An All-Purpose Labor Day Letter

Market are closed, but we never stop working around here.  Menu this morning is a few grisly headlines, shop action, a contributed cardboard miracle begins, and a proud papa note.  Oh, plus a side of weather change and “crank the mower” time.


Dancing Dollars, Destiny Dips

Although U.S. markets are closed for the holiday, keep an eye on the POG and the USD.  (Price of Gold and U.S. dollar.)

The relationships in things financial are sometimes circuitous.  Let’s play “follow the bouncing dollar” a bit and you’ll see how things ripple:

  • The Job numbers last week indicated the End of the World had not yet arrvied.
  • As a result, the U.S. Dollar purchasing power went up (since America may be around for a while).
  • When the Dollar goes up, relative to global competitors, it doesn’t take as many of them to “buy the Dow.”
  • As a result, the market comes down some (yeah, like you noticed, right?).
  • Between now and tomorrow, follow Gold (which comes down when the power of the Dollar goes up, and visa-versa).  Secondary (or confirmatory) is the POO (Price of Oil) and the POG.

This morning in Europe, England, Germany, and France are all scoring better than 1-percent gains.  But remember – and this is the tricky part – some of this is the currency moves in the Dollar.

Ahead?  Small Business Optimism report is about all for tomorrow morning.

You know, between now and the election (in just 57-days now) virtually nothing will be accomplished in Washington.  The real screwing of American taxpayers will come right after the first of the year…


Still going.  Soared through 27-million cases and now at 189,000 dead in the U.S. on 6.278 million diagnosed.  (Not that we trust the positives number…)

Interestingly – and this is something Bob Prechter over at Elliott Wave International has been talking about for years:  Lots of “natural events” seem to go through the same three or five step advances.  Here’s how I count the “Eliott of Covid” as of this morning:

This is not to claim this will be in any way predictive Except that there is an Elliott view that would hint that we’re in a 4 now and that (driven by Labor Day exposures and such) we could have a Wave 5 up.  Which, in turn would really be the end of Wave 1 up at the larger degree.  Then, in 2021, we would expect an A-B-C corrective down.  And – just in case, vaccine or not, expect a variant (larger) for Wave 3 Up in 2021 and into 2022.

Again, not claiming anything, except that Elliott counting does have its place.

Speaking of CV-19…

George II – out on the White River fire up in Oregon – sent me a snap of the nice plaque his department gave him for all his mask-fittings and getting folks trained-up on PPE donning and doffing a few months back.

As we’ve been telling you for months: the key to personal health in times like this is having the mental acuity to separate that this is a  medical issue, not a political issue.

HOWEVER: Not everyone gets that as we read how “Trump fixates on the promise of a vaccine – real or not – as key to reelection bid...”  Thing is, as I showed you a second ago, Trump may be focusing on the virus just when a Wave 5 up  could be set to begin.  Takeaway is?  Some of us are “seasoned” (risk managers) and others (serial bankruptcy-types), not so much…

Speaking of fires: Pictures and Videos Show California Burning As More Wildfires Break Out Across State.  And on White River fire – we’ll see what the “wind event”  does if it pipes-up over the next day or two.

Labor Day Notes

Labor Day 2020: What’s open, what’s closed today? Banks, stores, more.

Yes, Target and WalMart are open…

Interesting, liquor stores in Texas are open today – in case the news is dri8ving you to…er….NOT WHILE DRIVING!!!

Around the Shop

Frenzy continues – although with a lawnmowing break to warmup this morning in a few minutes…

Got the new mailbox painted (white) and new numbers on that.  Just a few more tweaks and it will be installed this morning.

New “machine bench” with rolling tools under (welders, plasma rig) is also past the half-way mark.

Sitting out in the shop, realizing what a pain setting up an extension ladder would be to install overhead shop lights and power, came up with a novel idea:

Going to put in a series of 2-b y-3’s with a 2-by-6 spacer and just hang the lights with what will be (in effect) “sky hooks.”  This way, all done from a step ladder, not hassles installing, and – best of all – they can be moved.

Picture a walking cane – now hang the handle over a 2-by-4 overhead and Presto! Sometimes, simple solutions come from just staring at the problem for a while.

Also finishing today?  The “pottery stool.”

If that’s not enough, more winter garden seeds go in.  Could have a cooling trend this week – may be the last day in the 90’s for the year – we’ll see on that one.

Advanced Shop: Cardboard Magic

One of our reader (KLH) has been writing a bit in the Comments section about all the magic that can be done with some leftover cardboard and a heaping helping of ingenuity.  Let me show you how his project is progressing:  First you need a box…

Then you resize…

And then you cut and add and add…

And add…

And then pretty quick…

He lays it out this way…

“… it starts out with the box.. then the basic idea layout.. I am using a home made paper machet clay out of kitty litter and white glue and soaked and cooked shredded junkmail for the coating.. once I get to that point I will dilute that paper machet clay down to a pancake batter where I will paint the whole outside of the unit with it. then sand it down so that when I go to put a finish on it it will soak in all at once. I did put polyurethane clear coat on the whole thing to stiffen the cardboard..  using  the wheels will go on it today.. then I can start to get the whole thing settled around and worry about finishing the case then the counter tops.. which will be two inches thick.. the bar top should be at forty two inches and the counter at thirty five.. standard measurements..”

