Thanks – for Laboring on Labor Day

Go out to fire, police, and emergency medical people.  In order for “the rest of us to have it off” there are people sweating their butts off to keep the country intact.

Had a call this morning from firefighter/EMT son George II who’s working a big forest fire up in Oregon.  As a CV-19 technical specialist.

Big fire – and you can get a sense of where it was 2-days ago in some of the coverage over here.

People who live in cities don’t think much when terms like 17,000 acres are tossed-around.  But, when you live in the woods and realize there are 640-acres in a square mile, then push out the math, that is well over 26-square miles.

On the Northwest Coordinating Center regional map, this is the White River fire.  About 1,200 people are working this one…  As of this morning:

Big Fire – Type 1

One of the distinctions of this fire is a helicopter went down fighting it last week.  That’s one of the criteria that bumped this from being a lesser-ranked fire into a Type -1.  That’s when “things have gotten complicated.”

The fire management approach to to these big fires is divided up into Incident Command levels.  You can read about that on this National Park Service page over here.

Basically, though, a Type 5 is a simple fire – the most complex are the Type 1’s.

As of this morning’s briefing (done on radio so everyone at all four camps is looped in) great progress had been made and fire behavior was (for now) staying in expectations.

Unfortunately, there’s what’s called a “wind event” on the horizon. Keeping control and lines works when it’s in the mid 90’s and humidity in the teens today.  Winds 3-6 knots.  The larger headache is how the wind event will play out.

Source of this one was lightning – so can’t even blame humans for it.  This is one of of those “Nature Happens” deals.

Why Mention It?


There has been as fair increase in jitters about the possibility of an asteroid strike on earth.  Maybe not this fall, but eventually it’s bound to happen again.

One things most people don’t consciously remember is that the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 was not caused by any Mrs. O’Leary’s cow, or other such (fake news even then) tripe.  Instead, it was likely caused by a meteor shower.

Because on the same night, one of the most damaging fires in American history took place in Peshtigo, Wisconsin.  There, incoming meteor fragments likely set off the firestorm described in Wikipedia this way:

“The setting of small fires was a common way to clear forest land for farming and railroad construction. On the day of the Peshtigo fire, a cold front moved in from the west, bringing strong winds that fanned the fires out of control and escalated them to massive proportions.[5] A firestorm ensued. In the words of Gess and Lutz, in a firestorm “superheated flames of at least 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit … advance on winds of 110 miles per hour or stronger. The diameter of such a fire ranges from one thousand to ten thousand feet … When a firestorm erupts in a forest, it is a blowup, nature’s nuclear explosion … “[6]:101

By the time it was over, 1,875 square miles (4,860 km2 or 1.2 million acres) of forest had been consumed,[7][8][9] an area fifty percent larger than the U.S. state of Rhode Island. Twelve communities were destroyed.

An accurate death toll has never been determined because all local records were destroyed in the fire. It’s estimated that anywhere between 1,200 to 2,500 people lost their lives. The 1873 Report to the Wisconsin Legislature listed 1,182 names of dead or missing residents…”

And it didn’t stop there…. a whole line of fires was started that night.

Beyond Firestorm:  Was it Methane?

A number of scientists have been coming around to the idea that it may have been more than  a “conventional” firestorm.

Reason?  It’s  becoming clear – as the impact of Shoemaker-Levy into Jupiter demonstrated – that asteroids large-enough may break into pieces and “train” down on the way in.  Depending on methane content, it’s possible that survivors of the Wisconsin fires were right:  “The Air itself was on fire..” many survivors claimed.

All this matters in modern times because Earth is – by some estimates – overdue to another cataclysmic impact strike.  Should it happen?

Well, there’s a national incident command that would respond.  But how big might such an impact be?

Speculative Geology Lesson

Science has come to agree that the Ice Age was likely triggered by a modest asteroid impact with Earth.  That would account for a sudden  global cold snap and animals dying suddenly, particularly in northern climes.

