Taxes @ Heartbreak Hotel, Markets to Follow

This ain’t our usual serving of high-brow economics this morning.  Naw…this epistle is dirt simple.

When taxes go down, markets go up.  The rational is simple:  People will have more to spend, corporations will pay lower taxes, and there will be cries of joy and spending in the streets.  The roar of the clicks, the churning of debt.  And we will all be saved by the rising inflation that floats all banks.

Until, of course, people figure out all the tax-talk is bullshite and there’s a flip side to such manic behavior that’s beyond the ken or ordinary mortals.  And far past being treatable with lithium carbonate…

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Like a bad hangover today, we notice the close proximity of two facts.

The first is that it looks like the republican/RINO tax-fraud (they call ’em ‘breaks’ because it will move you closer to broke in the longer-term) is headed for the rocks.

As the “tax break” turns into another republican lie, we see how the “Senate Republican tax plan may eliminate property tax deductions and delay corporate cut.”

Which may kill the charade completely as Mulvaney: WH won’t sign onto a bill that raises middle-class taxes/

Along with some of the little gotcha’s the Fools on the Hill are pimping.  Like the New Poll Shows Voters Overwhelmingly Reject New Tax Hike on Plane Tickets.  Duh…  we want free lunches, dammit!

Of course, you’re not supposed to notice the correlation, because there will always be market stories like Stock futures lower after Wall Street’s record run to hide the bitter truth.

An hour before the open, Dow futures were down more than 100 points and Ure’s faith in his projected moving averages is about to avenge the deaths of weaker bears…  I’m also organizing a memorial for the families of the “buy the dips” crowd, if you’re interested.

The data, however, is unequivocal:  Stocks like a good storyno, LOVE a good story and the facts be damned.  We see examples of this behind most shares traded, and the FANG stocks are not immune.  So let’s zoom-in on the economics behind one of today’s tulips – one that makes electric cars..

“Electric cars will save the world!  Our stock is going to the Moon!” cries a promoter.  Who we note, then makes plans to follow.

But as someone who’s been around electric cars, in fact since the HEV Challenge days (pre-2000), I’m sadly all too aware of the problems that electric cars pose.  Most people aren’t, so let me huff the whiteboard marker here and lay it out…


The first problem is with battery chemistry:  There’s an ugly number called the “acceptance rate of finishing charge.”  It says, in so many words, that the final 15% of charging an all-electric will take about 2-hours.  In most chemistries, when comes to capacity, if you don’t use it, you lose it.

The other limitation is on initial charging where the limit is charger capacity.

All of which works,  but only provided you have time, a big charging source, and all goes well.  By well, I mean the charging is temperature-compensated, since the faster you jam electrons back into a battery, the more heat you get.

But now, you see, up goes the price of the control electronics.  And as the battery chemistry becomes more advanced so do the charge control requirements.

The main myth of electrics is how they will somehow give the world a “free lunch” we all socially (just us) deserve.

Ain’t there, bubba.

The facts are that by transferring out of petrochemical-based travel, we load down the grid.  And now, with “climate change” there are only so many rivers that can be dammed and only so much power coming from nuke plants.  Not to mention that with the Obama damnation of the coal industry, cleaner-burning coal plants disappeared from the energy mix plans….

I know this all sounds sour, but bear with me because the “average person” hasn’t figured it out – yet.

Let’s suppose that the average electric needs about 50 continuous horsepower for operation.  Sure, it will vary.

One horsepower is 745 watts, but the way energy efficiency works (through the charger and discounting for electrochemical inefficiency) our morning calculation suggests ABOUT one kilowatt-hour of grid power for each horsepower, or in this case let’s call it 50-kilowatt hours of energy for each hour of EV driving.

Sure, that sounds high.  But it’s not.  Turn on the air conditioning, crank the tunes, turn on headlights, heated seats…wipers?  Oh, that estimate sure looks more realistic, doesn’t it?  Worse:  That’s when the e-car is sitting at a long light.  Now do it in winter with high heat….