Totally, awesomely cool!  We’ll send along more as his work progresses…

OK, no lollygagging, now…off to mow like a madman before breakfast so I can get to he  real work shortly thereafter…

Write when you get rich,

42 thoughts on “An All-Purpose Labor Day Letter”

  1. the paper mache’ coating is interesting. I am interested in seeing the finished project and about it’s durability. Really an interesting idea.

    • I got the idea for the paper macey clay from a sculptor doing a bronze statue for the WW2 memorial. the idea was born over coffee. The whole project was to show what someone limited on cash or living in a box under a bridge or a tent city could do.
      I was originally going to use old bread scraps to make the glue and the liquid glass out of the desiccant from medicine bottles. But the fumes are hazardous and poly vinyl acetate is cheap and easy to come by.. I also have a couple gallons of it. Junk mail well theres tons of it every day.
      It’s a little harder to use with the glossy finish that’s why they discourage it for recycling. But it can and is used.
      I am amazed at how hard the papermachet clay gets. I hope its durable. The cooler section is only big enough for a six liter party keg and a two gallon ice bucket..

      • “The party keg and ice bucket would be sure-fire hits under the overpass”

        It will with the grandson and his college buddies to.. lol lol lol I got a paint ball co2 canister converter so hes set..i just hope they dont try to sit in the bar top or have wild monkey activities on it lol.. someone would get hurt either from it tipping over or the cardboard bending and someone falling to the floor lol lol

    • The ancient Egyptians used a similar process to form burial masks called cartonnage using papyrus then gilding them with gold leaf I’m just using clay and paper pulp with a vinyl polymer.
      My hopes are that the cabinet outlives me..although it is going to a twenty something year old..

  2. George…As a paying customer, I appreciate most of your work and have for some time.

    Your Covid-19 stand to date has me stumped. I know you are invested in this deal up

    to your lower lip with all the charts and predictions but I would suggest the truth of it all can

    be found with little searching. Try reading today’s Zero Hedge. Look for the article called

    Scamdemic Part 2 by Tylor Duren. Facts of how we all are being scammed , lied to. Hope

    this gets your attention.

    • Well CD, a couple of points.

      The first is – and this is legal stuff here – anyone who presumes to “advise” people that CV-19 is a “scam” and that they should not wear a mask – may be exposing themselves to great legal peril. The problem with stories like “Scamdemic” is they assemble facts in a particular way. There are other “collections of facts” that are much less convincing (that it’s a scam). Why, there’s even some evidence that CV-19 is actually a REAL bug.

      I do not pretend to know.

      BUT what I do know is how to construct a “payoff table”

      I did this when flying, when sailing, when investing, and even when marrying (third times a charm, lol).
      I look at the information I know – and the information NOT known for certain. Then I pencil out the risks.
      The cost of compliance with CV-19 protocols is low. The cost of non-compliance is [potentially] high (as in dead – remember, I’m almost 72, E’s 77 – so we’re “in the Zone” in terms of risk.

      This will come into focus more clearly (risk or payoff tables) if you read a bit on Game Theory and Matrix Notation over here:

      Pay particular attention to the model of “the Prisoner’s Dilemma.”

      In my world, everything is looked at in a similar way – which I call “The Reporter’s Dilemma.”

      The correct answer is to report as many facts as possible. Yet avoid anything that smacks of politics. Because that’s “food coloring” for your thinking. Has nothing to do with the “payoff table” where you live if you win, die if you lose.”

      Do I believe the number of positives? Undecided. I know there are some, however.
      Do we know there are some false positives? Sure – potentially as many as 50%.

      But, when you look at this as a gambling pay-off table, the testing accuracy isn’t as important as the number of dead.

      In other words, the present mortality rate is around 7% (recovered + dead divided into dead). That’s the medical answer. Most news outlets aren’t using that. There’s a mental aberration going around that clouds reporter thinking and besides, most reporters suffer near-terminal numeracy. (in ability to do math – which is why they end up reporting instead of engineering…)

      So if the risk is overstated by 50%, our odds of getting the disease are much less. But here’s what falls out of looking at payoff tables: The mortality rate jumps to 14%, not 7%.

      The actual number of cases may be lower than hyped, but the body count is there, as well. Is CV-19 the sole cause of death? No – of course not. Co-morbidity is a real problem.

      Study how the “Normal-Form Game” works.

      In the end, reporters have a kind of duty – much as people in medicine – to
      do no harm.

      My son’s diagnosed too many people with CV-19….and for us, there’s an angle to all this CV-19 stuff that you may not have considered:

      If there are lots of coronaviruses in the world (there are) is this a kind of “death pool” that becomes a co-morbidity is a very high fraction of the population – and we just never counted before?

