RKA on 3DP with a Side of CNC

Rapid Knowledge Acquisition on 3-D Printing with a side of Computer Numerical Control is on the agenda today.  Along with our ChartPack which has sure been getting interesting, here lately.

A few headlines and then “Ready?  Set? Print!”

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39 thoughts on “RKA on 3DP with a Side of CNC”

  1. The wing nuttery slowed a bit for labor day. Apparently that is still a holiday for the left and the not-so-left. There is no right in American politics.

    • Left or Right (I’m not a box with sides, I’m a person), it’s ‘Slip Siding Away’
      Paul Simon’s song’s

      markets losing upside momentum:

      End of 3rd quarters are the biggest average drop historically

    • I definitely want a 3d printer. I still have the blue print on a thumb drive to make a .45 cal pistol. Not sure if you remember that. I dont think you can find the blue print anymore. Have use a finish nail for the fire pin and a rubber band. And it’s only good for about 8 shots then it’s kaput. Still pretty cool stuff.

      News from the street:

      Cops in Idaho are hilarious. Pulls me over and says Damn Son! You know how fast you were doing? I said no sir. He says, this thing got a Hemi? I said Yes sir. He says pop the hood. I said, do what? He says pop the hood let’s have a look at it. I said ok. I pop the hood and he and I go over to look at it. He says, damn that’s alot of power. This a nice car. I said yep. He says, you rich? I laughed and said nope. He said, then ya best do the speed limit no matter how big your hemi is. Ya hear? I said yes sir. He said have a good night. Goes back to his car and drives off.

      I thought I was going to jail. I was doing 105 mph on I 90 through Coeur d’Alene.

      Had a change of Plans. God changes my path when I get to thinking I know what im doing.

      Im heading to Alaska for the winter. Mom had a stroke. Can’t see out of one eye. I can’t expect her to keep the fire going this winter when its 40 below out. And you know George. Its 40 below Jan through February. You know the deal. A tree heavy with snow falls on a powering or someone hits one in a car? And you don’t have that fire going in the wood stove. Ure gold fish will be a popsicle in 30 minutes. They live way out in the sticks. Good thing is, if shtf? I can shoot a moose or caraboo or bear out the back door with the 30 ought six and we will have food for months. That is how I grew up. Lol. They dont have internet out there. So it will be good to catch up on some books I been meaning to read. Simple life. Slow and easy.

      • Yeah. As long as I have some free weights to work out, a huskavarhna saw, and a 4 wheeler. They still have snow mobiles and thats always a “Hell yeah!” Good time. My said they still have my yamaha 175 3 wheeler. I crashed that a bunch of times. I’m sure it will be fine. Been a long time since I had to plug in the car at night and make sure i had a couple extra bottle of “heat”. Nice to be away from the world for a stretch.

        I might have to order some old school moon boots of ebay before I head up.

        What most people don’t realize is. 40 below is 72 degrees below freezing.

        They too far out for natural gas.

        If i see ure little green friends while up there? I will be sure pass on to them, Ure doing great and Living Ure best life as well as to not be stopping by Uretopia without a prior invitation. Lol

        Im just glad she is okay and I can take the time to be there for her as a good son is.

        Have a wonderful day. I have to hit the gym and get in the shower. A girlfriend is in town. Spend the rest of the day in bed watching Netflix. ;)

      • North road up past Nikiski. Outside if Kenai and Soldotna. Twin cities. Way passed what used to be “Calures Chemical plant” and “Tesoro refinery.”
        My Grand pa owned a welding shop up there. Was an underwater welder for years out in the platforms.

        When i was 14 ish made a knife in his forge out of piece of steel from 1978 Ford High boy leaf spring. Too bad kids don’t learn stuff like that these days. They are all just plugged into an Xbox or play station sitting around eating hormone glazed chicken and drinking chrome polish. *my grand pa used to use coke to shine his bumpers on his Chevy Nomad station wagon back in the day.

        I rarely drank that stuff since.

      • Well that’s one way to stay safe… extreme social distancing! I’m doing ‘elder care’ , too, But it’s warmer doing it here. I grew up in the woods in Wisconsin. I know -40F well… seen -60F and had to work outside in it one night. But I got a lot of reading done in the wintertime. Stay safe, stay warm, and Godspeed.

      • “A girlfriend is in town. Spend the rest of the day in bed watching Netflix. ;) ”

        A good sign that your getting old Andy.. is when you take a beautiful young lady to bed… and either go to sleep or watch Netflix..
        Lol lol lol when your young going to bed has a whole different range of activities…lol lol

      • Worked in Ely, MN (almost on Canadian border) and I remember the 40 degree weather and having a plug hanging out the front of the car. The tires would freeze flat against the pavement so the first block or two it was like driving with 4 flat tires until the friction warmed them back into a round shape.

