I love veterans (and thank you for your service).  But I hate the day in one way because it symbolizes two of the Great Problems in America that we could fix, if we had any glue left to hold us together as a country.

The first problem is the “holiday gap.”

If you’re in the private sector, you likely get a whopping half dozens days per year off.  More than that (and IF that) you get docked  Ready to be ticked-off?  Let me show you how “tough” federal workers have it.  (Might want to toke up, put down the coffee and take a deep breath first.  Have a baby aspirin ready, and 9-1-1 on the auto-dialer, too…)

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Here’s the fed’s  Office of Management and Budget list:

All of which means what?  Come on – you can count, right?  10 fully paid holidays.    How many outfits in the private sector do that?

UPS and FedEx will still work – and sure, the stock market will be open.  No rest for the wicked, there.  You won’t get SATURDAY mail because the Post Office pretends tomorrow is Veteran’s Day.  But bills will show up today – go figure.

My question is this:  What the floody-buck is the point of a freaking holiday if only half the country gets the day off?  Teachers and bureaucrats, brothers and sisters.

It reveals quite clearly who the tops and who the bottoms are.

I’m an egalitarian kinda guy.  I think all souls weigh the same.  So regardless of how many can dance on the head of a pin, how about a little equality on holidays?

When the government workers get a paid play day – like today – and us working stiff have to turn-out a day’s worth – it sends the tax-paying, Bent Over Workers read it as “We don’t have to work as hard as you civvies because we’re special.

Time to call bullshite.

Did I mention I’m starting the “Dog Party?”  BOW-WOW  – Bent Over Workers – Work On Winning…equality.

While I’m off ranting in the wind, let’s talk about government pensions, too, …

This is because in the coming economic collapse in ‘Merica, pensions will be failing right and left.

Care to guess who’s going to be threaded onto the hook to make good on excessive comp promises?

Ewe, my little sheep, ewe.

Which means us working stiffs (If you have to work today, Ure one of them)…are a special class of slave called wage slaves.

The lie often told is that we don’t have slavery in America, but when I look at who is working today – and who’s got a paid play-day…seems the stories fall apart.

We all (*us workers working today) are working for dah Man.

And his representatives have first names like GS-13, and so forth.

You won’t like this – ‘specially if you’ve been at the government trough – but out here in the cheap seat, pensions are obviously going to blow up and federal, state, and local workers better get effing used to the idea that at some point, We the Working People will be tapped out.  When that happens, we aren’t going to starve so GS-somethings along with State somethings and County somethings can have a fatter retirement than social security.

Ain’t gonna happen.

Think of retirement plans like lifeboats on a cruise ship.  The people in the suites get into the same lifeboats with the people with the balcony rooms, and in there are the “ocean view” rooms, and even the inside rooms from down in steerage.

Amazingly, when comes to retirement systems, the notion of equal is given a smoke and stood up against the wall.

Let’s go back to an old NY Post opinion piece from 2010 where this notion of the rich government retirees popped up.

Here’s a quote that’ll make you puke – especially if you’re not employed in  a  state or local government gig in New York.

“According to the Census Bureau, the average New York retiree receiving a corporate or union pension — a retiree from the private sector — was receiving an annual benefit of $13,100 in 2009. For state and local government retirees, that figure was more than twice as high: $27,600. And that average figure includes retirees who were part-time workers or only spent part of their careers in government; full-career retirees often do far better.”

My buddy Gaye (*of www.StrategicLivingBlog.com) and I commiserate about this every so often.  She started and sold several highly successful companies, and my corporate career was in the $100K and up range (in constant 2000 dollars).

Take 2001, for example:  Elaine and I had a pretty good year.  She didn’t work and I was making $146K (which is about $200K in today money) and living on our boat – so like no bills but moorage – and surprise! Life was a party.  Still, we paid like crazy into Social Security.  And a big wheel barrow of income tax.  No grudges, though.

My “return on investment”  (which would be higher if self-managed and not made at gunpoint) results in $2,350 per month of Social Security.