      To summarize, then, my view:

      1. There is a disease (19) and people get acute respiratory reactions.
      2. Risk factors I personally have include age (71.8), breathing issues (asthma), weight (BMI >26)

      My choices are:
      1. Do nothing (“Are you feeling lucky today, Punk?”) or…
      2. Mask when around other people, wipe down items arriving here with Clorox-soaked sponge or towel. 15,000 IU of Vit. D, 4 grams of C and lots of zinc as well plus 2 or 3 over-easy selenium sources.

      Outcomes of 1:
      A. If not exposed, cost of PPE saved.
      B. If exposed, likely case. If case, likely dead 7.8% (or higher due to factors)

      Outcome of 2:
      A. If not exposed, cost of PPE
      B. If exposed, reduction of risk of exposure by unknown (n) percent. Vit D, C, Zinc, Melatonin etc Clorox of surfaces, etc

      I have long wondered in articles around here somewhere – whether “Aging” is a communicable disease. Funny concept except the data fits.

      Are masks a good answer? No – but they likely help – a bit. See
      Physical interventions to interrupt or reduce the spread of respiratory viruses: systematic review

      On the big forest fires this weekend, teams send 2-3 people to the mess hall to get chow – teams don’t intermingle and they each have their own porta poddy. So far (knock on wood) no cases! Lots of antibacterial wipes, and so forth.

      Anything said about CV-19 from anyone in or seeking elective office is likely a lie (>50%) driven by an agenda – and this applies to both parties.
      Dems are using it to scam money for bankrupt cities, republican are taking their masks off flaunting risk.
      Everyone is nuts.

      Just to your own payoff table. Follow the numbers. It’s like an approach plate. Don’t fly into the mountains. Flying around over over ’em.

      And reporters need to stick with facts more – stop peddling judgment calls as reporting – and pay less attention to click-baiting people who are seeking facts.

      Anything said about (or by) Trump 9-months before an election is suspect.
      Anything said by (anyone else) is also suspect.
      Stick with Payoff Tables and relax!

      (long ramble, but there you go…)

      • There are other strong and lasting symptoms from COVID-19 than respiratory illness. Six symptom groupings have been identified:

        My housemate and I contracted what appeared to be a mild flu in early May. My housemate later developed mental confusion, fatigue, and it exacerbated his existing kidney issues. I developed mental confusion, fatigue, and muscle pain. The mental confusion has gradually cleared for both of us, and the fatigue has slightly improved. However, my pain issues have worsened.

        Neither of us has been formally diagnosed with COVID because the initial symptoms were too mild to seek treatment, and the remaining symptoms are too vague and too similar to age related decline. We are both in our late 60s. We are treating ourselves with a variety of supplements and the much disparaged antimicrobial, sodium chlorite.

        I wanted to warn your readership of these additional issues, especially since many are in our age bracket.

      • You got to have three wives ,one in her twenties ,one in her 30s to 50s and then your present 77, unless the other two rooms of your three-bedroom place House of 76 year old woman and a 75 year old woman then your chances of living longer or greater also cuz if one dies you’ve got two left to keep you going I guarantee you live longer as long as your present wife agrees with that but if she doesnt, oh well you’re up for grabs for the early death, lol..
        Hang around young people and you will live longer, hang around older people you might learn a lot but you’ll die sooner, it’s all a Gamble and you definitely like to Gamble in your favor, death is something we all look forward to right ,now ,okay well it’s something we can take a lottery out on right who’s going to live the longest, he or she.

        Last year there’s a couple they were near 90 one died and so the next died the next month because they kept each other alive there’s not much more reason to keep going in your near 90 and you’re one other your spouse is gone the one you wake up with every morning and says your coffee’s ready dear or are you going to be long in the bathroom this morning and then in the middle of the day will you please take that trash out I can’t stand the Flies and then at night after you have maybe help put the dishes away , and then in the bedroom she says not tonight something doesn’t feel right, I have a headache and that gives you the will to know there’s a chance another day and the future and that keeps you both going you both love each other and you strive to help each other make it through another day,,,,, , now the Monk he’s by himself with no pleasures of a female, he learned a lot about knowing that he has the ability to leave this earth at any time through his own will ,just as the married individual feels no purpose after the spouse is gone, but the monk keeps going not because of a spouse. But to plant a new seed everyday and watch the previous seeds grow the cycle will never stop even when the monk can Lift no fingers to plant another seed because throughout the years all those previous seeds are in a valley and shielded from the extreme cold and extreme heat and they perpetuate themselves on and on until a new man comes along and cuts it all down, and that’s the sorrow that the monk feels is everything he put out every morning that’s growing has been cut down by someone who knows not The future,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    • SARS-COV2 is a medical problem, but COVID is a political opportunity for those power seekers craving one. George’s charts are based on the best data available with some inference and extrapolation.

      They are what they are.

      The political moods are driven by media, marketing, money and weather, among other things. Everyone has an agenda – even me, though I avoid the dark art of recruitment into chaos. Finding a clear path to personal objectives without violating personal ethics is and has been a challenge, though worth the effort.

