Global Affairs as “Poker in the Asylum”

The USA has a little problem:  As I was explaining in Monday’s column, when the value of a currency goes up, the number of those currency units needed to buy something (like gold, silver, the Nikkei 225 or the German DAX should go down.

Or, given that you already own any of the above, then  the number of units you get back (when you sell your ownership of the [whatever] will be smaller.

How much smaller?

Well, the Dow is set to open this morning down about 155 points, which will mean giving up all of yesterday’s 138-point gain – and then some.

Looking at some of the markets around the world, where this latest round of international competitive currency revaluations is being played, the number of US currency units you’d get back this morning would be down 2/3rd’s of a percent out of Japan, almost 1% out of China’s Hang Seng, and should you have not paid attention Monday when I was explaining this, returns out of Germany via the DAX would be down approaching 1% while the UK is down more than 1% before press time.

What’s going on? We’ll have the chart talk for Peoplenomics subscribers tomorrow, but the simple answer is global synchronized printing and it’s going to be bumpy and it’s like the “see and raise” part of poker with an assortment of checks and calls.

What makes poker a considerably more honest game is that in poker there’s a Dealer.  In the international corporatist-spun world, imagine a card game where there’s someone trying to act like the dealer (currency of last resort used to be the US Dollar) but now, no one seems to be sure about the dealer because we’ve had a succession of idiots holding what should have been the House’s hand.

Instead, what happened, was the last several dealers have announced, more or less unilaterally, that we’re “folding the house” but since in the poker game of international politics, all the players are strapped into their chairs,  they all have to remain “in the game.” 

The result is everyone is trying to play poker with everyone else.

One of my favorite examples is the “side game” featuring Russia and France.  If you recall, the French are on the verge of delivering a Mistral class helicopter/troop carrier to the Russians

The French, in poker terms, have a weak hand.  The chaos as the poker table is palpable since one of the carrots used to get the opposition forces in EUkraine to agree to a ceasefire, was the threat of holding up delivery of the new ship.

However, since France hasn’t been forthcoming (the House has likely been giving them a talking to, as have the other EU card players) the Russians are now considering sanctions in order to secure the release of the ship.

Meantime, we read about Opera and tanks in Donetsk, but we all know it’s what’s underground, the petroleum reserves in the region that are key.  The people on top of the fields are being played, but so goes life; there’s a short game and a long game…

All of which goes to show how the world is a big poker game, the House has lost control due to what I can only call a stupidity bomb that must have been set off by globalistas sometime around Bush I or the end of the Cold War…take your pick.

And while that may be grand for the Globalists, at some point, they get to watch fist-fights break out among the players while they simply take their chips off the table and run off to their hidey-holes.

But that’s how economic collapses happen, and how they get replaced with wars.

Back to this morning, the House has a little stronger hand (via the rising Buck) and this shoves everyone else down a few notches, so look for the US to be set back in its place by the other players who all want to be The Dealer, few of which hold real cards, and with 7-billion extra people, at some point in the future, some damn fool or other will pull  a boot gun and we’ll see flashes galore and wonder why anyone in their right mind would play this kind of poker.

The inmates in the asylum have all gotten guns and are playing poker.  And almost a quarter of the players are already trying to shoot the greatly weakened dealer.

The Iran’s Side-Game

In the meantime, 47-members of the US Senate have sent an open letter to Iran saying no chance of playing a side-game, like the one they’re now playing with six countries.

If this were our “Global Poker Showdown” Iran’s game would involve all the players it could hornswoggle into a hand, and trying to play a winning game with them.

The way this tournament is arranged, however, Iran has asked for, and lined up permission to play Israel by making threats and so forth.  Israel, which has a sizeable boot gun (their nukes from Dimona) wasn’t invited into the  seven player game, which might have been a good thing, since they could have played with lots of onlookers.

Poker is funny that way:  If everyone sees the cards on the table….

Meantime, there’s a petition that has been started to enforce the Logan Act on the members of the Senate who wrote to Iran saying despite what the White House claims, there are no chips.

The White House supporters trying to get the Senators popped, via a petition drive, must have missed the fine print of the Constitution about how the Senate gets to vote on Treaties and no, sitting US Senators are not citizens under the ordinary definition of even a first-year law student, but it makes for an interesting (although highly dangerous) poker tournament.