As I asked Gaye: “Why we didn’t both take our skillsets into government service, because either one of us would be shoo-in’s for GS-14 and higher?”

What do you think GS-14 is?  Step 10 is about $114.5K this year.

NOW, suppose I had joined government service in 1975 – and taken retirement after 40 years of service.  And let’s say my “High 3” average for Federal retirement calculations was $114K.    Just to see who got the “special” lifeboat.

We take the $114K times 1.1% which ain’t much: $1,254 per year.  But now multiply THAT times my 40 years of “service” and bingo: my “retirement” pencils out at $50,160 per year or $4,180 per month.

Compare this with the Social Security bennies for non-“made” people: $2350 per month or $28,200 per year.

Let’s hold up two George’s here:

George #1 worked his ass off on the bleeding edge of technology, launched new companies, made others rich, helped develop key intellectual property (got patents for his work) and worked three jobs in order to never miss a support payment back when that ship went down.  And still he scrimped enough to fly and sail and own a Porsche, or three in the process.  His SS?  $2,350 a month.

George #2 has turned into a career bureaucrat.

In 40 years, he actually worked half a year less.  Four more holidays than the sucker who actually paid taxes – and wasn’t smart enough to get on the receiving end of taxes.  4-holidays (like today’s joke) times 40 years is 160 work days.  Toss in the weekends and I can make a pretty good case George #2 worked 224 fewer days.

And vacations?  Paid conferences and training?  Nope, that dumb-sh*t George 1 paid all his own way…

George #2 would have spent his 8-5 time writing press releases for a living and today would reap about $4,180 per month.  Unlike stupid George #1, #2 never had to worry about his job.  Government doesn’t fire people.

George #1, sucker that he was, bounced up the food chain.  Never stayed anywhere to get the full retirement deal at 10 years, or whatever.

See if you can figure out – no fair asking for help, now – who’s gotten the better deal?  George #1 or George #2?

So when pension programs of government workers begin to blow up, you’ll have to pardon me.  George #1 is telling you in advance “It ain’t me babe…”

I think all pensions ought to be tossed into the same SINGLE federal hopper – one for all and all for one kind of thing – instead of this bullshit about how “we’re special.”

Exceptional effort?  Pay ’em more, sure.  Cops, firemen, air traffic, and medical types – but the criteria is shift work because the data says that leads to higher cancer rates.  You following, here?

Most days I’m open to a different point of view.  But since government workers (except line services) get a slacker day, Ure is pissed.  They aren’t (generally) going to honor vets – they’re taking a play day.  Check your local golf course if the weather is warm enough.

And if you’re in the private sector – having the lifeblood sucked out of your hard work with what’s coming up on a 40 percent real tax rate with the bonus continuous debasement of the currency option – you oughta be as pissed, too.

Or, you’re just stupid.

I hope not, but  the crazy dream that democrats ought to rejoice at is the notion of a single national retirement plan.  (They won’t – they’re too special, too…)

Since we all get  the same average time on earth, the least government could do – if it really stood for the notion of  equality they peddle – is make sure all retirees are equal.

But as evidenced by closed government offices today – We the People aren’t served by government any more.

We serve them.

And don’t you forget it.

Don’t even start me on their better-than-Medicare health plan…but it’s another reason the deep state is loyal – Hell, they can’t afford to be otherwise…  More FedGov employee largess?

Part D: There is a monthly premium for Part D coverage. Most Federal employees do not need to enroll in the Medicare drug program, since all Federal Employees Health Benefits Program plans will have prescription drug benefits that are at least equal to the standard Medicare prescription drug coverage.”

Right off the OPM website, for crying out loud.

WTF?  We should have all work for government!  See how well it worked out for the Soviet Union?  Hello?

Of course, if you are or were one, you might just abbreviate this to Ure’s an idiot.  Besides, there was only so much room at the trough…and Ure ain’t special.

Write when your blood pressure drops,


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