      • yeah Hank. I stood out waiting for the School bus at -45 with the wind chill it dropped it down to minus 60. We still went to school anyway. The graders came through infront of the Bus.

        I old enough to remember when they oiled the dirt roads to cut down on dust and ruts.

        @ N. Yeah. They got one of them big satellite dishes. Not the tiny little rink a dink Dish TV ones.

        I mean what I gonna miss on TV and the Internet? The plague of the century??? What Our government (sworn to serve the constitution and the people of the USA) officials think is, Elections matter most! Covid 19 isn’t shit compared to keeping your seat on the throne of the USA. Or getting your hair and nails done. Aint that right Mrs. Pelosi?

        as you know. I dont watch the news very often. I hear there aint much talk about the plague anymore tho. Its the Trump and Biden reality TV show now. 24/7. The door prizes are a complete Economic melt down, getting a vaccine that comes with a genuine Bill Gates stamp of approval, certified mark of the Beast on it and Civil war 2.0

        I think sitting with my good buddy Clive Cussler or my other good friend Walt Whitman by the fire place while my mom snores in the recliner next to me seems much the better.

        Plus I have an original Print first edition of Moby Dick I found in a thrift store I been saving for just the right moment to get intimate with. no puns! Haha

        Anyway, I gotta go. She said are you gonna play with your phone or me. Lol.

        She kinda reminds me of a T-Rex. Personality wise. She has of course has regular sized arms. Lol

        Good day gents. Thanks for the thoughts.

      • ha ha ha George! The Guy has jokes. Hahaha. Dont ya know George, 50 is the new eleven! I got told yesterday to quick acting like I was eleven because of some well placed water balloons which my buddies girlfriend didn’t find so funny.


        The rest of the fellas at the house sure did notice and appreciate the spontaneous wet t-shirt contest.

        Not one of them fellas says anything but, thank you out at the grill. Hahahaahhaha!

        Im trying to stay out if collections. However, Thanks for the good thoughts.

        See ya

      • Spur Hwy George and yes, I have been meaning to get my Ham license.

        I wonder how all this smoke is gonna affect everyone with a virus that affects the lungs.


        Its pretty thick here and everyone is coughing because of it except us die hard smokers. I got the Chantex to quit. It’s on my list to do.

        Smoke inhalation and Covid 19. What a terrible combination.

        And them fires be burning the entire path I have driven the last now 7 months. I will be flying to Alaska as early as Friday.

        Im not driving the Hemi chrysler with the posi rear end up the Alcan hwy at the start of Fall. Only im driving is if God gives me a Deisel 4X4 truck and enough cash to purchase a 100 gallon fuel Tank and nossel. And atleast a couple thousand for munchies and fuel. Like a Brand new one. Lol Thanks God.

        Anyway, once I step off the lower 48 in my life raft… i don’t suspect it will take much longer before the titanic sinks.

        Could be wrong. I sure hope so.

        Have a good week.

  2. “Next tripwires?  “…can’t because…”  Creators do not accept the word “can’t” because it limits them. ”

    When I grew up.. can’t was the word not allowed to use..

    “(“I might want that but I can’t do that because…”) ”

    That is probably the one thing that I want the kids and grandkids learn…to not let your condition or position in life hold you back..
    Update soon on the cardboard project.. I’m finishing up the hardest part.. the bar top..
    I have decided to change the tap handle.. it will say cardboard crap with a tap

    • I am surprised at the bar top..I did a dry run last night.. it held sixty pounds no problems..I will finish it before I put it in place.. the counter top will be the last item. I have to make sure to position the tap perfectly.
      The toughest part now is it’s easy to forget its cardboard and work on it as if it’s made of wood…

      • I have been having some really tough design issues on how to fb finish the bar top and counter space. SO..
        I looked for professional advice and direction from two expert art advisers and finishers..
        One is 5 and the other is 6 they will put the needed artistic finishes on the tops to give it that professional look that’s needed..
        The last time I needed professional help of that caliber was when I had four of the top cabinet builders under the age of 10 make our liquor cabinet..

  3. The smog problem can be managed with an Air Tax.

    This main part of the idea isn’t new. I saw it back in 2014 when China was still a budding superpower.

    “Air quality in Lanzhou has reached such critically low levels that suggestions have even been made to bulldoze an adjacent mountain in a bid to allow more fresh air in. ”

    Elon Musk strategically bores air-arteries through the Rockies. Pack the arteries with activated charcoal. Setup the arteries so that the winter snow melt back flows through the activated charcoal cleaning the stuff.

    This can be paid for by fractions of a penny charged for Amazon searches or every email sent.

    “Peter Gibbons: Well those are whole pennies, right? I’m just talking about fractions of a penny here, but we do it from a much bigger tray and we do it a couple a million times.”