      Yes, we’re being lied to and misinformed, largely with intention. Sussing out the truth as best you can is an obligation for each responsible person.

      Trust nobody if you can help it and verify when you can. At the best, he/she will be worthy of the trust, but even then, they have the responsibility of knowledge. Stay strong, stay healthy, and stay caring.

      • Just always keep in mind when you walk into a casino situation in healthcare of any kind:
        If you lose, they kill you.
        If you win – you live to play another hand.
        Cautious betting rules the day under these terms.

      • George, if you lose they get to kill you.
        If you win, you get to PAY another hand!

        Either way, it’s a loss, and I avoid losses where I can. Dentists are a bit different, but you still lose – teeth or money, or both. Of course, bad teeth can kill you too.

        There are real precautions to be taken regarding the virus. They’re cheap and masks alone are not invasive. Some things, such as seeing a long distance lover are worth the risks. Others, like impressing strangers, are not. The talk of “vaccines” is a totally different story, and talks of vaccine “certificates” is even worse, smacking of authoritarian coercive social control. That’s MY red line. Others make different choices. I’ll trust immune enhancement rather than unknown inoculations from suspect people and entities.

      • Sars 19 is of course a real thing. Although there is a very real document trail showing it has been engineered. ie Gain of function research. it is not particular dangerous for most. Your precautions George are sensible (game theory).

        However the issue for those paying attention are the moves afoot by globalist factions using this to push their dreams of a top down Global technocratic ‘utopia’
        on the back of it. ie Event 201, global reset ect. Much more could be said but for those who are cognitively able, Gain of Function research is a good place to start.

    • “Scamdemic Part 2”

      IS IT A SCAM????

      If I didnt have friends that work with those that are sick or known anyone that had parents and siblings that have made the final journey from it.. I would be more of a doubter..

      Even If it is all planned and a scam ( I doubt it is).. what harm is there in using a few precautions to keep from getting sick. It’s like poverty .. we read about it some of is have been there and some of us are still there.. but until you have faced the situation right up front and personal.. you don’t have a clue..
      That’s how come it’s so easy to just assume everyone that gets food stamps are just using the system.. ir that people see everyone that is on social security as leaches th o the laboring class. Very few take time to pencil out what those leaches would have had if the funds they paid were invested in other personal accounts.
      We make assumptions because it’s out of our realm of personal life experiences.
      You quickly change your tune when its affecting your life.

    • “Only ish I can see is water….”

      There is that lol

      Colleges have the regatta races with boats made out of cardboard.. my big issue is keeping the tap from leaking all into the counter and sides lol lol..

      At least I’m not the first one to think pva glue.. lol lol..
      After noticing how polyurethane soaks into cardboard to stiffen it.. an old friends kid is a violinist for an orchestra. I totally am thinking making a cardboard violin lol years ago him and the guys would get together on Tuesdays and play for his dad and myself.. well his father is gone now. I’ve been thinking make one and give it to him..
      Cigar box guitars are fun to make this should be a blast..

  3. Putting the casters on was a little tricky.. its cardboard.. and when I make the great granddaughter a dresser (out of a box I found.. going to make drawers below and doll house above ) I will find an old pallet and cut four square pieces of board to mount the legs to..
    When we built the house for the home show there wasnt any castors and the counter had carpet tubes for the counter support.
    My countertop finish is going to be 3 parts of floetrol, 2 parts of cheap white school glue , 1 part of glycerine..1/2 part water..
    You can mix this with paints or use as a clear finish. When done I have some boat varnish

  4. Pretty neat. I like that! I have a bunch of boxes. Thanks for sharing. Good stuff.

    Yes, I best get busy.

    I saw the pope in his stupid pope hat which looks like a giant penis extension say, “Stop Gossiping. Gossiping is worst virus than the rona.”

    Do what??? Gossiping is worst than the Rona? Stay home, shelter in place, shut down all the churches and stop all forms of any group spirituality because ohhh my God you could get sick and die! Shut the economy down and bankrupt a million buisness around the world so millions upon millions loose their source of income and can’t afforf to feed and shelter their families

    But Gossiping! Now that one is a doozy. Good thing he has his massive pope hat and pope meals and his pope house and pope paycheck up there in pope castle to enlighten all us with his Popeness about gossip. While all these people loose everything they own and worked their whole lives to get wondering how they are gonna feed their kids while he is busy counting their 10% contributions to pay the anointed holy drycleaner to keep his pope underwater pressed in a Godly fashion.

    Maybe the Pope should put out something actually useful. Like the cardboard box idea thing instead of making decrees about whats worse than the rona. Lol

    Or actually be a man of God, take off that stupid hat and spend the churches resources to stop child trafficking instead of saying sorry about that priest molestation thing. Actually follow up with action. Because repentance doesn’t mean just saying your sorry, here is a settlement check. It means turning away and taking action in a new direction.

    The Vatican has more money than the US and pays no taxes. They been collecting tithe and offering for over 2000 years. But Gossip is the problem??? Worse than the rona?


