederation, and a hallmark of current times is that ethnically diverse groups of individuals are sworn in as new Canadian citizens which is duly reported by the respective urban media bureaus. Now this time I was quite taken aback that here the CBC webpage’s primary picture of the event includes an onlooker at the right side of the stage displaying a nazi salute. A federal government minister is in the frame off to the left. Even if this pictured moment were an errant arm movement or a coincidental camera angle, one would expect that an editor would have sent the image to the cutting room floor. As well surprisingly, comments remain open yet there is not a single mention about the pictured gesture.

    I am not convinced that a constitutional lawyer can be the salvation that you seek. My FB friends send me inflammatory updates from the Harvard constitutional academic, Professor Tribe. How apropos is that name. He’s been one of the alleged ringleaders of #ResistTrump on Twitter since the inauguration. You may also recall Dr. Tribe was compelled to offer public apology following a May 22nd outburst on CNN that could have been construed to sanction harm against your head of state.

  6. According to my friends in Portland, ‘the antifas’ are only lashing out (with explosives, chemical weapons, and sneak attacks) because of ‘self-defense’. “Against physical aggression, you mean?”, “No, hate speech is violence, so they’re responding to the Christian Right’s violence!” “Violent speech means you can physically attack them?” “Well they started it! Antifa is defending free speech in Portland!”

    Then, she noted that her meds were finally right, so her chronic anxiety stemming from Hilary’s loss was under control. OH. NOW I get it…

  7. Regarding weather data, several years ago, the monsoon season was changed from a meteorological condition, to a calendar event.

    Monsoon season used to start after three consecutive days of the dew point popping above 55%. Well that stopped in 2008 when the National Weather Service decided to declare a monsoon season from June 15 to Sept. 30. Supposedly this allowed the Weather Service an opportunity to consistently promote its safety messages connected to the monsoon. The reality is because Phoenix can hardly meet the 3 day target anymore. If at all.

    But, you know, for the safety of the children, We’ll just pretend the monsoons aren’t vanishing.

  8. Analyzing the audience before serving “news” stories is an incredible problem for those trying to find the essence of current reality. “News” is becoming parables tailored to the audience. This is a continuation of the subtexts in most TV and movies, especially sitcoms and TV series.

    Even if you have a completely clean PC, you may also have a trail from your originating IP. Using a VPN might help here. Refusing cookies will most likely result in many “news” sites displaying nothing until you enable them. Cross-site scripting and third party cookies are especially invasive, as are applets for facebook, twitter, etc. These need to be blocked by software or in your HOSTS file. Easier said than done for most people.

    There are no friends of privacy or accurate news in government or media. That’s reality. Only personal effort and rigid discipline will help you see beyond the Matrix.

  9. George I think you R on to something here.
    What about (2) CIA ‘s , one the regular “Christians In Action”, and the German DVD operation known by the wily Huns as COREA Group. You know the guys that bring us the lovely school shootings we know and luv so much these days.
    The word on the street is TorturingGina is “aware” of this ” school program”,and is going to be shutting it down as soon ASAP, that is if you believe “word on the street/boards”. This War is already hot, and is hotting up as we read. Damm the webolutionaries, Full Speed Ahead!

  10. George, please be thinking of how to posture ones estate in the likely event the elite succeed in taking complete control. I’m trying to figure out how to best be postured financially in the event they succeed.

  11. Don’t you just love it I mean don’t you just hate it when someone puts out a breakthrough breakthrough and then come to find out you already knew the stuff
    Coffee drinkers I declare and alcohol and smoke or drinkers to , but wait they left out sex it’s all about if it feels good it’ll prolong your life coffee for sure feels good doesn’t it I drink every once in awhile lift your spirits and some people just to need odeya gum puff of a cigar or cigarette.

    May all beings be lovingly fulfilled and financially fulfilled and readily fulfilled so be it
    Be careful what you bite into it might be a digibyte and you might get feeling really good have fun this 4th of July

  12. One of the best defenses President Trump has against the left is Twitter. He is a wise man to keep up tweeting to get the real news out. The voters understand this, & the Dems will pay for their lack of understanding in November. Don’t forget to vote Republican in November; every vote is needed.

    The Dems biggest blunder it thinking all voters are stupid.

  13. Have to say I agree 100% with this guy’s opinion on these loony left virtue signaling open border types…he saw what open borders did to his native country and we’ve got Europe to show us what happens when nothing but users looking for the best welfare programs, overrun those nations. You want to come to the USA, do it the lawful way and as one of the Kennedy boys said, its not what can this country do for you, its what can you do for this country…in so many words.

    • It is a mess in other countries.the refugee’s have moved in and tried to alter those coutries. they live by the laws they are fleeing. Rapes, violent crime, murders, are all on the rise it has literally turned into a nightmare. even journalists traveling to those neighborhoods are chased out and beaten. One journalist quit going over to those countries when she was violently molested and the camera man beaten. You don’t hear those stories on the news either. i don’t want to see open borders.. I don’t mind if john and sarah want to come to the usa to work and raise their children but they should be willing to live by our laws and pay our taxes and be verified that they are coming to the USA for the right reasons. all of our families at some point or other were immigrants…the men should be put in a military trained and then sent back to their country to fight for their own homes instead of coming here and having our men go fight for their homes.

  14. Most frightening headline of the day:
    “Democratic Socialists Openly Calling For Communism After Ocasio-Cortez Win” from:

    (Where is McCarthy, now that we need him?)