  4. Hi George, my niece founded and owns Fusion 3 3D printer company in Greensboro, plus patents thereof. It was a source of family pride and new frontiers of learning as we watched her develop the innovations to build her first prototype.

    The wave of the future, for sure.

  5. I highly recommend the documentary #Unfit. It’s a rental on XFinity, Apple TV or whatever your platform for watchingTV.

    It puts things into perspective. No matter if you are a Trump supporter or NeverTrumper, it’s must see TV.

    • Hi Mark,

      I don’t know what’s going on in your mind, but I feel a “duty to warn” that #Unfit’s Dr. Gartner may be in violation of section 7 of the American Psychiatric Association’s Principles of Medical Ethics. Does the good doctor have a good lawyer?

      We now return to “Steve Balko” already in progress…

      • Jester,

        Actually…not true at all. Do your homework…and…this is an extremely well produced documentary with very high profile people. You don’t think their lawyers scrutinized the hell out of it? Get real…

        That is not a violation if it is THEIR duty to warn. That is explained in detail in the documentary. It is not in violation of the Goldwater rule.

    • Bic.. you noticed that all of this has been checked out found to be just false news and vicious lies spread to defame such a wonderful candidate..

  6. Shoot. I was just in Mexico 3 months ago and now I will be in Alaska. On the 4th of July I was in the Shasta Mountains with a Shaman I met at the Hopi Indian reservation and a hooker I met in San Francisco at a Hippy Commune. Lol. Drum Circle and Free love. Getting naked with a bunch of Hippy Chicks.

    Definitely different than when I was just grabbing 18 gears. Kinda miss those days. Hmmm. Still it is the Grand Adventure and the Great Work. I aint here on Vacation. Lol

  7. The really weird part George is. I havent worked in over 8 months. I didnt start getting unemployment until June. I had no savings or source of income. At all. No investments other than my relationship with the Creator. And yet I have not gone without a single time. Always have fuel, cigerettes, food, shelter, clean clothes,, sex with beautiful women from all over. etc etc. Always have $100 in my wallet. And I put over 30,000 miles on a $42,000 car with an $800 payment and my car payment is always made. I even have a couple $10,000 custom tailored suits, couple pairs of $800 Calloway Dress shoes, and an Actual Tie Trump wore on his campaign trail to win the President in the closet and golf shirts from Big Horn, PGA West and the same Shirt Obama wore when he played a round at Cypress Point Golf Course in Pebel Beach to name a few. Lol.

    Remember when I told you about that really old gold coin that someone gave me with the All Seeing Eye on it. Old as Christ. 2000 years old. I found out that its last owner before the guy who gave it to me. Was Billy Graham. Pretty Trippy. I wonder what would have happened if I kept it instead of giving it back.

    Thought about that tonight. Hmmm.

    Anyway. Im so blessed to be here. I should have been dead along long time ago. But im not so i might as well get laid and have some fun while im out here winning hearts and minds. Haha. Doing the Great Work in the Grand Adventure.

  8. Lots of great info here! I just wanted to point out that the yahoo link about differences between COVID and flu has an important error. It claims that flu and COVID are respiratory diseases. This is only partly true.

    Flu is a respiratory disease with systemic symptoms, like muscle aches, fever, etc. COVID is a systemic disease USUALLY starting in the respiratory system, but not always. ACE-2 receptors are actually most present in the gut.

    COVID is a SYSTEMIC disease. It usually manifests first in the lungs, with shortness of breath and perhaps loss of taste and smell. It can affect every system in the body and gets there via the circulatory system. That’s where HCQ and zinc can possibly slow or stop it in it’s tracks. Once it’s disseminated, it can attack the heart, brain, kidneys, and other systems. Heart damage can lead to fatal arrhythmias or actual failure. Multiple organ failures can easily reach the point of non-viability. It’s best to avoid this disease if possible and limit it through all available means – D3, C, zinc, and even low dose HCQ if you’re at risk and can get it. Of course, the choices and responsibility are all yours.

  9. George, if you look down on the 3D printer, the coordinate system makes sense. At least it does in my world.

    For your sanity, just don’t mount it at eye level!

  10. In my experience, the Ender 3 Pro’s ‘Resume Print’ function is not quite ready for prime time. Although it does resume printing after a power failure or filament change, it has not yet resumed exactly where it left off. Usually a .0625″ or greater offset in one or more axes, rendering the print virtually useless. This has held true over 3 – 4 power failures and two or more filament changes in mid-print.

      • That UPS would need to be a pretty stout one to keep the build plate and nozzle heaters running for an extended period. Or it could only need to keep things hot until you get out and start the generator.

      • If its sunny we can run two big 10,000 BTU air conditioners on the solar…so “big” is a matter of what scale you’
        re used to working. Battery only? Night and no solar? 10,000 BTU a/c (12 amps roughly) for about 8-9 hours….

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