Another One Bites the Dust

I was telling Peoplenomics subscribers recently in our crooks of Hollywood story, how I was predicting another one – maybe two – Big Name sacrifices would be offered up as The Network continues it’s house-cleaning.

The real rulers (the ones with the muscle) have been messaging when the house-cleaning is sufficient.  Which, as we wildly speculated, was why the L.V. shooting – and there went Harvey and Kevin.

Then came the Texas shooting and within days?  There goes Roy Moore.  Notice how the Establishment minions are trying to make the Roy Moore deal a Trump-bash?  The White House Addresses Roy Moore Sexual Misconduct Allegations.  Your itsy-bitsy pea-brain will recall “White House” and “sexual misconduct” as connected now.  You’re such a hopeless ape.  Wired for control….and this is how Ure played.

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And, as to our prediction of at least two more big-name stars being removed from play (like pawns in chess) we now read how?  Louis CK Is Accused of Sexual Misconduct by 5 Women.


Harvey and Kevin after 58-dead, Louis and Roy gone after 26 at the church…utterly a coincidence.  Yeah, sure, you betcha.

Here’s a bonus bounce offering: Mad Men Creator Matthew Weiner Accused of Sexual Harassment by Former Writer.

And now that we’ve apparently had enough high profile “messaging” between the factions of The Network that really control the world (drugs and crime by the mob faction, power of appointment by The Network-Establishment faction, after Quigley in Tragedy and Hope), we can now drift back to normal – and except for a few highly-aware people (including you now) no one will be the wiser.

Fake news?  Not to the survivors of the messaging.  But, there’s always “error correction overhead” when signals like this are passed in public view.

As to the mechanics of how it’s actually done?

Peoplenomics tomorrow offers some further intelligent speculation within the context of our hypothetical Directorate 153 framework.  It’s an episode called “The Crazy Beam…

Has Bitcoin Run Out of “Greater Fools?”

The headline says it all: Bitcoin slides by over $1000 in less than 48 hours/.

They were running $6,800 and change earlier.  The decline should be slow at first, but Elliott waves in social behavior are just as unforgiving as in other ways.

As we have had a blow-off peak in funny-digis and stocks at roughly the same time, we think the social mood will now crash.  The glass will now swing from half full to half empty.

Note the date when it began: About a week back.

And yeah, the short position is looking pretty good in here, now.

Troubles of Markets

When the Dow was down (rather remarkably) Thursday, I tried to check into my trading account.  With my Scrooge McDuck suit on, I like to smoke a cigar (if that label can be applied to a rum-soaked crook) and laugh about finally having my short position make sense.

But I couldn’t do it:  Because a big online trading outfit was telling me…

I wasn’t the only one to notice.  Forbes caught it, too: E-Trade is Down and Day Traders Are Freaking Out.   By the time the momentary panic passed and the money was off my table, the system came back up.  Ure was not pleased.  Still, it was a reminder why EMP is such a danger.  What would your life be like if your accounts all stopped working?  Grim, huh?

I don’t know why, but being locked out of a trade doesn’t sit well with me  for another reason:  A few hours later it’s announced that “ETRADE Capital Management LLC Buys iShares MBS ETF, iShares Core S&P Total U.S. Stock Market, iShares Core S&P Small-Cap, Sells AbbVie Inc, E.I. du Pont de Nemours, The Kraft Heinz Co…”

Yeah, I just know it’s all a coincidence, but hmmm…vehwee intahwesting…

The rich get richer while the little people get locked out?

Fed Dials Back Markets

Oh, you didn’t get the memo?  See the latest Federal Reserve H.6 money stocks data.

Looks to me like the Fed might be a bit less loose, maybe trying to ease rates up a bit to justify a tiny hike in December, but no bets in place yet.

Meantime, with a serious lack of “real” news (see Coping) the market is likely to follow through on the downside.
Futures show the Dow down 45 at the open, but touching down 60 in the day seems likely.

The real question is whether the selling will carry into next week – and we will see that (possibly) in how the market closes the week relative to last week and relative to our 9-day projected moving average (9-pma)…

Headlines To Ponder

China widens foreign access to its giant financial sector. A different bubble to come?

Spain’s doing the EU remix of Franco: Catalonia’s Top Lawmaker Has Been Jailed by a Spanish Judge.

