Assessing Your CPI Exposure

Most people don’t have any idea what their CPI exposure is. In other words, how much more do you need to make (per hour, monthly, or annually) to actually keep even with the price of things going up?

Given that we have been running somewhere around the 2% Cost of Living Range, do you have a  plan – as opposed to  hopium – to make up the difference over the next year?

It’s a given that you will need to make  more than the actual cost of goods number.  Because government will (and take this one to the bank) be increasing taxes because CV-19 is an “expense” that will get “spread around the public.”  This is done by raising taxes.

Tax Outlook?  Rising (of course!)

As a planning guide?  Picture government trying to expand (at the rate of inflation, or 2% range) while the number of people actually holding jobs last year at this time was around 157.895-million.  And this year (August data here) the number working is 147.288-million.   That’s 6.7% fewer people working.

It’s therefore not unreasonable to expect that once we get past the election, we will see government begin to raise taxes – at a pretty good clip – because they will talk about all the costs of “fighting CV-19.”  As we’re fond of saying, “Everything’s a Business Model.”

One further point:  If break-even taxes need to go up 6.7% (among surviving workers) and government wants 2% more to “take care of its own” – then an 8.7% tax increase could be in the cards.  So, the way you make it possible for people to pay this is how?  Why, though the magic of inflation, of course!  If wages seem like they’re going up, naturally taxes will rise.

We could model this all day long, but the reason for all the short-term lower-for-longer is to set the stage for an inflation to come.  Which will lower the purchasing power of the dollar. Which means it will “take more dollars to buy the same goods” and that will make it look like gold, food, stocks and whatever are going up.

Not to worry, it’s just the money cratering, but for now, not until after the election.

53-days to run.

Watering Down the Paper

One more thing before we get into the CPI press release:  Here’s the latest moves reported by the Fed on M1 and M2 money supplies:

Here’s my “magic decoder ring” on how to interpret Fed money-handling.

First we look at the M1 column.  If the 13-week annualized rate of increase (blue circle) is smaller than the 26-week rate of increase (red circle) then there is not likely a whole lot of upside pressure on the market.  Remember, shrinking money makes it MORE VALUABLE and that means it doesn’t take as many dollars and so it looks like the market is going down.  When, in reality, the money is becoming worth more – which can be good for bonds (where lower rates are a higher return on previously issued (at higher rate) bonds.

(No quiz needed because you know all this stuff.)

The yellow highlight says “Since we know from high to low, the March market panic dropped about 33% of market value, and since the money was jacked up just shy of 38%, then yeah – it would make sense for the market to be  priced higher than the February high.  Whee!

The CPI Guts

So much for the foreplay – returning to Action Central:

” The Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers (CPI-U) increased 0.4 percent in August on a seasonally adjusted basis after rising 0.6 percent in July, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Over the last 12 months, the all items index increased 1.3 percent before seasonal adjustment.

The monthly increase in the seasonally adjusted all items index was broad-based; a sharp rise in the used cars and trucks index was the largest factor, but the indexes for gasoline, shelter, recreation, and household furnishings and operations also contributed. The energy index rose 0.9 percent in August as the gasoline index rose 2.0 percent. The food index rose 0.1 percent in August after falling in July; an increase in the food away from home index more than offset a slight decline in the food at home index.

The index for all items less food and energy rose 0.4 percent in August after increasing 0.6 percent in July. The sharp rise in the index for used cars and trucks accounted for over 40 percent of the increase; the indexes for shelter, recreation, household furnishings and operations, apparel, motor vehicle insurance, and airline fares also rose. The indexes for education and personal care were among the few to decline.

The all items index increased 1.3 percent for the 12 months ending August; this figure has been rising since the period ending May 2020, when the 12-month increase was 0.1 percent. The index for all items less food and energy increased 1.7 percent over the last 12 months. The food index increased 4.1 percent over the last 12 months, with the index for food at home rising 4.6 percent. Despite recent monthly increases, the energy index fell 9.0 percent over the last 12 months.

Cool enough now to lay in some seed stock?

The Predictable Congress

How long has it been since I told you “No additional CV-19 Relief” until at least after the election?  (But in truth, once the election is over, and the House and Senate and potentially White House are in democrat hands, why bother with relief…since there’s no election to worry about for two years….)

Well, duh: Senate Democrats block Republican Covid relief proposal. Which is tantamount to the democrats saying “We’re going to fight so hard for you, we are going to kill you….”  (Give the Rs a point for trying, take 5 from Peloser and Scummer.  They can’t figure out a hamburger is better than no cheeseburger – which is the dem’s wrong-headed notion.  “Ya’ll just starve until these bastards swing for a Cheeseburger and you just wait – super sized fries and an apple turnover, too.  It’ll be a grand meal – even though you may die waiting…”

Shitheads leading lemmings.  It’s the (IQ90) American way.  

Next prediction:  Unable to actually FIX anything, the Capitol Clown Posse will come up with a “New Program” (or several) as an alternative to actually solving anything.  Because with programs you can be taxed for life and nothing ever changes.  Which is why China’s kicking our ass.  Thanks, stupes!

In the Shorts

An abbreviated dose of verbal venom today.  I have to go deal with more stupid.  Car “safety inspection” time.  But look here:  If driving is down 50% (and more) why not go two years between inspections?  Like the tires will rot off in a year…what?

