The World of Woo-Woo has been seriously quiet, of late.

What is Woo-Woo?

It’s everything from a prescient dream that comes spectacularly true to a warp in time, to objects appearing and then disappearing around the house.  Like the keys you set down, looked all over for, only to discover them exactly where you put them and looked several times in that very same spot for, before they just reappeared.

Used to be that we’d get reports of a woo-woo item (things that don’t quite square with reality) and yet they are objectively real, about once or twice a week.  But here lately, they have largely disappeared.

I don’t know if that’s because they actually have reduced in frequency.  Or, maybe this stuff comes in waves, or – yet another series of possibilities is at play.

One could be that people have gotten into a rhythm of life and just aren’t noticing blips that deviate from expectation, so much.  Sort of like being hypnotized by flashing lights.  After a while, you just don’t notice.

Another possibility is that some externality is human behavior is somehow displacing the energy source that used to present itself as woo-woo events.

This may take a bit of explaining, but it’s an interesting notion:  There likely is a kind of global mass consciousness among humans.

During the period when we were experiencing our flurry of woo-woo reports, the news flow was busier, yet in many ways more disconnected from us individually.  (Don’t quite know how to put this, but…) It is almost like a couple of years ago, we were mostly all non-partisans like a herd milling about.

When I look at the news flow today, there’s been a huge amount of polarization:  the policemen being shot up in Ferguson, the remembrances at Selma, and even the membership flow of ISIS all fall into a soft data set that could be defined at “soft to hard polarization.” 

It’s like the spread of the data is widening out again.  Ferguson and Selma are offset on the other side by racism in the other direction at a college, for example.  Or, in the case of ISIS, the Sunni offshoot is being offset by the Shi’ites.

And maybe that’s an important aspect to how society at the mass consciousness level works:  Maybe just as individual humans don’t reach their full potential to contact the higher selves when they are under deadlines and pressures, maybe society doesn’t evolve and move toward elevation to a next-higher level if there’s excess polarization because it’s a kind of pressure.

I’m not saying it very articulately, perhaps, but there’s definitely a sense that the re-polarization of the world has been pulled off without being widely noticed.  And that keeps large groups of humans from forming a critical mass of “world oneness” for lack of a better term.

The data is sketchy but it seems to me almost like a “potential wave” has come in like the tide as has gone out again.

The side effects of a high level of “oneness” seem to have ebbed.  Having missed our chance to catch any “meaning to the woo-woo” and now that the tide has changed, an interesting question becomes how soon before the next was of psycho-physical incongruities come along again as a cyclical indicator of the condition of human’s mass potential?

Even more intriguing is the possibility there are groups that benefit from the lack of “oneness” as humans and who somehow benefit from all of us getting “stuck” and turned into partisans through extreme beliefs, to the greatest degree possible?

And intriguing concept, to be sure, but difficult to pin down.

Now, having said that…

A Word about UFO’s

From reader Roger…

Start with this link.  A story about vintage UFO pictures government can’t explain.

These cases are fun because the pictures are back when we young guys….oh boy remember how long ago that was? LOL ;-) ;-)

They interest me because I remember the aircraft in the picture(s) like the first one. Also back in that time the 50’s I was in high school and also donated/volunteered my time at the local (GOC) Ground Observer Corp Filter Center located just about four blocks west of my high school…Tucson High. This was the place where all aircraft sightings observed at manned
observing posts(designated places) were looking for Soviet Military Attack Craft. This was the Cold War. AKA…the Soviets were our enemy, and Davis Monathan AFB was a SAC – Strategic Air Command Base…we had bombers and fighters which on occasion we scrambled…launched to either check or attack as needed. This was BEFORE RADAR!!! We used real humans to
watch the night sky to look for Soviet Bombers and Fighters as the vehicles to attack us in all out nuclear war.

George I was age 16 or 17 back then. This was serious stuff. We always had a an Air Force non-com manning the facility. He was there just in case things got hotter than expected. But it was still the only place at that time, that had all information reported and observed to scramble fighters to attack an enemy. So while it was some what low key, it was our front line
information defense to defend against air attack. If things had gone hot, DM would have sent serious Officer manpower to command our center.

But we were the center for all types of sightings. We took the reports. No UFO reports while I served. LOL

As a historical note we were disbanded in 1959 due to the installation of a radar facility up on top of the Catalina Mountains just north of us here in Tucson. This was a serious enough facility that the USAF installed hardened ground to air NIKE Missiles up there.

Again this was serious business. In 1959 after the radar was online all of us who had served at the Filter Center were given a guided tour of the facility. Then we were given certificates for our service. Still have mine. As a comment on our training, all of us working the Filter Center had to be qualified observers, and before we could work/serve at the FC we had to be able to recognize anything that was in the air at that time. And I assure you…the Air Force is very thorough about what is in the air. Cept they never
mentioned unknowns. LOL.

And that’s likely why Disclosure (and the Disclosure Project) have taken so long in coming.  I probably read everything there is to read in UFO literature, at one point in my life.  I concluded, tentatively, that there almost certainly were craft from somewhere other than here.  Logic held, however, that the means of travel was not interstellar as in the Star Trek kind of imagery.  Instead, it was like interdimensional.

That would explain a lot – including the government’s run-in with Tesla and the reports that resonated surrounding the Philadelphia Experiment.

Lots of people want to lump the Philly Experiment in with the Bermuda Triangle, as being nothing more than a wild-eyed story – hundreds of which circulated in World War II, were embellished, and retold to the Baby Boomers as fact while we were going up.