US Department of Useless

Trump’s Asian menu: What he ate and what it meant. We can’t make this up.

Trump’s lunch starts hamburger craze.  We expect the breaking news on Trumps preference in toilet paper any minute now.

Colbert addresses Louis C.K.’s canceled appearance (does anyone but Colbert give a sh*t?  It ain’t news – it’s effing hype…GTFU people)

And the Google doodle is NEWS? A New Google Doodle Celebrates the Life of Lebanese Singer Sabah…spare me!  Beam me off this rock!

Pope John Paul I Is Closer to Sainthood after a New Book Debunks Conspiracy Theories About His Death.

New ‘Star Wars’ trilogy raises hopes after Disney results miss target… How many times have I screamed this:  STOCKS are based on STORIES in a BLOW-OFF MARKET PEAK.

OK, since there is little in the way of real news, let’s reconvene Monday morning and see if the world comes out of rehab this weekend.

Don’t hold your breath…

27 thoughts on “Another One Bites the Dust”

  1. i read somewhere that the bank’s derivative accounts could not handle a mere 4.5 percent drop. it appears a new type of emp has surfaced…”electronically muted portfolio”. when fire is yelled, the exit is a small door.

  2. If a 30 year old guy asking an 18 year old girl out for pizza and ordering a glass of wine is sexual impropriety…………… OMG

    Seriously, this kind of stupid is what will elect him in a landslide. At least I hope so!

      • Not to mention that he ‘met’ her while – Her mother asked him to watch her while the mother was inside the courthouse about a ‘child custody’ matter about her – total sleezeball! Typical child predator – chat up the older woman to get at the child!

      • “We expect the breaking news on Trumps preference in toilet paper any minute now.”

        Maybe then the fierce debate in congress over Charmin and angel soft will be able to finally come to a close with a vote after thirty years of debating the issue which one should they use..
        Well I don’t know about that either.. we are talking about a group of people that spent what was it fifty million on a study whether or not they needed a brighter lamp so they can see the paper on the desk .. excuse me.. go buy a twenty dollar desk lamp and call it good..

  3. “What would your life be like if your accounts all stopped working? Grim, huh?”

    My accounts (at a major bank in NYC) were hacked most recently. If hackers can perform these acts, what else can they do?

    P.S. Apes don’t understand value of cash.

  4. George, Peter Eliades is saying the DOW may have reached the top, based on matching past patterns matching Sept 2000. Something about 17 year cycles. Got any enlightenment for us loyal readers?

  5. Sure “greater fools” are always needed to promote and maintain any ponzi scheme; FRN”s,T-BILLS/T-Bonds,Derivatives (credit swaps)the list goes on,Bitcoin can not be a ponzi – mathematically impossible. Sheeze, must be something to do with symptoms of TDS (Tax Donkey Syndrome). Looking for Bitcoin to consolidate down to around the $6000 level before it is time again to BUYBUYBUY..#BTFD and HODL (Hang On For Dear Life)!

  6. BABA = 11/10/17 Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba said sales topped 10 billion yuan ($1.51 billion) in just over three minutes from the opening of Singles’ Day, an annual online discount sales gala that has become the world’s biggest shopping spree.

    This is why you buy FANG stocks vs. GE.

  7. I have an ex co-worker who works at that trading firm. Their trading server is huge (like 60 cores or so). But their web site may be problematic in scaling with user-demand.

    The last time I saw another firm’s server get slow was the dip in the morning of August 2015. That day was when Berkshire Hathaway bought a ton of $PSX. These guys know when to scoop up shares from scared retail investors.

  8. George, you’ve given us a glimpse of what the BTC and stock markets might have in store. I wonder what the likely path for PMs is, since cash is king in a noninflationary crisis, but PMs are near cash in some ways. Perhaps this is a discussion for the paid side, but I do think it is worth engaging in.

  9. Surfing the waves at China Beach this weekend to close out the APEC summit? Hopefully dioxin levels are tolerable in the manner of ongoing ameliorative efforts at Danang airport.

    One must be appalled at the seemingly Beverly Hillbilly Bentonville Collection visual representation of Mr. Trump at Friday evening’s gala dinner photo-op. Mr. Putin looked presidential wearing traditional Vietnamese attire over top of a crisp and natty shirt and tie while omitting the apec lapel decoration. In contrast, Mr. Trump’s appearance did not project an air of authority clad in his Chairman Mao super-sized cut shirt and open top button in the manner of poor man golfing attire with an unglamorous apec lapel pin mimicking a happy face from a distance.