No, can’t have that, by God.  Government is NOT flexible and NOT responsive an d doesn’t care about Reality so much as itself.  I dated a girl like that, long ago…

Where was I???

(Like I’ve “gone Andy” on you, sorry…where’s the headlines?)

President Trump pushes back on recordings about downplaying coronavirus: “I didn’t lie”

Hey CNN!  No, No, No…it’s not climate, you fools!  (Lord save from these people.) The fires raging out West are unprecedented. They’re also a mere preview of what climate change has in store.  You mean like the fire department cuts due to budgets and runaway forestland management rules based on excessive environmentalism and la Nina aren’t primary?  Hand over that crack pipe. Let’s go swim in underwater Midtown!

My ff/emt son’s still on the White River fire up in Oregon. (Where he is a CV-19 technical specialist on the lines – which is why I read stories like:) Coronavirus live updates: Israel reportedly heads for second nationwide lockdown; Heathrow reports 81.5% drop in travelersy.

Idiots of Portland Dept: Portland Issues Sweeping Ban on All Facial Recognition Use.  So, antifa, and the violent subs within BLM and such…it’s bonus time thanks to the impaired socialists out that!  Yipee.  But wait! Oregon voters disapprove of Portland protests, feel police aren’t using enough force, poll finds.  Too late, we fear.  The city has shit-canned it’s economic prospects for how long to come based on unchecked lawlessness?

God…lemme out of here.  More on Peoplenomics tomorrow.  Dow futures +125 after the data.  Lookout below at the close or Monday…

Write when you get rich,

73 thoughts on “Assessing Your CPI Exposure”

  1. Lumber yards in town are telling all the builders to buy their lumber now because the price it going to skyrocket in the short term. Maybe I ought to be looking at that instead of s & g. I know, storage problems.

    • It already has, here… Prices are up by a third, availability is evaporating. I can buy all the pressure-treated 2x4x8 or 4x4x8, or SPF untreated dimensional lumber I wish. Prices range from 25% to 40% higher than this spring, depending on dimensions. I can not buy pressure-treated lumber that’s 10 feet or longer, for any amount of money. EVERY lumber yard is devoid of the stuff. It’s like Ball Jars and stockade — It’s just gone!

      • And .380 ammo of all calibers. It took me a week to find and get all the components ordered to reload and it’ll be a month before some come in. It’s interesting to see what is disappearing from the supply lines.

    • Yep…as a result of all the fires sweeping the Western states, better believe all re-construction material prices will continue to skyrocket!

      • They skyrocketed before any fires. In the Midwest we always see a significant bump when hurricane season rolls around. This year is different, because stuff which doesn’t preemptively go to a coastal warehouse for price-gouging the insurance companies, like CCA-40/AC2 and CCA60 pressure-treated lumber has disappeared, and Lowes, HD, Menards, BS, Carter, all show:

        “Out of stock – unavailable.”

        I’m doin’ what me daddy did, soaking exposed lumber in creosote/penta before painting and not putting any wood on or under ground, but I know it only prolongs, not prevents.

  2. “I didn’t lie”

    That’s a good one. Like I pointed out in the Yahoo article, there are no lies.

    Think of it like this…. even though sex seems to be based on friction at a molecular level people atoms never touch.

    Strauss and Howe had one thing right, all the institutions are corrupt.

  3. My take on the WPO story…

    LOL give it a good run… think about it a little bit.. here is my opinion and thoughts on this.. I have wondered why in the hell DJT would even want to be President AGAIN after everything the democrats put him through, He sure doesn’t seem to me to be a Massochist but hey each to their own ….. He came in to help wasn’t even being paid.. He thought he could straighten out a serious mess that the country he loves was in and secure his fortune.. He did more than any other president during my life.. exposed a bunch of corruption.. when he said he was going to send certain people to jail for their actions.. An endless series of horrific attacks began.. it lasted his whole presidency.. the attacks were non stop.. I quit watching the news because that is all you heard.. they attacked anyone that knew him.. his families his friends.. everyone.. non stop.. to me is seemed that the information was mostly manufactured … then some one put this virus out or it escaped whatever.. He is still attacked.. so what would you do.. you could run from it.. or do the other thing..Be a smart azz and run for office again..get them back on the venomous attack… let them go back out and just tell everyone how good it is going to be with them as president.. attack him,his family,his friends and anyone that associates with them.. back the criminals rioting and destroying america.. let them pull down monuments of our past and pillage and destroy..
    the country is still on the decline there isn’t a fix to it.. anyone with any insight can see from the numbers that the economy is going to tank.. it doesn’t have a choice..
    GET REAL CLOSE.. let the attacks increase to a frenzy.. then.. BACK AWAY.. let them have it.. LOL LOL
    as soon as the public sees that they were nothing more than telling them stories.. no matter what they do its their problem.. the country will tank even though they are bragging that they and only they can fix it.. LOL…

    • Are you smoking crack Looking out of the box?
      You said”He did more than any other president during my life.. exposed a bunch of corruption.. when he said he was going to send certain people to jail for their actions.. ”

      He didn’t expose a bunch of corruption…HE HIRED THEM!!!!

      Does that include the very people he hired that are now in Jail? There were 34 indictments of people he was associated with. 7 of them were his advisors. People he hired. That’s a strange way to clean house if you ask me.

