AARoI and Tactical Trading Notes

Screw the “usual” few headlines this morning. We’ve got bigger fish to fry.  Age-Adjusted Return on Investment in the focus section.  Plus, with the markets indicating at least something of a bounce at the open, a look at techniques to “know when to fold ’em.”

Peoplenomics gets into a lot of strange and interesting areas on occasion (like 170 pages of UAP research, lol), but at its core, the website is about thinking outside the box.

And having a Brinks truck pull up out front now and then, as a result.

With no significant market data and knowing that forest fires are still burning all over the west, how about we light up some charts?

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30 thoughts on “AARoI and Tactical Trading Notes”

  1. There is one ROI not mentioned in your report that is critical at any age and I know we both try to practice. Good health habits.

    Unfortunately I didn’t understand this for the first 60 years of my life but got a wakeup call with a fast trip to the hospital and heart surgery. My cardiologist gave me the “come to Jesus” talk. He asked if I wanted to spend the last few years of my life mobile and self sufficient or lying in a bed with a nurse wiping my ass. I got it.

    Changed my eating habits. Changed my exercise program. Now I am healthier at 78 than I was 20 years ago.

    If you want to enjoy all the other ROI things in life make your health your #1 investment.

  2. Baa baa Sheep want to know why U not call out ETlies?

    Dr. Hawkins predicted it, G often “preaches” about the perils of Debt, and yet here we are in the Middle of a HUGE Phys-Op, and crickets..

    Elites/ETlies create “covert19 suppository” and slip it up Ure arse thereby destroying the Lives of millions of people around the World.

    Elites(Special Laws – see piglosi hair salon/clintons)/ETlies hijack the “opportunity” THEY created thru False Crisis/FEAR.

    ala that Statistical Mistake British press wrote about this week..Infection versus Cases divided by Fataliies – they interchanged the Terms and resulted in 10x OVER count Estimation – and never corrected the Error. World goes into LOCKDOWN over simple Math error???????????????????????!

    .. to facilitate the Creation of a Permanent Underclass of Fin. Slaves to Serve the ETlies .

    What a WONDERFUL World it will be..U just log into the “System” everyday, be told what to do or not do, and when Ure Universal Income Deposit will drop..

    Hell, not only will all the kids be looking and acting like all they do is sit in front of a monitor playing video games all day, but that Open Mouthed Stare look is perfect for attracting and exterminating Flies! pretty dam useful, no?

    • “.. to facilitate the Creation of a Permanent Underclass of Fin. Slaves to Serve the ETlies .”

      what an inspirational topic in the comments.. and so true.. most people let their station in life design them..
      similar to the cardboard project.. the purpose is to teach the grandson to never let his situation design him.. but be the designer of his own life.. doesn’t make any difference if he has money or he doesn’t he can do and make his existence easier if he only looks for his own direction.. granted it is cardboard.. but still will make a useful piece of furniture until it gets wet.. or just falls apart..
      Life is what you make it.. rich poor or in between.. we all have our issues and worries.. our strive to be better.. if we as a population let our situation design us.. the organizations designed to destroy and confuse like BLM.. designed by someone of great wealth went global and instigation of terror in the false image of being one of recognition.. be the blind man.. judge not by sight.. there are good and bad in all things.. recognize our history for its shortcomings but embrace the fact that it was our history..
      I grew up in a large household.. there wasn’t a lot of much my father did his best.. they socked a few bucks away but we were in essence poor.. the funny thing about it is.. we as children never knew that we were poor..
      after an employer took me for a ride and the rest of my coworkers.. we were left in a situation that should have destroyed us. I should never have been able to own my own home and should have been dependent on the very social programs that the vast majority of the wage earning class today are dependent on.. but I didn’t want to go that route so I worked my way.. I built my own home because I could do it cheaper all while working three jobs.. and I did it in a fraction of the time.. did I make mistakes.. yup.. I was taken advantage of a big company that took almost half of my working capital and then ran for the hills.. when I took him to court he folded and opened up under a different name.. as they teach in the military.. you adapt and you over come.. don’t let it define you.. you make your own definition of self.. and you overcome the adversities rather than fold to them..

  3. Back to business for a minute. You point out the divergence between the Golem 85 and the Aggregate Index. Yeah, I see it, but what does it mean exactly? And what’s a Golem?

    • The Golems (which show the Agg index and a couple of key Divergent DMAs are really there for a longer-term perspective. Which is what a 13-85 golem does. If the 13 is under the 85, then we may be turning down or – if above – other way around.

      As of today, we are over the 3 DMA intraday, but I would expect us to close about on the 3 or 4 DMA at the close and that would leave the way open for a big downside rout in event of a disappointing employment claims number tomorrow or a bad CPI report on Friday. On the other hand, if we go over the 4 DMA at the close, then I’d have to get neutral and wait for another downward slide. Unless we claw back up over that lower trend channel level. Hope this helps a bit…

  4. “might label something like “Spiritual Quester.” Her payoff table is “Experiencing and Intending Good.” Which means her “currency” is physical/spiritual quests.”

    totally off subject but GAIA has a great lineup of meditation.. like most readers that have read some of my posts I am big into that like Andy LOL… If you aren’t watching GAIA I sure in the heck don’t know why.. tons of great stuff to watch.. sort of like TED .. and curiosity stream..