But, as Randall Carlson, and a few others have suggested, the arrival of a methane intensive impact object could also been the source of enough instant heating of the atmosphere to create the kind of massive run-offs from the melting of the Ice flows that caused the Grand Canyon and much of the coulee structure in the Pacific Northwest:

Something to think about.

Particularly when you remember that Halloween is less than 60-days out.  And Halloween, remember,  is the largest, most widely-celebrated – holiday in the world.  Dwarfs things like Christmas.

For a simple reason:  Recently buried were thrown out of the ground and there were so many dead and injured…well, you can see the picture. Rising dead and all that.

That’s why, on days like this, it’s interesting to stitch together parts of the past and look at them in present context.  What would happen IF?

Coming to Visit?

In families of emergency responders of all sorts, plans are made, but subject to instant changes and cancellations. You learn to make plans – and back-ups. And back-up back-up’s.

Fall – almost to winter – is a deadly time for wildfires.  Like the 1991 Oakland-Berkeley Hills fire – fanned by 65 MPH winds.  Started on October 6th.

But even that didn’t compare with the October 20, 2007 start of the California Fires:

The October 2007 California wildfires, also known as the Fall 2007 California firestorm,[10] were a series of about thirty wildfires (17 of which became major wildfires)[4] that began igniting across Southern California on October 20. At least 1,500 homes were destroyed[11] and approximately 972,147 acres (about 3,934 km2, or 1,520 mi2) of land was burned from Santa Barbara County to the U.S.–Mexico border, surpassing the October 2003 California wildfires in scope, which were estimated to have burned 800,000 acres (3,200 km2).[1] The wildfires killed a total of 14 people, with nine of them dying directly from the fires;[12] 160 others were injured, including at least 124 firefighters.

“So G – When is wildland fire season over?”

Dad, it’s over when it’s over.”

Roger that.

Wildland firefighting isn’t for everyone.  On average, there’s a serious injury every 11-days on fire lines this time of year.  On the White River Fire up in Oregon, the morning briefing made crew directions abundantly clear:  Stay hydrated, calibrated on the fire, and don’t lose focus on situational awareness.

Write when you get rich.  Oh, and keep an eye on the BBQ.

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  1. George, Seven Pulaski’s indeed. Remember what I said back about 5 months ago in the comment section about “wild fires. ”

    U can search it ureself. Eye always keep one eye on the future.

    Ure welcome.

  2. thanks for the tip about the BBQ since I just got invited to one. 2 seconds before your article posted.


  3. FYI: Revelation 6:12 “”And I beheld when he had opened the sixth seal, and, lo, there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became as blood.”

    Scientists have discovered that moon is “rusting”

    at the link:

    As you know, purified ocean salt water is the exact!!!! Mineral matric as human blood.

    Go figure.

    Rumor has it the moon is a giant space ship that we all came to earth in 6 Aeons ago, give or take a couple thousand years. Lol. I was told that indirectly by a member of the “luciferian bloodline elite”. Or so he claimed. Lol

    I mean what’s next George? Fast paced neutrinos emitting from the south pole turning clocks on weather balloons backwards in time? Same fast paced neutrinos found on black holes and neutron star explosions coming from a planet? Earth?!!! Well, that would just be so odd dont ya think? Nevertheless, it is happening. Lol

    Off to grab a cup of coffee and read a double L ‘more book.

    Good day for a country western storey and a BBQ.

  4. P.S. Remember: “In God we trust. Everyone else is suspect” especially the trouble maker in the mirror.


  5. Having been sandwiched between 2 fires last summer and on standby on the first and evacuating on the second,which was only 1/4 mile away down the road and only one way out, was enough trauma for all. Escalation can happen at any time for a variety of reasons.
    We had the minimum 100′ ft. clearance around the cabin and metal skirting around the crawl space. Embers are the main concern. Just purchased a 600 gallon cistern and a gas powered water pump for a backup plan. We were at nature’s mercy and but the wind shift was our savior in both situations.
    So- good thoughts and prayers always for the brave folks on the front lines and up in the air.