The next jolly is to pencil in energy costs and you’ll find,,, let’s call it 18-cents per kilowatt-hour for power.  The math?  One hour of electric vehicle might cost $9 per hour of grid power.

Cheaper power?  (You planning to build more nuke plants to power e-cars, BTW?  What, do you hate mom, apple pie, and the environment?  What kind of turd are you?)  Let’s say you find 9-cent per KWhr of grid.

Fine.  Now your energy cost is down to just $4.50 – or about 2-gallons of gas per hour equivalent cost.  Ure a freaking genius if you can sell this.  But there it is…

Now toss into that a cap(italization) cost three times what a small petro-powered car costs, and then add in millions in tax breaks to get us even MORE dependent on the still EMP-exposed grid…and Ure’s truly can’t figure a happy ending for the fairytale.

Especially when us Great Unwashed are put on the hook to subsidize this madness via tax reductions for the “special” folks.  Which is why the EV tax breaks may go down the (crowded) road.

But enough of logic.  There’s no place in today’s world for hard-headed, equal-costed, economic comparisons.  The Herd is the Word or be the Turd and get the Slurred.  Yep, social lynch mobs run things now.  Into the ground, as mobs always do…

For now, the tax breaks are in a heap of doo-doo and as their future dims, like the all-electric car wet dream and communal ownership of self-driving fleets, we will keep our eye on the excesses of markets and wait for the financial hangover of such delusion to come.

Could be a while, though, since the blow-off in Tulipmania lasted half a dozen years.  And the Crypto-currency farce?  Despite stories about people missing thousands from hardware problems, the herd keeps crowding into that slaughterhouse, too.

It’s graceful in a way.  A kind of trans-cultural Divine Madness.

Except when it ends, of course.  And by then, only cash-hoarding few will be able to buy when the blood is running in the streets.

In the meantime, want to buy the electric car franchise for Jupiter?  Make you a hell of a deal on it…

Note to Peoplenomics Subscribers

In a recent report, where we were discussing the “scrubbing” of persons and how we looked for the film “All the Money in the World” not to be released, we see another prediction coming to pass.

The film will be reshot without Kevin Spacey in it.  But, more to the points, as long as it’s going in for reshoot and re-edit, we look for aspects of the “quiet muscle” division of the Italian mob (the Ndrangheta) to be scrubbed as well.

This as The Network and their ‘muscle division’ continue to purge Hollywood of reality leaks.

So, if you’re keeping track, that’s one RFO Peoplenomics call.  Now, let’s wait and see how the paradigm-busting/fairytale wrecking Weinstein produced series Waco is scuttled as the illusion-keepers continue their house-cleaning.  You’ve been following, we hope, how Harvey’s being dropped as an EP.

I assume everyone reading this site has seen the reports of the government’s use of tracer rounds at Waco which likely caused the fire?  All hushed, of course…gotta keep that illusion going.

Pain Field?

Boeing signs deal to sell 300 planes worth $37 billion to China.  We don’t expect that will bolster too much at the company’s Everett/Paine Field plant.  Seems Boeing and other manufacturers are moving lots of assembly and sub work to Asia.

Passing:  Of Another Bond Girl

Karin Dor who starred in “You only Live Twice” has left us.  Age 79.

Not that she was a super-star.  But, it’s another grim reminder how much has been lost to history.

Once upon a time, kiddies, men had testosterone coursing through their veins. It was OK, too…even saved the Empire a few times.   Women were allowed to be “hot” (they had a choice, now choice off the table thanks to social mobs). And it wasn’t threatening to ask a woman out twice.  It was the dance of life.

For the world of daring-do men, capable attractive women, and obvious arch-villains, we have moved on, arriving on a planet where we scorn vive la difference and pay doctors to hack factory-installed plumbing.  YABM (yet another business model).

On this rock, rhe obvious arch-villains now run think-tanks and D.C. lobbying firms, safe from official sanction.

In retrospect, the Bond films were a warning.  SMERSH has indeed put something in our water supplies.  And it’s taking us down in a most novel way.