The reality is that if Jesse Jackson didn’t get Loganized for dealing with Cuba back when, why would anyone in their right mind think sitting members of the Senate who aren’t just “citizens” would get popped?  And does the president have the power to appoint ambassador Rodman?  Two sides can play at this game…

Oh, wait… I said right mind… think I may have answered my own question…

The Climate Battle

We have to assume you’ve seen why the weather is colder this year?  Pacific el Nino/la Nina is way farther south than normal, and the solar weather prediction folks who look at sunspots (a proxy for solar output) show the continued decline from extreme highs of several years ago.

This week, a new article has come out in Nature’s Climate Change Letter and it’s being parroted by Scientific American, so it must be true, right?

The SciAm article (here) figures that we are likely to see warming rates not seen in a thousand years.

The natural-born skeptic in me says “Hey, if they saw it 1,000 or 2,000 years ago, where was the global tax plan that fixed things then?”  Of course there was none, and yes, ultra long-term trends in climate probably exist.

The whole thing is a tax scam, though, and at some point we will have to ante up for the “solution” but by then we could be in nuclear winter (the ultimate push-button solution which no one but me seems to grok) so what’s the big?

Nice clean bombs could kick enough dirt into the upper atmosphere to cool things dramatically and the bombs are an off the shelf answer.

But don’t pay me no mind…the bombs are already paid for and it doesn’t consolidate globalist power and control of government, so there’s no way it will happen…

Great choice, though:  Taxes and declining lifestyles to save planet OR nuclear war.

Say, haven’t we been down this path before according to the crypto-archeologists?

7 thoughts on “Global Affairs as “Poker in the Asylum””

  1. George,

    You may have come across this already. If so, apologies.

    The following link is for an in-depth interview by Greg Hunter with Jonathan Cahn, messianic Jew and author of a couple of amazing books, notably The Harbinger and The Mystery of the Shimitah.

    Don’t miss the video interview and if you clik on the YT icon it’ll take you to YT where you’ll note lots of other videos by him notably on blood moons, eclipses, crashes, etc.

    He isn’t dogmatic about his findings but the facts point beyond mere coincidence especially regarding financial crashes. September may prove to be the big one.


    • those are great shares.. I of course think that we are using the credit card and printing money to keep it floating so when it will start is after the next administration comes in.. of course that is my opinion..

  2. just a note on your last Peoplenomics discussion (great stuff): I remember in the mid 70s during the oil embargo there was a suggestion that the US apply a $10 per barrel import tax on imported (only) oil and use the proceeds to goose the photovoltaic market. The response (don;t remember who said it) was “Oh no, we can’t do that, the Saudis would never let us get away with that.”
    I’m not into raising taxes, but I would take that route today in a heartbeat. Screw the Saudis. Lets take a long view and get this transition to alternatives on the way!

  3. I’m looking at the Dollar index and it is heading north of 99 this morning (3/11). What happens when it hits 100? Is there a north of 100 rating? Is the Dollar index at or above 100 really significant in the overall scheme of things?

    So many questions, so little time.

  4. Wait are they playing black jack or poker. One has more cards playing poker.

    This is a black jack statement. To hit or not to hit.
    “Great choice, though: Taxes and declining lifestyles to save planet OR nuclear war.”

    I am tired of hearing the fed only has one option Which is to print more. That is simply not true. The fed owns the governments and establishes value of most all commodities in all countries. They can in essesnce leverage a sacrificial country to ease the world economy. They can also have governments raise their minimum wage to boost the ecomony. is Apple greater than the fed? Nope, they could take down a company like that in a hot second. Is the oil industry greater than the bank stern at the fed? Nope, the Rothchild’s sold all their oil stakes what 2 months before the big price in oil decline.

    The fed has more power than any other entity on the planet be that a corperation, credit service, or government. How many countries are left that do not have a Federal banking system? What like 4, North Korea, Iran, Syria and I forget the other one.

    Dropping the price of oil makes things cheeper, giving the economy a boost. “They” move stuff like this all the time. Am I a big fan of the fed. hell no. But realistically they have more aces in their hand then just 2. Lol

    Have a good one George.

    • Correction: the fed is not God. God is most powerful entity on the planet. Still, the Fed has more power then governments, corperation etc. They hold trillions in “I owe yous” from everone. I mean seriously. The walmart kids have more money than the nadaq and S&P combined. Who do you think would win in a fight between the walmart kids and the Fed. Lol.

      And everone says, Ohhh the Fed is backed in a corner and can’t do anything but print more money. Do you think for a min that the Fed would loose it’s control before sacrificing a company like walmart?

      Seriously doubt it. They have lots of options besides just printing, taxing and nuclear war dude.

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