A Novel Theory of Telepathy

What?  Not exactly our usual (meat & potatoes) economic fare, for sure.  But, this week thanks to my writing up of a woo-woo piece for Urban (next weekend)  and talking to Chris McCleary, who took on the National Dream Center project that I founded back in 2008, we are moving the ball slowly downfield toward self-discovery in some most unusual ways.

A portion of this will be reported as (another weird George experiment) next weekend on UrbanSurvival under the title “Saturday Woo-Woo: Automatic Writing” but in keeping with our practice of giving subscribers the “first and best” of our work, a discussion today of how things may work in the boundary areas between work-a-day waking life and the somnambulistic higher-self  should prove more than worthwhile.

After a few headlines and at we look ahead to the (for now) still-rising market.

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7 thoughts on “A Novel Theory of Telepathy”

  1. G –
    Awesome adventure – so glad U are a Seeker.
    Technique described is similar to one used by Mr Edison.
    Ole Tom used to sit in his fav chair holding a pen/pencil in hand of arm resting atop armrest. When the pen slipped from his hand – just prior to “falling to sleep” – this action/sound of falling pen hitting floor was enough to wake him into that mental state between sleep and awake – did his most imaginative and powerful work in this mental state/area. N. Tesla is another one said to utilize “the flow” in his thinking processes.

    Book It Baby ! Ye of Little Faith…Bitcoin at $11,150 = MOONSHOT!($5500 to $11,150 in less than 60 dayz)
    BTC again looks like 2017 action..going too high-too fast..need/want a 30-40% pullback..sell into the rise, buyback on the pullback..

    Gold is going up and will continue to do so –
    algo’s still don’t know..yet..soonly, Advisors and Analysts are still scratching their collective heads..huh whats Kirkland Gold???
    Just the hottest stock in the market this year!

    Also – game theory suggests a Gold/Gold backed currency will be Check Mate for China/Russia over the unbacked, continuously watered down dollar.

    Zero bound – negative rates – you pay a Bank to “hold” your money in a Savings account versus Gold where they will pay U to lease your Gold..hmmm

    Cowinkydink or Conspiracy Theory ?
    Only PRIVATE BSL-4 lab in the world is located in San Antone..only Private one?
    Located on road named W. Military Drive ?
    Same exact location as whereGovt./D.S. is releasing hundreds of Congolese migrants !

    Keep in mind Ebola has been Shown/Proven to lie dormant in brain tissue, testes and other organs for over a year after patient being cleared.

    Can cash (US Dollars/Coins) act as ideal Disease Vectors for spreading EBOLA? bwahahah

    “No Bitcoin 4 U!”

  2. Something else for your “Second Thoughts” UFO section – There has been released a new documentary on Bob Lazar. You can see it on Netflix after downloading some kind of software that I figure is pure spyware from Google (I’m using a different browser than Chrome). Joe Rogan also interviewed Lazar and the maker of the film Jeremy Corbell that you can see on YouTube.

    It seems the main bit of “new information” from the film is that there was an assertion in the distant past that a stable piece of Element 115 used as fuel for a gravity generator propulsion unit had disappeared from Lazar’s Area 51 or 52 work site and the government is still looking for it. Lazar would not discuss it. So, sorry, spoiler there, but the rest of the film is quite interesting with more information on Lazar’s story before and since he worked with this.

    • I’m sorry, but I tried to watch that documentary and just couldn’t. It should have been entitled “How to make UFOs boring” or maybe “Hit the snooze button on conspiracy theories”.

      My boredom threshold was reached about a third of the way in. I stopped watching when they had this scene where the camera focused on a cracked wall and just stayed there.

      Oh and the film started out with a statement by a narrator who kept on making random statements, peppered throughout the film, that were supposed to be profound but came off as pretentious and finally just moronic.

      The soundtrack was sonorous bordering on soporific. I thinking of a way to conclude this review on a positive note. Here it is: If I wanted to nominate this documentary for a Razzie I would have to watch it all the way through. So I guess it has that going for it.

      • Lazar wouldn’t be my first choice in “leading men”, most assuredly. It’s apparently just the way it is. If you want some excitement perhaps digging up some old Mulder and Scully DVDs with a brewsky might do the trick? I am a documentary junkie and, as such, the life of a science guy (no offense, George) can be a real head banger for those that crave titillation but a boring, non-testosterone laden life is what Lazar has been trying to live the last 30+ years so try making a blockbuster out of that. The FBI/alphabet agencies raids was about as exciting as it ever got. Ever see the Big Bang Theory episode when Sheldon and Raj got down to working on a problem and all you saw was them staring intently at the white board while the “Eye of the Tiger” music played in the background. Yup, that’s about how Mr. Lazar likes it, too.

  3. This reminds me of the journeys and techniques described by Thomas Campbell in his “My Big TOE (Theory Of Everything) trilogy. It’s likely to be available via your local library. Website is http://www.my-big-toe.com. Well worth the read–
    I also remember reading an explanation (from John Michael Greer on either his http://www.ecosophia.net or ecosophia.dreamwidth.org blogs) of how Carl Jung got to meet the archetypes–He talked his students through a process in which they imagined a door, knocked on it, and let it be opened by whoever was on the other side. They could ask questions of those beings, and get the often surprising answers. At the end of the session, the students would go back out the door, closing it behind them. Can’t find the link for it–
    But either of these techniques and resources might be helpful!

    • Ed Steinbrecher – who did a talk for the Seattle Jungian Society was well aware of this and his his Inner Guide book on Amazon is marvelous

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