      I have an advance copy of the Michael Cohen book just emailed to me. Wow. This is a page turner..It’s Goodfella’s meets Manchurian Candidate. Got absolutely nothing to do tonight but finish this book. Finished Mary Trumps last week. Woodwards is next.

  4. “I have to go deal with more stupid. Car “safety inspection” time. ”

    Cars.. dam.. can I relate to it..
    I have a real dependable car.. I am anal about maintenance.. a year ago.. I was having brake issues and a power steering leaky hose.. It was going to need tires.. so I had new tires put on.. had new brakes and power steering..
    Nothing big or serious.. the shop I take it to and have been a customer for thirty years.. well the owner is a master mechanic.. and so was his crew.. the problem is he got big his skilled crew quit to make more money and he got new tech school graduates in..
    I get the car back.. the brakes still leak so does the power steering.. back in it goes..
    I get it back same thing.. they dump in a bunch of money into it.. and the air conditioner.. they put in a whole complete new air conditioning system it still didn’t work ten times it went in for the air.. only to discover that it was a broken wire.. I spent a great deal of money trying to keep that running.. the brakes.. in the past two years it has been in eight times.. for both.. the same leaking hose.. I finally told them just tell the kid its the one that keeps spraying him in the face.. they put a new hose on it.. for the brakes.. they put in a new master cylindar.. the whole brake system is shot.. no brakes.. well real spongy pedal.. it was leaking so bad that it was leaving a trail.. I took it back.. the kid says where is it leaking I had to take his hand and put it back where the leak was so his hand filled up with fluid..
    the real issue is each time they dump more and more new things and never fix the issue.. the kids either wasn’t paying attention in class or they didn’t do anything at all.. it is a mess and I am fresh out of thousand dollar bills.. to fix something that the new kids fresh out of school just don’t have the knoweledge to fix..
    the wife and I talked.. the sad thing is.. that old vehicle is me.. how much do you dump in it.. the motor is sound.. the body a little rusty and road worn.. but it is still a good vehicle.. little things falling apart but no one has the knoweledge on how to fix it.. can’t read the manual that says do this and do that.. Our cost of living has outpaced our income.. so I had to tell them that I just can’t put more into it since they can’t fix it.. there is a time to just say enough..

    • everything has been replaced on those dam brakes.. and it still leaking like a sieve.. My fear is they will just want to toss more parts in it.. it needed to have the one that was leaking put in.. not replace the whole thing and still leave the leaking part.. I am tired..

      • Box,
        Have you tried looking on Craigslist to see if you can find a mechanic that is working out of the home and may be more experienced and much less expensive since he has limited overhead with respect to his business? I have done that and if one of my vehicles is giving me a headache I am not up to dealing with, I still do that. He isn’t cheap, but he’s good and doesn’t make me keep visiting him over the same thing. Also, you can try a national brand like Midas or Meineke, they have more accountability as a larger company, but the bottom line is auto repair is a huge burden. Even with a full shop I am loath to start tearing into my front end and changing a tie rod or ball joint. Then I have to re-align it. So I drive it till I can’t stand it anymore. But I love my 03 F250. Even though there are so many pitfalls, it’s paid for and like a part of me. So I keep it. Hope it works our for you. I would not pay that guy for all his incompetence. He should refund your money if it is not fixed after all this. Take the bills to court with you and he will have to pay it all back x 3. Here in sunny NJ, the department of consumer affairs will nail an auto shop for exactly what he did to you. $7500 fine first offence. And likely your boy is doing this to everyone. Take care and blessings to you and your family.

    • Here in MI we have to get our car license plates “renewed” annually.

      The State gives proof of renewal in form of sticker to be stuck on the stamped metal plate.

      Job creation from politicians gone by.

      I don’t disagree with the stamped metal plates but do disagree with the renewal stickers. I’m sure there are many reasons politicians used to justify the sticker. Here I am stuck paying pensions for state employees who started working before I was born passing out stickers. Thanks.

      “Yep, he came in, stood in line for an hour and gave us the $150.00, pass him a sticker.”

  5. Wait, what ?? Its Friday morning for gosh shakes – not so fast Kemosabe ! Woke up late, hungover, wearing a Pirate outfit – dam Thirsty Thursday .

    That last part – ” lookout below at the close or Monday” ..

    U gotta ask Ureself – R my Overies/Ballz big enough to SHORT in the face of all time highs, mo-mo algo market mania and a Fed Put?

    Obviously the answer here is ABSOLUTELY! coot looking at “Shorts” or In “Shorts”…SPY/PENN/NKLA/BNTX/MRNA to name a few.

    NOT INVESTMENT/TRADING ADVICE! coot loses Money every day/week Trading, and thats the key – aint that right Kenny..

  6. George

    ” Which means it will “take more dollars to buy the same goods” ”

    I went into Homer’s place the other day to grab some project material which included a box of StrongTie wood screws. These screws are made from very hard metal and never wallow out went you drive them. A box of 100 was recently at $8. It has now jumped up to $10.

    It’s getting scary!

      • Yup.. at the store I went to buy italian diced tomatoes..we were down five cans I bought six.. the funny thing is . I usually have trouble locating my brand..this time around.. I found them right away..then I noticed it.. the whole isle.. every spot there was a product missing that they couldn’t get the shelf was faced to look full..with Italian diced tomatoes. they could get them so to look stocked they filled the empty holes with what they had in blackstock. I went up and down isles and it was the same with other various items. To make the store look full it was faced with products they had and could get..