    Sitting on a mountain of gold and resources wearing a stupid hat, doing nothing to help this world besides running your mouth doesn’t make you special or holy. It makes you the #1 target for outrage when people figure out they lost everything and you didn’t do shit to help but yammer on about stupid shit that does nothing to put even so much as a $0.10 bag of romin noodles on their plate.

    This is why i don’t watch the news George. Its sooo stupid.

    Good luck. They are gonna burn that place to the ground. I can see it now. Doesnt take a psychic to see that comin.

  5. Adios cabronas. Thanks again for the cardboard idea. Super good stuff. I will pop in and visit time to time. My life is not my own. I been resting and staying put for a little while so I had a few moments to chat and read a few dozen books. Nice little break in the action to just be still,
    centered and balanced.

    Today is the day i put it back in gear and get busy about it again.

    Until we meet again. If not then. In 2088 forsure. The Creator decides all that. Im just out here having the best life through the process. Bout time we jump timelines again. Have to straighten out some shit there too. Lol

    The other thing that MAJ dude says is “we only have 5 senses” in MWI. That is bull shit. Nope. We have way more than 5 senses. Lol 6th sense which is the vehicle of intuition fueled by inspiration resides in the sinus cavity. The 7th sense is intention. Same place. Intuition is breathing in and intention is exhaling. The 8th is creativity. The result of intentio. Karma the 9th sense. Karma is simply creation returning to its source. We place a unique spiritual signature on it. Its like spiritual sonar. No differnt than microwave popcorn. Put it there and a little while later you get what you sent out to eat. The 10th sense is Grace. Ie detachment from karmic retribution that is only found in realtion to the Creator. The 11th sense is Nirvana. You don’t have to do anything to get Nirvana except one simple thing. There is no perfect yoga pose or perfect prayer or perfect ritual. Only complete surrender of fear. The 12th sense is telepathy. With telepathy you can even communicate with trees,, dogs, cats etc. Not just humans. The 13th is multifaceted awareness of life path intertia of all living things around you. I could give you more and more of these sensese. But that is enough for now. Their aint any order to them. I only mentioned in a semblance of order because that is how they are commonly accounted for.

    Remember: Brother Bhuda didn’t find Nirvana by using the stairmaster down at Words Gym. Ie the stairway to heaven or Jacob’s ladder. Abstention is bullshit. Lol.

    He found it sitting on his fat ass under a tree. Because Nirvana isn’t a destination to go to. Its already all around you and in you silly. Yoga has its usefulness but it’s not the path to enlightenment anymore than Chopin wood and carrying water or scrubbing out the crapper or doing the damn dishes. Lol

    Good luck! Good speed and Yada Yada yada yada. Don’t worry your pretty little head. Right size, proper perspective, do the next right thing until you become the next right thing and God Results.

    Audios Carbones. Im going to see about a girl.

    • Uhem ascension is bullshit. Lol. Stupid google. Lol if I climb up a ladder and look down I may have a different perspective. But im still me. My view has changed but after the Christmas lights are hung, I still am me. Changing seats on the titanic isn’t doesnt save your ass from the ship going down. Doesn’t matter if your on the 8th deck or the poop deck. Ya see what im saying? Ascension is bullshit. Accepting that the fricken ship hit an iceberg and is sinking, then getting in a life raft would seem more prudent then going 9 flights of stairs from the engine for a bowl of caviar and glass of champagne in the fine dining room. LMAO. Because you are still on the sinking ship silly!

      Best get humble and get in a life raft. Lol. I dont need a boat. God will save me. I dont need a helicopter God will save me. I dont need a life jacket God will save me. Then you die and are standing before God. I thought you were gonna save me God. Didn’t ya get the boat I sent ya. The helicopter? The life preserver? No. I was busy doing yoga on the poop deck.


      • “Then you die and are standing before God. I thought you were gonna save me God. Didn’t ya get the boat I sent ya. The helicopter? The life preserver? No. I was busy doing yoga on the poop deck.”

        It is NOT my style to do (ROTFLMFAO!) though I’ve read it before many times already I still think it is funny ;-)).

  6. Yo Tavistock-Man, I know its the Holiday and what not, but really hitting the Crack pipe this early in the day can not be good for a persons health..

    “cost of compliance is low” regards Covert19?

    AYFKM ?

    No really think about that …Have you not seen the horrendous Job numbers, Schools & School Aged Children NOT going to School, Mass Business Failures, runaway Federal Debt /MMT, Riots& Violence/Civil War breaking out in Libatard run city near U?

    Hows that working out for U versus Sweden or any crowded country in Africa ?? IT DOES NOT..

    Still waiting on the SCIENCE that Shows/Proves Masks are Effective in STOPPING the Spread of Anything but Bad Breath..still waiting….

    Still waiting on HONEST REPORTING regards Covert19, but Ure still PUSHING Wuhan/Gates Pandemic Numbers..Be AFRAID, BE SCARED-VERY SCARED!