    The parting slap in the head had to be the close up framing the two leaders: a hands at side, tired looking Trump contrasted with an alert Putin delivering a good news right-handed wave as if telegraphing to Mr. Xi and network censors of the confederated matrices.

    This is what happens when Western news services pick up their photos from a former Soviet-era photographer.

    More to follow after the next instalment of Dr. Yu No Hu?


    • Your sizzling drizzling negative commentary about President Trump demonstrates your lack of acuity and wisdom. Drone off.

  10. Roy Moore is an obvious hatchet job. The Republican Good ol’ Boys noted the job the Democrat GOBs did on Herman Cain and how well it worked, then rolled their own with Moore.

    The proof is in the fact Roy Moore has been a high-profile member of the Liberal “Hit List” since that “10 Commandments thing” 23 years ago. When Sarah Palin received the VP nomination in 2008, literally dozens of “journalists” of questionable ability (but not intent) descended on Alaska, in general, and Wasilla in particular, figuratively crawling up Palin’s backside until the Election, to try to find dirt. Those same journos (or others of their ilk) have been up Moore’s ass since 1995, and none have found ANYTHING, yet the WaPo sends a couple of reporters to cover the runoff, and THEY uncover multiple improprieties within hours of their arrival?

    Um, no…

    Just, NO.

    [For those who haven’t paid attention], the way the hatchet swings: More and more “accusers” will come out of the woodwork, until Moore either drops out of the election, or resigns from the Senate. Once he is gone and has been rendered forever moot as a political figure, the “accusers” will vanish without a trace. McConnell doesn’t like to lose. He and Karl Rove poured breathtaking amounts of money into Luther Strange during the Republican runoff, and lost.

    …And yes, McConnell would rather surrender the seat to a Democrat, than have Roy Moore become a challenge to his authority, and to his [lack of] ability.

    • The clincher – which no one will ask: Did the WaPo pay these people for their “stories?” Common tabloid trick

      • I don’t do Twitter, but have no problem echoing stuff:

        Doug Lewis #MAGA

        A family friend who lives in Alabama just told my wife that a WAPO reporter maned Beth offered her 1000$ to accuse Roy Moore????

        11/9/17, 7:35 PM

        2,287 Retweets 2076 Likes

    • Moore is a hatchet job only if everything is about to fall apart anyway!

      ‘That Ten Commandments thing’ as you put it – showed that even his fellow judges thought him not fit to be a public official – not once but twice! (Judges generally stay judges for life – or until they decide to quit.)

      It’s not surprising that WP would be looking at possible sexual harassment charges in public officials – wherever to be found – it’s in the news . . . not to mention Trump’s problem. (Over two dozen sources is ‘well sourced’.)

      If he can’t stand the heat, he’s got only himself to blame.

      • No, “Moore” is a hatchet job irrespective of the validity of the allegations. It is not the accusation, but the means and timing of the delivery which define and delineate it as a “hatchet job.”

        Things have already “fallen apart” since keeping constitutional conservatives out of Congress has become more important than the integrity of the process.

        The Alabama Court of the Judiciary is an appointed body. During both of Moore’s “issues” the State Administration was Democratic. That Liberals don’t like him is not a surprise; neither is the fact that the majority of the Citizens of Alabama do.

        What if Moore is innocent of impropriety?

        Regardless its source or validity, Moore has to “stand the heat,” now. The RINOs in Congress have pinned him, and themselves, by saying: “If he’s guilty, he should withdraw.” Now, he has no choice but to continue. As a former Military Police brigade commander, I suspect he can take the heat. I also suspect if he wins the election, he’ll return the favor, making America a better place by exorcising people like McConnell from their positions of power…

      • The Rudder is on hard right, as the Left media continues to infuriate (wake up) the Right. Disney apparently ignores the pulse of society and introduces LGBT to our kiddos (are you kidding?!!) Disney is in for a ride to new lows. Short Disney! Target still ignores the Restroom policy and now closes stores after loosing big millions. Will Disney also ignore the post and continue into unpopular quagmire. Only massive personnel change (Family friendly) at top could save these companies.

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