      • Well Bill.first off.. sorry I didn’t answer back sooner.I have been fighting with a failing car break system….But officially the verdict is still out.. but…..
        the DNA tests came back unknown species the skeletal remains are in all opinions real and not manufactured.. the skin had reptilian texture and the bodies were surrounded with a membrane that resembles a Placenta… there were a few studies written.. I will look to see if I can find them .. there was also a public disclosure on the findings .. ( of course not in the USA) (Makes you wonder when you read stories about the reptilians LOL)

        what I would love to see them do is a reconstruction.. they did a reconstruction of an egyptian mummy which was pretty cool.. I am curious what these would look like..

      • Hey Looking – hope this isn’t too late to reply to you.

        I thought there were some videos that had some pretty good reconstructions of the bodies before they took it all behind the log-in. It’s been a couple of years since I’ve seen them, though.

        I’d like to subscribe to Gaia but there are sooo many others that I’d like to as well and some I’ve subscribed to and subsequently let go like Suspiciou0bservers.com. One thing’s for sure, however, and that’s not wanting to let George go. Priorities, ya know.

    • Interesting. I’d never heard of it and worth knowing it exists. I generally avoid watching things I don’t have to since my eyes are worn out from too much video time. Listening is easier, but I’m likely to fall asleep. It’s impossible to listen to much when working due to noise and moving between rooms or buildings. There’s such an excess of information these days that I have to seriously limit screen time or I’d get nothing done.

      • Much of Gaia is behind a paywall but they had a teaser out over a year ago about 3′ tall, 3 fingered semi-reptillian mummies found in the South American desert. Never would disclose the location but the mummies outside of the paywall but they were or have been under investigation for a while.

      • “Much of Gaia is behind a paywall but they had a teaser out over a year ago”

        Yes Bill it is.. but for a dollar a month I thought it was worth the money to invest in it.. I love gaia..enough things that bring up things I didn’t think about before..

  5. Chief – the charts dont lie, it must be my eyes or the Blue Kush…

    Cause I cant seem to make much sense of this market. Japanese Hedge Fund – Softbank was ginning up the Markets last week, running some Bullish Mo-Mo Trading Algos. Seems like someone else is running the Same “game” again today..

    So – must be in it to win it, therefore I have resorted to Strangles again.

    Strangles involve Buying BOTH Calls and Puts – Outside the Money – and Unwind Losing Side around 9:45-9:50

    Not the most Efficient means of trading the SPOOZ (SPY), but it WORKS…4 now.

    All as coot can say is, “Fall is HERE – Do Not Go NAKED in the Market.

    – Cover Ureself/2 Fold, as Down Markets move FAST – too FAST to Trade Out of – they will Eat Ure lunch, and then some.

    …U know why its called Fall! just ask lenny – and the chickenbunnies say doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo doo,doo, doo doo, doo doo doo, doo, doo doo, doo doo doo, doo doo, doo doo doo, doo doo, doo…Sax solo -L Reed

  6. My Freshman year in college was formative for my entire life. Knew I wanted to do ‘something technical in electronics’, but nothing specific. I spent all my free time at the new campus radio station playing with the toys and studying for the FCC tests. When I got my First Class Radiotelephone license within the first semester, I realized I had a solid career path in Broadcasting. At that point I looked hard at the student debt I would accumulate to get a ‘degree’ and decided it wouldn’t pay off. The Vietnam war was also an intrusion into that era that I had to deal with. I quit school. Got some lucrative temporary broadcast transmitter employment while I awaited entry to the military, which I parlayed into great digital electronics training. After that I had a great 40 year career in broadcast engineering, which didn’t require a degree as much as it required absolute technical performance at all times. I never regretted not finishing college nor getting a degree. I saved a lot of time and money.

  7. “the Fed now owns about a third of all mortgages in America.”

    Ever since the “Reverse Mortgage” thing came out, I figured this might be the reason behind it. In keeping with Agenda 21 / 2030 or whatever they’re calling it now, if .gov owns most or all of rural land, they can easily herd everyone into their high-rise condominimums in big cities.

  8. Hi George, since I am not sure any of my emails may reach you, thought I’d share this way. This is for you and your readers. The US Treasury holds auctions nationwide. Here’s the link to the next one: https://www.cwsmarketing.com/?p=12854

    They offer real estate nationwide, that is both homes and property, all types of toys like sail boats, speed boats, airplanes, watches, clothing, generators…the list is endless. At the link above anyone can register to bid or to get notices of sales. Thought you may wish to share this with your readers, and if so just cut and paste what you see as appropriate in Thursday’s post, as it is to late today for anyone to see this post.

  9. Flu shots are available. There is a cell vaccine available for the non-egg crowd. I am at least as concerned about getting a dose of mutated H1N1 as that other popular plague.

    My reading of the CDC info indicated different target varieties of H1N1 for the egg and cell vaccines in 2020. I went for the cell vaccine for the third year. H1N1 vaccine is supposed to be more difficult to produce in eggs because of drift in the manufacturing. The cell vaccine manufacturer claims it is more accurate. That the two vaccine types are diverging is puzzling.

    There was reports that one of the candidate Covid vaccines bit the dust recently due to side effects. That seems to be a problem with Corona vaccines. I will acknowledge that I am not in a hurry to be a guinea pig for a new vaccine.

    Public mask use seems to be slacking off again in Texas like it did in June. We will see if we get another post-holiday boost in the numbers shortly.

    The picture I saw from CA today looked like Scott air packs were more in order than masks.

    • I have lived in Cali my entire life, 61 years worth. Never have seen the skies so orange brown and smokey. I am 70 miles from the nearest fire.There is definitely something strange going on right now, brush fires are a common thing here but this is something else. My radar and deflector shields are at full power, something is a foot hear.

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