    No mention – Ure reporting anywhere that ANY CORONA Virus while Test Positive for Covert19, no mention of it being a Blood Disease, rather than a Respiratory Disease.

    Gee was 9/11 Political or Terrorist Event ?

    What Changed – What Freedoms have U lost FOREVER?

    WHY did Bush/Obummer/Trump ALL SIGN ON To Extend/Continue EMERGENCY WAR POWERS ACT?

    What Freedoms have WE LOST Due Covert19, going to Lose?

    Exactly the same thing as another time the D.S./DVD attacked USA, and ASSASSINATED our Beloved President John F Kennedy

    Nothing To See here – as George sayz – “Comply ewe Ungulates, its BOHICA Time!

  7. uhem. Ascention is bullshit. Stupid Auto correct. It you climb a ladder outside yes, your perspective will change but you will not.

    Its like this. If you are on the titanic in the engine room and the ship just hit an iceberg. And you go up 9 floors to the Fine dining room to eat Caviar and drink dom perignon??

    You are still on the Titanic! ROTFLMFAO.

    Its like the story about the guy on the ship that was sinking. A life raft comes and he says no thanks, God will save me. Then a coast guard rescue boat comes and he waves them off and says, no thanks God will save me. Then a helicopter comes. No thanks God will save me. Then the dude dies and is standing before God. Yo God! I thought you were gonna save me? God says, did ya get the life boat I sent? The Cost guard, The Helicopter?

    No, I was busy doing Yoga on the poop deck. ROTFLMFAO!

    Ok. Later George and everyone. I got to go win the hearts and minds of Americans. Lmao.

    That should cover me on comments for a good while.

  8. Fyi: changing Captians on a ship that hit an iceberg isn’t gonna stop the ship from going under. What we need is for everyone to grab a bucket and start bailing water. We need a few people to stop the leak and batten down the water tight hatches. A few to put the fires out. And Im not just talking about America. Lol.

    Then someone says, I know I know. Let’s get a new Captian! The last captain did a crumby job! *slaps that fella in the back of the head. Points to the life raft. Women and children first. Then the Men. Then the dummy that thinks getting a new Captain for the titanic will change shit. Go stand over there and do yoga with that person.

    • Now THAT was funny Andy – you ought to do stand up – as a cross between the Dali and Carlin.
      Big hole there – in heads and hearts…know what Aummm sayin?

  9. Buy you one of those electric battery powered 40 volt Max chainsaws you know you want to they only cost $269 and they don’t require no gas and you ain’t got to struggle pulling on that cord because of condensation in the gas or the gas is no good or for some reason the carburetor just ain’t working right or you can’t go to the store to get none cuz you’re in lockdown and all of a sudden the tree lands on one of your buildings and you need some way to cut that tree up or at least the branches now you have hello Electric battery operated chainsaw and you can use your solar panel and inverter off of the controller to charge it up if not it’ll always be charged as long as you plug it into your 110 and they can get you out of a fast emergency as you get older in your sixties and your seventies and eighties do you really want to do that I think not so go ahead go to app and order the one that’s got the battery and charger with it if not you can get by with the cheaper one, no battery no charger cuz your other 40 volts weed eater hedge trimmer we’ll work on it now are you ready to go for the solar powered riding lawn mower only 35 $3,600 And its got independent Motors on each blade but what I really want is independent Motors on each wheel that way I can four-wheel drive that thing up into the Hills follow me a little trailer cut some firewood and come on back down not worried about getting stuck with a quick disconnect mower deck

  10. HI George,, since today is a holiday, can I comment on a couple of recent comments?1st was by RBI, last Thursday I think. He put up a link to

    I regard RBI as one of your readers who has his toes on the edge, and sees things the rest of us might miss. (there are other readers whom I respect too).. Anyway, I spent a good part of 2 days (and I reed purty gud), reading Metallicman’s story,, and I’m stlll disturbed by it (and I’ve been reading ufo, uap, black world stuff since the 60’s).. I think Andy read some of it, and jumped to conclusions that were not in MM’s story..

    In brief, MM was recruited as a naval pilot trainee, partly (importantly) because he was ‘service to others’, (and a patriot). He had a couple of rounds of implants, that were the only reason he could EVEN enter the portal, and eventual total physical reconstruction, at the hands of (the redacted),, He NEVER names the alternate race.

    MM was in the program with 2 others, for 30 years, when ALL are retired.. The Maj doesn’t have the $ or the manpower to track all its ex-agents.. So it lets the state and local authorities track them.. As a retirement gift, Maj put child porn on MM’s computer, had him arrested, and he spent 5 years in prison in Arkansas.. (the prison parts of the story are especially disturbing, I thought). So when MM got out, he had to register, forever, as a sex offender.. shunned by family, friends, kept out of housing, employment, or associations,, having to be constantly registered, observed by the state.. So, MM eventually maneuvers to China.. while still being a US patriot, and brain-monitored forever by Maj/(redacted).. He wasn’t a traitor, Andy. To China, because, even though totalitarian system(the devil you know), he could use his education to have a better quality of life.. unlike here, where his life would be marginal at best…

    Anyway, all that reading,, MM never says, what he did,, or where.. and he had NO idea of the huge picture.. I liked the stories about Cat heaven.. and there is still more parts I have to read.. and am no closer to knowing what the hell the aliens are doing here??? (I hope it’s not to help Biden win)

    Thanks RBI, a truly compelling story,, I can’t wait for more.