    And for Econ-Journalist George, the FUNNIEST headline is:
    “Vietnam Central Bank Confirms It Stands Ready To Maintain Firm Dong”

    No comment needed.

  15. You could try a VPN service, such as —
    I needed to browse up some information in French that I thought might be available in France. When I tried searching for it here, I got no hits. So I cranked up the TunnelBear, made my computer appear to be in France and ‘Voila!’ my info appeared.
    It doesn’t work everywhere. They have a real problem maintaining a VPN link inside China. But it often works.

  16. Hi, George,

    There is currently a very fast growing fire near San Francisco that is only 3% contained. It has overtaken 33,000 acres so far. I want to say that I hope Mark will be safe. Even though I do not like his politics and disagree with nearly everything he says, I hope that he and his will be okay. Keep us posted, Mark.

    • Thank you for your concern. I am fine. The fire is near Sacramento,about 120 miles northeast of where I live. The skies are a bit hazy due to easterlies yesterday…but most will blow west. No chance of it hitting any urban areas we were told.

  17. “We are online suckas.”the Webolution took it to the streets”

    Unfortunately we are online for the planned changes.
    The actual debt is what ..phew hard to know with interest and how fast its growing. I think its pretty safe to project that the only outcome is a total dump of the American constitution and the re-writing.
    The fall of our country as we know it. Even now it’s just a shadow of what it was. From what I’ve read the plan was put in place in 1913.
    My assumption is the puppet masters know that blank pieces of paper will be discovered to be just that. With this realizationthe only way to keep their position of power isn’t through numbers it acquisition. Such as gaining control of let’s say aquifers.
    During the great western expansion large land owners were able to control the smaller through the control of water and travel.
    The real nail in e coffin happened in I think 87 or early 90’s when congress passed a bill. I am not sure of the bill number etc. But the way I read it (I have no experience in political law ) but the way I read it was that in the event of an inner country state of emergency. The sitting administration can seize control dismiss congress through any means necessary. And use the military to police the country. Elections would be put on hold till after the crises is ended.
    Hmm..didnt Iraq have similar law in place. Hmm.
    So we do not want to see a series of violent outbursts.
    The if question are these outbursts being staged to further an agenda.
    I don’t know but maybe if Congress would start paying attention..reading the bills and writing them..
    The elderly and the countries citizens have tossed under he bus

  18. Bob, the news propaganda outlets label it as “PC,” but what’s done is they alter a word like “alien” into a word like “immigrant,” allegedly so’s to not offend or be hurtful to “those who weren’t born here and don’t speak the language.” “Immigrant” is not correct in any case. The proper word would be “migrant,” but “adjusting” it via a “PC switch” forces people to notice the inaccurate word “immigrant” and not-notice or question the deliberate inaccuracy of the “adjustment.” Upon initial success, they “adjust” “illegal” to “undocumented” and, when possible to work it into the conversation, further “adjust” “immigrant” to “worker.”

    Thus, the government’s legal term, “illegal alien” is transmogrified into:

    Illegal immigrant, then
    undocumented immigrant, and finally
    undocumented worker,

    by the Marxist agenda-driven, the media, and those afflicted with PCD. The reason this happens is NOT to “not hurt illegal aliens’ feelings” (they don’t speak the language, remember?) It is a means of “shopping terms” to stupid Americans, to find one that’s sufficiently-palatable that a majority of us become convinced to open the floodgates and join the 3rd world socialist sh!tholes.

    The reason they bandy the terms “immigrant” and “illegal immigrant” about is to further obfuscate the conversation and confuse the issue. It affords opportunities for the Liberal attack dogs to attack anyone who responds to a question about one term, with a convincing “straw-man” attack on the other term, and is straight out of Alinsky. It is a means of “driving the conversation,” and the reason, if you listen to a conservative talker, they’ll spend the majority of their air time, responding to the “news” of the day irrespective its newsworthiness, and doing damage control.

    You can’t talk about the things that’re important to you, if you are fighting a rear-guard action against the combined forces of the Liberal “news” and the Liberal talkers. By driving the conversation, the Liberals prevent many conservative ideas and constitutional fundamentals from ever reaching an audience. Hence an ignorant audience remains so, and people begin to believe “Liberal philosophy” is the only valid American political ideology, and any other opinion must emanate from a “far-right nutjob,” because that’s what the media tells them.

    BTW, immigrants and asylum-seekers don’t bum-rush a national border, they go to the nearest Embassy or Consulate. Only invaders and refugees do what is being done to us. According to the U.N., refugees and asylum-seekers MUST make their request to the nearest country that’s not involved in the conflict from which they’re fleeing. Therefore ZERO are eligible for either asylum or refugee-status in the United States. The U.S. government historically bestows both asylum and refugee status annually to a number of ineligible requests, but that’s because we’re nice, not because we’re obligated.

    Since they are neither legal nor legitimate refugees or asylum-seekers, not immigrants, and not migrant workers, by the simple process of elimination, what does that make the people attempting illegal border crossings…?

    • You are absolutely right on Ray..
      how to change an outlook is to change the way it is viewed.. an illegal immagrant won’t get sympathy from the masses.. but an undocumented worker will..
      if you notice it is the same thing as in a war of any kind.. it is different if you are going to go attack harold and millie with their little kids john and sally then it is to go attack those.. (insert derogatory description here)

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