Algorithmic Programming in Society

Perhaps the hardest task of any serious-minded investor is staying ahead of social trends in America.  To do this, one needs to be able to estimate the direction and velocity of different social mood. 

For example, investing in a gay nightclub in the 1950’s likely wouldn’t have worked out too well.  Whereas investing in one in the mid 1990’s might have made you a fortune.  So time is what?  Everything!

Understanding how algorithm run our lives (via media inputs) is therefore critical.  So this morning we sit back and review from of my first-hand in the Top-40 radio wars of the 1970’s and see if there aren’t some economic ideas to be screened from that.

First, however, a look ahead with our Trading Model to see where your retirement money could be heading and a few headlines, since foreplay is half the fun.  Okay, an eighth of it then…

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1 thought on “Algorithmic Programming in Society”

  1. Urban Survival requested suggestion:
    Reverse your order — that is, do the one column on Wednesday (that you now skip) and rest and lay off the other 4 days. After all a verbal ‘facebook’ is not really any more interesting than are all those mind numbing pictures. You see, you are not really that much different than most people and where all your wonderful ideas and solutions lead to is exactly where we are. Here’s hoping you’re not on another yo-yo diet quest again. Are there solutions to those things?
    As long as you cannot see the difference between true facts and personal BELIEFS and opinions — you get the whole world exactly as we have it. Good luck with all that you do.

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