      • There is a reason one should never throw away screws and bolts… when you are in the sticks or when the country is shut down from a plandemic or when China stops selling them to the USA or when the price of said bolts and screws exceeds the current USD for a single replacement.

        Yea – call me a fool for taking the time to wire brush and sort bolts while watching TV or listening to an audio book…c’mon…you know you wanna tell me I’m a paranoid old coot!

      • When I was remodeling the ranch house Lowe’s originally carried a brand of finishing nails, dang I can’t remember the name but it starts with an “M” and they’re in a yellow and orange box, that were hardened and would go through the ancient used lumber I was working with. Instead they replaced them with a brand, Griptite? (dang! c’mon coffee!!), that was so inferior to the previous brand it was like trying to hammer a wet noodle into the old seasoned wood even when I drilled a pilot hole for them. I had to order the old nails from the main company online at a hugely inflated price and now the few boxes I have left over are a treasured item in my storage cabinet.

      • “When I was remodeling the ranch house Lowe’s originally carried a brand of finishing nails, dang I can’t remember the name but it starts with an “M” ”

        God I remember them to.. but I think the company either changed their name or merged.. the two biggies now are GRK and Starborn.. the GRK is my brand of choice great product..

      • Bill, the company is “Maze.”

        They are one of my favorite companies, for reasons that’d become obvious after skimming any page on their website.

        They’re located in Peru, Illinois (between Chicago and Rockford.)

        They are still around, and AFAIK are the only American company manufacturing American nails out of American steel.

        Maze Nails
        Peru, Illinois – Established in 1848
        Tel: 800-435-5949

        From the COVID notice on their website: “We have stood by America for the past 172 years and will continue to do so during this unforeseen challenge. We want to thank you for supporting our 100% Made in the USA nails and we will continue to serve you faithfully! Please call us anytime…1-800-435-5949.”

        Maze has an e-commerce “shopping cart” on their website but I’m guessing that shipping nails through USP ain’t cheap. Menards carries Maze (closest one to you is in Arkansas.) I don’t know about other box stores, but they may have them on their special order sheet.

        Oh, and just for LOOB: Guess what else they have on every page? This, as a link:

        “Email the President”

      • OM2, have you considered washing good used fasteners in HCl or using washing soda electrolysis to make them “as new?” I’ve not tried washing soda for screws yet, but I use dilute hydrochloric acid all the time (which is what ALL steel producers and wire/screw mills use to clean their product.) It’s a lot less labor-intensive than wirebrushing, and I never stab my thumb with a bristle or erase skin from my index, any more…

    • ROCKET MIKE on September 11, 2020 at 09:28: ” screws are made from very hard metal”

      Mike. I don’t know what your project is but if it is a structural project, consider that those very hard screws are very brittle. They will sometimes shear or snap depending on the load put on them.
      They are great for cabinetry and assemblies but the soft, bendy nails will not snap off in overstressed situations. I love the power screwdrivers with the TORX heads but won’t use them to fasten things that are subjected to high loads or excess vertical heights.

      • The original anchor for the lanyard chain that supports the backhoe arm on my tractor when it’s not being used broke its weld one day a couple of years ago. I drilled a couple of other holes and put some slick headed bolts I had on hand through the last chain link to anchor it to the main frame of the backhoe and they, as well as subsequent ones, broke after only a short trip down the bumpy paths around the ranch. I went into town and got some Grade 8 bolts, 1/4′-20s, put two of them in the holes I’d drilled and, so far, they’ve withstood all the bouncing and maneuvering I’d done on the tractor since then.

        Hardness can make a bolt brittle but a lot depends on the direction that force is being applied to it, how tightly the bolt is screwed down and the overall strength of the bolt itself. I’d have gone up to a 3/8″ bolt but it would have required a different chain which I didn’t have and more engineering I didn’t have time for.

      • Bill, “slick-headed” bolts are Grade-1 (and sometimes Grade-2) and are mild steel. Modern screwmakers typically mark heads with one raised line for every grade above 2 (so a Grade-5 will have three marks, a Grade-8 will have six.)

        American screws (hard nails, knives, screwdrivers, etc.) are quality steel that’s case-hardened to a specific depth. Because they have a soft center that’s not crystalline or brittle, they will bend, rather than shatter, under radical torsion. Chinese screws are crystalline (impure) steel and are all over the place WRT hardening (I’ve seen some Chinese Gr-8s that had to be 60 Rockwell, with screws which couldn’t be over 42 in the same bin.)

        Hard Chinese screws hold just fine, as long as they don’t have to deal with too much torsion or shear. Under a shear force I’ve seen them shatter like glass.

        Farm stores typically sell grade 1-2, 5, and 8 in “bulk,” for less than $2/pound. The Gr-1s make excellent shear pins for PTOs and driven implements, and are a helluvalot cheaper than the pin in a Deere or Case zip-lock bag. I assume the prepackaged and bulk screws are all Chinese, unless I buy them myself, direct from an American manufacturer.

        Ed C: I love torx-head screws. I assume GripTite is sourcing them from China because they’re really hard, and really brittle. My only gripes are the heads are usually, but not always hard (so you can round out the spline before you shatter the shaft) and I get about 1 screw in 50 which has a buggered spline, and can’t be driven.