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  1. Truth leak – bomb..SMERSH/ CAOS is real and have a name. Some refer to the organisation as the RKM, others refer to it in very hushed tones,The Deutscher Verteidigungs Dienst (DVD). Just ask Madeline Mcann, if she weren’t “snuffed” out already.Too bad this wont be posted, like you said we still got arch villains, just missing real men with just a little bit of Testosterone and Virtue.

      • George, Thank you for the insight & time.

        _O_, there are giants – imho you may be one of them & I nominate you after reading the tearfully beautiful recount of adopting your daughter. Big Hearts, big Men. Speaking of men thanks for the :) & trip back in time to ‘you gotta another thing commin’. One last thought – “what’s in it for me” would be great sussed out in a “if i were the devil” style. Would be a great way to show how so many are only in anything for’whats’ in it for them’. Thanks for the inspiration & seeming to be a stand up MAN. As a woman, I frequently lament, “Where are the MEN?” All these low t soyboys & beta cucks have a long way to go…

  2. The act of doing a job But nothing gets done Health care big phara Monoplies Nothing done just cram and jam price fixing. Simple to cure But nothing done just taxed to death 2% SS pay increase 24.00 plan B increase. Creeps irresposible We are Flushed

  3. My mom had a photo of a grade school class she was in during the 1930s; all the kids (and even the teacher) looked like they could do with many extra meals.

    Being so poor, something as trivial as gum was ‘out of the question’ – she said that her sisters and herself chewed what she called ‘road tar’. (Even though I like the smell of creosote, and that they weren’t obviously harmed by that ‘experience’ – the mind boggles . . .)

    Nothing derived from petroleum is ‘clean’; all of it leaves some kind of residue in our environment. Modernization of our technology gives us the opportunity to minimize the contamination of this older ‘coal’ form of energy production. That should be the current focus, not retaining outmoded technology.

    • Not to disagree, but we haven’t been able to mine electricity here in texas and our crop of power trees has failed

      • Ha, ha – but I do remember riding through your state – and being told that my usual ‘just leave the window open for ventilation’ wasn’t enough – the days were blisteringly hot and I think perfect for solar, whether active or passive. (I admit ‘wind farms’ can be iffy, but with more development and proper placement . . .) Need more work on insulation for both heating and cooling, housing design, energy efficiency . . .

        In one hundred years the difference will be necessary!

      • Ure power trees are too short! I’m sure you can mine the ionosphere if you make them taller.

        Of course, the FAA and the laws of physics might have something to say about that.

        • Ure exactly right, Mike. This is why Elaine and I are working on a new hybrid species.

          We’re going to call it “Ahl.” A cross between Osage orange (which gets us some oil), it produces a berry like wheat, has leaves and buds with high THC content, and the roots are suitable for making beer. A screw in the ground and a clamp around an upper limb provides 12 VDC and it grows in any climate and any soil including desert sands.

          Now, fact is, we had a few dozen of them last year. but Elaine wasn’t pleases with the color of the buds they put out, so we dug them all up and burned ’em (standing downwind). This winter, we may try another approach…

    • My uncle told me as a child some of the families around their place ate the pets – cats specifically becasue the cook could fool their family into thinking it was rabbit.

      Since this next turn is of Grand Super Cycle, get ready!

      Hard times are coming.

      Deuteronomy 20:10–12 explains women will bear children then sneak-off and eat them.

      • I remember when I was little in the 1960’s(Maybe 50’s) there was no Deer season in Alabama. The South(AL, GA, MS) was importing the deer from MI, WI, PA, trying to re-establish the herds. They had been wiped out in the Depression. They were just enough established in the 1970s to have a season buck only. Now they are 4 Buck, does all season, to keep them in check. And feral hogs are everywhere. If the SHTF it will be like in the 1930’s, seasons and limits go out the window, everyone will just want the food.
        When I was little, the hunting season was dove, quail, pigeon, rabbit (Wabbit if you prefer) and Squirrels. Now the nice thing to remember is these last are in the suburbs in quantity, and can be got with an air rifle.
        There will be meat for those quiet and resourceful enough to get it.
        You haven’t talked about your QB20 in a while George, how are you doing with that?