  6. When the future comes and there’s a greatly reduced population there will be no need for firefighters out in the woods because they’ll just let it burn like nature intended ,nature never intended for men to overpopulate the Earth..

    Just like the Earth Waters will rise and man will try to build dams and bulkheads to keep the water back ,it’s not natural you have to roll with the flow not fight the flow.
    Just like volcanoes hurricanes and tornadoes everything we’ve done is the opposite of what should have been done.

    About the money system but nobody’s talking about on the island of 300 people what money system what stocks what bonds the only things that matter is have a roof over your head and the ability to go fish and the ability to make more of what you want most grow on the island, Human Society has got it all backwards.

    May all beings be lovingly fulfilled ,May all beings be financially fulfilled, May all beings be readily fulfilled.
    So be it.

    • Who are rioters terrorist assassins they are people that’s never been loved.

      Who are rioters Terrorist assassins ,they are people who’s never been financially fulfilled,

      Who are rioters terrorist terrorist assassin’s they are people who have never been readily fulfilled

      And who takes advantage of all these situations on both sides of the coin.

      Who creates all these situations fifty to a hundred years or more in advance.

      Are you sure you want to be reincarnated on this planet.

      When you’re restricted on your breathing because someone is got a tight hold around your chest you don’t feel free, but on the moment that restriction is relieved you feel freedom,

      This is what happens when billions of people are on a planet a small group of people try and Rule it you’re restricted you feel like you can’t breathe so the solutions are simple

      • “Take that goddamn f****** stupid mask off and breathe, and if someone comes up to you fight for your right to live or die”

        Dam Bryce…I got it wrong …AGAIN…. I have to be slipping.. I was sure you were going to say after.. comes up to you…. ( start coughing they will run the other direction) lol lol

  7. Take that goddamn f****** stupid mask off and breathe, and if someone comes up to you fight for your right to live or die.
    Instead of acting like a goddamn stupid p****.

    Now I know everyone is not capable of doing that some people are on their last breath getting ready to die they don’t have the ability to get up and yell and scream or fight, but you sure as hell do

  8. Well I read that dudes Maj experience. Some pretty cool stuff. Some I knew and some I think, “well everyone has a right to their experience” applies.

    Good take on MWI. That part I would agree with. And thoughts and how they influence the midichlorines or “Quanta”.

    Some of it my experience through the NDEs. However, the Tunnel of light isn’t the only path but the mantis dudes are their to coax ya that direction. And they are fast. I gone a few other ways as soon as I realized I was physically dead, I saw them “angels” out of the corner of my eyes and I got the idea of, “what if this time I don’t go through the tunnel of light but try a differnt route.” The look of shock on their little Shiney faces was all I needed to know. And I hauled ass through a portal around orions belt and their is a barrier they can’t pass once you make it through. They are super super fast. Lol. And super super nice and kind so much so, nobody wants to do anything but go they way they want you to go. Very convincing they are their to help, unless you fly the Astral version of the Bird and haul ass another way. Hahahah.

    The biggest conflict between the little Green men, the greys one and two and the Mantis is its all a topology, and based on self. Service to Self. Service to another and service to others. Is still a position “self” origin. Instead of God origin. God servicd to self, God service to another and God service to others. Now if i align myself with God’s position “The Creator” and not another fancy “Creation” it’s not a self thing at all. Plus it’s all “karmic” and

    identity based. The Luciferian Elite use the term “individuated soul” and a collective of it often. Its very very socialist and comunistic. Comune ism. Lol

    The #1 purpose written in 1843 about the nature of Progessivism is destroy individuality. That is its purpose. That is the base foundation for socialism. Nobody is unique. Destroy innovation and singlure thought. Destroy masculinity through feminism destroy culture through racism until everyone conforms and nobody tries to stand up or stand out. Conform! Conform! Conform. No! Is a full sentence.