        If I need to build something which holds, and is extremely safe, I always do it with carriage bolts

  7. Locally in Northeast Arkansas the price of lumber products has skyrocketed. 1/2″ OSB which was around $7 earlier this year is now over $20. Building suppliers said framing studs will hit $9/each. That should stop new construction in its tracks.

    • Feed at our local church they needed some repairs.. the trim they needed isnt made was hand made. The made their own using man made lumber from waste plastic and saw dust.. it turned out beautifull and was cheaper..when there was severe shortages during ww2 colleges were teaching construction with available natural materials. I am curious how long it will take before this becomes acceptable once again until then I think prices will soar..

    • Here in N.Y. we can’t buy any lumber at any price its simply not there,most new construction is dead in its tracks crews laid off and it looks like that’s the new normal with no reason given except we can’t get it.!!!!

      • “Here in N.Y. we can’t buy any lumber at any price its simply not there”

        Wow.. Someone else was talking about that yesterday.. that lumber was hard to come by.. and expensive..Its a hard scene to visualize…and now the forest fires.. phew.. a good chunk of that was for lumber to..

  8. George:
    Living with Conservatives is like living with a bunch of overwrought, emotional drama queens in a Shakespearean farce, that in the end turns into tragedy.

    Could you imagine a doctor’s defense to the malpractice case being ‘I DELIBERATELY didn’t tell you that you had cancer because it would have panicked you?’
    Methinks Hamlet might say: ‘Irresponsible, thy name is Conservative.’

    (Or, in a similar context, pretty irresponsible of the R’s to deliberately block climate mitigation in the ‘hope’ of an as yet un-invented invention.) (Or deliberately destabilizing the Middle East, today being 9/11.)

    Wow. And they call Snowflakes ‘snowflakes.’ LOL. Best, Mike

    • Like a good liberal – since they are easily confused:

      Go ahead and vote for a guy who stands for nothing.
      A guy who can’t answer for his son’s gigs in China and Ukraine.
      A party that will starve people out for political spite in order to demonize an incumbent.
      A party that confuses weather with climate.

      Yep…makes it worth getting up every day just to throw buckets of cold hard facts on you Mike.


      I’m from a family of first responders: (Fire, EMT, police, news…) We run to the scene of the facts. Not away from.

      • But George…Would you rather have the S*#t show we have now? If you are going to criticize Biden’s son, you have to look into Sleazy “Trump Foundation Money is My Money” Don. Jr., “Half brain” Eric and “Give me the China Patents now” Ivanka.

        Biden, like me, believes in pollution first…climate change is a possible, long term by product if not held in check. He believes in alternative energy because it creates 50X more jobs than The plateaued fossil fuels Industry.

        The Dems are not starving people, they are trying to increase the stimulus. To tell you the truth if they want to win in November, they should pass what’s on the table because the The GOP plan is A sham and totally inadequate.

        Listen, I am not advocating on the behalf of Biden, but there is no way in hell I can take another 4 years of the idiot in the Oval Office !

      • G,

        The least evil party is:

        The Humanity Party®

        The Humanity Party® is a legally registered U.S. political party. Until we have candidates from our party, THumP® calls for a civil uprising demanding real change of the political status quo. This can be done peacefully and according to law at voting booths throughout the world. Instead of voting for any listed candidate, write in “HUMANITY PARTY.”

      • “climate change is a possible, long term by product if not held in check. ”

        Mark.. climate change has always been a reality.. they taught us that back in grade school.. it is a natural process.. the big deal is we can’t do anything about it..
        Man is not the whole problem and a carbon tax is only meant to make some gold tooth rich man wearing polyester and a hanky in his pocket more money..
        Humans on the average don’t make drastic changes until the affects become so bad that there isn’t any other choice..
        Everyone hates Greenscaping.. or solar power or CO2 filters etc…. mostly because they feel they will loose control for more money.. its all a business model..
        the carbon tax is not the answer and neither is the fart bags that are forced on cows.. think about it.. after the fart bag is full.. what do they do with it.. LOL…
        We do speed up the natural cycle a little .. we clear cut and build using concrete and asphalt.. cut tree’s and drive cars.. in a city of one million we need fifteen million more trees.. just to handle the co2 emissions.. instead we cut them down..
        I think for our species.. we are at the time of our extinction.. here is a good book read it then contemplate it..

        I gave hard copies of it away as gifts one year.. good thinking book..

        as for this…. ” Would you rather have the S*#t show we have now?”

        from my perspective that was all a manufactured using false propaganda by some sore losers that were afraid he was going to expose their actions.. the minute he said one person should be in jail for what they had done.. the attacks began and haven’t let up quite yet..
        I truly believe that if the opposition had made it in.. we would all be picking food out of the trash because of the war they would have had us in..

      • “A guy who can’t answer for his son’s gigs in China and Ukraine.”

        AMEN GEORGE….

        It is one thing to acknowledge a child’s misbehavior and explain that you will always love them but you don’t have control over their actions.. that you will try and get them to do the right thing.. quite another to brag about helping them and then hiding the issues from sight.. for that reason alone I will never vote for him.. then on top of it.. called a hard working american farmer names when he asked about those issues.. give me a break..from my perspective that shows just how low he considers the people of the USA..

    • Whats a matta hasbarist – Splatta ?

      – U cant handle Truth, truthful Statements, instead resorting to the Demonrats fav tool –

      Projection – “We will just keep accusing Conservatives of OUR OWN CRIMES”, till the Media convinces the geniuses like U.