    • With respect. I read 27 pages at MM. In the beginning he talks about getting blackmailed. Which is a sympathy context (a psychological hook) to align your thoughts with his. I It creates an opening of alignment. A mindset of empathy creating an open mind to hear his pleas and data as a form of truth.

      Its a classic MK ultra play. I have gone round and round with these fellas many many times over the years. Im extremely intuitive. And i can tell the “tell” in most people words. And i know their psychological warfare tactics very well.

      And 2 pages later another plug,

      he says, “i was a middle classed male droning on to a boring and meaningless existance.”


      At this link:

      #1. He posts a ticktock video of him standing there with an very young asian girl who looks at him with an adoring and submissive face wearing a vey short skirt.

      In the background there is another white male with another Asian girl.

      The street he is on is actually in Bangkok. Not China. I know for a fact it is Bangkock.


      He clearly says, “i was free to leave. So i moved to China. I knew it would be the safest place on the planet.”

      You see dude, these are plays that most would never recognize to create emotional attachments on unsuspecting minds to give the author a provisional footing same with the language he is using which makes it like your out in a garage wrenching on an old car with a buddy over a few beers. Lol so it’s non threatening.

      Tictock videos are designed to produce an editing effect to flash print certain things. And when i watched it the first time i noticed a few quick adjustments to stimulate desire of most men. A subtle ego stroke, to popogate and propell the desire for empowerment as the reader by the author. Its classic MK Unltra programming.

      #1. Established a relationship mindset through,
      #2. By Creating an emotional attachment of empathy, fear or rage.
      #3. Provide a fear of safety.

      #3. Providing an opening to get the reader to establish a desire for a solution.
      #4. Provide a solution.

      Then the reader unknowingly has an idea a month later that his life is a dead end monotony middle classed American drone…

      He watches the news and sees all the chaos in America.

      Then a few months later he gets the idea, maybe i should move to China. And what Man wouldnt want a submissive younge hot little woman in a short skirt who admires his masculinity of a qmd strength as male??? Worship him. Lol

      Classic subconscious psychological programming. Lol

      So, like I said, F that. That shit don’t work on me. As you said. He doesn’t provide much isite. All the stuff he provides we already know here on UrbanSurvival. There is a few tweaks and turns to consider. But most of them are very few and far between.

      Afa the page about the secret flying machines of a butcher? Those letters and numbers they said were cyphered as being Latin? That is not Latin at all. Its ancient Basque. I already knew about all that too. Lol

      I highly suggest,

      Build a Vault in your mind. Protect your mind from being hacked.

    • I mean really pay attention to that ticktock video. The young hot little Asian girl looking up at the big strong man, with adoring eyes,, submissive and willing to please,, her legs slightly spread with her hands inches infront of his gonados sending a sexual imprint into the psychosocial mind of every male.

      Classic subconscious MK Ultra “type” programing.

      Don’t be fooled. I can tell if someone is lieing when I read their words. I can tell personal information about the author by reading their words. Eveyone thinks they anonymous on line. Im not the only one who can do this.

      I do know there is 7 people writing that site. I can clearly see the shifts in the use of and consistent use adverbs. Humans are repetitive creatures. So they tend to use the same adverbs ams verbs over and over when they speak. Especially when they type.

      Just ask my good freinds wife affectionately called “Sweet Pea”, if i can see inside your life while i read your words. Or LOB about his 25 year old blonde on his grocery list.

      And I am telling ya. That site is Chinese propaganda and psychological programming. Lol.

      Have a great day.

  11. Hey George,

    Something you might want to ask Warhammer about …

    A friend came to me concerned about a nuclear EMP attack, and after tossing it around a bit we came to several conclusions. While knocking out the electrical infrastructure of a nation is a great way to disrupt that nation ….

    1) The ever-so-popular-among-the-fear-porn-group nuclear EMP attack is unlikely. Everything in orbit is tracked very carefully and we would know where such a device came from, and if detonated would result in the launching country being black glassed in retaliation.

    We simply have too many nuclear assets in too many locations around the world that would be seriously pissed and not likely to accept ‘Oops’ as an answer.

    Further, our nuclear command and control systems are hardened and dispersed enough that no nation could be certain of taking them out.

    Launching a nuclear EMP attack from orbit is simply a messy way of committing suicide.

    2) A far more likely, and much harder to backtrack to the source, way of taking out the electrical infrastructure would be to fund and equip sleeper cells and home grown nut cases (such as are currently rioting in nearly 50 cities) to blow up high tension power poles and sub-stations.