    My answer to them is, No. Not only no. But how about you go F yourself. Lol.

    Pardon my French. F-that. F the greys. F the mantis, f the little green men and F Mr gates. I stand with God and this world and all that is in it, dont belong them. Lol. “They are all created beings.” God makes the laws that govern them. No matter how cool their land speeder is. Lol

    The Creator is above creation. Be it material or non material or other. Fact, yo!

    I stand with The Creator, not the entities who are created. Because anything that is created? Doesn’t own shit. they just a different animal on the farm. Lol a different molecule at the end of a pencil.

    The Creator is a singularity. Singularity being a plural. Everything else is a varient synthisis of that singularity.

    If ya want to destroy me? You best as Daddy. The Creator. Lol because He likes me and shit.

    Have a great week.

    • And – because at a very deep level – you appreciate your Daddy and pay attention to the lessons… Aftger that, it’s all on automatic cool life…

      • absolutely. When I align myself with The Creator, I have dominion over all creation. I am not concerned about myself because I have a new Employer. I mean i like stuff and fun and all that. However my concern is doing what The Highest God wants. HIS job is ensuring that I have the available means to do so. He loves to bless me and give me wonderful things.

        It says clearly, “Worship no engraved image.” I am grateful for my salvation found in Christ. I dont worship Christ though. I dont worship the cross. The cross was justa tool. No different than a million dollars. Its just a tool. Jesus clearly says, “Blessed are those who do Gods will.” Im like, thanks brother Jesus, Then I go straight to the Father and says, what have you with the likes of me?” He says it would be good to go back and straighten some shit out. I want to see how they treat you and how the watchers who watch react and how the world responds while you are about my business. Then I get busy about it. Im not in the results buisness I am in the action buisness. I get my Paycheck from The Higest God and the council around Him.

        I dont worship angels. They are there to serve me. I dont worship the little green men, mantis, greys. They are there to serve me. *****Because! Im about my father’s buisness. He made them to ensure I have the means to get it done. Not the other way around. When anyone abstracts the Great work done through me? HE that is above all, takes notes. Even my mistakes are accounted for so that i always am right where I’m supposed to be, when I am supposed to be there.

        Never forget, “The wisdom of this world is foolishness to God. Even God’s weakness is stronger than all the angels, all of man’s abilities, all the aliens and all the planets and galaxies and the wisdom they hold combined. Lol

        And im all about my Father’s buisness. I should be dead many times over. But im not. Im still here. And even though I told them to all go F themselves. None of them showed up at my house to tell me get bent. Lol. Because they know not to pick a fight with the Creator.

        Some of these entities would have you believe they are The Creator. Lol. Until He takes them out to the wood shed for a “come to Jesus talk.”

        I dont even concern myself about my Paycheck. I have The Creator. The Highest God is my friend. He loves to play jokes and loves to play with his children. And trust me. He is one funny Guy.

        The link that guy shared about the MAJstic only detracts from Ure accounts. Most of it is Chinese Communist Bullcrap. They dont want anyone being an individual. They don’t want anyone having any kind of inspiration or intuitive thought and direction. They complete dependency on them.

        Ya see its bait. The US did the same thing with Nazi Germany Nerds and Scientist. Come to America its the safe place on earth. Lots of hot girls in short skirts. Lol.

        Last time I checked, The Russians never built a car remotely as nice as the SRT8 Dodge Hellcat wide body red eye with 800 hp or the Tesla Model S let alone a plane like the Boeing 777. Comunistic values create no innovation.

        The Chinese are not the great innovators of ideas. We are. The best they can do is create imitations and knock off versions.

        FYI: The Georgia Guide stones are about the United States not going over a population of 500 million. Not the world. Lol fun little fact for ya. It’s written in a bunch of other languages because we are the Melting pot.