      Never in modern times been a Leader who spoke the truth, and was such a comedian – till the Orange Gollum of Greatness came along & “shocked” the World.. hydroxychloroquine & zinc..or U can just drink disinfectant – bwahahahaha

      M&M – still butt hurt from 2016 – NO “Eaze” in sight – and Landslide Victory on the horizon.


    • Mike,

      And the Doc yelled at most of the support staff.

      Most Democrat governors caught a lot of shade from Trump for shutting down their states.

      “Trump Encourages Protest Against Governors Who Have Imposed Virus Restrictions”

      “The president issued calls to ‘LIBERATE’ states, and several announced plans to ease restrictions. At least 7,000 of the virus deaths in the U.S. are connected to nursing homes.”

      At this point we don’t know if Trump is behind the defund campaign or not. It’s a similar template as the COVID.

      4D chess.

      • “Trump Encourages Protest Against Governors Who Have Imposed Virus Restrictions”

        Hmm…. good one.. but an understandable one.. He decided.. Option 2.. he had three options.. 1. shut down everything give out war time ration scripts and only allow essential services.. freeze commerce banking everything…
        option 2 give out some funds leave the velocity of cash moving …
        3. Pretend it doesn’t exist and let the leaves fall where they fall..
        He should have gone option 1 for a couple of months then back…but he didn’t.. congress didn’t.. when they gave out the stimulus they gave out tokens like they have always done to the vast majority and the larger to corporate.. they should have bet on the people spending and give them enough to pull out.. ( still a bad idea either way.. where is it coming from.. who will pay) Now.. when they seen the velocity of the compounding dollar and interest and the shut down of spending.. that scared everyone.. especially him.. you can’t abandon a building.. a building is almost a living being.. it needs the moisture from your breath the oil from your hands.. you abandon a building and eventually it will decay from neglect and unused.. so you have to keep a team in there to keep it maintained.. the utilities are still on.. and the traffic at a standstill.. He has a few high end resorts and they don’t turn a dollar.. a casino as a rule has the more frequent pay outs on the outside to draw you in.. the higher paying machines on the inside .. lights flashing and music all designed to get you to spend your dollar.. the electricity costs money lawn maintenance costs money.. a shopping mall empty. god.. a small store with just a few coolers.. huge expense and the only option since you left the velocity of cash flowing.. get people to spend… our whole country is now a consumption country.. we consume spend and toss..
        I definitely understand why.. then tax revenue.. your not spending.. your not paying taxes and that list is huge.. I know insurance agents that were concerned that since people weren’t driving that they would drop the insurance.. big money..
        JB can’t do anything less either.. the velocity.. the only way was to freeze it all.. but they can’t now.. its out there.. you can’t stop the virus we have to live through it.. maybe they could shut things down.. but you have to go whole hog.. and do it for an extended time until it dies off.. open the spigots of utilities no rates charged.. no taxes no money needed for a two month emergency war time event.. ration coupons.. no rent do no interest charged freeze it all.. leave it in the same shape you got it.. today they left the velocity of cash moving.. the bills are still overdue.. and so is rent and eviction notices..I don’t think it can be backed up either.. so it is what it is.. live with it.. understand his situation.. tax revenue alone was huge.. then printing money.. put our economy that was already in tough shape and heading towards the pit in a free fall… tough choices.. glad I didn’t have to make it.. He was already being attacked every minute of the day can you imagine what he would be facing if he had frozen everything.. damned if you do damned if you don’t..

      • LOB,

        I understand the Base is called the Base for a reason. Great difficulty to change the mind of the Base. It’s like telling a guy his wife cheats. He’s going to punch you in the face.

        There was the link floating around here showing government knew of COVID in 2018. That now seems true being we now know info was kept away so not to panic.

        In hindsight the MI protesters were fools and 100% wrong running around without masks protesting. They were led to the slaughter. Maybe even part of a spreading experiment. The Base won’t change their mind.

  9. What is going to happen will happen whether you like it or not, so stop worrying about what the future might bring and embrace each and every event that comes your way, be it “good” or be it “bad”. You can and you must enjoy life to the fullest, because this wonderful earth maybe the closest we’ll ever get to be in paradise?! However, individually each and everyone will have to acknowledge this him/her selves. Just some opinion of an old man. As they’ve been saying: “With age comes wisdom.”

      • “Here all this time I thought it was
        “With life come greedy heirs…”

        Unless your filthy RICH they will have to stand inline.. for the vast majority it’s all out for the medical community then the lawyers as everyone else squabbles over the crumbs..
        IF you make it to a nursing home.. and the mrs. Makes it there . That’s a half mill a year not counting laundry and other personal expenses such as medications etc. Take tylenol.. outside the medical facility its six or seven dollars a bottle.. in a facility well I dont k ow about now but twenty years ago one of the patients showed me his bill for thirty it was just shy five hundred a month. I am fairly confident those prices have increased. A Kleenex tissue is ten bucks. (Not the box) we did my mothers laundry because it was several hundred a month if they did it.. depends .. from them or a store .
        The sad part is … they loose money.. my wife’s employer..he doesnt take in enough to make payroll much less any other expenses..(he hasn’t figured it out yet and I Don’t plan on telling hope is he can juggle for three more years)he doesn’t see it because of the huge numbers he’s getting over forty facilities..each gets their incomes at different times..
        That’s why they jack the rent up for office space in clinics and insurance companies increase etc.
        I had a similar problem when I delivered newspaper lol my father told me to do the math but it was invisible because of the numbers.