  4. Sadly, Boeing cannot even meet its contractual obligations to the United States Air Force.
    If unresolved, KC-46 deficiency could threaten acceptance of Boeing tanker

    That works for my business model.

    Keep ’em flying: MacDill crews keep aging KC-135 in the fight

    There are 414 in the inventory, and they are expected to continue delivering fuel, evacuating the injured and carrying cargo until about 2050.

    That’ll keep me busy until I’m 94.

    Cheers and a salute to my fellow Veterans this weekend!

  5. Ure below quote make no sense to me. The people who have made money in this market are the “BUY THE TREND CROWD AND HOLD UNTIL THE TREND CHANGES”.

    “An hour before the open, Dow futures were down more than 100 points and Ure’s faith in his projected moving averages is about to avenge the deaths of weaker bears…  I’m also organizing a memorial for the families of the “buy the dips” crowd, if you’re interested.”

  6. I realize this is out of place but I did want to respond to your “PEOPLENOMICS” page yesterday.
    It fascinates me that the US has done so much to clean the environment and India has done so little. (Based on story about New Dehli residents breathing toxic smog). It’s hard to imagine the Global Warming POB’s wanting a global TAX on the rest of the world while so much of the world continues to pollute as normal. Global warming my arse. Maybe the POB need to work on clean air for 3 rd world countries. (But not on my tax dollar).
    And a quick segway. I’m still not sure if I will continue to listen to “Country Music ” after the CMA jabs at the President. (That would be rough, to loose the NFL and country music both in one year, I guess I’ll see how this plays out. )

    • Amen on losing the CMA and NFL in one year!!! I guess now that the REAL tax-paying, long-suffering people of the USA are voting with their wallets, their feet, their eyes, their hearts, souls, and their remotes, maybe, just maybe OUR God-given rights will start to be respected!!!! I can live without Target, Macy’s, JC Penny’s, the NFL and all their assorted paraphernalia, and the CMA (Country Music Asylum). Come to think about it, I can live without movies, TV shows, video games, and cell phones. I can even live without the banks. What can the rest of you like without??? Find out now, what is most important to you – Focus on that – because when the future presents itself, you’ll find out soon enough. YOU FOREVER have more power, control, choices, and options than you know.

  7. If you don’t have a fire in your soul your spirit your being well maybe you can get one you know everybody needs one but how are you going to do it.
    So we’re talking about fire fire fire desire I can show you fire I built one today outside and I’m really pleased with the way it’s working you know what the fire bricks and things of that nature works pretty good so

  8. the Senate will again PUNISH the citizens of this country….REPEAL the 17th amendment and also the 16th amendment if we the people are to again prosper….imho

  9. Here is a page worth looking at. Tells a great story.
    When you figure how much replacement power is going to be needed.

  10. Thorium power,thorium plants,Manhattan project,enough power for 1 billion years, small enough to power your home or city or spacecraft.Replace all uranium and plutonium nuclear plants,no pollution,300 years of radioactive waste only and burn current radioactive waste in thorium power plants. In event of war and no one to turn off the power palnt, NO CHINA SYNDROME meltdown. it just turns off and waits to be restarted sort of. Much to do and it would disrupt power industry, auto industry, petroleum industry but they are all changing and what replaces lubricants and oils for production of so many things. Chemistry and coal or plant waste cellulose?? Much to do and much upset of the powers that be.

  11. Hey George, what do you think about Trump and the Sou putting the kybash on the At&t purchase of time Warner and CNN? Rumor is that At&t would have to sell CNN to do the merger. Possible buyers of CNN? Would be funny if Trump bought them and Megan Kelly worked for trump or a closely connected associate! Hahahahha

  12. I suggest that, for Ure next project, you install a Yuge capacitor on your back 40, load it up with a few lightning bolts (Easy to do with a Ben Franklin-style kite-lifted wire), and charge up your $72000.00 Tesla Model S with that–Energy crisis solved! Then you can start working on the battery-powered airplane…

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