        Aint nobody fighting like hell to get into Russia or China because it’s such a wonderful thing to be controlled by the old agents KBG and Scocialist Governments. They come over here to buy land and houses not the other way around. Lol

        All is well. Have a great day. God is good. All the time, God is good.

      • The number 1 problem with countries like China is the population is dependent on the Government not The Creator. Any threat to Government control and dependency in those countries is dealt with.

        Sorros lives there. Why? Because he is a coward. That is why. He is a chicken shit. He has to use sock puppets to do his work and keep himself at a distance. Because he doesn’t have the balls to get his hands dirty. God will deal with him to. You can bet on that.

        Anyone who is running on fear creates fear and anyone who is running on fear by hiding in another country stirring fear is a coward. Guess what Mr Soros??? You can not hide from The Creator when you yourself are a creation and living in a world He made. Lol

        You can’t out run or hide from the Higjest God. This ain’t your world and all you done is make a mess of it. So, Have fun at the wood shed. Pack a lunch. Because your gonna be there a good while.

  9. P.S. The dude actually says, “I used to have a boring life as a middle class American. Just droned on in a meaningless existancd. Awwwww poor fella. I moved to China. Its the safest place on earth.” WTF? They posts a tictok video of some young hot young Asian chick grabbing his hand. ROTFLMFAO!


    Comie propaganda bullshit.

    Get the F out of here with that bull shit.

    We are America. Yeah its all messed up and we fight alot between ourselves and we drug problems and crime and angry people our burning stuff down. Our political system is a total shit show.

    But we have the freedom to do so. And if our government gets to far out of line? Well, we handle that problem too. You can bet on that.

    Go make me a pair of Nike’s so I can fly a “Dont Tread on me Flag in my back yard in them.”

    Because FYI: we still have the most gold, produce the most oil, have the largest navy, more registered hunters in Washington and Oregon than both Russian and China army combined, we produce the most food in the world and you have 2 billion mouths to feed and we have 300 million. If i have one kid at home and you have 10? Who do you think has more money at the end of the week.

    And if you step up because last I checked the Japs damn near defeated ya in WWII, marched all the way to Monglia and China almost became a republic of Japan if the US didn’t drop the bomb on them and save your Chinese asses. The last time you went to war you beat up some peace loving Tibetan monks.

    So, F around and find out. Sadam Hussain boasted the 4th largest army in the world and we were knocking on his front door selling Amway in 100 hours.

    I just walked outside and guess what??? My house is the safest place on earth. Hhahahahaha!

    What a beautiful labor day weekend. Enough with the dumb shit.

  10. George, I didn’t realize that you’d upped this bonus column, but its on point. Here in NM, fire season is generally spring and early summer before the monsoon rains(if any). Of course, fires can start at any time. I live on the edge of serious fire country and have had wildfires come uncomfortably close. That’s one justification for my creating a clear zone of at least 100 feet around the house and putting a metal roof on it. I also have reserves of water and electric pumps, with alternate sources of power. I once started a fire accidentally with a spark from a grinder and spent 1.5 harrowing hours containing and extinguishing it. I was lucky.

    We had a type 1 incident a few years ago(Doghead Fire) in the northern Manzanos. It lit up the sky on both sides of the mountain and raged for weeks. The community of Chililli was ordered to evacuate and they refused, preferring to fight the fire themselves. Just as well, since they certainly would have lost their homes if they didn’t. It was close.

    As a thought for OM Labs, consider this:

    Using collimated sound to extinguish a fire! Needs development, but might be useful in situations where water can’t be used.

    Best wishes to G2 and his peers.

  11. Portland Protests / Riots : What’s Really Going On

    Good description of the events and times in today’s Portland from a person whose family lives there. His family is made up of conservatives, liberals and hard core democrats (mom) but he lives in the middle of the country. Very straight forward and honest appraisal of the situation. God, Family and Guns YouTube channel.

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