      • “With life come greedy heirs…”

        Would be funny if not so true ;-( but you yourself know that if you plant carrots you can’t expect to harvest potatoes, no matter how long and loud you protest that potatoes matter.

        You harvest what you seed — it’s the law of nature, IMHO.

    • It is possible to live for the day most of the time and still reserve a little time for thinking ahead.
      A little planning can help keep that paradise thing in play.

    • Spot on bolshevic. And Silver linings are always in play, even upon death, the greatest Silver lining of them all. Throw away your TV, Read books, get out in nature. Dont fall for the lesser evil
      trap. If you are being offered a binary choice you are probably being screwed.

  10. The smoke from wildfires is no joke when it covers your town at ground level for a week. It gets into your house. This happened a couple years ago too.

    It’s regular around the PacNW… and not because of climate change. The state of Oregon refused to fight fires on federal land weeks ago, when they were only a few acres. One of them is now over 100k acres and wiping out communities.

    So YES, politicians will burn out their constituents to make everyone helpless, fear the weather, and get back at the other party.

    The fires are a business model.

    Anyway, this time I got two high-quality furnace filters, taped them onto box fans, and am breathing smoke free air inside for the price of a filter and some masking tape. Brown rings on the filter material this morning. I may need more filters before this is over.

  11. I am curious why you aren’t talking about the 18 taped interviews Bob Woodward had with Trump…many of those without the knowledge from his own staff. Trump agreed “on his own” because Trump is a narcissist and star struck pansy…and Bob Woodward Is an icon. I can hear Trump at the time of that first phone call…”All the Presidents men was my favorite movie…maybe our interviews can be a movie too?”

    It will be a movie all right…a tragedy chronicling the darkest 4 years of American history.

    Also, I would like to hear what Warhammer has to say about Trump and his Military Top Brass bashing and how that relates to Trumps own fear of engagement in war scenarios. Deep down, Trump is a coward…unable to come to terms with his draft status, he faked bone spurs. In later years, he justified it by calling front line soldiers fools. More recently, he criticized POW’s, intelligence agencies and bashed the very Generals he hired, after they called him out on his own BS.

    I highly respect the military and their discipline, loyalty and dedication to protocol…that’s why I find it odd that despite their pledge to serve…Mattis, Kelley and McMaster saw it as their duty to turn on their commander in Chief and call him a dangerous man. That’s a huge, huge red flag! Why are his supporters still sticking by this man?

  12. i disagree about the taxes going up that is old school.,, instead fed taxes will be going down giving each person more personal take home income,then which will enable the state and local to stabilize, this is the new school,welcome to it and enjoy, debt what debt ,,, when you wake up one morning it will be gone , this not a dream ,it is a switch of money creation and ownership !!!!!!

  13. In az. The state recomended pollution repair service service station puts a drill bit hole in the engine block so they emit nox pollution with their coolant drip leak that registers as test failure which is required every 2 years and cost thousands to repair subdisized so its 800$ out of pocket plus the original 1200$ non needed service… respect is the election humor this year…

  14. “Gone Andy”…. im still around. Lol

    I was talking to a friend and I came up with a brilliant idea to stop the looting, anarchy and riots.

    Two words.

    Manner cannons. You like the ones the Farmers use spread firilizer in their fields.

    You set those up and let them run. I guarantee everyone goes home, not a single fire would be started, not a single shot will be fired, not one pair of Luis Vetan shoes, not one gucci purse aans not one TV will be stolen.

    Maybe, I should run for president. You have to think outside the box.

    Speaking of being a money magnet. I took the natives for $2000 the other night on the Tripple Fortune Draggon machine. Hadn’t been in a casino in a long time. Hahha! Good luck and God speed. Not the kind of speed ya snort tho.

    *tips hat.

    Love the new button. “Go four it!”.

    • “Manner cannons. You like the ones the Farmers use spread firilizer in their fields.”

      LOL LOL LOL… a few years ago.. my grandson came home from school with a friend.. they stopped in and asked.. in science class we are to make a project.. ours is a potato gun will you help us build it.. What.. they won’t allow you to have one of those in school..
      but it is our assignment and your the perfect person to show us how to make one that works good…
      so off I go.. called the teacher.. YUP it is their assignment.. you do realize that is a cannon.. well it is the perfect way to teach them the math ..
      So.. off to the Principle.. in the science class the teacher wants the kids to make a potato cannon.. I don’t want to see the kids get in trouble.. would this be allowed in school or on the school grounds… I sure don’t see any harm it could do and it is something I had as a kid… yup they can build one…
      then off to the superintendent.. same question the same answer.. so we built the potato gun.. they took it to school and everyone even the roving police officer was out shooting the dumb thing.. they got it to fly three football fields.. the big thing was they were driving a pickup truck back and forth almost a half mile away and trying to land the spud in the back.. LOL LOL..
      Now in a city.. a sweat shirt with the picture of a gun on it.. oh my god expelled…
      It was his favorite toy for the longest time.. his mom made him get rid of it.. seems he could go through a can of hair spray and twenty pound bag of spuds in just a few minutes..
      HMMM I wonder if that is why my potato gun vanished when I was a boy and built my first one… LOL..
      My two little ones wanted the fortnight missile launcher for their birthday..
      I was making one.. going to make the missiles out of pool tubes.. then the wife came out and gave me the talking to.. and it went in the trash.. she seems to think I would have made it and the kids would hurt themselves.. my thought was watch the dog chase them as they shoot them into the field.. LOL yes it would be a deterrent if they used tennis balls.. dam things would sting..