Another one, in the same genre, was Charles Berlitz’s “invention” of the Bermuda Triangle.

On this latter one, Rob McGregor’s book The Fog: A Never Before Published Theory of the Bermuda Triangle Phenomenon is some of the most savory reading to be found anywhere.  The reason?  It looks at an aerial event over the Bermuda Triangle and an account of a Beech Bonanza’s flight from Andros Island to the US Mainland that didn’t go quite as planned.

In it, there’s a description of a particular kind of fog that arose from the ocean, and the description of the cockpit events makes total sense, IF you understand that aircraft have two kinds of instrument systems:  Air-powered gyros and electrically-powered.

In the end, the, the conclusion was that there is some “other” force out there – and it’s the kind of force that isn’t around all the time.  It sort of comes and goes when it pleases, but has the apparent ability to bend space-time, and that’s why planes and ships likely get lost.

But that gets me back to the point of my first note this morning:  About the indication, however subtle, that there is what Shakespeare called the tide in the affairs of men.  Whether he meant it in such concrete terms, as to extend to provinces such as missing keys, disappearing exits off remote sections of freeway, or events like the UFO photos, I will leave it to discern.

But the fact that you’re reading UrbanSurvival suggests that you have something of a “frontier mindset” and like to be at the front  of the herd and see what’s coming, or might be. 

The question of whether we’re all spiritual lemmings (or cattle) is a difficult one indeed, but keeping us firmly planted in the here and now certainly seems like a strategy to keep us paying taxes and not questioning authority, except as benefits someone, beyond the minor polarizations arranged for the entertainment (and control?) of humans.

Best of Computing:  What Tool Was That?

Reader question:

“In a recent article you had mentioned a hard drive restoration and?or recovery tool. I did not write it down or investigate. If you could be so kind as to reference it again I would be grateful. Thank you


Ah…that would be Gibson Research’s SpinRite product.

I encourage you to visit the Gibson Research site right away, if you have never been there before.

SpinRite doesn’t work with every single hard drive out there.  It didn’t work on an HP/Compaq computer I had, because of some quirks with the drive’s onboard code.  I immediately put in a real (2 TB high quality) drive and ran SpinRite before installing Win-7 on that machine. 

SpinRite is purchased, downloaded as an ISO, and you make a self-booting disk of it.  If you don’t know what an ISO file is, trip over to and become wizened.

The combination of SpinRite use (*assuming you don’t have one of these cheap, incompatible drives) and Piriform’s Defraggler disk defragmenter,  and you have gone a good ways toward faster computing.  Search on cleaning up old files on your hard drive, and try something like CCleaner to remove previous copies of Windows if you’ve done an upgrade on a machine – all that stuff helps.  See and look for the download tab on the top of the page.

Try  for their uninstaller, too. along with which when used with the other registry cleaners you might have (like the one in CCleaner or Wise Registry Cleaner ( will also help speed up the sluggish machines.

I absolutely love SpinRite and Steve Gibson is really a splendid human.  If you look at the tabs on the top of the site, he has lots of other great goodies.  One of which (under Utilities) is DNS Benchmark and this one is really excellent.

A DNS server is a numerical address where your computer’s web browser goes to look up the numerical address of whatever it is  you’ve written out in English.  What most people don’t appreciate is that when you use certain DNS servers, a couple of things can happen; like your web usage can be tracked (for ad purposes) and your choices of what to put into that lil brain of yours can be limited because not all DNS servers have all website information.

That’s why a little study of DNS servers and who has what is definitely worth some of your personal time, along with Gibson’s utility because it will let you see who is fastest…which is one road to improved computer performance.

Lots of people don’t understand how DNS resolution works, but here’s the page to visit to get the lowdown and get some DNS help: 

We could go on for hours about faster computing, but remember, read everything on screen and don’t put in junkware.  Some programs will ask if you want to install other stuff (toolbars and such) and the answer is always the same:  Just say NO! and unclick any “also install” choices because they will usually more than offset any improvements in performance you might gain.

There are basically three approaches to computers:  Use it like an idjit, let it fill up with crap and reinstall Windows every so often.  Bad choice.

The second choice is to go through the kind of regimen above and keep things running smoothly by spending 10-20 minutes a week optimizing your computer.  I can get household stuff (like the septic guys visiting yesterday afternoon) while Defraggler is doing its thing on three computers.  Schedule the long projects for when you’re watching TV and hitting the rack.  Computers will service themselves while you’re asleep.

The third choice is to use an antiquated OS (Win 95/97 for example) and fool yourself into thinking that’s an answer.  Good luck trying to run modern aps (I use Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium 13.0, English $119) because I hate typing all the time – been doing that since 1970 and it’s nice to take a break and just talk documents onto the computer.  If you put some time into learning the commands and visiting the Training Center in the software, the results (assuming you speak fairly clearly) are excellent.

I’m just SWAGging here, but I kinda-sorta doubt that Nuance offers support for Dragon13 on Win 95.  Juss sayin’

Of course, if you want to run Windows 3.2 and delude yourself, that’s fine, too.  To each their own, it’s how we got into the state we’re in now as a world.

Don’t get me wrong:  There’s a place for diesel engines and Windows 3.2 in the PAW (post-apocalyptic world) but this is today and the lights are still on, and I’m not an idiot, and neither are you.

Oh-oh….at least you’re not….sorry…started believing my own writing for a sec. 

More tomorrow…write when you break-even.