    I have clear memories of the November 1965 East Coast power outage cause by human error at the Niagara generation station in Queenston Ontario. That single point of failure affected roughly 30 million people.

    While plans and procedures were put into place to prevent such things from happening again, people are still people and bean-counters are still bean-counters, so I have not doubt that many such plans and procedures have been ignored.

    And that was just a single point of failure.

    What would happen if 50 or more remotely located high tension towers were downed by C4 charges?

    I would love to believe that there are dedicated people and systems in place to prevent such from happening, but ….

    I am hoping that somebody like Warhammer can tell us that I wrong.

    Can he?

    • Your arguments against an EMP attack are logical. But dictators and zealots don’t necessarily subscribe to US policy logic. The US deep state only conforms to policy when it suits there ambitions. When Homeland announces that there is an elevated risk of an EMP attack, you need to take it seriously.

      There are too many people sick and too many dead to call Covid-19 a scam. The responses to the disease have been seriously corrupted by chicanery, but that doesn’t make the effort a scam. Deeply flawed yes, scam no.

      Denial is the way people cope with threats which they have no control over. You can install surge protection devices for EMP protection in your home and business. There are guidelines published by Homeland. You can take basic precautions to protect yourself from Covid-19, short of completely isolating yourself. There is a wealth of prepping info at this site and others which can help you deal with these issues.

      Simply dismissing these threats out of hand and ignoring them is referred to as a normalcy bias. Normalcy bias can do you in.

      • True, but keep in mind that transient suppressors on your main panel are palliative – not guaranteed to totally mitigate the threat. Far better than nothing though.

      • “Your arguments …are logical…”
        And logic is just a way to go wrong with confidence.
        That’s why I was asking Warhammer’s input.

      • Use layering. Put a fast suppressor on the main panel, Transtectors on the electronic loads, and ferrite beads in between. I devoted a $15 1ns Tripp-Lite to the alarm clock. I have replacement incandescent bulbs for the LED’s in the light bulb cabinet. None of it is of value if the power companies don’t do their upgrades.

      • “But dictators and zealots don’t necessarily subscribe to US policy logic.”

        Exactly N____ which is why I think the whole viral outbreak was do to some zealot that figured if he didnt get his way then he’d show us. The same thing with sponsoring and backing and implimenenting disruptive organizations to stir the pot so to speak.. like a spoiled child throwing a temper tantrum.

        Why they don’t make the spoils brats stand in the corner is beyond me..

    • The things with an EMP (or more-properly a high-altitude electromotive pulse, or HEMP):

      1. It is line of sight, but the strength of the burst is such that properly-deployed (triggered from an altitude of between 120-220 miles) its kill radius extends out for well over 1000 miles.

      2. The most-efficient HEMP bombs are first-gen atom bombs (not nukes) in the 100-150 kiloton size — bigger is not necessarily better.

      3. A HEMP does not have to fry your stuff, to be effective. The real danger from an EMP attack is to our electrical grid.

      Our grid is three sections: Eastern, Western, and Texas. These three sections are grid-tied but not dependent. They are supported by exactly 37 massive power transformers.

      One HEMP bomb, detonated 250 miles up over Omaha might kill the entire country, but three, detonated 140 miles up over say, Wheeling, WV, Oklahoma City, and Salt Lake City would kill all of North America by destroying those 37 transformers, and the ones in Canada and Mexico. Kill? Yes, because when the grid goes away, it takes gas and water deliveries and sewage removal, with it, and ends the ability of “just in-time” food and supplies “delivery & logistics” companies, to make those deliveries.

      The transformers range in size from half the size of a locomotive, to half the size of a house, weigh between 600-1200 tons, and require 10 months each, to build. Also, while they used to be built in Schenectady, NY (GE) and Muncie, IN (Westinghouse) they are now only built by ABB, in China.

      A HEMP does not need to fry your cellphone or computer. It will fry the power which feeds your device, and will fry the switch and the hub through which your device’s I/O must pass. THIS is why George poo-poos Bitcoin and the other e-currencies — not because they’re fiat, but because one flash from space, and they’re gone.

      Speaking of, our Sun produces EMP bursts too. That is the point of reference from which most EMP calculations and conjecturisms are made. Astronomers and geologists estimated that a “Carrington Event,” a massive Earth-directed EMP, occurred about once every 150 years. When it occurs, it will take out everything on the entire side of Earth which happens to be facing the Sun, at the point in time it arrives.

      There is a reason our gracious host watches solar radiation and tracks sunspots, other than the radio propagation issue every HAM does WRT space weather…

      Now, tell me a “bad actor” couldn’t throw three 30 kilogram warheads into near space from, oh, say, Lake Erie, the Gulf of Mexico, and a generic semi parked somewhere in the Utah or Nevada desert, and get away without our ever being able to discover whodunnit…

  12. what you gunna do now guru economists ? what stories can you spin now ? use the f$#%^& red button , you have to eventually .. dow has gotta loose 25000 points Nasdaq everything sand p maybe 3000 . hurry up.. devalue currency creates even bigger depression .. D yes D flation

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