      • hahhaah. I havent made a potato gun in a long time. Hahaha. They are awesome! Last time I made one we stole the electric starter out of my dads BBQ. He was pisssed! Hahahahah. We could launch a potato 3 blocks. Sit around smoking weed, playing guitar and drinking shots of jack.

        Every time someone poured a shot we slam it down then yell, “Faith like potatoes!” Down the shot, spray some aquanet hair spray in the tube, open the door and fire it out the apartment door into the apartment complex 3 blocks away. Hahahhahaha!

        How we never got caught is nothing short of a Miraculous act of God. HAHAHAHHA!

        Then next day my slapped me upside the head and said you owe me a BBQ starter. I didnt tell him I stole it to make a potato gun. I just went to (then) Eagle Hardrware and got him a new one.

        Hahah. I should make another one. What a great idea.

        The stuff you learn on UrbanSurvival. Hahahahhha

  15. I have one week left on my peoplenonics RX prescription.

    Which is perfect because the hair on my forearms is about fully grown out now and the blood blister on my left thumb is at the end of the nail.

    I shaved my left fore arm in a “time’ test to see it would synch at the same time my blood blister under my thumb nail from 5 months ago would be at the end of my nail and coincide all that with a song on the radio and my peoplenomics subscription and a red head I had a vision I had come to fruition at the same time.

    Have to use multiple synced vectors and channel them into a point in the future. Like lines on a hand. “Life paths inertia” kind of stuff the OM ie God showed me. Then all these things (seemingly unrelated) juxtaposition at the same when.


    It is so.

    You know the opposite of “pour me?”

    Starts with an R end with me.


  16. “”

    OOPS….BCN… looks like they may be trying to close the hidden loopholes…no bitcoins for you lol lol

    • hahha – Good Luck w/that!

      Criminals being what they R, will ALWAYZ be 1-2 Steps ahead of the IRS/Govt.

      THETA is where U want be my good man – the Internet 2.0 – EVERYTHING is going on the BlockChain.

      Entertainment Media is leading the way ..songs/shows/movies – on the BlockChain.

      This IS the Greatest Endevour of Mankind in History!

      – EVERYTHING is going – takes a lot of time and U puny Humans with their stubborn, herd like behavior often times need to be “pushed” in the desired direction/desired outcome.

  17. “With age comes wisdom.”

    Proverbs 9:10 “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom: and the knowledge of the holy is understanding.”

    There is a place much better than here, but we need to shed these flesh suits first. Since the human is made up of mind,body, and soul, we are eternal beings such as is matter. We exist in and out of this body. Where is the big question. But our loved ones are still existent and we may see them again one day. I choose to trust a God I believe created us in His image and has a marvelous plan for the elect. Blessings

    • Without a doubt, I believe you Steve. I posted this quote a couple of days ago but it’s one of my favorites so here goes again –

      “Now we are witnessing a transformation: a true opium of the people is the belief in nothingness after death, the huge solace, the huge comfort of thinking that for our betrayals, our greed, our cowardice, our murders, that we are not going to be judged.”

      Czeslaw Milosz, The Discreet Charm of Nihilism

      For those that grovel and worship at the throne of Mammon while trampling over others they consider their “lessers” there will, indeed, be a rough time in the next World to come. If we are allowed into this World in order to learn then a big, fat “F” on your report card will have devastating implications then. Personally I think there are do-overs but Karma is a you-know-what.

      • Yes Bill. You are correct, there is a great reckoning in the future. Besides karma in this life. We do reap what we sow. As for do overs, Dan 12:2 “some will rise to eternal life, and some to everlasting shame and contempt.”

  18. Rumor is you know who is going to raise taxes but has said taxes will be cut so Mr. Market doesn’t get spooked and panicky.

  19. I thought there was a policy against trolls Trump bashing? Big turn off all the vitriol and hatred spewed from a myopic hate filled person.

  20. One of the big draws of NM rather than TX was the fact that there is no mandatory vehicle inspection, other than emissions in the ABQ area every two years and a one time VIN inspection for out of state vehicles coming here. There’s no periodic inspection, thank God, and I can maintain my vehicles as I wish to without arbitrary schedules. There are too many other regulations here, but not too many affect me.

    Regarding lumber prices, I’m down to my last two sheets of 7/16 OSB, after going through the 30 sheets I bought at $9.00. I’m reluctant to buy them at 26.00 per sheet today! Now it seems that we may, or may not get a dip this winter. It’s hard to get good info these days. I’ll be re-using all my old lumber if possible.

    • We were 3, 4, and 6 months late in getting our cars, trailers and trucks inspected and re-registered this year here in TX. They just quit looking at the stickers and checking the plates, I guess. For the longest time I couldn’t find any station that would do the inspections due to Covid. Oh well, as long as the PO-lice don’t bother me I’m fine with it. The wife had to wait in line to get her driver’s license renewed, though. It was triple digits, you couldn’t go inside unless you were going to be the next in line and you have to have an appointment to be there anyway! It used to be just walk-up and git-er-done.

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